Cal rugby to battle BYU for national championship

Routine is easy. Routine is predictable and not mentally straining. Routine makes life a lot less stressful, especially for a college undergraduate who’s looking ahead at looming finals, graduation and the life beyond. For years now, the Cal rugby team (19-2) has followed the same annual routine: Dominate the regular
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The Daily Clog

The 5 stages of RRR week

The five stages of grief were originally designed to explain the very difficult emotional journey an individual undertakes when a loved one dies. But, we at the Clog know that Berkeley students are experiencing a different sort of death this week. RRR week heralds in the death of our dreams, our
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The Daily Clog

Essential clubs for fall semester

As the summer approaches, you may be reevaluating the past year and rethinking your extracurricular activities. Which ones did you really like? Which ones have you decided not to rejoin when school starts up again in the fall? Maybe you’ve realized that your true interests lie in an as-yet-unfounded extracurricular,
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