FREE MUSIC: the Stone Foxes release two new gritty tracks

The gut-punching Southern trio known as the Stone Foxes have finally released two new tracks on their website as free downloads. After their feature on the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey commercial, the San Francisco blues boys have brought their two newest songs, “Pyscho” and “Serious People,” to the public.

“Psycho” is reminiscent of something from the Black Keys, only with country-swag lyrics of a crazy girlfriend. The fuzz is turned to 11 and the guitar riffs hit hard with distortion. The slowed down tempo leaves plenty of room for the guitar swells and drum rhythms to drift throughout your head. Although the Black Keys influence may be a bit too prominent, the track is definitely worth a listen as the Foxes continue to rule as a kick-ass vintage rock band.

With slightly less fuzz and more vocal refrains, “Serious People” brings the Foxes somewhere between the explosiveness of “Patience” and the easy-going melody of “Passenger Train” from their last album, Bears & Bulls. Leaning more towards their roots, the upbeat vibe of “Serious People” is a bluesy groove sure to please fans new and old.

With their show at day two of SF’s Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival coming up on August 13th, the Foxes will hopefully debut their new material to the Bay Area. Golden Gate Park better get ready because Outside Lands attendees might unleash their own inner psycho once the vulpine rockers take the stage.

Image Courtesy: the Stone Foxes