Principles trump politics during “An Evening With Michael Moore”

Micheal Moore gives a talk plus Q+A regarding his new book "Here Comes Trouble"/File

On Saturday, hundreds of Cal students filed into Wheeler Auditorium to spend an “Evening with Michael Moore”. The famous (or infamous) filmmaker came on stage to a roaring crowd of euphoric progressives, drawing an immediate standing ovation. The “Sicko” star quickly launched into a lighthearted lambasting of the ridiculous fine print on the event’s tickets and the university’s bureaucracy in general (can I get an amen?).

Throughout the evening, Moore did not hold back any of his opinions, addressing a wide array of issues from guns to gays, capitalism to corporations, Obama to abortion and everything in between. He then took questions from the audience, drawing a strange medley of inquiries, including a left-wing conspiracy theory (apparently “Sarah Palin’s brother” is rigging American elections). Finally, he ended the evening by reading two engrossing excepts from his new book, “Here Comes Trouble,” about winning a school board election and taking on the racist membership policies of the Elks club as a teenager.

As a longtime libertarian, it came as no surprise that I found myself disagreeing with Moore many a time throughout the night. However, despite our differences, I must confess that I greatly respect the filmmaker for his unwavering adherence to his political principles. He was not bowing down to Obama simply because he has a “D” next to his name, but rather criticized the President for his lack of a “backbone” when giving into a healthcare compromise and starting a new war.

Indeed, I have often thought that if I were a liberal, I would be disappointed at the President for abandoning his base and succumbing to — dare I say — conservative causes like corporate welfare, tax cuts and military interventionism. It’s all about principles, not parties, people! Since Moore rightfully recognizes this fact, I happily applauded and left the auditorium wholeheartedly satisfied.