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Hunting for housing

As Berkeley’s housing crisis continues, students, alumni and residents converse about solutions and problems. Op-Ed:UC Berkeley needs more housing solutions, not illusions In other words, UC Berkeley has not been simply passive. It has deliberately avoided building and operating additional housing so that it can protect the very high rents
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Preparation helps students find suitable housing

The advantage of mobility is the flexibility to follow an opportunity no matter where it leads, whether down the street, on the other side of town or across the country. The disadvantage is actually having to relocate. Thanks to technology and an ever-more interconnected world, many of us can easily
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Bear Bytes

Boxing is not dead

More than 100 years of boxing’s great modern history has led us to this point, where the world wants to see a boxer go up against a UFC fighter. Casual fans see this as the only intriguing “boxing” matchup after what I’ll admit was an abysmal year for the sport.
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The Daily Clog

Rain etiquette

Raindrops are falling on your backpack, in your shoes, on your textbooks and even on your face (though you’re not sure why this is happening given that you’re using an umbrella). Murphy’s Law has never been more in your favor than today, when you have to hike from Hertz Hall
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