TV Land: NBC Thursday Round-Up

So, this blog post is usually supposed to supplement the theme of my column that week. But, since I wrote about SNL and the clips of SNL and the commentary on SNL and the sentences that go on and on and on about SNL are interminable, I thought I switch over to some other NBC programs, my favorite NBC programs to be exact – the Thursday night line-up. Everything but that show, “Whitney,” which is seriously giving vaginas a bad name. Instead, here’s a sum of what I thought were some of the best moments from this Thursday’s programming. First up, one of my favorites – “Community.”

Best Fart Joke of the Week:

Any show that can combine “Spartacus” and flatulence is a good friend of mine.

Best Moment of Cold & Calculated Bitchery:

Only one woman could make “Parks and Recreation’s” Ron Fuckin’ Swanson shave his ‘stache and that is Tammy One.

Just to stay on the week’s topic a tad, here’s what I think was the best bit from last week’s SNL. This show is going places. Also, now it’s impossible to stop imagining Roberto Benigni and Gerard Depardieu gettin’ it on.