UC Regent David Crane’s confirmation unlikely

The window on David Crane’s confirmation to the UC Board of Regents is closing, with the California State Senate entering interim study recess earlier this month without taking any action on the appointment.

Crane’s appointment to the board has until Dec. 27 to be confirmed by both the senate Rules Committee and the senate as a whole, according to Alicia Trost, press secretary for the office of Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento.

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Crane towards the end of his term last year, but no action was taken on his confirmation before the senate went on recess at the beginning of the month.

Crane’s appointment is currently still before the committee. The senate will not reconvene until Jan. 4.

“Unless they are called back and a new session is formally called  — (which is) highly unlikely — then Crane doesn’t get his seat,” said Democratic strategist Steve Maviglio in an email.

According to a press release posted on the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299 website earlier today, Crane’s appointment has been highly contested by UC students and workers concerned about his apparent opposition to public sector workers and collective bargaining rights. Faculty groups, including the UC Berkeley Faculty Association, have also come out against the confirmation.

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  • Anonymous

    I sincerely that a voice of reason, specifically the voice of David Crane, is allowed to speak for those of us impacted by the disproportionate power of the unions and collective bargaining.
    I am a retired teacher with 36 years of teacher union “experience.”
    The most offensive aspect of the teachers’ unions: they take our money, their leaders make their choices and put our money into campaigns for inferior candidates with more interest in being elected than in what happens to our state.
    So, when you think that teachers are behind their unions, forget that thought.  Most of us are not.  There is an implied threat that each newly hired teacher feels.  That is, “join the union or suffer the consequences.”
    Dues are deducted from our checks.  Once in, God forbid you would opt out.   And, you are not given the opportunity to do so without confronting teacher union leaders.

    I am so angry that my money went to Barbara Boxer and her ilk over the years and now to see this big anti-David Crane push boils my blood.  I wish his leadership had been available for the teachers in my district, Newport Mesa Unified.
    The union leaders there are best friends with the school board — that relationship gives them celebrity and power, they think.
    No on teachers’ unions and the extensive collective bargaining that is killing our state.

    By the way, I attended Cal for my first two years and graduated from UCLA.
    I support David Crane….hands down.  Don’t lose him; California needs his logic and a renewed image.  Taxpayers have lost faith in those of you who are breaking and giving away our state.

  • McUniversity_Fries_w_Dat

    With any luck  – and no funny business – he won’t get the appointment,
    the only hitch: what if the next nominee is equally bad, or worse?

    C’mon Moonbeam, try your best to pick an actual human being, you know the type that I mean, someone with some common sense and decency.
    Someone with a brain, real moral fiber and enough testicular fortitude to tell the Neo-Liberal Financiers that their self-regard is unwarranted, unnecessary and a detriment to CA.

    We may just have to dig up Clark Kerr’s corpse, appoint it to the Board, and try to “Weekend at Bernie’s” this shindig all the way into the next decade. This would probably be so shocking to the arrogant old farts on the Board as to induce immediate myocardial infarction in most of their sclerotic circulatory systems.