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Searing humor, dark wit captivate in ‘Detroit’

In “Detroit,” suburbia’s underbelly is dark indeed. The play — a 2011 Pulitzer Prize finalist and 2013 Obie winner by Lisa D’Amour — explores the place in the human psyche where psychology meets circumstance in its Bay Area premiere at Aurora Theatre Company. “Detroit” begins in media res: Mary (Amy
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Off the beat: Checking my baggage

When it comes to packing for a trip, I’m a mess. I tend to ignore it until the last hour, then find myself tossing anything and everything into my luggage until only a stray tank top or two are left in my drawers. I didn’t think my dysfunctional packing was
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Landlord coalition may threaten tenant rights

The nascent formation of a coalition to lobby for landlord rights, complete with its own political action committee, is concerning. We are troubled by the idea of powerful people pooling their resources and wealth for causes that may further cripple affordable housing and regulations meant to protect tenants. The coalition
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The Daily Clog

Which firework should you buy for the Fourth of July?

The Fourth of July — a day full of barbecue, sunshine, and red, white and blue everything! Another key aspect of a perfect Fourth of July is fireworks. No Fourth of July is complete without those loud, sparkly fireworks that light up the sky.   Contact Morrissa Berman at [email protected]

The Soapbox

God and gay rights

When I woke up June 26, I discovered that the Supreme Court had legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. I could not have woken up to better news. Most of my friends were celebrating and supporting the Supreme Court’s decision, but I noticed that not everyone was happy. Some
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