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Don’t get your hopes up

In sports, you get used to heartbreak. You get used to people losing by milliseconds — by inches. You may even get used to the sort of thing that happened to my Steelers last season. They needed eight games to result in  a certain way over the final two weeks Read More…

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Dear Berkeley women: It’s time to lead the next revolution

This past spring, my youngest son finished his freshman year at Berkeley. Toward the end of the semester, he asked me to proofread his final anthropology paper. The professor had assigned a paper that required the students to conduct a mini ethnographic study of some aspect of college life. My son chose to examine fraternity parties. Read More…

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The Daily Clog

Tunesday: Inspired by solo acts

Solo acts are usually one of two things:a horrendous idea, rooted in anartist’s overconfidence in his or her talent or a way for a musician to break from what he or she knows to experiment a bit. Bands have combusted from one artist wanting to do his own thing, while Read More…

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