Daily Cal changes online comment policy

After much reflection over the degree of freedom we should give our website viewers to comment on our posts, our Senior Editorial Board has decided to allow readers to comment without registering an email address. This new policy, implemented today, returns us to the policy we had for our old website.

A previous Senior Editorial Board had decided to require that users submit a verified email address before sharing comments, a policy that we began in May when we launched our new website.

We listened to readers’ concerns and balanced the costs and benefits. Fewer restrictions means users are more inclined to share their thoughts and engage with other readers. But, on average, there will be more spam and users will be able to take less responsibility for what they write.

In considering these factors, we decided the costs were worth the extra freedom. We hope this encourage more of you to discuss the information we present to you and that you continue to use our new website as a community forum.

In order to be the best media outlet we can be, we need you to continue sharing your thoughts and concerns with us. Let me know what you think of our new policy by emailing [email protected]

Tomer Ovadia is the editor in chief and president.