Cal Maritime no match for Bears, Cal rugby wins 62-16

Wednesday night’s rugby match between the Cal rugby team (10-1, 3-0 PAC) and Cal Maritime (5-3) was a reversal of roles. Cal Maritime’s players — more affectionately known as the Keelhaulers — were victims of keelhauling themselves, as the Bears tied Cal Maritime’s hands together, threw their players over the
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We are living in the Golden Age of Television

What’s your favorite TV show? This used to be a simple question. “The Twilight Zone,” I’d answer, nervously feigning some sort of classical intellectualism. My family didn’t have cable, and I felt obliged to answer with a series that was representative of what’s traditionally deemed the “Golden Age of Television”
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Divest from the ASUC

After more than 100 years of relative fiscal solvency, UC Berkeley’s student government found itself in such a financial predicament in the late 1990s that the campus had to all but force it to surrender its direct oversight of business operations. No longer fit to manage its investments independently, the ASUC would now have its finances monitored by several faculty and staff members through the newly formed ASUC Auxiliary.
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