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Cal football shows fresh faces in Spring Day Game

“Where’s Chad Handsome?” “He ain’t here anymore, darling.” As the players took the field for Cal football’s spring game, this question and answer between fans in the stand summed up the strange position the Bears find themselves in. With an entirely new coaching staff in place and almost all of
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Episode #10: High Sex

High sex is a whole ‘nother level of sex, with happiness, a little bit of tears, and maybe a catfish or two. The Hard and Soft team goes out on 4/20 to interview some high folks and get some insight on what’s going on in the bedroom under the influence
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New administration’s policies could threaten Berkeley Lab

In the midst of an avalanche of political disruptions since President Donald Trump took office, one issue has received insufficient attention at Berkeley: the new Secretary of Energy Rick Perry. The former governor of Texas and Republican laughing stock now wields immense power over the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory — a crown jewel of federal science research and a key institution at our university.
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