Occupy Colleges plans national walk-out Wednesday

Occupy Colleges — a movement that stemmed from Occupy Wall Street — is calling for a national campus walkout Wednesday at 12 p.m. to protest rising college debt and a lack of jobs for graduates.

“Do not go to school. Go fight for yours and everybody elses rights at Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Los Angeles or your nearest Occupation. The time is now to join our fellow %99!” stated Occupy College on its Facebook page.

Occupy Berkeley is one of the many groups joining the Occupy Wall Street network. According to the website of Occupy Together — an unofficial hub for all of the events springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street — there are more than 130 cities forming protests in the United States alone.

It is not clear if Occupy Berkeley plans to join the college walkout  planned for Wednesday. However, the group has a scheduled meeting Saturday to discuss the proposal to occupy the area around Berkeley’s Bank of America to promote democracy, according to the Facebook event.

According to the organization’s Facebook page, “Occupy Berkeley exists to help organize, publicize, and support the growing number of communities that are showing support for the Occupy Wall Street movement.”

Occupy Wall Street generated international publicity when it asked for 20,000 people to flood lower Manhattan and occupy Wall Street starting on Sept. 17 to support “people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world,” according to the Occupy Wall Street Facebook event page.

“The goal is to create a public forum for direct democracy here on the ground,” said Ryan Androla, a member of the communications working group for the organization Occupy SF. “This is in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.”

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  • Me

    all the nincompoop occupiers should turn in their ipad, ipods, iphones to show they are sincere.

    bunch of crybabies.

  • Schapel2

    Many years ago I asked my civics teacher if Communists voted.  She answered “Yes.  But they don’t really get a choice.” After decades of voting Democrat, I began to really study the issues, the candidates, the platforms, the results.  I am now an independent, a voting sector just a few points behind the Dems.

    – Dems & Reps are two sides of the same coin. They get in by telling the people what they want to hear with speeches likely written by the best Hollywood writers who draw on psychological studies developed during WW2 and after, and paid for by the taxpayers, (billions of dollars.)

    – The systemic problems of the country invariably defeat any attempts to address our problems.  For instance, the War on Poverty, (President Johnson, 1964) was and is an utter failure.  Why? Poverty is a necessary component of our ‘system’.  It is created and maintained by the decisions made in the political structure, who are financed by various interests through campaign contributions. While other countries are waking up to the fact that growth through education of all is the path to prosperity for all, America, sad to say, has always been premised on exploitation of the many to benefit the few. Check the facts on distribution of wealth and how it occurred.

    -One obvious systemic problem is campaign contributions which obligates candidates for ‘pay-offs’ of the people’s tax dollars once in office. (Note Obama’s health care bill when the vast majority of the people wanted single payer.  Who contributed? Who got paid off?)                                                               80% of this money goes for media exposure, i.e. to appeal to the people.  The air waves are, under the law, the property of the people.  All cable runs on government (the people’s) property. Our legislators could have passed a law long ago to give reasonable time to any valid candidate FREE.  Did they?  Why not?
    -Legislators are now owned by the financial sector -the big banks. How did this happen?  Study the Federal Reserve, how credit/money is created, the Russian Revolution, the NWO, Agenda 21.  Start with Wikipedia, then:

    You tube: UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, Shaw CPA-Attorney, San Cruz, 57 minutes. (the master plan:Ex:  education? educated kids get better jobs, earn more, buy more, consume more…and that’s not good for the environment…and..too many people on the planet. Best to stack and pack them into small spaces…and much much more.

    google:mailstar.net -Australian researcher with wealth of info, references.

    google: Michael Hudson, economist. (He says he’s a socialist. I care only he’s been calling it right for past years I’ve been following him.)

    PS: Don’t make the mistake I did when was in college, that history is boring dusty old digits not applicable to today. If you dig you will find ‘multiculturalism’, destruction of marriage through same sex marriage and ‘free love’, legalized homosexuality, etc. were basic mandates (i.e. made law) of the Bolsheviks before Stalin took over.  Interesting?
    Anyway, good luck.  The cupcake thing opened a good platform to examine many issues.  But don’t dally over the crumbs.  Ask:who rules? Who decides and why? To whose benefit? Why aren’t there more universities being built so students don’t have to fight with each other for space? And never believe “There isn’t enough money…” Scarcity is an intentional design, just as poverty is.  It comes from faulty archaic thinking.  I hope the students stop dickering, see the whole picture, and change America.  It’s not working now.

  • Anonymous

    Blocking Wall Street takes some dedication.  Letting cops beat you up takes courage.  Walking out of class takes nothing.   The only point you make is that you don’t value your taxpayer-subsidized education. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s Bank of America’s fault that college tuition keeps increasing at MORE THAN DOUBLE the rate of inflation?  Does BOA set tuition rates?  Or do the liberals controlling the colleges set the tuition rates?  Neat trick.  Liberals control the colleges and cause massive debt for students, then tell the students to go blame the banks.   Sheesh, college students are such ignorant, gullible sheep.  Lenin had it right … useful idiots.

  • Chaz Bono

    Could I just send a picture of my dog’s penis instead of attending/

  • This rally/ protest/ revolt could be a possible revolution against Wall Street corruption and its elected puppets in the Republican Party, the (Blue Dog & Moderate-Democrats of the) Democratic Party, and the White House.Only the Progressive-Democrats and Democratic-Socialist, Bernie Sanders are fighting for the Working-Class.

    • Klaus Kinski

      Power to the People! Black Power,White Power, storm the Bastille,legalize pot,  i want a vagina and to have babies

      • Klaus Kinski

        I want to have Al’s baby or he could have mine

    • Al, you clearly live in a la-la land of your own making. You plan on living in Berkeley the rest of your life, or what?

      • Anonymous

        Al is a community organizer.  Clearly he plans to move to D.C. one day to become President of the United States.

  • Imagine how much more effective this action would be if attendance wasn’t what it is.

    “Your nearest Occupation…” ROTFL

  • chip

    Hey Tony, would just like to point out that this isn’t the first time in history that something to this effect has worked. Boycotts in the Civil Rights Movement were basically the catalyst that got people who could do something (if memory hasn’t failed me, one name is LBJ) to actually do something. On one hand you could argue that they basically made a feel-good solution, but there’s also a pretty big consensus that without those protests, nothing would have changed.

    That being said, of course, I’m not sure this one is a particularly great idea. The theme of protest is usually money or power, and seeing as universities already have the former from the payments that were due at the start of the term and the latter from you agreeing to attend them….well, it feels like a bit of a dead end.

  • SillyBerkeley

    It’s one thing to have Berkeley students protest, but these things always attract silly hippies, unemployed welfare parasites, 35-year old still-lives-with-his-parents-without-a-real-job BAMN activist alums, self-proclaimed anarchists (who wish they could be playing gears of war 3 but can’t afford TV, Xbox 360, or electricity), and other undesirables that don’t belong in an institution of higher academic learning

  • Pbdoyle

    It is the current administartions policies that are killing business through creating fear by continuing to threaten tax increases and increased regulations. Who in their right mind is goining to invest (create jobs), put more skin in the game only to be skinned! These college students want jobs, then vote for someone who will creaet jobs in the private sector, not governement jobs or community service jobs. People should be accountable and responsible to themselves and their families. You can’t expect someone else to care for you and take care of you as it is un-American! If that is what you want, then move out of this country! As for college tuition, who do you think should pay for it? It is your responsibility. If you want a college education, you pay for it, be responsible, it is not the the tax payers or the governments responsibility!. Grow up! Think for yourself! 

  • french guest

    of course occupying things can get you concessions, here in france students often occupy their universities and workers their factories as part of strikes to get better living conditions etc.  we have multipule protests each year over here which is why health care is a right, university tuition is between 4 and 300 euros per year depending on economic class, we retire earlier than in the usa, we have 5 weeks paid vacation minimum per year, a 35 hour long full time work week…. i could go on but you will still try to say that protests and occupations are the wrong thing to do so i will not bother

    • Cofcalum

      What is the unemployment rate in this Gallic utopia? I bet racial tension is a thing of the past too.

      • Having lived and worked in the EU in the past, my experience is that most of the people blathering about how Europe is some type of socialist progressive Utopia have clearly never been there, or not gotten much farther than hanging around at some brown cafe in A’dam smoking dope.

        • Most of my inlaws are from the UK, brother in laws family is from Eastern Europe (Ukraine) and close friends live in France, Ireland and have pretty much confirmed that Europe is in a messed up state where the sucking of gvt teat is what many do.

    • And everyone comes to save your butts when a fight breaks out. The allies during WW1 & 2 have essentially paid for your health care, poor work ethics and the freedom to do all the whining you want. Oh yea, hows that whole immigration thing working out for you, been about a couple of years since the happy go lucky immigrants burned 1000 cars across the country isn’t it?

    • Anonymous

      What a wonderful worker’s paradise France is!  If you guys keep it up I’m sure you’ll be as wonderful as Greece some day.  

    • Schapel2

      I once heard the difference between France and America is the French government is afraid of the people.  Here the people are afraid of the government.  Why?  The French Revolution and the guillotine.

      “When the people fear government we have tyranny.  When the government fears the people we have democracy.” Thomas Jefferson
      Your thoughts?

  • Some person

    What’s the point? Stay in school so that you can learn something, graduate and then enact change in your country.

    • Katherine Andersen

      Hm. That’s true, people should think carefully about how they try to enact change, but I also believe in being an active participant in whatever community you’re in. It’s important to see what’s going on around you and realize how your situation, such as being in the schooling system, connects to larger issues.

      • So how is ditching class going to resolve economic and budget issues? Once again, a feel-good approach by people who are more interested in being the center of attention than dealing with real problems.

        • Anonymous

          How is posting to everyones response NEGATIVELY going to solve anything.  TONY STFU!  You are a windbag.

          • Eric, all I can say is your name fits.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s time for Wallstreet to LEARN SOMETHING.  Get the hell off the couch and stop watching Amerikan Idol.

    • Craig K Smith

      Oh, well, of course stay in school.  But a little time off for protest isn’t going to hurt, and has frequently resulted in positive change for students.  I recall my PhD advisor at Cal took considerable time to participate in the Free Speech Movement–you know, the one that resulted in the nulification of the In Loco Parentis policy at UCB and elsewhere, rightfully returning the rights to students they now enjoy, including the right to discussions such as this!  Still wound up on the faculty, and mentored the latest Nobel Laureate in Physics.

      “Prior to the 1960s, undergraduates were subject to
      many restrictions on their private lives. Women were generally subject to
      curfews as early as 10:00, and dormitories were usually entirely one-sex. Some
      universities expelled students—especially female students—who were somehow
      “morally” undesirable. Some universities even insisted that male and
      female student sitting on the same chair have at least two feet on the ground
      at all times. More importantly, universities saw fit to restrict freedom of
      speech on campus, often forbidding organizations dealing with
      “off-campus” issues from organizing, demonstrating, or otherwise
      acting on campus. These restrictions were severely criticized by the student
      movements of the 1960s, and the Free Speech Movement at the University of
      California at Berkeley formed partly on account of them, inspiring students
      elsewhere to step up their opposition.”

  • How funny is it that the unions – chief culprits in electing corrupt individuals and losing jobs to China – are trying to muscle in on the meat head protest.  

    • french american guest

      the owners moved their production facilities to other countries, not the unions, and dont give me some lame shit about how unions “wanted too much” because before free trade workers in America were not in competition with the wage and benefits levels of workers in china and mexico, (dont even get me started about the pollution aspect of this).  

      Unions are made of workers who unionize to fight for livable wages, safe working conditions, humane working conditions, and good benefits.  these are things that are good for the vast majority of people in the usa, or france, and their families. 

      losing jobs to china is a result of our corrupt politicians (both democrat and republican) taking town protective trade tariffs in favor or free trade, nafta, and most favored nation trading status with our arch rivials, communist china.

      • Cofcalum

        Do you include the union bosses, paid through compulsory dues, among the “fat cats”? Most of them live better than the 99%

        • Craig K Smith

          Yes, and the leaders of most large organizations “live better than the 99%.”  I guess that free-market forces are only favorable when you find the outcome favorable to your ideology.  The only thing we learn from your comment is that you wish unions had weak or non-existant leadership.

          • We don’t have to wish that unions had weak or non-existant leadership they already have that.

        • Don’t count on any of these children to catch on to that detail. These protesters are clearly the dumbest of the dumb…

      • [he owners moved their production facilities to other countries, not the
        unions, and dont give me some lame shit about how unions “wanted too
        much” because before free trade workers in America were not in
        competition with the wage and benefits levels of workers in china and
        mexico, (dont even get me started about the pollution aspect of this).  ]

        Your ignorance is pathetic. First of all, all workers are in competition when we are discussing manufactured goods that can be shipped and sold globally. Secondly, if you think manufacturers moved overseas simply because they could pollute, you’re definitely clueless. Somehow I suspect you have never held a real job anywhere, which is why you think you can make this stuff up and get away with it.

        • He’s from France, he’s upset he didn’t get his glass of chardony with his cheese.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t just blame the leaders and corporations.  Students and protesters all carry cell phones made in China or Korea.  Middle class consumers buy goods without checking if they are made in the U.S.A.  When people vote with their wallets, large corporations provide what these people want.

        • guest

          I encourage you to find a single cellphone made in the US. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just difficult.

          Sure some of the blame falls on consumers, who demand lots of STUFF, which they can only have if it is produced for very little. Not all of the issue is in the consumer though..

          • Anonymous

            Well, that’s my point.  At first everyone carried Motorola phones made in the USA, but then came Sony which led to Nokia and Samsung and then HTC, and now all phones are made in Asia which means consumers no longer have a choice.  The electronics companies sent their manufacturing to China because they realized we are willing to accept Chinese-made products even as we used them to call friends to complain about rich corporations sending jobs to China.

      • Losing jobs to China is a result of the consumer greed of more for less. Bring back iPod, iPhone manufacturing to the US or France and see how much that nice fancy phone will cost you then, bet you wouldn’t buy it.

  • Guest

    How about instead of occupying shit, people start using their brains and voting for the right people instead of assuming the guy with (D) next to his name is less concerned with his country club membership than the guy with the (R) next to his name? Then maybe after you’ve exhausted all the democratic channels, you can go out and pretend to be a revolutionary between browsing Twitter on your overpriced laptop at the overpriced coffee shop.

    • Anonymous


      • More liberal hyperbole.. free fair.. blah blah blah. Tell ya what, go to Iran to see what an unfair election is and then come back and tell me ours aren’t free and fair.

    • Guest

      Seriously? All politicians are essentially the same, full of crap.

  • When are you people going to go After Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. They were involved with this fiasco also!

  • Citizen America Founder Xelan Bonn tells voters, the “Occupy Wall Street” protest movement “is not left-wing, it is Middle Class America wing”. http://www.planetcity.co 

  • Brainlessness is no respecter of… well, pretty much anything.

  • Planet City News is reporting the new release of demands by “Occupy Wall Street” protestors movement (1 pg PDF) at: http://www.citizenamerica.org/downloads/MiddleClassBillofRights.pdf

    • I read it. The demands of the OWS group is pretty much, shut down capitalism by saying who should get paid and what, put the govt in control. I especially got a laugh out of this one:  Make all student loan debts dischargeable in bankruptcy, should students have such a dire need—if this nation cannot provide students with an abundance of good, high paying jobs after graduation, then it has no right to demand students be placed into permanent debt servitude to government. No one said you had to go to college and spend thousands of Mom and Dads moneyto live the college experience.

  • Anonymous

    San Francisco and Berkeley have become nothing more than a conservative bastions.  There were 200 protesters in S.F. last Thursday; what a joke.  This is S.F. there should have been thousands.  S.F. should throw a competitive gauntlet down and challenge NY, that we can have thousands by this weekend, if we don’t hit the streets, the bankers win. 

  • Someday the silly little left-wingers will have to learn that there’s more to “change” then throwing tantrums, breaking shit, and occupying buildings. You actually have to have a CLUE how things work in the real world, and come up with a workable PLAN to address those issues. Walking off campus isn’t going to improve the economy or deal with the issue of student debt. All it does is make the usual narcissistic idiots feel good about “doing something”…

    • Rex Crosley

      I think that this is more about getting headlines to spread awareness of the giant global revolution that is taking place.  Stand up now.  You are either a revolutionary or a slave.

      • [I think that this is more about getting headlines to spread awareness of the giant global revolution that is taking place. ]

        There’s no “global revolution” taking place other than in your feverish fantasies. This is merely the same bunch of malcontents pretending to oppose the same stuff that they pushed for in the first place.

        • Anonymous

          Poor Tony, you are going to be left behind in the dust.  The Revolution is going to kick your ass!

          • There’s no “global revolution” taking place. The vast majority of protesting idiots are merely demanding more of what got them in trouble in the first place: more socialism, more government, more irresponsible fiscal policy.

          • Revolution BWAHAHA. These jokers couldn’t do anything without access to there triple lattes, wifi, iPhones and other neccessities.

      • Rex, you forgot idiot. Revolutionary, slave or idiot. In the case of these protests they fall into the idiot category, not even close to revolutionary or slave.

    • french american guest

      here is a workable plan, 

      1. end free trade, NAFTA and all similar laws are horrible for the vast majority of American people, this will stimulate our manufacturing industry

      2.  reduce military spending, stop the bullshit imperialism wars which benefit the wealthy elite but not the middle and working classes  this will free up money for social programs

      3.  put a system in place in which people without work can get a job provided by the state (as opposed to just giving them money)  this will reduce unemployment to  near zero which will lead to workers having better collective bargaining power with employers as it would be a workers market, you could just quit and go work for the govt if your boss is a dick

      4.  re regulate wall street put Glass Steagall back into place 

      5.  bust up media monopolies (roll back another reagan reform)

      • Guest

        And when there are no private sector jobs left because of the “my boss was a dick” excuse and every one works for the government, who will pay for all your precious programs? I know, let’s just force people to do it. Yay slavery!!!

        • Waterboy174

          isnt our economy right now driven by competition?  why would someone work for a barely living wage with the government, or make a jump to a private sector where the pay is better.   your arguing yourself around a circle.  

      • peleq

        I sort of like #3. Can we at least start with that? “PellGrant” work for it, “Higher Education Subsities” work for it, “Unemployment Payments” work for it, “Instate Tuition” work for it. “Welfare” work for it ……and so on, and so on. I realy do agree, people should have the opportunity to work for what they get, or get nothing. You are correct, they should “EARN IT”, to get it.

      • Excuse me “french american guest”, many people want number three in place but those darn liberals keep coming back saying you can’t expect someone to actually work for welfare or there unemployment check. As far as free trade goes, China is the biggest trade problem North America has not NAFTA or free trade so please try to stay up on global economics. As to imperialistic wars, thats another leftist rehash that borders on laughable. Thanks for playing.

    • Craig K Smith

      Looks like the the right-wing “argument” throughout this thread is based on little but prejudice and hyperbole.  Wonder if they would be willing to apply the same standards to the teabaggers, or, say, the Arab Spring uprisings?  Sometimes real change does start with protest movements.

      • Sorry, but your silly arguments don’t impress me. Once again, please explain how walking out of class is going to take care of your college debts and improve the economy…

        • Craig K Smith

          Not particularly concerned with whether I impress you, although your reply indicates you have no answer to my question.  In answer to your hyperbolic question, if you have to ask…

          But, I’ll tell you anyway:

          (1) “Walking out of class”, by iteself, does nothing. Woops, unless perhaps you are the TA or RA and you are protesting poor working conditions as some in my graduate years at Cal did a few years back, winning the right to collectively bargain with the university!

          (2)  The walkout itself, if widely felt, may build general consensus that action is acceptible and necessary among students.

          (3) Rallies and events held on the day of the walkout (some simply spontaneous discussions), will further consensus among the students as to some particulars about focus.

          (4)  If it is successful, then it will lead to further action. 

          You might start with the Free Speech Movement and work forwards to see how student protest has periodically resulted in real, positive change for US students. 

          But, of course, you already know how effective student organizing can be–which is why you are trying so hard to denigrate the participants (“throwing tantrums”, “narcissistic idots”, “dumbest of the dumb”) and to discourage students from participating by claiming it won’t serve any purpose, when it so clearly will.

          • Student protests are mostly on how can I continue to get something for nothing and then give me a job because I grauated college. Seems like most college students are a bunch of whiners who don’t want to pay for an education and yet expect high paying jobs when they get out with that liberal arts degree with a major in Indian studies.

    • Schapel2

      You might want to study history before you make such statements.  America is seriously out of whack re distribution of wealth.  When that occurs, invariably there is ‘social unrest.’ The genious of the movements today is there are no “leaders” who can be bought off or assassinated.

  • Luvz2read

    I can understand that students should walk out of class. But you can’t just stop there. You MUST OCCUPY an institution to make a statement. Otherwise, it’s just a “ditch day”. So, find an institution, like a B of A or Wells Fargo, or CitiBank (since they finance a lot of student loans-or at least they used to,) and are responsible for selling mortgage loans. Find an avenue/direction/purpose. Make your point STICK.

    • Luvz2read

      You could occupy the admin buildings.

      • Guest

        Sure.  Occupy the federal building in Oakland and see what happens.

      • Anonymous

        I have an idea!  Occupy the little rooms where your next discussion sections will be held.  Your TA won’t mind if you’re a little early.

    • Lessthanhumble

      Most of those loans have become financed by the government, maybe you should start there.

      • Craig K Smith

        Why?  The government provides much better terms for student loans than the banks ever did.  That’s why the government eliminated the middle-man.

        • Then why aren’t the students occupying government offices Craig?

    • Occupy Fort Knox.   Make sure you are armed.  That’ll teach ’em.  

      • Anonymous

        There is nothing there…. just a pile of IOUs

  • This is awesome news!

    • How’s it so “awesome”? Do tell us…

      • Anonymous

        Because it is the opposite of what you think is right….so hence it is AWESOME!

        • Proof positive that you are but a child, and just as clueless as Al here…

      • Because this rally/ protest/ revolt could be a possible revolution against Wall Street and its elected puppets in the Republican Party, the non-Progressive-Democrats in the Democratic Party, and the White House.