Photographer spotlight: Jan F-F

My name is Jan (pronounced “yawn”) and I’ll be posting one or more pictures a day for the next week. I’m from Santa Monica, so much of this is shot in Los Angeles. The picture above is, shockingly enough, of me, and photo credit goes to Eugene Wing Lau, another staff photographer.

I became involved in photography around four years ago when I took darkroom photography. Of course, I am far too impatient for the darkroom and began shooting on my own with a DSLR.

In essence, I do not take pictures of things or people, I take pictures of myself. Every picture is just a manifestation of a particular mood, idea, or metaphorical contrast that I had in mental focus when I took the picture. I view meaning as an entirely subjective experience, so there is no set meaning you should derive from my photos. I include titles which hint at a possible interpretation.
I often use rather extreme setups to try to express an idea. Bokeh, depth of field effects, bizarre color processing, extremes of contrast, and ultra wide, high-distortion lenses are typical instruments that I use.
Typical themes of my work are various binaries such as life/death, growth/decay, order/disorder, linear/nonlinear, light/dark, natural/unnatural, parole/langue, and free will/determinism.
As you can probably tell, I tend to take myself too seriously, so feel free to relax and enjoy the pretty pictures.
Finally, if you like my work, here’s a shameless plug for my flickr. Over 300 pictures of various degrees of quality:[email protected]/
And to start off the week, here’s a favorite of mine that I shot quite a while ago. It’s titled “Only Shallow.” This is actually based on a picture I shot on 35mm black & white film. It’s at Santa Monica Pier, where the barnacle-encrusted supports meet the Pacific. This was shot on a 400D with Canon’s 17-40L lens.
Jan Flatley-Feldman / Staff Photographer