Cal baseball swept by UCLA

The Cal baseball team opened the weekend of spring break like many, traveling to the beautiful city of Los Angeles. But the Bears didn’t travel down south for relaxation, instead making the trip to continue Pac-12 competition by facing UCLA. The Bears entered the series knowing they had plenty to
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Episode #6: Love, Long Distance

As graduation and internship offers loom in the distance, one thing seems to be on everyone’s mind: long distance. Chris and Josh speak with media studies lecturer extraordinaire Edward Timke, who’s gone through the travails of long-distance love. Timke provides some pointers on how to create a love strong enough
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Live forward

The sunny colors of the Game of Life board lay in mocking contrast to the brewing clouds of tension above them. An accusation of a stolen turn had transformed the optimistic attempt at creating memories among four grade-school cousins into a showdown between two of us. My victory celebration was
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