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The Joey Bosa experience

I’m in no position to defend the financial transgressions of the San Diego Chargers. I’ve written extensively about the management’s apathy toward both the fan base and the history of their franchise but never about how that apathy affects the on-field product. So, when I saw they were again mistreating
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Green for go

I see colors when I read. There’s a scientific name for this sort of thing, but it’s kind of an awful-sounding mouthful, so instead, just take my word for it — I see colors when I read. Instead of externally visualizing anything, it’s more like I just inherently know them.
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Stepping over stumbling stones

“Girls can love a rock,” my umma once told me. “But rocks just sit there. They don’t move or give anything back.” This was her subtle way of encouraging me to dump my then-boyfriend, but I was too optimistic to listen. After all, he was charming, hilarious and fun when
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