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Fashion Fridays: Back to the ’90s

It’s been building buzz for the past few seasons, but the ’90s revival, led by New York designers such as Alexander Wang, has kicked into full swing this autumn. You’ll find the sartorial legacies of Generation X everywhere in Manhattan, on the runway and on our very own UC Berkeley Read More…


Treasure Island Music Festival Recap

This past weekend, Treasure Island Music Festival brought a relaxed experience filled with musicians ranging from electronica to hip-hop and indie rock alike. With a stunning view of the city and captivating performances, the festival was its own little party in the middle of the Bay. CHET FAKER Electronica musician Read More…

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YES on 45: Stop health insurance company rip-offs

Health insurance companies need these false mouthpieces and misinformation because they know the public will support Prop 45 when they learn insurance companies oppose it and it will stop the health insurance ripoffs. Why else would health insurance companies be spending tens of millions to defeat Prop 45? Read More…

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Eating Berkeley

Delicious fall salad recipe

About this time every year, despite our best efforts to prove all the haters wrong and keep up the healthy productivity we worked so hard to institute at the start of the semester, we hopelessly fall into the dreaded fall daze. I mean, how can we continue to enjoy our extra Read More…

The Daily Clog

Lies parents tell their children

Parents lie. Sure, most of them were probably white lies meant for “our own good” or to give our parents a welcome respite from persnickety questioning. This, however, does not excuse how ludicrous some of the stories they told us were. How could we have even toyed with idea that Read More…


New slang

Languages are moody. Not moody-like-my-mom moody — nothing is moody-like-my-mom moody. The mood of a language refers to how the inflection of its verb reflects an attitude toward a statement. One mood is the subjunctive, which reflects hypothetical statements such as, “If the subject of this blog post were more Read More…

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