Bear’s Lair Food Court vendor reopens

Bear’s Lair Food Court vendor Saigon Eats reopened this week after having been closed for the past week.

The eatery’s unpaid rent led some to speculate that the prolonged absence might be related to an inability to pay, or possibly just vacation time.

Saigon Eats employee Omar Cervera said the business had been closed because owner and manager Henry Pham told his employees that it would be a “slow week.” Employees said they were confident that the business would remain open this semester. Pham was not available for comment.

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  • Jarakakister

    Actually, this is the poorest excuse for Vietnamese food I’ve seen ever.  I would never buy from these guys — their noodles are not Vietnamese, their food is awful.  Go to Bancroft, Vu’s Heavenly Healthy Food is much better.  It used to be in the food court, but couldn’t pay the rent.  Also, my rant must continue – a Subway in the Food Court when you have one right across the street at Bancroft & Telegraph?  Come on ASUC — what kind of business minds do you have? 

    • Guest

      Excessive rent charged by ASUC + Seeing only corporate chains

      Let us use our logic now and deduce: These two things may be RELATED!

      But I know how it is. You are entitled to whatever is holy under your replacement religion that you use as a proxy for consumer choice, and it is the government’s job to bring that to you, even if it means pissing up a hill with ASUC to make yourself feel better because addressing larger structural problems that extend beyond the corners of the university seems like too much work.