UC Berkeley College Republicans’ ‘diversity bake sale’ elicits cries of racism

ASUC Senate calls special meeting to discuss controversy

bake sale

In a move that triggered immediate backlash from the UC Berkeley student community, the Berkeley College Republicans announced plans Thursday night to host an “Increase Diversity Bake Sale” in opposition to Affirmative Action-like legislation awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature.

The original post announcing the bake sale — which created a tiered structure for the pricing of baked goods based on race — incensed students across campus, who decried the event on Facebook, calling it “racist,” “stupid” and “pathetic,” among other things.

A special meeting of the ASUC Senate has been called for Sunday at 6 p.m. to discuss the bill and the surrounding controversy, ASUC Executive Vice President Chris Alabastro said Friday afternoon.

Negative responses to the event flooded the Facebook event page, which the organization soon changed to a less inflammatory post — a move Berkeley College Republican President Shawn Lewis said in a Facebook comment “in no way means to ‘cover up’ the previous description.”

“The pricing structure of the baked goods is meant to be satirical, while urging students to think more critically about the implications of this policy,” the modified event page reads.

From the original post:

Most students feel that their voices aren’t heard in the baked goods distribution process controversy. They also believe that our UCs and CSUs need to be more diverse. YOU have the OPPORTUNITY to increase DIVERSITY and student VOICES by buying some PASTRIES and helping redistribute wealth for SOCIAL JUSTICE through BAKED GOODS on Sproul Plaza (9/27/11).

Berkeley College Republicans will be SELLING BAKED GOODS from 10 AM – 2PM across from the Affirmative Action Phonebank on Upper Sproul, and just like the CA Senate Bills 185 and 387 the phonebank supports, we will be considering RACE, GENDER, ETHNICITY, NATIONAL/GEOGRAPHIC ORIGIN and other relevant factors to ensure the EQUITABLE distribution of BAKED GOODS to our DIVERSE! student body.To ensure the fairest distribution, and make sure that there are a DIVERSE population of RACES of students getting BCR’s delicious baked goods, the pricing structure will be as follows:

White/Caucasian: $2.00
Asian/Asian American: $1.50
Latino/Hispanic: $1.00
Black/ African American: $0.75
Native American: $0.25

Hope to see you all there! If you don’t come, you’re a racist!

The bake sale is in protest of SB 185, which, if signed by Brown, would allow California public universities to consider a number of non-academic factors such as race, gender and nationality in the admissions process in order to increase campus diversity.

California public universities stopped considering race in admissions in 1997 after California voters passed Proposition 209.

According to Joey Freeman, ASUC External Affairs Vice President — who said he found the event “incredibly offensive” — there are a number of misconceptions about the legislation, namely that it gives preference to underrerpresented minorities. He emphasized that the bill would only allow — not require — admissions officers to consider race and nationality.

“It doesn’t use race as a preference,” he said.

Senior Michael Kim saw the bake sale event on Facebook and was angered by its implications. “It offended every single ethnic group and gender group,” he said. “It didn’t discriminate.”

While the student response on the event’s page was overwhelmingly negative, a few students showed support for the event, applauding the organization for standing up in the face of immense opposition.

Lewis said supporters of the event have faced harassment and threats for their views and requested that a civil dialogue be maintained.

“I have witnessed the harassment of the creators of the Facebook event, threats to those who plan on participating in the event, and a total mischaracterization of the purpose of the bake sale,” he wrote in a note on his Facebook page. “It is my hope that any student or student organization should feel comfortable and safe in voicing their views on a current issue, especially when that view is in the minority.”

The bake sale is scheduled to be held Sept. 27 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sproul Plaza.

A number of countermeasures have already been planned by students. A “Conscious Cupcakes Giveaway” will be held the same day as the bake sale to protest what many see as an inherently racist action.

Additionally, an emergency town hall “to discuss (the bake sale) and possible actions, we, as a multicultural community, can join together in response to this event that will be taking place on our Berkeley campus” has been called, according to the event page on Facebook.

A previous version of this article stated that the Cal Berkeley Democrats had called an emergency town hall meeting. In fact, the meeting was called by other students.

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  • Anonymous

    Democrats, please refer to Republicans as “Cultural Others”.  We understand you just fine: it is you who have lived in a small bubble your entire lives.

  • Jeff Drummond

    Here’s a GREAT satire:  

    “Some Republicans celebrated last night, with bottles of  oily champagne, that they again showed themselves clueless, racist, and of below-average intelligence! According to the President of the group, the bake sale announcement should be seen as a satire, and should prompt ‘civil’ discourse.  He also claimed that changing the FB post was not a ‘cover-up.’  Laughter at the group measure 7.0 on the Richter Scale as far away as Seattle, WA.”Such a fun thing to be satirized, right Pres. Lewis?

    • They satirize what is clearly racist behavior, yet you accuse THEM of being racists. I seem to recall that some guy named George Orwell wrote a book about people like you…

  • Barry Cooper

    For those capable of irony, it is quite wonderful that this bake sale would be labelled “racist”.  It does nothing but reflect actual realities.  If race is considered primary for ANY public purpose, then that policy is racist.  Period.  There is no other way to look at it.

    We cannot build a better future by demanding less of anyone because of accidents of their birth.  We must depend on their innate capacities, and their developed capacities, which reflect character and hard work.  To say that anyone needs a leg up is to imply they are inferior. 

    This is precisely what Brown is arguing.  The actual racists are on the Left.

  • I just read the S.F. Chron story as well as some of the negative postings/comments attacking the “young Republicans”- I am 50 yrs old  and I guess I just don’t get that this is “racist”  or that someone is so damaged and hurt by the “young republican bake sale” what I do get is that the  era of playing the VICTIM is alive and well in the majority of the posts on this site-  Perry J Laycock

  • Emmetope_ou

    Those sponsoring the bake sale are making a very good point: That Republicans are crass.

    • You are making the point that knee-jerk lefties can’ t offer any arguments of substance to counter their claims.

      • Guest

        It is unnecessary to offer such arguments on a forum like this where you are all patting each other on the back for how right you are. It is not a knee-jerk reaction, it’s an opinion. Their sale was crass and offensive whether or not it proved a point.

        • As if the tactics of the Left are NEVER “crass” or “offensive”? Sorry, but I’m not prone to shed a tear for people who habitually smear those who disagree with them as being “racists” or “Nazis”, and constantly foam and flail about how those who don’t agree with them are “stupid”, “ignorant”, “uneducated”, et. al. Funny how the foul-mouthed lefties who have no problem heaping bile and vitriol on all those who dare disagree with them are suddenly overcome with severe vaginal cramps when they are on the receiving end for a change. Poor little narcissistic babies. Maybe they shouldn’t dish it out if they can’t take it in return…

  • Grateful Guest

    As a mixed Native American female who put herself through undergraduate and graduate school with NO financial assistance from ANY organization and without ANY admissions assistance, I find it very hard to believe that any of this will solve any of the issues within our school system.  As long as I had the grades and the money to pay for school, I seemed to get in.  However, I spent my youth volunteering, working, studying, behaving, etc.  MOST OF MY CLASSMATES DID NOT (as gleaned from conversations with them and witnessing them making a total mockery of themselves and the university with their drunken and selfish behavior).  What now?  Skin color is NEVER the difference between someone with “diversity” and someone without.  Being Native American did not automatically make me culturally rich or strikingly “diverse.”  My travels, research, work history, and values do–whether you accredit this to my “Caucasian” or “Native American” side, what is the difference?  This is what the university should strive for—students who have SHOWN that they care, that they have proven they want more in education.  Start there and your “diverse”student body will flourish.  Base it strictly on race and you continue to forget what it means to have “diversity.”  You then have to admit it is not about “diversity in the student body,” rather, it simply becomes “diversity in student skin color.”  Two arguably different diversities altogether.  My Caucasian friend has been living and working with a tribe in Africa for the last three years while my African American ex-boyfriend has been working in the Silicon Valley and teaching Bible School in the Bay Area.  By UC’s standards, who would have a better story to tell about learning diverse culture?

    Along these lines:  The most blatant problem I witnessed first-hand at both institutions were the admission and tuition preferences, scholarships, manipulation of grades, and disciplinary negligence that was exhibited by the administration/faculty towards an obscene amount of athletes.  I paid full tuition and gave back to my universities which is more than many athletes can say.  (Not all, I will give you that: just enough to become a huge concern.)

    • You do an excellent job of articulating your position on this issue. Quite a few current Cal students can learn from both your experiences and the structure of your arguments. Great post!

      • Emmetrope_ou

        So do you Tony M.

        You narrow focus and trivial arguments make your position painfully clear.

        • As if you have offered anything but the usual tripe…

  • Small Business Owner

    I find it ironic that asian students are denouncing the bake sale- an African American student with a less than 4.0 GPA would get preferential admissions over an Asian kid with a 4.10 GPA.
    So for the sake of “diversity”, excellence is to be discarded?  Lowering the bar for people of color is insulting (ask Bill Cosby)  Lowering standards for one race while raising the standards for another race IS RACIST. 

    What The Republican Club is doing is absolutely brilliant; exposing the hypocrisy and the utter stupidity of those who just don’t get the message of the bake sale.  If one does not fully understand the hypocrisy (which I would imagine be the majority of the student population), God help you in your search for a job in the real world.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that the “equalization” measures leave something to be desired, but that is not on display by the college Republicans.

      Actually the college republicans are ignoring history.  To be comparable to the advantages the slave-holders enjoyed (and passed on through generations), one would have to take over the baked sales business, and dole out sustenance to those baking.

      • [Actually the college republicans are ignoring history.  To be comparable to the advantages the slave-holders enjoyed (and passed on through generations)]

        Sorry, but YOU are the one who is clearly ignorant about US history. Not only were slaveholders only a small faction of white Southerners, but they were not the only ones who owned slaves. You obviously missed the recent flap about the Cherokee Nation revoking tribal status for a number of black members, based on the fact that their ancestors were actually slaves. Yes, NATIVE AMERICANS also owned slaves, as well as did some black freemen. In addition, the South was not only physically but economically destroyed by the Civil War, where northern armies under Sherman and Grant effectively practiced the 19th Century equivalent of what would be called “total war” nearly a century later (google “march to the sea” sometime and you might actually LEARN something). The idea that white folks 21st Century America are living off antebellum largesse is ludicrous, and proof that your own political bias has interfered from your own ability to learn about the real history of this country…

        • Summeranalogy

          Good point.  I am both Cherokee and white.  Some of my ancestors held slaves, and some were slaves.  I always thought it kind of funny that some people assume all whites were priviledged during US history, when the whites in my lineage were  so busy killing each other for their religious or patriotic princliples in various wars.  Yet whites never had Jim Crowe laws enacted against us.  I think a lot of races can point to overt segregation through the 1960s, and covert segregation afterwards.  I’m not saying that individual whites automatically have it any easier, but it’s hard to argue against affirmative action when the evidence that other races have been held back in education and business is so damn clear.  

          • Guest

            “other races have been held back in education”
            I don’t understand your point.  When some people have not been prepared for college, what’s the point of admitting them to struggle and fail?  The obvious course is to provide remedial studies and better preparation at lower levels.

          • Anonymous

            i find it hard to understand how someone is counted as “held back” in education if their great-grandparent was a slave.. how the fuck does that make it any harder to study and work hard?

        • Christopher Greene

          “The idea that white folks 21st Century America are living off antebellum largesse is ludicrous”So what about the generations of segregation and white supremacy?  I suppose you think the 20 to 1 wealth disparity between whites and blacks can be explained with “blacks are lazy?”  There is no such thing as reverse discrimination Tony M.  The proposal at Berkeley only allows for the admissions board to take situations of economic and educational poverty into consideration.  It in no way mandates discrimination.  As for the “job search”, sociology studies have shown clear evidence of discrimination against blacks and women in both the hiring process and pay scale.

          • Marc Kurose

            “Economic and educational poverty?”  Wouldn’t it be different if the bill uses that language rather than “race, gender, ethnicity and national origin?”  If unequal representation at the postsecondary education level is a result of economic/educational poverty, is the University of California really the correct place to address it?  Maybe legislation should be focusing on addressing that issue a little earlier in the game?

          • Christopher Greene

            I absolutely agree that it should be addressed from the start.  That doesn’t mean we should leave the kids looking for college  right now or the men and women looking for work out in the rain.  Something to think about – If an upper class white child and an impoverished black child are on equal footing academically, which one has worked harder and which one is more capable?  

        • Anonymous


          Yes, learn something. READ the secession declarations.

        • You are ignorant of history, while there were a small faction of slave owners, all white people in the south benefited from elevated status and most supported this. Black students weren’t allowed even to attend school until the 1950’s and 1960’s.

        • I have two words for you. JIM CROW. Enough said.

      • National Jester

        My wife comes from a line of surfs- we’ve been to the village they belonged to. They were willed to an abbey when the previous owner of the land died. They truely were property. Many of our ancestors can here an indentured servants and in some ways were treated worse than slaves.

        If you read an earlier version of the Declaration of Independance, Thomas Jefferson wrote that slavery was violence against a people who had done no wrong (Africans) and against working people in America, by the King of England. The King and his favorites benefited.

        I had GG Grandfathers die on both sides of the Civil War. We paid a dear price to finally end the sin of slavery in America. Why hang on to the vestiges of slavery by treating people as if they are by nature of their skin color, inferior?

      • proteous

        Hmmm, hasn’t slavery been gone for  150 years? Whats your point? That today’s college students are suffering from their great great great great grandparents being slaves? Wipe those tears up and get a grip on reality.

        • shewolfe


    • Igloo342

      pro diversity is contrary to racism

      • Igloo342

        and vice versa

      • Anonymous

        Using racism to achieve diversity… is still racism.

    • How are they brilliant? This is clearly an ad hominem attack. Schools should be allowed to consider whatever they want when admitting students. After all, the school wants to be the best in the world. What does the bake sale have to do with admission decisions? Please tell us!! Moreover, these mostly white males go to a public school, in an ironic twist, if they were smart enough to go to Harvard, affirmative action has been there  for years.

    • Samm

      I’m glad there are so many Asians kids at UC  Berkeley. Hopefully as more graduate and replace whites in the upper middle class because let’s face it, they’re just smarter and work harder (the coops are mostly white and look how they’re wasting their lives), they’ll replace morons like you. We can only hope.

  • Anonymous

    UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau steps on the rights of ALL Californians for $50,600.

  • Godwin’s Law

    This is what happens when Republicans try to be funny…

  • Nilo Chang

    Affrimative action has been largely a FAILURE for Blacks and Asians and Hispanics. In the ivy league school system, there in an affirmative action policy that seeks to bring in a SET amount of Asians and Blacks and Hispanics. Why? Just look at the racial breakdown of the school’s incoming class, its not by chance that the percent for Asians is ALMOST ALWAYS around 15% year after year. The same goes for Blacks and Hispanics at 6-9%. This is real affirmative action, with implicit QUOTAs for students. If too many Asian students are at berkeley, affirmative action will tend to reduce that so that room can be made for students who need it more, ie, hispanics and blacks.

    ALSO, almost 50% of the Blacks in the ivy leagues are 1st or 2nd generation, FOREIGN blacks,  NOT the descendants of slaves (the ones who should be benefiting from affirmative action). This is a DIRECT result of affirmative action because using race inevitably leads to mass-sweeping assumptions of someone, which is unfair. For the example of a black foreign student applying, the university sees that student as someone who is black. This further hinders the chance for a black student to make it. All in all, affirmative action is WAY too centralized around race nowadays. We need to remove race as the considering factor and rather look at the COMMUNITY and ECONOMIC construct of the student as that leads to the best assessment of a student applying to college. 

    • Anonymous

      Case  in point, President Obama.  Accepted into the Ivy League.  Son of a 1st generation African man, whose ancestors never suffered a day in America’s slave states.

  • To accurately reflect the history and diversity of universities, sell baked goods to white students only from 10:00 to 1:45.  Remaining items would then be available to people of color the remaining 15 minutes.  

  • Jason Rodriguez

    It was very funny how a lot of Asian students were complaining on the facebook post about how they wanted affirmative action. The university only accepts a SET amount of students each year and if affirmative action were to actually go on as planned, you can expect the asians that make up 40% or so of the population to be reduced by a third like it did in the 90’s to make room for more African Americans and Mexicans.  So under affirmative action, these students complaining wouldnt even be there!

  • Bing

    I thought SB185 was created mainly to help more white kids to get in top-tier schools like Berkeley, which is predominantly asian!

    This should be the new pricing…

    Asian – $20
    White – $2
    Blacks/Latinos/Retards – free (but only if you are good at rapping, dunking, or fence-jumping)

  • Guest

    Tactics previously used is not revolutionary, satire is not revolutionary, pointing fingers is not revolutionary, self-serving pats on the back while putting others down is not revolutionary (and it happens whatever the political beliefs).

    Learning to look at, talk about humans without putting a price on them based on class, race, gender, sex, etc, however, might be truly revolutionary and new.

    • [Learning to look at, talk about humans without putting a price on them based on class, race, gender, sex, etc, however]

      Yet that’s exactly what race-based admissions do, whether we’re talking the old Jim Crow of the south or the “diversity” of modern academia.

  • Tpsinghapore

    If Caucasians valued education, the Republicans could use less offensive means to get attention

  • Billy

    Forget race, gender, and all of what we have previously used to “classify” people, and use this one simple system,….Wealth! Race classification is a tool used to divide  the working class. Poor whites have more in common with poor blacks and latinos then they have in common with wealthy whites. When divide services and aid based on race we feed bigotry, when we do so based on wealth we will began solving social issues.

  • JD

    If you’re an illegal immigrant you get a FREE muffin plus $2. 

    When will we learn it’s liberal ideals and this idea that a perfect society can be attained that will be the downfall of our country? 

    • BlakMagiqueWoman

      YOU are the reason affirmative action even exists, & why it STILL has to exist in this day & age.

      • BlakMagiqueWoman

        And NO I am NOT Black

        • Looks like someone has some “issues”…

  • Margerie Morningstar

    Maybe they should have two prices:

    Republicans $ 5,000 and Higher Taxes.

    Democrats $ 1.00 or the Market price of cupcakes.

  • Margerie Morningstar

    Republicans are dopes…dumber than most people.

  • White, Upper class female

    I went to a 98% white, upper middle class high school, and a major reason I chose to come to cal is because of the diversity of people, and thus opinions and viewpoints about the world. I didn’t expect to learn just from the professors, but I also hoped to learn from the breadth of experiences other students had to offer, which believe it or not, often comes from the diversity of their backgrounds and cultures. The College Republicans are completely missing the point of affirmative action – its not to unfairly reward minorities and arbitrarily let them in. They are still held to high standards in the admissions process, and its to make up for the severe inequality they face earlier in the educational road, namely the fact that in general, minorities make up much of the lower socio-economic stratosphere, and often times, the schools that serve those regions are much worse off than i dont know, the schools that serve an all-white upper middle class region….such as mine! The whole point of affirmative action is to provide equal opportunity – which is a point this country was built on. If you don’t support equal opportunity, then perhaps your not quite so “American” as you think.



      • Angry, but composed

        Yes, but there is a recognizable difference between well thought out satire, and purposefully racist speech in order to make waves. We all understand that they are not “trying” to be racist, but the fact that those in BCR(many of whom come from minority populations) are alright continuing the type of language and thought that has oppressed so many for so long is insulting to all of those trying to create a socially just environment here at Cal. Its wayyyy beyond affirmative action at this point, its just being conscious of the power of words. 

        • You’re babbling. Come back when you can post something coherent and make a point…

        • RegAffairpro

          So in other words…

          In my opinion this satire is racist.  Just because some minorities agree, only means that they have been brainwashed which further offends me. Finally, since words can hurt feelings there’s no point in arguing about this particular instance of affirmative action.

          • Pretty accurate. The Left labels stuff they don’t want to hear as “racist” as a way of silencing criticism.

      • White, Upper class female

        It’s an “American right” to post on Facebook page that Native American women are worth nothing while white males are, in comparison, worth two dollars…. Did i miss something in my history class?

        also i think safeway refers to itself as an “equal opportunity employer” which is, essentially, the point of affirmative action…

        • MAD AS HELL



          • me

            read her earlier comment.  she supports AA.  also are people still using all-caps anywhere? 

    • [The College Republicans are completely missing the point of affirmative
      action – its not to unfairly reward minorities and arbitrarily let them

      Au contraire. It’s not only to let them in, but to indoctrinate them, set them up for failure, and use them as pawns to further the political agenda of the Far Left. Minorities are recruited, steered into various and sundry racial/ethnic grievance studies programs instead of productive, rigorous programs, set out into the real world with skulls full of PC mush, then told that the reason they wind up working in lower-paying jobs is because American society is racist/sexist/hompohobic/whatever, rather than tell them the TRUTH, which is that their silly degree programs (for which the taxpayers of this state have funded) aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. In addition, you overlook the fact that “diversity” programs are NOT “need-based”, and in fact go completely AGAINST the concept of helping deserving students on the lower end of the economic-spectrum. There are plenty of poor whites and Asians who get turned down for certain “people of color” who come from MIDDLE CLASS background (even upper middle-class backgrounds) who didn’t meet the same level of performance. Last but not least, race-based admissions are ILLEGAL in California due to the passage of Prop 209. What part of RACE-BASED ADMISSIONS ARE WRONG do you NOT understand?

      • Emmetrope_

        I like it when Republicans soil themselves for everyone to see. Base Republicans may appreciate the antic of a bakesale but on the whole it downgrades the GOP and draws voters away.

        Keep up the good work Tony M. You can’t buy this good og adverting anywhere!

        • [I like it when Republicans soil themselves for everyone to see.]

          I’m not a Republican, and you’re clearly disconnected from reality.

      • White, Upper class female

        What part of GIVING RICH AREAS MONEY FOR EDUCATION AND CUTTING FUNDING FOR LOWER SOCIOECONOMIC AREAS (which, coincidentally are typically made up of minorities and not white people, shocker) do you NOT understand. You need to calm it Tony, affirmative action at the higher education level is to make up for our past grievances and to finally give people equal opportunity since were not doing that at the lower levels. I agree that we shouldn’t need affirmative action, especially if our lower education system was run better; but this remains a fact: If we keep punishing minorities for our previous mistakes in lower education strata, they will rarely get an opportunity later in life once they are fixed upon a dead-end path to rise to their full potential. Until we equalize opportunity at the lower levels, there are few paths apart from affirmative action.

        • Anonymous

           White liberal female, this is important:  even when Black schools in Washington D.C. are given more money per student than poor schools in California, California’s Asian and white kids still score higher on every achievement test.  Once Blacks get into Cal, that’s not the end of the story because they still drop out at  a higher rate than Asians and whites.  After graduation a Black student finds he still needs an unfair advantage to land a job or get into graduate school.  If he starts a small business that contracts with a city or state, he will get an unfair advantage because agencies follow regulations to steer contracts to minority-owned businesses.  I mean, come on, when will this unfair manna end?

    • Peter villalobos

      The trouble with many african american and latino kids is that they are born of parents that don’t really care.Parent’s that are more interested in their own agenda’s and desires than looking out for their own kids.Trust me,I know.The schools these kids attend don’t really care about them either.They care about you when it’s time to take roll,which takes up half the class.I dropped out of high school in 1980.I will pay for that the rest of my life.It has shaved off years.But if any race deserves what ever they can get,it is the American Indians.This country will suffer a curse until things are made right for what this country did to them.25 cents for a muffin for American Indian natives?It is a good start.I like this statement the college republicans are making.people are hypocrites.

  • Emmetrope_ou

    Rope Sale:

    Due to a recent market flooding by Berkeley College Republican of  rope designed for use of Berkeley College Republicans to lynch  Berkeley College Republicans it is  free for the asking up on presentation of a valid Berkeley College Republican membership card.

    Come one. Come all.

    • You sound disheveled and disoriented. Care to blame it on your teleprompter?

      • Emmetrope_ou

        I like to see any brand of Republican publicaly lynch themselves.

        • I’m sure that’s the only way you could win a debate with them, hence your desperate wishes.

  • reztips

    Those who oppose affirmative action have a point to make-you don’t end discrimination by discriminating. However, the College Republicans did their perspective a disservice by acting so childishly and using such reprehensible “analogies.” The way they have demonstrated their opposition to affirmative action will only reinforce the notion that to oppose this sort of priority admission based upon race is generated by racists. While this is not necessarily the case, it buttresses the ill-founded notion that most who oppose affirmative action are themselves racially/ethnically biased.

    Opposition to the unfairness of admission on the basis of race is a reasonable and fair-minded perspective in what should be a meritocracy. Unfortunately, the College Republicans at Cal have undercut their most reasonable cause with a most disturbing and infantile display…

  • PhotoGirl

    Anyone who says there is nothing wrong with this, is PART of the problem. It’s SOFA KING stupid to classify people into the little pigeon holes someone else sets up, and then charges for stuff accordingly. I KNOW your so-called agenda, but you failed. EPICALLY failed. Just because you spend a fortune on an “education” does NOT mean you have common sense…obviously.

    • Somebody clearly missed the punch line…

  • Anonymous

    Protest done with humor and taste? By Republicans? Where am I, Bizzaro World?
    I may not agree politically, but I like their tact.

  • guest

    What makes me laugh about all these post is that everyone assumes that this will allow people who are not qualified to attend college attend when in actuality it allows them to look for people who scores do not quite meet their standards a chance at gaining access to go to college. And as far as I know, if you are applying to go to college it means you have some drive to go and they are not just getting in Joe off the streets. And if you didn’t know standardized test are bias and just because someone doesn’t score high on those test doesn’t mean that they don’t do very well in college. So yeah this is offensive but everyone has their own opinion and that is why we are in America.

  • Jon

    So, If your against using these means in a bake sale to make a point, Does that mean You are also against different pricing on a college education based on the same merits?

  • KD


    • H. Housesen

      If you are a REpugnantcan..(Republican), you pay 45,000 for one.

  • nolabel

    Let’s not forget, Berkeley is an educational institute. Academic excellence is the goal and multiculturalism is not. Let’s just put the priority right. SB 185 allowing race, gender and nationality to be considered in admission is a Leftist doctrine which is misguided and would cause even more segregation in campus. I support GOP in denouncing SB 185. 

    • student

      As an educational institute Berkeley is certainly committed to academic excellence, but how excellent can an institution be if it cuts out the critical voices of large segments of our population? California is majority non-White with an especially large representation of [email protected] It sounds like you are saying that the majority of California does not have the inherent potential to be academically excellent, and that academic excellence is premised on who has money and privilege rather than the diversity of experience, opinion and perspective that is what develops and motivates us academically. Academics is not a scientific objective, but socially and culturally learned. If you’re learning is based on a deficient understanding, interest and/or even exposure to a multiplicity of social and cultural experiences, your academic learning will clearly be deficient. Consider how you define your words before carelessly throwing them into the public sphere simply in order to make a defiant statement.

      • [As an educational institute Berkeley is certainly committed to academic
        excellence, but how excellent can an institution be if it cuts out the
        critical voices of large segments of our population?]

        If large segments of the population fail to meet the academic requirements and/or don’t value college enough to put in the effort to get accepted, why should they even be considered college material in the first place. The whole idea of a publicly funded university is to allow those who may not have rich parents or deep pockets to succeed on MERIT, not whether they belong to the most politically popular racial/ethnic flavor of the day. “Excellence” won’t be achieved if we based admission criteria on anything other than who can rise to the challenge and make the cut…

      • Asianmom10

        The bar for admissions at California universities, is set by way of academic excellence NOT the color of your skin.  Some universities have higher bars than others, Cal ranking among the highest.  If you choose to lower the academic bar, then in concert, you lower  the academic excellence of the institution and those with the brightest of minds will choose to move for lack of challenge.  To say that UC Berkeley “cuts out the critical voices” is to say that those that have qualified for admission are not of critical voice and are of one color – white.  This is just not true.  Again, diversity comes by way of diversity of mind first, not color of skin as the student above so elequently wrote.  Lower  standards =  lower excellence, no matter the color.  California offers thousands of institutions of higher education.  There’s a place for all students who wish to achieve higher education.  I  am the mother of two children, one in college who didn’t “make the cut” at Cal.

        • Anonymous

          considering race, gender,  etc does not lower standards. Suggesting that, as many are, is intrinsically racist. That’s where the fury is arising from. All of you beyond ignorant people who are acting like the signing of this bill will keep certain groups out or lower the standards of our educational institutions. 

          • [considering race, gender,  etc does not lower standards. Suggesting that, as many are, is intrinsically racist.]

            Do you realize that you just contradicted yourself?

          • nolabel

            Please do not label others ad “ignorant”. Different views are not the same as ignorant views. For one thing Asianmom sounds like someone who is ready to take on all the challenges and reach for the top. Drive beats any amount of tutoring! 

          • Anonymous

            Art32, do I have to spell it out for you?  Considering anything OTHER than the academic standards will lower the university’s standards.  That’s the definition of “considering” in the context of admissions.  Yes, that applies to rich white legacy admits too.  

        • student

          Those that qualify for admission are very different from who ultimately gets accepted, who, once they arrive on campus, is given equitable opportunity, and who is ultimately awarded graduation. The numbers of students of color and California residents has been decreasing every year. Fees have changed to “tuition” and have also risen drastically just in the last five years. Funding for students (such as scholarships and/or fellowships) at the graduate and undergraduate level has decreased. The quality of California public K-12 schools is also decreasing with an increased emphasis on state and federal standards that award merit to students who can fill a bubble test about abstract concepts and sit silently in a chair for hours. This is increasingly becoming the definitional standard of merit, and those that can tolerate those standards, who have had extra support (private schooling, tutoring, extra curricular activities, parents with college degrees) and whose families can afford the rising costs of tuition are the students that are allowed on this and other UC campuses. At this point there seems to be an obvious decrease in the “diversity of minds.”

          No one is born more intelligent than any other person – it is your social and cultural arena that shapes your intellectual growth. Should we continue to punish students whose social and cultural environments may not have allowed them to supersede the the standards of racist standardized tests, euro-centric standardized curriculum and a lack of economic resources?

           Race goes far deeper than the color of one’s skin. By not accounting for race in anyway shape or form in college admissions, we assume that the U.S. and California have achieved racial equality and equity in our k-12 institution of education, which it has not. Many schools don’t even offer AP classes that are practically required for admission to Berkeley. We are also assuming that racial housing segregation does not continue to exist and we are assuming people have individual control over how race works in American society. Your children probably qualified for Cal as much as any other student here, this does not mean they are biologically less intelligent and therefore deserved to go to a “less academically rigorous” school  –  the same forms of discrimination in admissions due to a silence around recognizing the continued existence of racial inequity and inequality in education exists at other institutions of higher ed as much as they do at Cal. However, due to lower tuition, and different weight on standardized test scores, and GPA that other institutions have, we assume the students accepted there have a “lower intellectual caliber” than students at Berkeley. Signing SB 185 will only serve as a potential hope that admissions processes at the UCs and CSUs will better reflect merit rather than privilege.

          • Guest

             “No one is born more intelligent than any other person – it is your
            social and cultural arena that shapes your intellectual growth.”

            The twins studies clearly refute your equality of intellect   fantasy. 
            People certainly are born with widely varying levels of intellectual capacity. If you are not
            familiar, identical twins separated at birth and raised  in vastly
            different circumstances have  consistently been found to have essentially the same intellectual
            capacity. Intellectual capacity is primarily nature not nurture.

            The students that should have an issue with UC  admissions and costs are outstanding middle class students from families making over $80,000 per year but who do not qualify for any grant based financial aid due to Fafsa guidelines stipulated under the Higher Education Act of 1965 wherein undergraduate students under 24 years old are considered dependents of their parents for financial aid purposes regardless of whether the parents have the means to pay for an education or support the adult child at all. This is the travesty of opportunity in American Higher Education. 
            Study this graphic…
            About 50% of UC eligible students are members of  familes with annual incomes  between $80,000 and $120,000 per year but only 8% of UC students come from such families because students from such families cannot afford a UC education due to not being eligible for any grant type financial aid. 
            About 45% of UC students come from families making under $80,000 per year. These students  essentially receive a free or very low cost education that is partly subsidized by students from families making over $80,000 per year who must pay significantly higher fees to create a fund to allow university grants to students making under $80,000 per year. 
            Then,   45% of UC students come from families making over $120,000 per year which only represents approximately 8% of California families.

            The argument with regard to AP classes is false. Under the back door affirmative action admissions scheme known as Comprehensive Review, two disproportionately minority readers…
            …subjectively evaluate an application and specifically consider whether there there were any AP classes available at the high school. If there were not, a student without AP classes is hardly disadvantaged. Rather,  he is tremendously advantaged by being given the benefit of the doubt and having his Gpa increased as if he had taken AP classes and done well in them. The competitive level of  the high school is not considered with regard to adjusting   Gpa  to a norm for competitive and uncompetitive high schools.  The readers then subjectively assign a 1,2,3,4  or 5 to the Admissions File with a 1 or 2 meaning admission. There is no record of the thought process that went into the assignment and no record or explanation available to the applicant who was rejected but any student, teacher or counselor  in a diverse high school can immediately recognize that  far less qualified  blacks and latinos are admitted to Berkeley,  Ucla and other UC’s as compared to rejected white and asian applicants. The qualifications required for members of various racial groups to be admitted aren’t  even close. Regardless that the race is not available to the reader directly, the essay prompt essentially asks the applicant to tell of his race and the people UC Outreach sends to speak to groups of potential diverse applicants specifically tell students to mention race in the essay.
             If admissions were fair, the inflated Gpa’s at uncompetitive high schools  would be lowered if the Sat or Act scores did not support such a Gpa. The top 10% of each high school class regardless of the competitive level of the high school and regardless of not being able to attain even very minimal Sat or Act scores would not be deemed UC eligible. The top 10% at an uncompetitive high school can be equivalent to the bottom 10% at a highly competitive college prep high school. Fair admissions would consider class rank based on weighted Gpa corrected for the competitive level of the high school based on Sat/Act scores and the percentage of students continuing on to 2 year and 4 year colleges. UC Admissions by considering GPA and top 10% class rank as the most important factors is tremendously biased towards lower class students in uncompetitive public high schools.

          • [No one is born more intelligent than any other person]

            Oh, really? Where did you learn that again?

          • Guest

            Tabula rasa.  Babies are all morons.

          • Just because infants are born without any learned knowledge does not mean that all individuals are equally capable at birth.

        • nolabel

          I agree with Asianmom totally. Affirmative action was for blacks because America enslaved the blacks and we should make special allowance to provide special opportunities to them to help them get ahead. We owe them that. 

          BUT Affirmative Action is water under the bridge. This is NOT Affirmative Action anymore, and we need NOT another AA. We do not owe anyone anything. Everyone owes themselves the drive to succeed. If you are at a lower social rung, you must be more determined than others to excel and to get ahead. Expect no hand-outs!  Asians by large is a good example. Many poor students work extra hard and achieve instead of waiting for the society/schools to give them a break. Educational institute is not a place for social working. It is an institute for producing top graduates. The importance of this principle to the future of our country goes without saying. If an educational institute is involved in never ending Affirmative Actions, then America will eventually lose the edge for academic excellence and leadership, other countries will take over (China?). We do not want this to happen by losing sight of what our priorities are!  Let’s stop the mumbo jumbo and come back and focus on this one important element – work hard and excel. 

      • Guest

        “diversity of experience, opinion and perspective that is what develops and motivates us academically”
        Sorry, but “diversity” has never been the basis of sound academic studies.  Many societies have made major attainments while remaining culturally homogeneous.  People can make objective evaluations of topics without participating in them.

  • Freedom

    We  are all American and if you are a Democrats , Republicans. Green Peace, or what ever. It is the right of every American to voice your opinion in what they believe in and not have to worry threats!! You may not have  like it or not a agree with way one person is saying or doing or a group of people!! IT IS NOT OK TO THREATEN PEOPLE AT ALL!! OR MAKE THEM FEEL ON SAFE!! YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN WHO YOU DISAGREE WITH!!! THE FIRST AMEND. COVER THAT EVER WILL THAT IS WAY US AMERICAN!!! I feel this is group of Kid are voicing there opinions how they are doing it you may not like and but it is there right a American Look at the First Amed. Cover that very well. The Law says it not ok to threaten people so they to not feel Safe. Where is the really is the the kid’s that are voice there Ideas or the kid’s that are make the threats????

  • Guest

    Two degrees from UC Berkeley, and I think it is hilariously awesome. 

  • Jshmo

    We should build a fence around the cupcakes to preserve the sovereignty of American baked goods.

  • Sgrossman

    If you’re a Native American female you get FREE cupcakes!



      • Maxwellwalt

        Did you scream this? No? Then write like a normal human being without caps lock on.

      • Katymac74

        Pocahontas married John Rolfe.

  • DJ

    I’m a Berkeley alum.  

    This bake sale is a great idea.  Notice how the left preaches “tolerance” as long as you don’t touch their religious principle of “diversity”.  But once you do, they turn in to fascists themselves!

    • Igloo342

      tolerance and diversity go hand in hand

      • Anonymous

        Diversity for the sake of diversity leads to tolerance of mediocrity.

  • cboy

    Anyone who thinks BRC is racist because of this event is a total moron.  Get a grip. I mean, they are a reptards so they could still be racist but the event idea is hilarious.

  • Guest

    The Berkeley College Republicans were clearly mirroring a
    similar protest held in 2003 by their predecessors. (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,79811,00.html)

    Instead of “thinking critically” about SB 185, as
    they urged others to do, BCR simply regurgitated something they’ve heard spewed
    by older conservatives over and over again: that affirmative action puts white
    Americans at a disadvantage. In this case, though, and many others, this common
    conception simply is not true.


    If SB 185 is signed, it will allow California’s state
    universities to decide if they would like to use race, nationality, and sex as
    a determining factor for admissions. Should UC Berkeley admission decide that
    they will use these factors for admissions, it would probably result in a
    policy aimed toward matching UC Berkeley’s demographics to the demographics of
    the state as a whole. 


    comparing the 2010 California census (http://www.dof.ca.gov/research/demographic/state_census_data_center/census_2010/documents/DP2010-California.pdf) and the 2010 admissions data for UC
    Berkeley (http://osr2.berkeley.edu/twiki/bin/view/Main/UgStatF2010#table 7), it’s obvious to conclude that this policy
    would increase the amount of undergraduates who are American Indian,
     African-American, Hispanic, and White.  The only racial category
    that would decrease would be Asian-Americans. As far as gender goes, more
    women than men are admitted in every racial category, with huge discrepancies in both the African-American and Hispanic categories. 


    From this data
    we can draw two possible conclusions: either the members of BCR do not
    understand the basics of satire, or they acted out of their own sense of perceived
    self-interest (as a mainly white, mainly male club). If the pricing had been purely
    satirical, the BCR would have had women and Asians paying more.  Instead,
    their pricing shows white men as the sufferers. The only true literary device
    being used here is irony: a race and gender that serves to benefit from this
    policy is the group complaining about how much it will hurt them.


    Whether you
    believe SB 185 to be just or unjust, you have to agree that the method used by
    BCR members was both wrong and unsuccessful. I would call the plan “ill-conceived,”
    but that would give them undue credit, since they didn’t even conceive the plan
    themselves. Instead, I will just say that, as someone who recognizes that there are both harms
    and benefits caused by affirmative action, this has only served to push me away
    from their position. Much like their counterparts in national politics, they
    are simply alienating moderates.


    • Given that plenty of lefties still play 1960’s protest games, rehashing old tactics is nothing new on either side of the political fence…

    • Anon

      Right, because we all know that “affirmative action” benefits white males.

      You make it sound as if the intent of the latest racist bill is to lower Asian enrollment to the benefit of everyone else. As if such an obscene policy were acceptable.

      Of course, the intent of the bill is to allow significantly less qualified people of non-Asian and non-White ethnicity in at the expense of qualified people. It is absolutely racist and wrong. It’s also a stupid way to run a country which is one of the factors in our decline.

    • nolabel

      Oh yes, and Joseph Mengele was given the power by the Law to choose which Jews live and which ones are to be sent to the gas chambers. I say admission on academic qualifications! Forget about other mumbo jumbos.   

      • Adamson

        Call them “Mengele Cupcakes.”

    • California Dreamer

      Wow, now it’s time to decrease the number of Asians.  It wasn’t all that long ago it was time to increase their number, on the basis they were victims of racism.  Discrimination ended, and they flooded in on merit.  Oops, merit isn’t so good, because they did too well!  Back to the quotas, using the term “under-represented.”  Terrible idea.

  • Guest

    Why would this be racist?  My understanding of racism is that it’s a belief that a person’s character and abilities are determined by his/her race rather than by individual actions and circumstances.



    • nolabel

      Oh my poor boy is trying to save 2 bucks and live frugally… Mama will be so proud of you. 

  • Gihdahbahfaith


  • Amused Alum

    It may have been in bad taste, but you know what, more power to the BRC.  You guys got people to decry the event, and thus drew attention to your platform.

    Funny that the most “revolutionary” group on campus isn’t “leftist” or “liberal” but “conservative.” 

    Maybe supporters of DB 185 should take a page from the BRC and become a little more rebellious and a lot less reactionary.

  • Guest

    i frequent the UC Berkeley campus and the majority of people are not white…they’re asian…just like the majority of the bay area. So why do white people have to pay more for their baked goods when they’re the minority here? just sayin…

  • Anonymous

    Putting aside the question of this is “racist” or not, consider this – this is a very very old prank played by college conservatives. People were doing shit like this in the late 80s/early 90s. if they’re going to “protest “can’t they at least be original?

    • Like taking over campus buildings and rioting in Berkeley is totally original either…

    • nolabel

      On the other hand, what’s wrong with keeping the tradition? Berkeley would not be Berkeley if not for the tradition! 

  • Brian

    Pretty funny… Joey Freeman is a tool. Just think about what you said for a second, man.

  • Guest

    A more accurate description  might be  an  immediate backlash from a small segment  of the UC Berkeley student community!  I would estimate the overwhelming majority of the student community finds the bake sale advertisement  humorous and SB 185 extremely offensive as well as unconstitutional under both the California and United States Constitutions.  The only issue is that SB 387 has no relevance to this at all.

    • What’s next Asshole; nooses hanging in trees?? A few dead Black bodies scattered around the campus?? Would that AMUSE you??

      You evidently have much to learn about life that your Mama SHOULD’VE told you. Evidently, she had her mouth full of other things.

      • Gihdahbahfaith

        cant hang nooses from oak trees that dont EXIST anymore. DOWN WITH THE LOGGING [email protected]#%

      • [What’s next Asshole; nooses hanging in trees?? A few dead Black bodies scattered around the campus?? Would that AMUSE you??]

        Ah, yes, the usual predictable drivel from the kook contingency. Start making baseless, outrageous accusations against your opponents when you can’t win the argument on intellectual terms. You know, that shit may fly in places like SF and Berkeley, but it just makes you look more and more like an idiot when you deal with people who aren’t completely engrossed in your far left world view…

      • John Q. Public

        Wow. What an incredibly stupid comment. Just to make sure I understand: A group of students doesn’t want admissions to be based on race or gender. That makes them racist. Therefore black people should be lynched. Just looking for clarification.
        Don’t answer, Jack. We will all become more stupid from your response.

        • True, but clowns like Jack, cloistered in their little PC Berkeley world far removed from reality, never figured out that halfway sane, rational people just tune them out when they start spouting nonsense…

        • Vera Tyler

          I would like to buy all their cookies for the lowest price (wow finally a benefit to being a girl) and either sell them at a 300% profit or stuff them all in Jack’s mouth. As a second thought, let Jack eat cake.

          • [I would like to buy all their cookies for the lowest price (wow finally a benefit to being a girl) and either sell them at a 300% profit or stuff them all in Jack’s mouth.]

            Nice idea, but you’re going to have a tough time stuffing them in Jack’s mouth, given that his head is already wedged in an oxygen-deficient body cavity. The result could be quite messy…

      • nolabel

        @Jack McCoy. Sir, If you determined to use fowl language and calling names in public forum, I for one would like to shut you out! 

      • J. Johnson

        Yup his Mom’s mouth was full of DUMB WHITE MALE REPUBLICAN DICKS.

        • Wow, what an intelligent, thoughtful reply. And you wonder why too many people in the rest of the country think Berkeley is populated by kooks and idiots…

        • me

          trolls go die immediately.

      • Mike

        Selling a black kid a muffin at 50% off is the first step leading toward hanging him in a tree? The “Your mama” comment is equally priceless. You must have been the “diversity” representative in your logic class at UC.

      • Two Thumbs and an Opinion

        This is just absurd.  You not only attack someone personally for stating their opinion on a political issue, but you attack members of their family, who not only are uninvolved in the discussion but for all you know could share your very opinion.  Sad.  And Stupid.  You see, here I CAN attack you personally because you have demonstrated pathetic stupidity.  However, I bet your mother is a very nice lady.  She must be disappointed in you.

        Furthermore, your response is, in its entirety, a fabrication.  Just because the previous poster spoke out with his or her view against affirmative action, you immediately jump to the conclusion that he or she wants to kill minorities.  Thus, you have moved the argument away from the relevant issue and attempted merely to inflame people.  Allow me to remedy the situation.

        Many people, myself included, feel that affirmative action is a double-edged sword that hurts both the institution and minorities.  As has already been stated throughout this thread, giving minorities preference based upon race rather than academic standing or ability lowers the standards of the entire institution.  As a result, everyone attending, even the minorities, recieves a lesser education, harming not only the school but the entire country that depends upon institutions of higher learning to provide its future leaders (of any race).

        Also, by not putting the same rigorous criteria in place for minorities, the college sends them the message that they cannot compete with whites without some kind of handicap, further reinforcing a racist mindset.  The mere existence of affirmative action based on race perpetuates racism.  It keeps racial classification at the forefront of our minds and implies that intellectual inferiority is a racial characteristic, when race is merely (in terms of determining abilities) a physical difference, like having brown hair, or freckles, or being left-handed.

        Affirmative action existed in the past as a remedy for legalized discrimination following the civil war.  Now that we are several generations beyond governments codifying racial discrimination, we no longer need it.  We have equality in law and theory.  Yes, all races are not on equal footing in practice, but that will never happen as long as we continue to use race as a classification.

        Furthermore, race-based affirmative action is discriminatory against whites, asians, and men.

        And before you jump to conclusions, yes, I am a white male, of northern European descent, from an upper middle-class background, whose family has lived in the US for over 300 years.  I do, however, have a (documented) Cherokee ancestor and one of my parents rose from inner-city poverty to become a major state official, using only personal drive and the education system. 

        Why should colleges not choose the best, brightest, and most motivated?  Certainly not because people who did not apply themselves as completely or are just not as bright complain.

        • Public Observer

          Brilliant response.  Superbly stated!  A nod to the truth that is far from political, but absolutely correct.  Well done.

    • Guest

      I was at Sproul around noon. My guess is the majority of the people protesting the bake sale were not Cal students. 

  • Christy

    From the looks of it, the FB town hall event you refer to in your last paragraph is no longer around. As a Cal Dem, I don’t think that the town hall was created by us specifically. But you can see the Cal Dems President, Anais LaVoie’s, response to the controversy on her facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/ana%C3%AFs-rose-lavoie/to-the-berkeley-college-republicans/10150324247949675. An email sent to the Cal Dems listserve also only mentions coming out for the phonebank and doesn’t mention the town hall.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that ANY Cal Dem supports this kind of rhetoric, but thought the article should be correct!

  • Guest

    To me it was quite obvious the event was a satire from when I first read it. I am just as against BCR as the next person. There are better ways to express one’s opinions and it was way too sensitive a topic to be made into a satire – however, to decry the members of BCR as “racist” and to call their clarification as “covering up the situation” are ridiculous exaggerations. All BCR wanted to do was to convey that they felt SB185 was racist – they are not themselves racist. It seems that our institution needs to do a better job educating people on how to distinguish a satirical text from a straightforward opinion piece. If you ask me, it seems like none of the people who are overreacting to this event have ever read the Onion.

    • Michaelwunder72

      What it will prove is how much racism still exists…Its really sad.

      • Most of the “racism” comes FROM certain members of the so-called “under-represented”  groups who still look to blame their plight on everything but the obvious: too many of their own people have no interest in putting in the effort, some because they don’t care, others because they don’t want to be accused of “acting white” by members of their own peer group…

        • Guest

          No Tony. Much racism still comes from whites that strongly hold opinions that they only represent passive-aggressively. It has only diverted itself under the surface. The people you are talking about are the one that must still voice these issues because everyone else is more than happy to keep pretending racism is dead. Every person of color I know, myself included, must still deal with these issues. Just wondering, are yours the opinions of a white male?

          Personally I agree that race should not be a determining factor in admissions; socio-economic boundaries are much more relevant and harmful to any race trying to attain admission to higher education. This group, however, could have made their statement in a variety of other ways instead of doing this bake sale. It was in poor taste and is only seen as funny satire by those that don’t need to hear their message.

          • Anonymous

            The average ghetto has only about a 50% high school graduation rate, and that typically with a dumbed-down curriculum.  How can one take seriously people can’t even take advantage of things handed to them on a platter?  Universal education was one of the first Socialist goals.  We achieved it.  Now what, if people don’t want it?

            Most of our ancestors came over here on boats, uneducated, but hungry.  They worked hard, their children worked hard, and they were given nothing but what they earned.  How is it that first generation Vietnamese open retail stores, and their kids become doctors, but African Americans languish in the same ghettos for decades?  Are they stupid and lazy?  If you want to argue they need steps up that are not offered to Chinese immigrants, then that is the racist argument you need to make.

            From my perspective, however, the plight of the black person in this country is that they have been sold a bill of goods of no value.  They have been lied to.  They have been told that because of their unique special snowflake status as the descendants (in most cases) of people to whom bad things were done, they need only look to white leftist protectors, and extortionists like Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama to get their share. The way forward is not within the system–which has worked fantastically well in building the richest nation the world has ever seen–but rather in abusing the system to reallocate the money of other people to those “deserving” of it.

            We have spent easily ten times the money on the farcical “War on Poverty” that we will spend in aggregate on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan COMBINED, and poverty rates have NOT CHANGED.

            Yet, year in, year out ,we still hear the same rhetoric of class warfare, of racial warfare, of “victimization”.  Most of us–and this includes successful African American leaders like Herman Cain and Alan West–are sick of the whining.  Get over it and build something.

            I got volunteered for a Dare to Care event a while back.  By actual count, 9 out of the 10 banners had black faces on them.  Yet when I looked at the people participating 98% of them were white.  Why is that?  Why did white people organize it?  Why did they contribute everything?

            Why do we run the country?  Because we SHOW UP.  We self organize, do our jobs, and wind up doing the jobs of other people because they don’t want to.

            You want the naked truth, that is it.  I don’t blame black Americans for their plight.  I blame white, mislabeled “liberals”, who derive tremendous political and personal benefit from claiming to care about the poor and minorities in this country; and black opportunists like Al Sharpton–who make FORTUNES for themselves by claiming to be looking out for anyone available but the actual Cause: themselves.

            As a general rule, anyone feeling the need to use the word “racist” reflexively for any conversation involving race is making things worse for African Americans.  They deserve better from their self appointed and utterly self absorbed “protectors”.

          • The average ghetto has only about a 50% high school graduation rate, and that typically with a dumbed-down curriculum.

            1) define what makes a ghetto
            2) where did you get that 50% graduation rate statistic? 
            3) do you have a link to a definition of a dumbed-down curriculum
            present us with the URLs for all, Most Contentious Conservative on The Internet

          • Cassie

            You could not be so lazy and actually do some research yourself. Have you ever learned about the history of public schools in the US and compared results? Have you ever searched the school’s sites for their own reports? It’s pretty plain to see if you do some simple Google searches. You might want to try it. Commentators aren’t required to provide a bibliography, Most Ignorant Lefty on The Internet.

          • What Barrycooper did was like writing a research paper without citing the sources for his thesis. Were his essay an academic endeavor, he’d be lucky to get a grade of C because of a lack of citation alone – you can check on campus to verify that.
            Further, I recognize the mirror / Mobius loop logic that you’re employing, Cassie – you’re not the first right-wing ideologue that I’ve encountered who has thrown a fit after being challenged to simply site her/his sources. Again, Barrycooper made the argument so he  bares the burden of substantiating it. Just like I’m not foolish enough to confuse what some long winded ideologue states on the internet, I’m not going to step over the line in the dirt you just drew.

          • http://www.oaklandseen.com/2010/12/08/oakland-dropout-rate-a-statewide-disgrace/

            Instead of trying to find whatever barrycooper was referring to, I just looked up the dropout rage for Oakland schools. Which is 40%.

            As far as dumbed-down curriculum, the requirements to simply graduate from high school at this point are laughably easy. If you need “proof” of this I guess you must not have any kids currently in the system.

  • TGI_Freitag

    Oh My, I’ve new found respect for the College Republicans.
    Excellent Trollery of the mindless knee-jerk faux lefties,
    and what’s more, Trollerly with a real educational purpose.
    Will Casey Given be involved in this event too?

    “… to protest what many see as an inherently racist action.”
    Yes, that’s exactly what it is, that is the point, but this is still lost some people.
    They are fixated on the bake sale gimmick, that is a defense mechanism which lets them overlook the inherent racism of SB185. Confronting the flaws in one’s ill-conceived political views can be uncomfortable.

    [Joey Freeman] emphasized that the bill would only allow — not require — admissions officers to consider race and nationality. “It doesn’t use race as a preference,” he said.

    You made a narrowly accurate but substantively misleading statement; a statement which ignores its own obvious conclusion. For you, I foresee a career in an administrative position at a large public university.
    Sincerely Yours,
    -A person who is not an unthinking sap.

  • Guest

    I’m a Cal alum and a very progressive minded thinker. There is nothing wrong with this, quit whining kids.

    • IF you are an alum, Dum.bass, THEN you are an even bigger repulsive moron than these fools because you have a college degree and you should know better.

      And, no, I’m thinking you are NOT NEARLY as “a very progressive minded (sic) thinker” as you believe.

      • B. Obama

        I think that the cupcakes should be allocated based on a standardized test.
        People who score lower have to buy their cupcakes at a community college.

        • nolabel

          The ultimate goal of an educational institute is to produce academically sound bunch of students in their respective studies,   regardless of political background, religion or if the student is black, blue or orange. Based on this elementary line of reasoning, anyone and everyone should protest SB185. This is why I am supporting the bake sale. I hope SB185 never sees the light of the day. It is downright foolish. 

      • [IF you are an alum, Dum.bass, THEN you are an even bigger repulsive moron than these fools because you have a college degree and you should know better.]

        Know better than what? Know better than to challenge the Stalinist PC orthodoxy of academia at work? I certainly have my share of disagreements with the College Republicans and the GOP in general, but on this one they are correct, AND their point was reinforced by all the faux outrage from the usual suspects.

        It’s not blatant racial favoritism that infuriates the Left, but the fact that someone dared point it out. Whatever you think of the College Republicans, you gotta give them credit where it’s due…

      • John Q. Public

        Ouch. Are Jack’s comments causing anyone else to lose brain cells?

        • Anonymous

          Jack=typical hater Lib. Disgrace to Cal.

      • nolabel

        Jack M, stop name calling and mind your manners. This is still a civilized society. I 100% agree with the GOP on this one. 

  • Goodneighbors

    here is another point “that you must love the Lord …. And you must love your neighbor just as much as you love

  • Anonymous

    Cal student tuition subsidizes foreign student tuition. Amortizing the cost of buildings etc not included in foreign student tuition.

    of California Berkeley Chancellor Robert J Birgeneau
    ($500,000 salary), displaces qualified for public university education at Cal.
    Californians with $50,600 FOREIGN students.


    Ranked # 70 by Forbes, the University of California
    Berkeley is not increasing enrollment.  $50,600 FOREIGN students are accepted by
    Birgeneau at the expense of qualified instate students.


    Your opinions make a difference; email UC Board of
    Regents   [email protected]

    • Inglenook1941

      The lack of  ‘tolerance and diversity’ of those who think they invented it shows the lack of education, awareness and exposure to those who think other then of themselves. There was a precedence of this in 2003 when most of the anti-acceptance crowd were 12 years of age or so. It’s not your fault you don’t know better. It is the fault of your ideological professors who have tenure to fill your brains with such intolerance and group-think. It must hurt to be exposed to alternate thought and beliefs. This display is a DIRECT response to affirmative action. The proposal in Sacramento is an address to this. You don’t have to like this but you do have to consider real life does not consider your ethnic, political stance, group allegiance, disagreement, protests et al in establishing any guarantee of success or accomplishment. I wish you all the best but quit hating on those that don’t tow the ‘line’ in Berkeley.  [email protected]

  • Like it or not, they are making a point: quotas and set-asides are racist policies peddled under the guise of being anti-racist. The people screaming the loudest are the ones whose sacred cow is being challenged.

    • Anonymous

      It’s fun to see the Libs get excited and have conservatives call them out. Keep it up.

    • Anonymous

      Nope.  They are at best misguided policies trying to undo generations of racism.

      To be racist, they’d have to deny whites admission as long as a minority is wanting to be educated.

      At least that is what racism meant under slavery.  Slaves had no rights whatsoever as long as a white owner wanted something.