Cal-Fresno postgame press conference

Selected quotes from Cal's 36-21 win at Candlestick

Marvin Jones' two touchdown receptions tied a career high.
Sean Goebel/Staff
Marvin Jones' two touchdown receptions tied a career high.

Cal head coach Jeff Tedford

On initial impressions from the first game:

“Obviously, there was a lot of rust, things that you need to fix as far as pregame jitters or whatever it is. Turning the ball over down deep. I thought our defense played excellent, but offensively, we still need to gel. We made some big plays, but we still need to be more consistent. A lot of it had to do with communication and things like that. It’s something definitely that we can improve on. What I liked was that we went down 7-0, and everyone believed in each other, kept playing hard.”

On Zach Maynard’s first college football game since 2009:

“He told me, ‘I wish I could have played better,’ and he will. I thought that was great for him to get his feet wet again … He didn’t have any delay of games, he handled the clock well. Made pretty good decisions, except for the first ball (and that interception). I don’t know what happened with the first ball, but after that, I thought he threw the ball away when he needed to. Made big plays with his legs, got us out of some bad field position at times. He made some big throws, made some big runs. Room for improvement, but there’s a lot to work with.”

On Cal’s pass rush:

“I thought we put some pressure on the passer … They threw a couple of go routes, but besides that, they weren’t throwing any deep comebacks or digs or anything like that. They were going to max protect on the go routes on the outside, so they looked like they were probably a little afraid of our pass rush.”

On playcalling:

“We call it all together. (Wide receiver coach/passing game coordinator Eric) Kiesau is the voice most of all. We all talk in between series, say how about this, how about that. He’s the voice because he can see it up top (in the box) and handles most of those duties. Run this on third-and-long, run this on the 35.”

On this year’s Bears:

“I love this team and the chemistry of this team, the togetherness, the trust. It’s a great football team that way. We can continue to improve on the football field, but I love the work ethic.”

CB Steve Williams

On putting behind last year’s 5-7 record:

“I think it’s a great step because we’ve got to move on as a team. We’re more accountable for each other and we rely on each other better and we know that we got each other’s backs … The team’s more together. This is the most together team that I ever saw here at Cal.”

QB Zach Maynard

On rating his performance:

“4.5 out of 10. A lot of mental errors. Got inconsistent with the ball.”

On throwing to Marvin Jones and Keenan Allen:

“Very confident. We’re all on the same page. With Keenan being my brother, we have that mental connection from birth. It’s the same thing with Marvin from spring ball and now through the fall.”

RT Matt Summers-Gavin

On the O-line’s penalties:

“We definitely need to clean it up next week. Just mental errors … I felt we could have put up twice as much as we put up if we cleaned up our mental mistakes and played football like we know how to play.”

On getting the taste of last season out of his mouth:

“Coming into this year, we had that in our memory. This is a new season, a new team. This is the closest team I’ve ever been a part of. Getting a win on top of that is pretty good. Straight from spring, when we got back from our winter — we get like a month off — everyone was just tuned in. From then on, it’s just been the hardest work I’ve ever seen in my life.”

LB Mychal Kendricks

On getting advice from fellow Fresno native Zack Follett, a former Cal linebacker who was in attendance:

“He just told me, being from Fresno, the game and the hype that everyone’s making it out to be, he knew I was going to be excited and amped up and that can get you tired. He just told me to stay calm, breathe and wait until the game. I just stayed calm, listened to some calm music before the game. Usually I listen to some rock, some hip hop, something to get me amped up. I changed up my routine. (Listened to some) Sade, some smooth jazz.”