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Steele should be a good fit at UC Berkeley

Claude Steele, the new second-ranking administrator at UC Berkeley, does not appear as if he will usher in any sweeping changes. But he seems to have the appropriate values and nuanced understanding of the campus necessary to succeed. In an interview with The Daily Californian’s Senior Editorial Board on April Read More…

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In a relationship far, far away

How do you handle a long-distance relationship? Let’s be real, long-distance relationships freaking suck. There is absolutely no freaking fathomable reason for any sane person on the entire freaking planet to suffer through a long-distance relationship, except for one: You want to. But before you think I’m just a single Read More…

The Soapbox

How to college

I think I’ve been able to accrue enough experience over these two unqualifiedly spectacular years to be able to impart some knowledge and advice — and definitely a few high-velocity heads of lettuce — upon the Golden Bears of tomorrow. Read More…

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