Junior Boys: IT’S ALL TRUE


Leg warmers and parachute pants may be lost in the ’80s — or so we hope — but Junior Boys persevere through the glam metal haze to bring an electropop album with a nostalgic ’80s coating. With their fourth studio album It’s All True, the Canadian duo of Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus have concocted a sparkling synth-powered record with a new upbeat attitude.

Unlike past records, the mellow, almost haunting beats are few and far between on It’s All True. Greenspan’s reverb-rich vocals cascade over the digi-pop effects and snare hits. The album opener “Itchy Fingers” sets the mood as Greenspan drearily sings of a teasing lover with lyrics like “So patient so kind/it’s never easy to tell if you are playing with my mind.” The fast-paced bass and tremolo beats found in the album opener characterize the majority of the album, as you can’t help but nod your head to the catchy, cheerful beats circling throughout your head.

There are a few instances though where the album’s positive demeanor falters. Immediately after the the spirit-lifting opener, “Playtime” brings the duo back to their somber roots, with beats reminiscent of cave-like murmurs. The raindrop-style samples back Greenspan’s vocals as they list lazily over the echoing, melancholy melody. Thankfully, this track is the only major setback, as the rest of the album mostly keeps to its new, beaming sound-scape, if only slightly dipping into the duo’s downbeat past.

Through It’s All True, the Junior Boys have managed to keep their electronica vibe pulsing throughout a gleaming dance groove (quirky track titles like “Banana Ripple” don’t hurt either). While the duo occasionally delve back into their solemn styles, the boys mostly keep it fresh with dance-ready beats that reverberate through techno souls.