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No country for a screenwriter

In one swift motion, my large glass of water dumped all over the keyboard and seeped through every letter down to the motherboard. I heard an almost electric bubbling inside, sounds of murder, as I quickly turned my Macbook upside down and a disconcerting flood of water poured out. Later
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The threat to public education

For most individuals walking across the stage at high school graduation is one of the most exciting moments of their adolescence: enrolled for college or a new job, all packed up and ready to move on to their ‘bright futures.’ A leisurely and joyful for experience for most, but not
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The Soapbox

You’re not smarter

Every time a grade distribution update appears on bCourses for a test I’m pretty sure I passed, my stomach flutters with excitement as I get ready to compare my score with that of the rest of my class. On days when I’m feeling especially condescending, I even treat myself to
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Eating Berkeley

Eggless pancakes from scratch

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved pancakes — almost as much as I’ve loved making them. Over the past 10 years, finding pancake recipes and perfecting them to my family’s taste has become a true art. Although my family eats eggs, my mom prefers pancakes without them, so I
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The Daily Clog

Broke and bored in Berkeley

Being a poor college student can be a struggle in the Bay Area. After Friday classes are done, your heart tells you to go and explore — have fun! Then, you look into your wallet. The hollow hole where money should reside tells you that this will be another weekend
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The Daily Clog

Dear Californians: It’s called weather

After coming to UC Berkeley, you learn one thing about Golden State natives: Weather freaks them out. If the temperature isn’t between 70 and 80 degrees, you can bet there will be Snapchats, Facebook posts and Instagram pictures complaining about it. Since we’re now immersed fully into fall, we’ve already
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