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Dissecting the Arizona riddle

Is Arizona a good football team? They’re 3-0, which is always good, but the resume isn’t exactly impressive. After tearing apart UNLV in week one, the Wildcats mustered one-score victories over UTSA and Nevada, neither of which you’d consider football powerhouses. Cal is definitely the toughest team the Wildcats have Read More…

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‘Meow Meow’ opens with a glitzy bang at Berkeley Rep

She’s performed all over the world from “Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, and now… Berkeley,” actress Meow Meow jests sarcastically. Berkeley Repertory Theatre’s season opener, “An Audience with Meow Meow,” written by and starring the international cabaret actress, singer and dancer opened last Friday with a glitzy bang — that is, a Read More…

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Health care inequality plagues UC Berkeley

If the current UHS infrastructure cannot support the UC community, it is the moral responsibility of this administration to build it. If the university can commit millions for projects such as a new stadium, are there not resources to ensure affordable and quality healthcare for staff and faculty at the UHS? Read More…


Unity, not divisiveness

On Monday, the ASUC Standing Committee on University and External Affairs indefinitely postponed a bill that addressed academic relations with Israeli institutions after some senators said the naturally divisive bill would hurt the long-term workability of the ASUC senate class. Read More…

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Eating Berkeley

Quick pickling for the culinary underachiever

Walking around a shop of fine artisanal food products always makes us sad about the current state of our bank accounts. Spying jars of organic Asian pear butter and lofty rosemary focaccia loaves is enough to make us seriously question our spending habits. After all, who needs textbooks when you have baked brie? But Read More…

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