Man arrested following sexual battery of UC Berkeley parent on Southside

Update 6/3/2015: In 2011, the district attorney elected not to file charges against Ruben Palate. No complaint was filed, and his bail was exonerated. Witnesses also placed Palate inside his church when the alleged incident occurred. A photograph previously accompanying this article has since been removed.  

A man was arrested on Southside Sunday morning after allegedly sexually battering a UC Berkeley parent who was moving her son into the dorms at Unit 3.

At around 10:25 a.m., the victim was standing outside of Unit 3 on the 2400 block of Channing Way when she was approached from behind by a male who grabbed her between the legs over her clothing, according to UCPD Lt. Marc Decoulode, spokesperson for the department. The victim then struck the man with her purse. When the suspect walked away, the victim flagged down a nearby UCPD Community Services Officer who radioed the department.

UCPD officers then responded to the scene and detained 42-year-old Ruben Palate, who was identified by the victim, according to a UCPD crime alert. Berkeley Police Department officers then arrived and took custody of him. Palate was subsequently exonerated, and no charges were filed against him.

The victim was not injured during the alleged encounter.

Stephanie Baer is the city news editor.

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  • Guest

    This was a case of mistaken identity- To the writer of this article- please write a follow up about this case.

  • guest

    This was a case of mistaken identity.  Ruben Palate was in church at the time of the assault.  He passed a lie detector test and the District Attorney did not file charges.  

  • Guest

    Are sexual batteries better than NiMH?

  • BarbiS

    Go Mom!!!!!!! We need more Moms like you!!!!!

  • I wonder if this guy is an illegal immigrant ?

  • Anonymous

    If Berkeley isn’t safe for a parent, how can it be safe for the students!

  • Anonymous

    Papers, por favor