Do-It-Yourself Boudoir Photography

Sex on Tuesday

When separated from your significant other by distance (or even when not), a sensual photo of yourself can be something intimate and very sexy to give them.  Also, very hot to receive, from either sex.

Unfortunately, boudoir photography does have a little bit of a barrier to entry.  The easiest way to get good, sensual photos of yourself is, of course, to go to a professional.  If you want to go that route, there are several local photographers who will take very sensual and classy pictures: for a price.

If you don’t have the money to drop on a professional, there are ways to do it yourself.  The first thing you need is a camera.

If you and whoever you are sending pictures to are comfortable with someone else taking the pictures for you, then you need a friend too. For those who are less comfortable dropping trou (even if only down to lingerie) in front of anyone they aren’t having sex with, then a little more set-up is required.

You will need the camera to be able to stand on its own when on a flat surface, and it needs a self-timer mode.  The plan is to put the camera on a flat surface, set the camera’s timer, then get into the frame in time to actually be in the picture.  Most cameras have the timer ability, but you may need to break out the manual in order to figure out how to use it.

Next step: find a pose that you like.  This will be much easier for girls interested in taking sensual photos than guys.  Girls also get lingerie, and all the pretty sex dressings, so that makes taking sexy photos as a female much easier.

Still, guys can check out Model Mayhem’s Favorite Men in Sexy Poses for inspiration.  Just try not to be intimidated by men who literally get paid to be in the gym for several hours a day.

Women can just search boudoir photography and browse the image section, or start looking through portfolios of photographers who do boudoir photography. When picking a pose, you want one that has a camera angle that is pretty straight-on. If it seems like you are looking up or down at the model, you are going to have some issues recreating the pose.

This (left) is something you can recreate, while this (below) is much harder without either help or a professional set-up.

Image Source: rachelkramerbussel under Creative Commons               Image Source: Diana Blackwell under Creative Commons

Once you have something picked out, step two is finding your flat surface.  A dresser across from your bed, coffee table in front of your couch, or a chair or stool work well.

Grab a pillow or some other stand-in to put on your bed and couch where your head will be in your chosen pose.  Set your camera on your flat surface, and focus on the pillow, trying to leave enough room in the frame for the rest of your body. Photos can be cropped down later, while adding in a cut-off foot isn’t going to happen.  Leave yourself enough room.

If you flat surface isn’t quite as high as you need it, break out the text books to raise it up a bit.

Set the self-timer that you learned how to use earlier, picking a long enough time that you can get into position, and go and pose.  I’ve found that 20 seconds is about right.  Make sure that your head is where your pillow or other focus object was, and you should be good to go.

Finally, check your photo to make sure that you like it.  If you are happy, then you’re done.

Once you have the steps down, the process goes relatively quickly, and the payoff when the recipient raves about it makes the whole process worth it.