How the DREAM Act may be a mirage

Assembly Bill 131, the second half of the so-called “DREAM Act,” is on its way to the Governor’s desk. Despite its name, it offers little more than a mirage to the students it promises to help and a nightmare to the citizens whose hard-earned dollars will be used to fund it.

As a graduate of UC Irvine who worked his way through to pay out-of-state tuition the first year until he became a legal resident, I understand both the cost and the value of an education.

California’s UC and CSU systems are currently facing the most drastic budget cuts that we have seen in a generation ­— more than $1 billion. At the same time, the state is hiking tuition rates on all students by 10 to 12 percent while students compete in lotteries to get enough classes to graduate.

As citizens continue to struggle through what may come to be known as the Second Great Depression, it is an insult to every California citizen who subsidizes the university system to pass this fiscal nightmare.

The state has told students that it does not have adequate funds to pay for enough classes so they can graduate in four years. Now, California is even actively recruiting out-of-state students to help fill the education budget gap. Still, the Legislature purports to have miraculously found $40 million to fund the dreams of these illegal students, on top of offering them in-state tuition rates.

It is absurd. Even the governor has expressed reservations about funding this subsidy in our current economic state.

This bill institutes an expansion of funding for one category of students while requiring others to pay more on their behalf. This is unfair, fiscally irresponsible and bound to encourage more illegal immigration, which already costs between $11 billion and $22 billion across the country annually. I believe we need more legal immigration. This bill, however, entices more people to come here in the most dangerous way possible.

By creating a new entitlement for those who are in the country illegally, we are engraving an invitation to those who have not yet come ­— what are you waiting for? Not only do we offer a K-12 education, a myriad of welfare programs and in-state tuition, but now we will tax the citizens of California to provide additional financial aid for your child’s college education. In the end, though, the dreamlike promises still fall short.

Students who are in the country illegally cannot legally get a job in California, regardless of the degree they obtain. So, arguments that this is an investment are, at best, misguided. Worse yet, I fear that this bill does nothing but prolong the inevitable realization that to fully participate in society, these students must go through the honorable process to become citizens. Only then can they truly pursue the American Dream. AB 131 is merely a cruel hoax on both the future ”dreamers” and the citizens who are forced to give up their child’s dream to fund this nightmare bill.

Tim Donnelly is a California State Assemblymember representing the 59th State Assembly District.

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  • Do you think a minor under the age of fifteen knew the immigration law when he/she came to America with his/her parents? When those minors are at the age of start facing the cruel reality of their status, their options are very limited. All Dream Act does, really, is widening the options for them and giving them the choice to stay and make-up for the mistakes they’ve unknowingly done. Yes, I agree that it is cruel for dreamers not to be able to work after graduating the universities.

    Therefore I believe that after they graduate, they should gain the right to be employed in America so that they could pay taxes. however high it may be by that time, and further benefit America for the investments Americans has made for them by allowing them to pay in-state tuition.

    I also want to note that while most citizen studentss are surrounded with government aid and financial aid and scholarships, these “dreamers”, while having the top scores in their graduating class, all they have is AB131.

  • profit

    what a joke. donnelly, your argument doesnt fool anyone who knows anything. who cares about your hard past, that is irrelevant. california is wanting to let the “illegal” students pay in tuition prices because they will get more revenue. less price but more volume equals more revenue. figure it out idiot. try to use your persuasive powers to help the economy, not just get you elected.

  • Why, should we pay for those that break the Law ?  The Democrats want the Dream act because that is one more tool that will help BHO to accomplish what he wants ” T o transform America ” into a Socialist Nation . Read Dreams Of My Father ” ” Audacity Of Hope ” There he tells you he Hates white men, brown men that don’t think like him !  That he will stand with the Muslims if the political winds change in a Ugly direction ” Get to know who your Muslim Socialist president really is .

  • So by the time all the illegals get amnesty they become legal residents then they won’t get free handouts as they do being illegals.  I think the illegals only demand free handouts, they don’t bother registering to be legal citizens. Why should they apply for citizenship? This country only supports illegals, not its legal citizens

  • Anonymous

    I hope it can be stopped and reversed. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s an insult to all citizens and taxpayers.
    Since when do we create a special category to reward law breakers, while punishing law abiders?

    • Ghernandes44

      Why do people talk before getting their facts right? Do you, Citizen1, have any idea of what you are talking about? Those people whom you are talking about do not have a special category as you mention! You might be jealous that these people in particular are hard working individuals. 

  • deenibeeni

    “Students who are in the country illegally cannot legally get a job in
    California, regardless of the degree they obtain. So, arguments that
    this is an investment are, at best, misguided.  ”  I beg to differ. We’ll find out soon enough that this was all predicated on amnesty, so my guess is that ultimately they WILL be able to work here (right after they get done hanging the American flag upside-down ). It’s an investment, all right:  An investment by Brown in growing his own Democratic electorate.   Calif. Assemblyperson Tim Donnelly has already filed the paperwork for a referendum to overturn this. Contact him at [email protected]

  • Anonymous


    The libs in Sacramento & Washington don’t care about
    illegal aliens.


    They care about power & legalizing millions of illegal
    aliens who will vote for them.


    It’s about dividing & conquering America & gaining
    power thru the division.


    Alinsky would love the Dream Act.

  • Anonymous


    California legislature logic:


     So thru no
    fault of the child’s, the child is smuggled by its law breaking parents into
    the amusement park where that child should be allowed not only on some of the
    rides free, but all of the rides for free, since, after all, the child is there
    thru no fault of its own.


    Parents rob a bank with their children, who are brought to
    the bank robbery thru no fault of their own & the parents proceed to steal
    a million dollars. It is there4 only fair the children who were bought along on
    the bank heist thru no fault of their own, should get to keep the million


    no fault of the child, a child is forced to eat ice cream that its parent has
    stolen, so ther4 since the child ate & enjoyed the ice cream thru no fault
    of its own & there’s more stolen ice cream in the freezer & the parent
    can’t afford the ice cream, the parent shouldn’t have to pay for, or give the ice cream
    back, because that would be punishing the child who thru no fault of its own
    has tasted the stolen ice cream & wants more.


  • I don’t think they are going to get Amnesty. Once the borders are open for the North American Union they will have served their purpose and they will be discarded just like us. The elite 1% is not in the habit of rewarding peons as already proven with the bailouts but those they have entrusted to carry out their plan. The only way I see it happening is if they do military service then they will be used to police the world and will never be able to get out, no one will want them for being traitors. Kinda sad really. I really wish they would just leave for every ones sake.

  • Jamesswayngim

    Kick jerry brown and gill out of the country send them to mexico

    • Avblkdragn


  • Concerned

    If we abide by the existing laws we would not have to worry about the DREAM ACT because they would all have been deported already.

    • Jonipreston55

      Amen to that!!  Quit allowing criminals to come in to our country in the first place.  Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL!!

  • Concerned

    Do you know that Section 8 housing does not report illegals. If one member of the household is legal (say a child of an illegal – i.e. anchor baby) they can have the house in their names and the undocumented can live without fear of being reported or deported. This program harbors illegals.
    If you doubt this call them up and ask them yourself. I challenge you. You’ll see what I mean. The Government has a bad case of the ” do as I say and not as I do” syndrome. They get away with a lot of crap

    • Behold

      We live in an upside down world being driven by the Devil himself.  Thankfully, our LORD Jesus Christ will set it all straight eventually.  In the meantime, we can work, work, work to try to minimize all the damage being done to America.

  • Concerned

    I have submitted SOLID evidence of an illegal alien who entered the
    country and acquired last November – December a work permit and by April – May
    their GREEN CARD.


    I have submitted this
    information on numerous occasions and yet this person and the rest of their family still remains here in the
    United States.

    Special Agent in


    Reporting Immigration violations of alien to acquire legal status in the United

    ERO mission states:

    ERO identifies and removes aliens who present a danger to national security,
    risk to public safety or defy the integrity of U.S
    immigration laws and border control. ERO also provides safe, secure
    and humane confinement when an alien is detained.

    focuses its enforcement and removal efforts on:

    criminal aliens;
    who present a risk to national security;
    are subject to a final order of removal and abscond, fail to depart,
    or intentionally obstruct immigration
    who have recently entered or attempted to enter the
    United States illegally.

    The following
    information is submitted under anonymous conditions for fear of any retaliation
    / repercussions that may result against me, family members, friends or
    government co-workers.

    It is the request
    that should any violations be proven; it should be known to all that red flags
    were observed in the application process of the below mentioned alien which
    initiated the investigative actions. This path will secure my

    INA Violations that render alien disqualified from acquiring legal status,
    warranting removal

    ACT 211 Document

    ACT 212 General
    classes of aliens’ ineligible to receive visas and ineligible for admission;
    waivers of inadmissibility.

    § (A) 8 Aliens
    Present Without admission or parole

    § (i)
    Misrepresentation – In general any alien who by fraud or willfully
    misrepresenting a material fact, seeks to procure (or has sought to procure or
    has procured) a visa, other documentation, or admission into the United States
    or other benefit provide under this Act is inadmissible.

    § (E) (i) Smugglers
    – Any alien who at anytime knowingly has encountered, induced, assisted,
    abetted, or aided any other alien to enter or to try to enter the United States
    in violation of law is inadmissible.

    ACT 237 Unlawful
    brining of aliens into the United States.

    ACT 274 Brining in
    and harboring certain aliens.

    ACT 274A Unlawful
    employment of aliens (prior to acquiring work permit as of December

    ACT 274C Penalties
    for Document Fraud

    ACT 274D Civil
    penalties for failure to depart. (See passport information below)

    ACT 275 Entry of
    alien at improper time or place; misrepresentation and concealment of

    ACT 276 Reentry of
    removed alien.

    ACT 277 Aiding or
    assisting certain aliens to enter the United States

    I have also
    submitted document information and other information that I have witnessed and
    heard first hand – yet they remain in the United States

    I have also stated
    that they are currently harboring undocumented person in her house that is paid
    for by section 8 housing. In essence, tax payers are providing shelter for

    Her brother is also
    living in the area and another who has a visitor permit has been working at the
    same employer who also has undocumented workers working there. ANOTHER FRUITLESS

    Faxes, emails,
    posted letters and deliveries in person and yet NO RESULTS.

    As a veteran I feel
    that the constitution is killing America.

    This shit could NEVER happen in China!

    Why the hell isn’t anyone doing anything – Why bother????

    Anchor babies are now in a position to vote in favor of and for the beliefs of their parents and extended friends / families.

    The issue boils down to cheap labor. If we get rid of the illegals the profit margins will be less. Would you believe that I also reported the employer and they are still in business. Go figure.

  • Soccpop

    A country cannot be conquered from without until it’s destoyed from within

    • Jonipreston55

      This is Obama and the dem plan – to wreck everything that we have worked for in this country.  Vote them all out of office!!

  • [This bill institutes an expansion of funding for one category of
    students while requiring others to pay more on their behalf. This is
    unfair, fiscally irresponsible and bound to encourage more illegal
    immigration, which already costs between $11 billion and $22 billion
    across the country annually.]

    Finally, someone is willing to deal with reality.

    • Anonymous

      Undocumented students already pay into a pool of tuition money that is set aside for financial aid but have no access to. So if anything they have been the ones who have been paying more and not receiving any funding.

      • Guest

        So what?  A lot of Cal students are ineligible for financial aid.  That’s why student loans are crushing them.

        • Anonymous

          It’s the price you pay to go to the #1 public university in the world. They’re just like loans would get an ivy. Alternatively, there are other more affordable routes that still end up with a Berkeley degree. But, if people really cared about the massive amounts of student loans that students have to take out, then we should have raised revenues during the last budget session and avoided further cuts to higher education. 

          You can’t really argue that college costs too much for ordinary and middle-class students when everyone stood by while CA republican legislators sat by and blocked all attempts to raise revenues.

          • Guest

            “we should have raised revenues”
            You’re playing a word game.  California’s revenues are maxed out.  You should have said “raised taxes,” which are just one of the State’s revenues.  Clearly the legislature doesn’t care about student loans, and it doesn’t care about financial aid.  So non-citizens’ demands for freebies are the height of arrogance.

    • Ghernandes44

      Art32 is right!

  • Seer of Things

    Without coherent reform of immigration policy across the board, the DREAM Act is a feelgood piece of legislation which arranges for expenditures without giving us anything in return.

    I agree that the immigration process needs to be streamlined, and that the creation of the Department of Homeland Security has added layers of useless bureaucracy to the federal government.  But trying to make end-runs around Federal policy is only going to waste money and time–for an analogue, see the medical marijuana situation. 

    • [Without coherent reform of immigration policy across the board]

      Sorry, we already know what the Left’s idea of “comprehension immigration reform” is, which is AMNESTY, something most of us don’t want.

  • Guest

    You missed the obvious conclusion.  AB131 is a prelude to amnesty.

    • Anonymous

      Not at all.

      • Guest

        Without amnesty, undocumented graduates cannot register for Social Security, apply for a driver’s license, pass a security check, or produce their birth certificates.  What’s the point of educating them as if they could do the same jobs as citizens?  They can’t.

        • Jonipreston55

          There should be no amnesty for someone who comes here illegally.  They get an education paid for by someone else’s money and you don’t see how that is a bad thing for everyone in CA?  They need to stay home and make their countries a better place to live, and get an education by the system they (and their parents) paid into.  Not ours.

          • Ghernandes44

            Those “illegal folks” paid as much taxes as you do, or they might even pay more than you. Besides, Jonipreston55, you dont even have your facts rights! You need to have your facts accurate before you open your dam mouth!

          • Marc67

            I have worked at the welfare office for twenty years.   Illegal aliens don’t pay shit.   They work under the table to get CALWORKS and Food Stamps for their children, then when it is time to get thousands of dollars from the Earned Income and Child Tax Credits, they suddenly have a job. 
            Glernandes44, if you get your head out of your ass, then you can see all the facts are right in front of your face.