Gov. Brown signs second part of California DREAM Act

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the second part of the California DREAM Act into law Saturday.

AB 131 will allow undocumented students to apply for and receive state financial aid, such as Cal Grants. The California DREAM Act is composed of two parts, both authored by Assemblymember Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles. AB 131 is the second half, and builds upon AB 130, which was signed into law in Julyand allows universities to give private financial aid to undocumented students from their own funds.

“Going to college is a dream that promises intellectual excitement and creative thinking,” Brown said in a Saturday press release. “The Dream Act benefits us all by giving top students a chance to improve their lives and the lives of all of us.”

The California Department of Finance estimates that 2,500 students will qualify for Cal Grants as a result of AB 131, at a cost of $14.5 million — about 1 percent of all Cal Grant funds, according to the Saturday press release.

“It’s a moment that’s ten years in the making,” said CalSERVE Senator Sydney Fang, co-author of the ASUC bill in support of the Dream Act. “This is just a really key step in the movement in making higher education accessible to all students, regardless of their citizenship status.”

AB 130 allows students eligible for AB 540 — or those who have fulfilled similar requirements — to receive scholarships derived from non-state funds. Passed in 2001, AB 540 allows undocumented students who meet certain conditions to pay in-state tuition at a state public higher education institution.

“We’re feeling really great, I know for (Cedillo) its been since 2006 that he’s been waiting,” said  Conrado Terrazas, Cedillo’s communications director. “This has been a real big step for really helping the economy because students who may have once worked at McDonalds now have opportunities to be doctors, teachers, architects.”

AB 540 was intended to improve financial aid access to students who have attended and graduated from California high schools but are still subject to nonresident tuition, which includes, but is not limited to, undocumented students. Undocumented students were not eligible for Cal Grants or other state aid under AB 540, a key factor that led to the proposal of the California DREAM Act.

“This is a huge win — hugely important for California,” said Jeremy Pilaar, UC Student Association board member and an organizer of a group who presented postcardsto Brown last month in support of the DREAM Act. “We value all the students in our state and we are going to give an opportunity to high school students in California who want to make this their home, who want to be contributors to society.”

Yet the impact the California DREAM Act will have on undocumented immigrants is thought to be largely symbolic. Of the 2,240 AB 540 students at the UC level, 30 percent were undocumented, said Luis Quinonez, a legislative aide to Cedillo.AB 131 was passed by the state Assembly last month and had since been sitting on Brown’s desk. Brown had until Sunday at midnight to sign or veto the bill.AB 131 will take effect Jan. 1, 2013.

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  • gerry

    bottom line is that in the long run it is going to be better for our economy if our population(regardless of immigration status) is educated..

    • Is it going to be better for our economy if word gets out that illegals can get a free college education merely by showing up? Who do you think is going to pay for it?

    • Craighasser

      Either way bottom line is when your broke you feed your own family first before the people that came in your back door and sat themselves down at your table.

  • ladybigmac

    i don’t think we live in a time of luxury where we can afford to do this type of thing. yes, ideally it would be nice, but we aren’t in an ideal situation right now. the country, the state, and the university of california system is slowly falling apart, and maybe under different conditions, i would be more likely to support something like this. However, the government and the country has to get back on their feet before they can help the struggling (i can’t even use the word citizen here…) person get back on their feet. Just reading all the comments, it is obvious that many people, documented/undocumented/legal/illegal, have been facing struggles of their own, and I don’t think anyone has the right to judge the “validity” or rigor of someone else’s struggle. In a less-than-ideal situation, we need to stick to the rules, we can’t afford to bend them right now.  

  • laconic_77

    @America-You really think our gov’t wants educated citizens? Furthermore, these days all a college degree will get you is 25k in debt and a room for rent from your parents!

  • laconic_77

    Sounds to me more like a nightmare! Why do Californians continue to pay for services for illegals? You are a derelict!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree that it is largely symbolic . It is like the pot laws at state level . If the federal law is not changed then it is symbolic . 

  • Anonymous

    I agree . It needs to be the law of the land . A mind is a terrible thing to waste .

  • Emilo Cruz Gonzales-Hernandez

    I’m an undocumented student at UC Berkeley.  After entering this country illegally under the cover of night and taking as many minimum wage jobs I could find, I have saved up for an education.  I was disappointed by the news that Gov. Brown signed the Dream Act into law.  I think I speak for many illegal immigrants, that we were taken by surprised by this turn of events.  We were expecting the bill to fail.  

    My American friends speak often of growing student loans and we illegal aliens feel left out.  Under this new bill, illegal aliens will be forced to finished their studies for very little money.  I feel I saved up a lot of money for nothing.  Doing many landscaping jobs, extra work picked up at the Home Depot parking lot on the weekends, and the occasional farm jobs under the summer sun.  I really was hoping to spend it all on education and borrow heavily for graduate school which is very trendy right now.  I don’t feel closer to being a full American with this special treatment.  I feel because of my race, I am handled with kid gloves by this government, that they don’t trust me.  They want to take credit for my successes.  Many other students get to spend the rest of their lives paying off this college debt, while I am denied this important life lesson.

    I sometimes feel guilty that my American born friends have to pay out-of-state fees when I’m from out of the country and get to pay in-state rates.  I have so little expenses that each time we go out, I end up picking up the bar tab.  Had I been as broke as my American friends, I might get a few free beers when someone else pays the tab.  With many people trying to make ends meet, I have a hard time sleeping on my bed of cash.  My conscious tells me something is wrong with this picture, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…something to do with…hmmm 

    • [I’m an undocumented student at UC Berkeley.]

      Let us know your address and we’ll give ICE a call.

      • Emilo Cruz Gonzales-Hernandez

        Sure thing, I’m staying at your mom’s.  She also mentioned her 40 yr old son needs to get a life and stop trolling the web.

        • I have a job, and a life, and it doesn’t involve sucking off the taxpayer’s teat. The people of your own country certainly wouldn’t let freeloaders from the US jump their borders to get a free education there, so why would you think we are obligated to do it?

      • Craighasser

        ya, just like the Mexican government handles us Americans with kid gloves. First they hide the stop sign behind the tree, and when they pull you over they roll you for every damn dollar they can get and if you dont pay the fat ass they take you to the station and threaten you with guns to get more. Then on your way home they hit you again and take anything you have left and say”Bienvenidos”!  Maybe theyre pooling all the dough together to give American students free tuition in their universities.

  • Jasan Meoff

    Few of you were even around during the 1950s or even remember them. I was old enough and I still remember the Civil Rights Movement. Today you open up a book on segregation and their explanation of segregation is Racism. The people of those days wouldn’t publicly admit that they were racist. Nobody would ever admit that. They gave reasons, the same way many of you do. Blacks used up to much welfare. They did drugs and caused problems. Etcetera. In those times redlining was common. The purpose was to keep blacks out of white neighborhoods. This was no secret. And the people justified it how? They said that this would prevent housing prices to ‘plummet.’ Segregation was deemed necessary in schools to maintain prices up in the community thus increasing the value of the community and providing better education. These two situations are very alike.

    • No, they are NOT alike. Black people in the 1950’s were American citizens, who deserved the rights of citizenship. Illegals are not. Sorry you have no clue.

  • Oralia Munoz

     I support our Governor for doing this. 



    • Guest

      Wait, how exactly is this “ethical” leadership? How is it ethical to support a bill that grants ILLEGAL immigrants special privileges. Ugh this is why California/America is fucked. People like you keep voting -_-

    • Craighasser

      I bet the only ethnicity you are talking about is hispanic. I wonder if mexico would let 15 million hatians sneek into their country and then give them tons of financial benefits? hmmm, I guess the government and president down there just arent visionaries!

  • Anonymous

    my best friend’s mom makes $78 an hour on the computer. She has been out of job for 9 months but last month her check was $7587 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read about it here

  • ANTI-anti-immigrant

    Anyone against the CA Dream Act and any dream act can kiss my ass!  We can argue it out with people who are against us, but the fact of the matter is you hate those who are different, so just accept it.  It’s not about laws or money, it’s about your racism, the sooner you admit it, the better you will feel about yourselves, instead of trying to make others feel as shitty as you all feel.  We don’t have to prove our worth because we are HUMAN, and whatever we say to try to convince you of our humanity will fall on deaf ears.  I normally do not comment, because I know the counter-arguments, at least come up with something new and be creative with your hatred!  Oh and Jesus Loves you!!!!

    • Nobody here is “anti-immigrant”, you filthy pathetic liar. We have no problem with people who OBEY OUR LAWS and come here LEGALLY. The PROBLEM we have is with a piece of legislation that rewards illegal behavior and provides and incentive for more people to come here illegally and sponge off the legal citizen taxpayers. It’s hard to believe your cries that we’re somehow starving education of funding when eejits like you think there’s money to give away to people who don’t belong in this country in the first place. No other country on the planet (INCLUDING Mexico, the country of origin for a large number of our illegals) feels compelled to pay for the college education of children whose parents broke the law in the first place, so why should we?

    • Guest

      UGH You’re so stupid!! Keep lurkin’ kid. This is about the constitution and money. Always.

    • Guest

      Of course you are human.  Be humane and stay in your original countries and help uplift your countrymen so that they may pursue life, liberty, and happiness.  If you have to leave because you can’t stand your fellow countrymen, then what makes you think we want you as our new neighbors?  We respect legal immigrants of all colors who follow the rules, but illegal aliens do not deserve our respect, much less our college financial aid.

    • Craighasser

      See, you just showed that YOU are the real racist because when it comes to substance you have nothing so you play the same old tried and true stinkin race card. How could you possibly say that its not about laws or money when the law plainly says that you must wait in line and go through the process to become a US citizen. Also it is completely about money because were hurting in this economy and the state of California is completely broke and as a matter of fact is billions in the hole. Anyone of any race is WELCOME in America if they go through our process and become a citizen. Everything I just stated is 100% fact so please rebut these facts and truths with something more than telling law abiding Californians that they are hateful racists,  Im waiting…….

  • ladybigmac

    the state is broke, how will they afford this? or i guess qualifying for financial aid doesn’t mean people actually receive it. i think the bigger issue is that all of us are paying for a public education, an education that used to be FREE. 

    • [the state is broke, how will they afford this?]

      The self-styled “progressives” don’t care about this. They are driven by emotions and feeling, not logic or common sense.

      • Anonymous

        Honestly, given how the Tea Party prances around yelling and exclaiming absurd statements about how they “feel about big government”, I thought it was conservatives who were driven by emotions and feeling, and not logic or common sense. I mean isn’t most news coverage of the republican primary currently focused on theological and religious beliefs. Are those based on logic and common sense? 

        Hmmm.. No I guess it’s only “progressives” who are driven by emotions…

        • So once again, you established that you have no real argument, so instead, you foam and flail about one of your favorite bogeymen, the Tea Party.

        • Craighasser

          “progressives” dont have common sense. They cant even see a simple thing that when the cookie jar is empty then there is NOTHING left.And if you keep telling the same people to keep baking more and more then theyre just going to say  “FU”!  

    • Guest

      It was never free.  It was state-subsidized.  Now the legislature has slashed the subsidy.

  • U.S. legal citizen

    “benifits us all by giving top students a chance…?” I have a top student 4.4 gpa. Scored like a star on the AP tests, ACT and SAT.  She also happens to be a 4th generation “legal” citizen. We are not wealthy. We are not poor but we are getting poorer by the minute. We do not qualify for any aide. The loans we are offered are at 9 percent and due immediately. Why should any money be taken from a legal citizen and given to an ILLEGAL  immagrant?  Are you F#$%ing kidding me?!  While your at it, why don’t you give them all of the foreclosed homes too. One word left to say…IMPEACHMENT!!

  • Sweet-berry

    I’m glad this law has  passed,now Undocument students who actually work hard in school have a chance of receiving higer education. Yes!its fair for everyone,if legal students don’t work hard to achieve a greater future then who will? of course illegal students will,thats the reason they are in this country,the reason to suceed in life!.

    • Craighasser

      No, theyre in this country because their homelands are poor corrupt regimes that dont  give a crap about them so they flee knowing that dumb effen us will pick up the costs for schooling, healthcare and everything else that these tresspssers, and yes they are tresspassing, use for their own take whatever I can get for nothing mentality.

  • Norman Dostal

    brown must be recalled for this-and next year we will be able to vote teh dream act away-thank god

    • Anonymous

      calm down. nobody is going to recall him and the dream act is here to stay. 

  • CA Taxpayer

    Here’s my dream:  I’d like the Governor to sign an Executive Order that specifies that undocumented students are to be treated as illegal aliens who are breaking our Nation’s laws. They will be expelled from UC, CSU and CA Community colleges and their personal information will be provided to ICE as they law-breakers.

    • Anonymous

      lol you’re funny.

  • please  support/ help for autism…………..BK

  • Sancoh

    This is completely unfair to the tax paying citizens of this state.  Especially those with college age kids.  Why should our tax dollars go to support un-documented immigrants who didnt comtribute a penny to this country or state.   My grandparents all came from other countries and strived to learn english and become productive tax paying citizens. It’s not that way anymore.  My son recenty struggled to get college loans and was denied certain grants only to watch other less qualified minorites obtain the same funding,,, sorry but this is wrong…. very wrong.  It’s clearly reverse discrimination.  I use to believe in Jerry Brown.  He has now lost my vote and everyone in my household!

    • Anonymous

      How is it unfair to taxpayers? Undocumented people are taxpayers as well. Now they are just getting benefits they paid into it. Seems pretty fair to me.

      • Guest

        “Undocumented people are taxpayers as well”
        No.  Illegal aliens are taxed, but they have no status with the IRS.  Most of them use fraudulent documents.

  • Slharris0049

    Children who are here illegally did not land here by themselves.  It was their parents who brought them.  If they are excelling in school, their parents are paying taxes, and it is American citizens who are employing the illegals immigrants–there is no reason to keep the students out of higher educational institutions while requiring them to pay the same tuition as legal residents.  

    The bottom line is that if there were no jobs for illegals in California there would be no illegals.  So for those of you who complain–make sure you know if your gardner, housekeeper, construction worker, restaurant cook or any Latino employee is here illegally and either fire them or don’t do business with their company.  Guess what–that’s not going to happen.

    • If there were no welfare programs, we wouldn’t need illegals in the first place. Classic example of how liberals try to solve one idiotic idea (welfare for people who refuse to work) with another idiotic one (provide more incentives for illegal aliens to come here).

    • Guest

      If there were no jobs for prostitutes and pimps in California then there would be no prostitutes or pimps.  But they exist, so should we give them special consideration in U.C. admissions and offer them financial aid as well?

  • Anonymous

    I knew it!  Illegal aliens do work at McDonald’s.  That means illegal aliens are not just doing dirty backbreaking farm work.  They are taking jobs away from young and old American citizens who may have wanted to work at McDonald’s.

    • You are very accurate; the wealthiest and well-employed do not care if our own children are employed in secure conditions. Education, yes; however, this nation is destroying the professional job market for us and for our posterity. Our rights are being ignored without a doubt, and I hesitate to speculate much further on the subject because I run the risk of being falsely accused by those who render such egocentric and nepotistic judgments toward their own advantage! Such corruption–such negligent abusers of resources and power! I have a right to say that they never deserved to use the G.E. argon gas light bulb, the patent to which my Grandfather Virgil Ready’s name is assigned with two others. How many have sold since the Stock Market Crash? Our attorneys are so busy helping helping real criminals that they can’t even decipher Honorable Check-and-Balance systems. The consequences of self-representation? The bandits gaining attention for themselves and their own profit should be effectively cross-examined and render restitution.

  • Ericm666

    It is ridiculous to spend a dime on people in this country illegally when there are at least as many deserving hs grads that are citizens of california that cant afford tuition and especially room and board, that wont get any aid because they are not quite poor enough. Personally, i dont like the thought of paying taxes so illegal students can go to college cheaper than my own kids who are citizens. Id rather my tax money go to enforce border security better.

    • Somehow we need to cross-examine the Governor and his support group in a Court of Law. Since several important-contact attorneys have recently deceased, I am unable to locate one who will even deal with these issues. What does this indicate? A kangaroo court and system that is based on the collusion of some to offset our taxes and labors in the best interests of their comfort zone and their posterity.  Capitalism clearly does not work, because the wealthy continue to pool their strategies toward their own advantage while victims of crime must be robbed to death on the streets by bandits that they are attempting to avoid. Capitalism must inevitably destroy us due to these issues.

      • It’s not capitalism that these pro-illegal progressive idiots are pushing…

      • Craighasser

        Is that a quote from your hero Karl Marx?

        • My recommendations:  Our current state Governor most likely is attempting to win support from his own private interest groups. Ironically and appallingly, my friend Chris had sojourned to Mexico for the Department of Medicine while she was attending school here and speaking Spanish as her second language most fluently. Her reports about the fraud and abuse that sent her to the heinous torture chamber of a Mexican prison! Her Dad finally had to send quite a bit of money before she was released to return. Mercy! She told me that she had regularly worn a hand-made muslin and cotton calico dress that was comfortable. Listen, I am concerned, because I had hoped to hear from my sister again who worked for the Peace Corps. Too much time has passed; our Dad has deceased, and we must face constantly the stealthy dishonest games that some “leaders” play to command property, resources, and necessary votes. Are my reports safely posted here? Considering what my friend experienced…



  • Alphapapalima

    Does anyone know if JB signed AB 353.  It’s another one of Cedillo’s stupid bill – stopping the impound of vehicles of people driving w/o license.  Apparently, it’s a burden to the illegals.  Once again, their parents broke the law when they snuck into this county and now another law to protect them when they break the law again.  When is this going to stop?  If you don’t have a license, you should now be driving!!  How hard is that to comprehend?

    • Anonymous

      Yep he signed it! Great News for California! Now cops can actually focus on real problems.

      • Craighasser

        Yeah like which name to use for the new state police agency, policia de norteno , policia de Alta california, policia de la raza

  • A true latino

    This article proves that McDonald’s hires illegal aliens.

     “This has been a real big step for really helping the economy because
    students who may have once worked at McDonalds now have opportunities to
    be doctors, teachers, architects.”

  • Victims Deserve Restitution Rather than Treatment

    Without a doubt, members of all ethnic groups are valuable individuals; however, some of us are children of important founding Fathers who have contributed very much to the development of our frontier, and those children who have been immensely robbed by deceptive bandits may never recover. Once someone has been immensely robbed of a home, for example, he/she can hardly begin to coordinate a full communicative regimen, and especially when the attorneys they long valued retire, the lapse of communication exacerbating all hope for the victim. The issue about indirect supporters of drug cartels forebodes so much more negative consequences for innocent and valuable academic achievers that I cannot divulge my name with this post. Of further concern: Sadistic tendencies of anyone to hurt and seek innocent individuals as targets of irrational and unjust revenge. Some individuals persevere through further diligence, studies, and constructive occupation; others manifest their discontent on easy prey that they consequently harm, and ironically, those are the ones who need mental treatment. Unfortunately, the victims receive treatment rather than restitution. This issue is surely causing many system failures.

    • Guest

      Apparently your treatment has failed.  If you’re concerned about persecution, you may have to flee the country.

  • BMJ

    The only dream about to be experienced in Gov. Brown watching his office slide from underneath him.

  • don’t touch my PIMP CUP!

    The state is being driven into the ground by mentally-ill bureaucratic swine.  What part of “illegal” do the lawmakers do not understand?  And stop calling them “undocumented” that’s so retarded.  Hiding behind semantics is embarrassing and childish.

    • Anonymous

      They are UNDOCUMENTED.

      • Guest

        Or rather, their documents are fraudulent.

  • Latinangel_072002

    So what about the military aspect of the dream act? And will they get to apply for residency once they graduate?

  • Cal

    I have a dream… to go to college. Now, it’s SO much easier to get to college…. Now, I’ll actually have to GET all As.

    • Well, you should be working on getting all As in the first place.

  • Jay

    What is wrong with the leaders of this state, this is not what us tax payers want or need. Go back to mexico and let your government and its tax payers pay for your education!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Senator Loni Hancock,
    Please start formal declarations to Recall Gov. Jerry Brown.
    The passage on Dream Act funds illegal college students and only encourages more illegals to come to California.  I am offended that citizens have a hard time already attaining financial aid for college have to compete with illegals, people who don’t belong here to begin with.  They should be arrested and deported back to their country.  I feel the state is out of control and I don’t feel like being a citizen has any benefits anymore.  I am urging my fellow Americans to make citizens arrest on all known illegal aliens on site until the government does the right thing by repealing the Dream Act and enforcing federal immigration laws.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement-ICE will be notified for each illegal student at a California school using social media to bring attention to this blatant disregard to immigration laws.  Should politicians continue to be negligent, an American Spring uprising will be launch at every college. California should focus and increase financing for the college students it already has.  This continued policy of blanket amnesty makes it entirely redundant for citizens to carry passports and visas at the airport knowing illegals are entering the country and violating the law which you swore to upheld.  
    Representatives of this state must take this seriously and have Dream Act repealed, increase financial aid to citizens, and protect our borders from illegal criminals seeking unwarranted entitlement programs.
    Share this outrage with your fellow colleagues as to why limited budget is diverted away from Americans to the hands of criminals.

    • Of course, I do support your letter to Senator Loni Hancock; thank you. I am happy to sign any petition. I should have majored in law rather or medicine than English, and during a time in which I was a victim of fraud and forced to poverty, a common trend today of University students, I called and wrote many attorneys in  Alameda County, only to learn that they are being paid to offer quite a bit of attention to criminal cases–they disregard civil cases unless the party in need of representation is receiving a handsome and paycheck that may be easily garnished. In fact, in Palo Alto, Los Altos Hills, and at Stanford, I was receiving tips for my music and meager paychecks for clerical and editorial work–my resumes were circulating the Stanford Campus and nearby publishing companies, where some of the professors and medical doctors who did value my work were employed. These attorneys and this Bar System of Alameda County in the late 1990s were clearly focusing on sources of revenue that they could conveniently access before they weighed all of the factors about the rights of new faces in town. If only I’d never stopped to worship at the College Ave. Lutheran Church where an immorally inclined cab driver had no right to use coercive methods so as to access the vehicle I had acquired through my meager jobs in the Stanford vicinity. You are correct that we must effectively channel our outrage to those who will justly monitor revenue. Alameda County is so corrupt that I have never seen restitution–I am unable to negotiate a yard sale or office work. Somehow, like many others, I must plea for justice. And, though many members of ethnic groups are inclined with codes of high standards, a few are clearly affirmative action to take the lives of helpless valuable citizens. I have witnessed this not only through my own experiences in Alameda County but in environments where I was  unconstitutionally taken due to fraud perpetuated by a criminal of a cab driver who had no right to force his way into my auto on College Avenue. Civilized individuals do not force their way into a vehicle or domain that does not belong to them and where they were not invited. My Constitutions and Amendments of the U.S. and California are above me–Articles I, XVI, and XX of the State Constitution and Amendment IV of the U.S. Constitution, for example, are repeatedly violated in the City of Oakland, and I remain a living victim of such. I should be cross-examining the guilty parties, but only after I report back to another BAR Association. Perhaps I should write Seward & Kissell? What good will that do? Our cities are each dominated by different sets of private interest groups who slur resources only in their favor, to support their comfort zones and life styles, and their preferences. CAPITALISM DOES NOT WORK! 

      • Craighasser

        Yeah sure! Tell”Capitalism doesnt work”  tell that to Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Carl Karcher or the Mcdonald brothers. If they were all still here they would say”What planet are you on”? I think part of your problem is your dealing with the inherent corruption of those who would take all the money and resources of government waste no matter who they trample on. The government loses so much of our money to corrupt people that know how to work the system and billions are never recovered. if we had looser pays” then they would pay a lot more attention to civil cases but since trial lawyers are beholden to the democratic party they will follow the lead that gives them  the most$$ and kickbacks and political favors.

  • Franklin Widman

    LOL Annete. Typos are a staple of the computer keyboard, you never know what will come out lol
    Education for all is, indeed, a wonderful dream. WTG Gov. Brown :)

  • Scott

    It’s all about the votes – nothing else. It is very simple:
    just buddy up to Hispanics, eventually make them legal (or wait until their
    kids are born here as legal citizens) then presto, millions of votes for your
    party. Those of you who think this AB131 is about anything else are very much
    mistaken.  And even better – those who
    oppose are all racist bastards!  So I say
    “good job Jerry!!!” go get those votes my man!!!

    • Anonymous

      why not use names from cemeteries on absentee ballots?  what are we to do with the Hispanics after the election?  ship them off to the nearest Home Depot parking lot?  loiter around schools selling ice cream from god knows where?  Nobody at Target speaks English, it’s so retarded, I feel like a tourist in my own country.  Canadians aren’t coming here illegally, how’s it fair to them we give backdoor amnesty to Mexicans?  Canadians are more likely to blend in America, up to the point when they start talking, eh? eh?

      • “Canadians aren’t coming here illegally”

        Actually, there are about 25,000 illegal immigrants from Canada every year, so….

        • Anonymous

          where’s the source? made up?  
          why would they leave free health care and cheap prescriptions to come here? doesn’t add up!  
          America spends 11% of GDP on healthcare even though it’s broken, when the rest of the world spends only 9-10%. -Clinton Global Initiative

          • don’t touch my PIMP CUP!

            Oh SNAP!  Lynsey got schooled Clinton-style.

          • “Using U.S. Census data and Department of Homeland Security figures, the Urban Institute gives estimates of the undocumented population in the U.S.: there are about 250,000 undocumented immigrants from China and between 65,000 and 75,000 from Canada in the United States.”


          • don’t touch my PIMP CUP!

            6 Million illegals from mexico and you wanna compare nickels and dimes from Canada? man you wasted.

            nobody crazy to leave china, penalty for return is death. those suckers commit suicide on the boat ride home. 

          • Well, he was talking about Canada, I answered his question. Can’t do much more than that /kanyeshrug

          • Anonymous

            Canadians are not here forging fake papers to work, go to school for free, or get medical services.  It’s cheaper for them to free benefits in Canada. 

          • Anonymous

            “Ohh no  no no. I’m not a racist. It’s about sovereignty. That’s why it’s okay for Canadians to come across illegally, without having to face stereotypes, but Mexicans?! No no no, we can’t have any of that.”

            And the racism continues…

          • Guest

            “That’s why it’s okay for Canadians to come across illegally”
            Who said it was?

          • Actually, I was wrong. It’s between 65,000 and 75,000:

            “Using U.S. Census data and Department of Homeland Security figures, the Urban Institute gives estimates of the undocumented population in the U.S.: there are about 250,000 undocumented immigrants from China and between 65,000 and 75,000 from Canada in the United States.”


          • don’t touch my PIMP CUP!

            Ain’t nobody illegal coming here from China.  Look at a map fool, Pacific Ocean fo realz yo.  Coast Guard be up in their hizzy lickety split.  
            That data is bunk.  estimates are whack.  they gots to get calculators made in America, not in China, to gets the numbers right son. CanCan ain’t coming down to America fool, they gots the best lobster, you feel me?  damn straight. I’m gunna educate yo azz.

          • I feel that.

          • Guest

            Nice, Gonzo.

          • [Ain’t nobody illegal coming here from China.]

            Actually, there are illegals from China, and in fact one of the tactics to get these people into this country is to first smuggle them into Mexico then over the border here. You would have been well aware of this if you really knew anything about the history and background of illegal immigration across our southern border. However, you’re clearly another ignorant child who has a skull stuffed full of nonsense from some La Raza Studies course somewhere…

          • Here’s a DHS report from the mid 90s, of course very much out of date, but interesting stats nonetheless:


    • Anonymous


  • Sigma_Alpha

    Tax Paying citizens, riiiight. You’re $100 in taxes isn’t even enough for my year supply of toilet paper. Have you ever applied for financial aid? How do you supposed that “financial need” is determined? Through filing your taxes to determine your income. Undocumented people do file and pay taxes. In fact undocumented workers payed more than 10 billion in taxes last year. Look it up. Other than that, I guess your only excuse is racism, don’t deny it, embrace your racism. 

    • Anonymous

      If illegal aliens pay taxes on consumer goods that’s because they had to in order to  take the products out of the stores, so that does not mean they have a right to even remain in the United States.  Otherwise everyone from Latin America and Asia would sneak across our borders, buy some stuff at WalMart, pay the taxes, and then declare that they deserve all kinds of public services and financial aid.

      • Dallas

        It is estimated that 75% of the illegal immigrants working in the U.S. pay Federal, State and County taxes through with holding- as a whole they have paid almost Seven Billion $7 Billion dollars into social security and will never see the benefits.  You don’t get to claim benefits by purchasing items in stores and paying sales taxes.  The other 25% are forced to work for cash and you can bet hands down there are no honkies out applying for those jobs.

        • 14 million illegals paying in $7 billion is only $500 each. You make it sound like it’s a shitload of money but it’s only a drop in the bucket when we have annual federal budgets in the $2-3 TRILLION range…

        • Guest

          “pay Federal, State and County taxes through with holding”
          Note that withholding is an involuntary system.  When illegals can be paid under the table, they prefer that.

  • Dallas

    Excellent. And to you naysayers get off your sofa butts and go do the work these immigrant kids parents do for long hours under tough working conditions seven days a week. Get out and pick strawberries in the freezing damp fog, table and wine grapes in the sweltering heat I could go on and on about where California would be without our immigrant population. These are kids who know what it is to work hard, they will understand what it is to work your way up in a business and we need them.

    • Anonymous

      Our immigrant fathers and grandfathers did those kinds of work.  They came to America legally, followed the rules, worked hard, and created a better life for us so we don’t have to do the same kinds of hard work.  Now the illegal aliens come, insert themselves into our education system, and demand that we fund their college education too?  They should have followed the same process our ancestors did instead of cutting in line.

      • Dallas

        My Grandparents and great grandparents were all immigrants to this country, they got on boats paid their paasage, showed up with little more than a few suitcases – they were processed through Ellis Island in a matter of days with no prior preparation except to show up. Times were very different. Immigration was very different.  My mother was born on a Packet Boat/Barge on the Hudson River. I am the first woman in my family to graduate from college and I have a graduate degree – I started working summers in publishing warehouse when I was 15 and paid my entire way through college on my own working part time during the school year and double time summers and with student loans.  I have lived in California for over 25 years and managed immigrant labor from Mexico, Central and South America in a Los Angeles manufacturing plant – we had one African American employee and one Italian American, both floor managers – no one aside from Hispanic Americans ever applied for a job during the years I worked there – not one “white” person ever except for the few office jobs – we had jobs to be filled and it wasn’t even difficult work, but we manufactured items for Target and WalMart so the pay was minimum wage with incentives. American’s want everything at the lowest possible price and so they have discounted their own wages to the extent we have hardly any manufacturing jobs in this country and those there are pay very little.  Our employees were incredibly hard working, dedicated to their families and to their children getting a good education – some were legal, some I am sure were not, but each year I helped almost all 135 of them file their income taxes at night after work. They all paid taxes, State, Federal, Local, Social Security, even those who were  forced to use someone else’s social security number and would never see the benefits they paid for. I now live on a ranch and I can tell you that you and your family would not have food on your table and you certainly would not have it at the prices you pay today if it wasn’t for immigrant labor legal and illegal – we need them – the problem is we don’t allow them to come here in a reasonable organized fashion, we force them to arrive in illegal dangerous and inhuman ways to do jobs no one here wants in the first place and then some of us whine that they are taking away jobs – the State of California would collapse economically without these immigrants – we have 37 million residents – Greece as a country has 11 million. If you’d like to see total economic chaos – continue on with the attitude that we should be sending hard working immigrant residents “home”.
        They may be “illegal” according to our system but they do pay taxes, they are important to our communities and economy and their children deserve an education.

        • The paltry taxes that illegals pay don’t even come close to the cost to law enforcement, social services, and health care. Get a clue…

        • Rebjr1946

          Dallas…you made the argument against illegals in your first sentance…your grandparents entered legally …so whats your point….dallas…you pay for their education….our country got along fine until 1986 and imbecile reagan made them illegals legal and that was suppose to be the end of it….give them illegals an inch and they will take ten miles….if the parents are here illegally and the child was not born here they are illegal period…if they want an education go back to mexico and have mexico pay for their education because that is their country…you are naive if you think illegals most illegals pay taxes…illegals dont have real ss#……so they dont pay taxes…use your head….because i was $200 above the cut off i am not eligible for benefits but an illegal will get that money because he/she is below that leval….my folks definitely pay taxes not maybe and i deserve the help before any illegal……..get rid of the illegals and i country will save billions of dollars….just look at what illegals do to california…there over running our hospitals, schools, community services…..we dont have to have illegals to do the work here there are millions of mexican workers that can be here on green cards, but we need to enforce them to go back….I DO BELIEVE THAT IF AN ILLEGAL ALIEN WILL JOIN THE ARMED FORCES HE/SHE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE A CITIZEN..OTHERWISE GET IN LINE AND QUIT STEALING FROM US THAT ARE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY………

        • Guest

          How does sending them to college for free get the crops picked?

      • Anonymous

        They all didn’t “follow the rules”. That’s the biggest bag of BS I’ve ever heard.

    • I’m sure we could motivate a few of our own citizens to do that work if we eliminated welfare, WIC, food stamps, Section 8, and all the other liberal supported goodies that turned a big chunk of our population into lazy bums in the first place.

    • Craighasser

      Im a brickmason and I work as hard or harder than these folks. Theyve told me so.Im white and love hard work, why dont you get YOUR butt of the couch and come join me? The illegals have STOLEN all my work  and dont have licenses, insurance and overhead like me and the state doesnt even care. We have always had folks come in on work permits to pick strawberries or whatever, They get bussed in, get paid and then go home. You think they only are going to do hard jobs? B.S. As time goes on theyll get educated or figure out how to do your gravy job for less dough and then you wont feel that way.  Then youll be another out of work American too!  Doin the jobs Americans wont do my ass.

  • Somebody

    There isn’t money for citizens going to college, but they’re giving away money to non-citizens, somethings fishy!  
    American Spring, remove all state and federal politicians by force.  There is no benefit of being a citizen, taxation without representation, revolt until there is change.
    This new act seems to benefit only Hispanics, not Canadians, Asians, or the rest of the world.  I thought this state was broke.  The governor is senile.  We need to remove this governor like we removed Gray Davis, he clearly does not have Californians best interest at stake.  Still plenty of time between now and 2013 to repeal.DREAMon Act- real financial aid for real Californians.  People’s first act once entering America by illegal and dishonest means are rewarded with free money?  Say it ain’t so.  Next, Section 8, Medicare, Social Security…the state is sinking.  Defeats the whole purpose of having a passport and visa at the airport.  This country has an amazing tolerance for stupidity.

    People should just default on their student loans, it’s the right thing to do.  Homeowners defaulted and the government just ignored them.  Looted taxpayers on behalf of the banks and autos.  People got foreclosed on by banks that didn’t have the original mortgage!  WTF?!  “Show me the mortgage!” are the words that could help you keep your home.

    • My Hildebrand Grandfather who attempted to take me to his home in Germany assured me that the Catholic Church in this nation is unlike the one he knew in Europe, and that legislators are indeed bringing in many potential new citizens merely so that they will win elections and other votes. You are relaying genuine sense here; however, I am doubting the security of many online sites at this point, especially since I have been reading regular reports about heinous drug cartels. Financing and voting dominate so much attention that our Honor System is failing–we are not being protected. In fact, we may at anytime be victims of mere speculation, even by those who call themselves professional medical doctors. During the ’70s, some integrity remained. The system should be corrected; however, several peers at Logos Books in S.C. assured me that although they had achieved several PhDs from UCSC, they had no job–they were living on their parents’ resources. Our check-and-balance systems are surely failing those who need and deserve justice. We are about to be cremated in rapid numbers?

      • Guest

        You should start taking your meds again.

        • My knowledge and application of nutrition is superb. As you protect but your own private interests, you represent those I should be challenging legally. Your unsound judgment and specious reasoning should be corrected, and you owe me an apology. Such  hasty judgments that lack thorough review.

  • Erockit19

    Finally!! This are great news for all the people who are looking for a better education and to all of you who think the meaning of the word immigrant is Mexicans you guys are a bunch of ignorants and should be ashamed.

    • Why can’t they look for a better education in the country where their parents are legal residents?

      • I don’t know, but I suppose you could also ask this of students from Europe, China, India and the Middle East who apply for student visas, spend 4 or so years in US universities and then go back home as soon as they graduate.

        • you

          But the thing about those people is that they had VISAS which means LEGAL.   Many American students also study abroad and go through all the legal step.  Studying abroad doesn’t deprive that country’s citizens of their education and if the foreign students do in fact leave after graduation then good; we got their money and they wont be taking any jobs here.

          • [But the thing about those people is that they had VISAS which means LEGAL. ]

            Ah, yes, the little detail that the lefties leave out of the discussion…

  • Knowleg_corps

    Will Illegals be  able to apply for fafsa now?? … or what kind of aid would they get??

    • Anonymous

      No not FAFSA since it’s a federal program. The aid that they are eligible for is through their institution and the CSAC (i think that’s the acronym).

      • Craighasser

        Cedillo and friends Sucking off Americans and Californians

  • Sofia

    I guess California is going to stay broke. I knew Jerry Brown was a joke but for him to so carelessly give away tax payer money to people who aren’t even citizens is a slap in the face for legal students who can’t even afford college.

     I think I’ll default on my college loans and get the ball rolling on what recipients of this Dream Act are eventually going to do. 

    • Sdstarchick1

      I agree. My mom was a single parent who was disabled and couldnt pay for my schooling. I got no grants from the state or university and now have 60,000 in loans i will be paying for the rest of my life. I find it wrong that taxpayer money is going to people who arent paying taxes when there are still students who cant get aid. i want all people to have the opportunity to get an education and am ok with giving them access to school at in state costs but giving them money they didnt pay into is wrong.

      • Just wondering, but where are you from? Did you apply for financial aid? Because there are plenty of loans, grants and scholarships that are available for students who cannot pay their college education. The Pell Grant, for starters; if you couldn’t pay your schooling and you filled out a FAFSA, then, based on your comment, you definitely should’ve gotten a Pell Grant.

        How were your grades? A lot of schools have merit-based scholarships, or athletic scholarships. What was your major? There are scholarships for almost every possible major out there. Hell, there are scholarships for red-heads or people who can make dresses out of scotch tape. I mean, the sky’s the limit on what you can apply for, and while you might not always get money, there’s always SOMETHING.Maybe you missed the deadline, but really your comment is making me scratch my head, because I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t get any money period for school. I don’t know how old you are, but stuff like the Pell Grant has been around for like 35+ years.

        • Guest

          How old are you? Most people I know are from middle class working families (.. parents work at convenience stores, fastfood restaurants) and they still only got unsubsidized loans from doing FAFSA and etc. Only the poorest kids get tons of free money and no loans at all

          • gerry

            How old are you? Most people i know are from poor class working families (work in labor intense factories for hours a day to make only a fraction of what others make) … fafsa doesn’t cover all cost you know we are offered loans both subsidized and unsubsidized   …  

      • Elizabeth

        Lots of undocumented immigrants do pay taxes. Some reports estimate as many as 75% pay taxes. They are tricked into thinking that the government will keep track and will “appreciate” them being upstanding citizens, after the whole breaking the law to enter the country thing.  They also pay sales taxes when they buy anything, and that creates economic activity and is good for the state, too. While many undocumented immigrants pay into social security, they will never collect a dime of it. They also can’t collect unemployment insurance, disability or welfare, so your mom was probably more of a drain on California taxpayers than the average undocumented immigrant. 

        • Anonymous

          Illegal aliens pay taxes on consumer goods because they can’t walk out of the store with a can of beer or an iPod without paying the sales taxes.  Illegals pay gasoline taxes because they use our public roads too so we’re not getting any special benefit.  Illegal aliens may pay income taxes if they use a fake social security number to find a job.  However, that just means they paid taxes while committing a crime and should not expect to have the same privileges as legal citizens.  Some illegals pay income taxes when they use a ITIN number because they think this will help them get amnesty quicker.  However, no part of the Dream Act requires proof that IRS taxes were ever paid, so it’s still unfair for illegal aliens to receive financial aid when citizens don’t have enough.

        • Jessrossg

          In 2011 illegal immigrants were paid 4.2 billion dollars in tax refunds and illegal alien parents do collect welfare along with housing, wic, and medical for their U.S. born children. We all know they have A LOT of kids just look at how their population has boomed here in the U.S. That’s why the poor and uneducated come here illegally to have their U.S. born children because they know they’ll be taken care of via tax payers, well at least better than the crappy country they’re coming from.

      • Campos_dayana

        actually, my mother has worked too jobs since i was 4. which is the time i was brought into this country. she has paid taxes all her life so people like YOUR mother can get those disability benefits you talk about. Also, most undocumented people dont pay taxes because they have a fear they will get deported , not because they wanna coast through life for free. I deserve to have an education, just as much as you do, if not more. im work two jobs and im a full time student at a local community college. so the only wrong thing i see in this whole situation is you posting sorry ass post that you make sound like an ignornat citizen. that is all.

        • Anonymous

          “undocumented people dont pay taxes because they have a fear they will get deported”
          lol that’s a lie. It’s easy to generalize and stereotype people when you don’t know squat about them.

          Also your post is really poorly written. Maybe you should take some more english classes at your comm. coll. 

          Talk about drains on the system…

          • Craighasser

            If you have an hispanic surname then you better pray to God that they didnt buy your social security number because this  has created a nightmare for many hard working American citizens. Obviously we cant deport all illegal aliens but we now need to stop creating incentives and get tough on the border. We cant feel sorry for every poor person in the entire world and just let them all become citizens. We can donate money or do other things but truthfully and especially in this economic downturn,there is no money left. Schools are full and failing, health care systems and hospitals are overwhelmed with people that dont pay,the legal system is overburdened and broke and on and on. HEY it just cant go on, How is it ever ever going to be paid for? Even if you take 80% from the rich it will never be enough. So stop the people from breaking our sovereignty laws now and then we can sort out the system for those that already snuck across. By the way, many of these folks put their childrens lives in danger when they hired measly coyotes and  took a risk knowing full well that they were doing wrong so lets not call Americans heartless when they say we cant afford this any more. Mexico is a corrupt third world country and I blame Mexico and its corrupt government for the crappy well being of its citizens, not the US. This goes for South American countries as well and if we had other third world countries on our borders they would be trying to come here too. Its not a racial thing its poorly run, third world corrupt money grubbing governments that dont care about their own citizens and dont try to better their ow n economies and keep their people trapped in squaller that are creating our illegal immigrant problem.

        • Guest

          “im work two jobs and im a full time student at a local community
          college. so the only wrong thing i see in this whole situation is you
          posting sorry ass post that you make sound like an ignornat citizen.”
          If this is the state of your English knowledge, the free education you got from the K-12 system was wasted, and you should never have been admitted to the higher-education system.

      • gerry

        ever heard of scholarships or JOBS .. you should have looked into that.. You probably spent most of your college career partying and rushing some sorority..  

  • Cynthia Gallagher

    While the security and legal representation of highly qualified scholars must be
    improved immediately. Greater firearms control and substantial security of our
    indigenous literary standards are continuing to be compromised–our leaders and
    legislative representatives seem only to value “headcounts” that support but a
    few. Our standards and competent populace are clearly being ignored and
    sacrificed to premature cremations! A solution? Where? Only through our
    exile? Furthermore, some marijuana growers are more ruthless than others, and our Governor indirectly may be supporting some of the dangerous outlets/sources  of drug cartels who will endanger more than ever those of us who deserve protection.

    • recal brown

      I’m thinking of dropping my Us citizenship. So I can get a cheaper out of state sudent rate I. California

      • Even without evidence, those who are so-inclined have the ability of literally ganging up against the innocent. For example, and I must safeguard the last name of my friend Chris who agrees that bad apples exist in every bushel: In food faith, my Dad (late David Kellems of the Windsor Press) leased me a home while I was continuing to work for him. Only one neighbor accused me falsely about my medical care, perhaps because she envied my Renaissance-style clothing. When I returned to Stanford and contacted Dr. Gutterman, Dr. Havard, Dr. Covet, and Dr. Koenig, they did indicate that I needed to be protected legally.  Even my friend Chris was shocked to learn that nobody in Sonoma County checked my transcripts and work background–I had been student-teaching College English Preparatory students until the crisis. I have one letter remaining that Mr. Seward had written to me; however, over the years I had acquired more, including a card. The President of the European Bar has learned himself that private interest groups are dominating domains in unique ways from city to city. Real thieves, extortionists, and criminals abound in our streets taking the lives and property of those who support and represent an Honor System, and once one is deprived of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and forced into the dismal streets, he/she may never recover, because the game is only MONEY. Our reading and writing standards are clearly waning as a result. The architectural and educational artifacts that made this nation cannot be appreciated by those who do not know about the real sacrifices we have faced, and effective education should obviously prepare students for political science, law school, etc., professional areas that do involve the ETS and governmental links. The maintenance of law and order depends on a Community Center, whether it is conducted through the Friends Meeting House or the chambers of Barons. Education is an integral part of law and order; hence, the Community Center, Church,  the Parthenon or Poly Sci (check the incredibly meaningful etymology of the original Academy and the schools of Confucius). Law and order involve political science which is not the only school that relates education with effective diplomatic and instructional methods.

  • I like Jerry Brown.

    • You must not pay much in the way of taxes.

      • Anonymous

        You must not either.

        • I’m in the 68% percentile of individual tax earners in this country (slipped a bit since I am working for a start-up in a tight economy, but that’s life), so I clearly pay more than average in both state and federal taxes.

          • Anonymous

            Ehh I don’t believe you. You sound like you’re on welfare.

          • Given that you have no credibility here, you’re merely making yourself appear like a silly little child when you make such comments.

    • Kix

      I  personally was dumfounded that the guy won again.   I remember how he screwed up California the first time. I guess half the people who voted for him dont know history and the other half are folks looking for a handout, union members and overeducated hippie professor types. Thanks. Now we all have to reap what you’ve sown

  • Abby

    Finally, a smart decision!

  • Anonymous

    Hurrah! Great news! =D

    • You’re clearly not a taxpayer.

      • Anonymous

        I actually am. Tony M, as always, you continue to be a pretentious coward who is quick to judge people. I guess that it’s either your way or no way when it comes to how the state as a whole should spend its money. Otherwise, it’s just not fair to you and you’re going to have a fit and pout on the Daily Cal message board. 

        Now that I’m done feel free to reply with lies about who you consider to be taxpayers, the displacement of financial aid, etc., etc. We’ve heard it all…

        • You need to change your diaper.

          • Anonymous

            Is that your reply? Typical nonsense…

  • Annette Marcus

    Education for all.  I strongly support our Governor for doing this. It’s brave of hime.

    • Annette Marcus

      Oh my God! I can’t believe I spelled him incorrectly as I supported education.  I now await mockery from all.

      • Use your “edit” feature and make your correction.

        • Guest

          Is there such a feature?

          • Uh, yes. Look for the “Edit” text below your last post on the right side.

      • Myekom

        Like I said above….Idiots!!!!

      • guest

        you will receive mockery from supporting the dream act you turdface

    • Myekom

      Education for all, free food for all, free healthcare for all, free homes for all.  You dumb ass liberals, who pays for this?    When you all run the rich out of business and out of the US who do you think is going to foot this bill?  Your government?  They won’t have the tax dollars from the wealthy anymore so, no…  Idiots!!!!

      • America

        It makes perfect, simple economic sense: you educate a population instead of creating more second class citizens, and you’ll create more tax revenue in the future. You’re the idiot  and probably a racist teabagger who has way too much time on your hands. I bet you make very little money and find it easy to scapegoat people that you have never tried to understand or get to know. I hope you stay bitter for a very long time because you deserve it. And I won’t even try to reason with you because you are an idiot. America today is 66% wealthier than it was 30 years ago. Yet the shrinking middle class continues to carry most of the burden. I’m also happy people are starting to wake up and get their voices heard across the country with the Occupy Wall Street movements. It’s about time we tell rich corporations to pay their dues. 

        • BMJ

          That is completely absurd. I could assume the same about you. Who says they won’t run when they have this education? Who says they will even comprehend what has been given to them? Illegal immigrants don’t deserve a word said in our government or our laws. If, perhaps, they were in the process of citizenship, that would be completely different. But, these people have no intention of staying here.

        • Anonymous

          You’re making a huge leap of faith that educating illegal aliens will increase our government’s tax revenues.  First of all, a college educated illegal alien is still ILLEGAL and cannot work.  Any company that hires him or her will be severely punished.  Next, many of these illegal aliens major in ethnic studies, which puts a severe restriction on their future earnings potential even if they could find work.  Finally, this country already has a huge supply of recent college graduates who cannot find a good job so adding illegal alien college graduates into the job market just makes it tougher for citizens to find a job.

        • Craighasser

          Typical liberal who disagrees with people calling them idiots. Why dont we let the whole world in here and then you can pay for all the education and benefits they receive? By the way, all hispanic voters dont support illegal immigration and the only reason the dems want them here is to get votes. That is not going to create any jobs for americans and all of my customers are rich people. I am not jealous of rich people like liberals are and if they have less to spend,then I wont have any work. Its not race.{liberals play the race card at the drop of a hat}. Why dont we let a whole bunch of Russians in here and give them all the benefits that Americans get? The problem, and especially now is that there is NO MORE MONEY, and Ive never received a job from a poor person,so if the rich are already paying40% of their income,how much more can they pay? The problem is that no matter what, you will eventually run out of other peoples money. This country was founded on and became strong on hard working Americans that make their own way. Jealous lazy people that sit around and whine about”Wheres mine” you richy rich slobs ? will one day be the downfall of America because the money will run out completely. Think about it, IF THE GOVERNMENT TAKES MORE AND MORE FROM YOU WILL YOU WORK HARDER OR CUT BACK? There is no end game to the liberal phylosophy other than failure.   Its just takes simple minded common sense to see that.Oh, I know, time for you to call me a “simple minded conservative”! by the way Im a hard working construction worker that has no work because the illegal aliens have taken over my trade completely. Why dont we teach them to be firefighters and teachers and other things so that we can pay them less and eliminate all the unions and save money?  Why is it just the construction industry ? Wait till your job is threatend due to cheap labor from people that werent even supposed to be here then well see how you feel! I DONT WANT TO HEAR MOONBEAM COMPLAIN EVER AGAIN ABOUT THE BUDJET SHORTFALL AND THE CUTBACKS WE NEED BECAUSE IF YOU HAVE AN EXTRA 40 MILLION FOR NON CITIZENS THAN I GUESS MAYBE YOU HAVE MONEY SPARE!

          • Those who are distinguishably competent in English (or the extremely diverse Americanized version) are being victimized in the job market already by those whose English skills are not proficient at all. The consequences? Poorly and misleading wording! Our Social Service system is being compromised without a doubt. Private interest groups have the ability of ignoring important evidence about the credentials and qualifications of individuals who are new to a community; I maintain important evidence that they ignored by portfolio and University Degree and Lab work, etc. before rendering fallacious judgments over the cause for which I receive disability benefits. The Psychiatrist in Marin had been attempting to help me; however, his assistance was overturned by unprofessional and incompetent speakers and readers of the English language. Those whose English skills are poor should not be assigned handsome incomes simply because they have pursued an education in medicine or law. Someone is clearly commanding dishonorable schemes to destroy competent speakers and readers of the English language. This matter should be rectified asap! Will it? Some individuals are sadistically motivated; pathetically so.

          • Guest

            “Poorly and misleading wording!”
            Poorly is an adverb.  What’s the verb?

          • Pardon me, I am managing other extensive volumes, and this I have coordinated without proof-reading; Poorly [researched evaluations] and misleading wording. Some are forgetting the Mayflower Compact here, and the Magna Carta. Obviously, my work in this blog is over; I must see that I am not unduly harassed any further. Dr. Morris Gutterman and Dr. Koenig exhibited sound judgment, exemplary of that which I value medically.

          • Craighasser

            after all this fancy dan lingo there is one word that you should learn the meaning of. Comprehension. all that gobbltey gook dont amount to doodly squat and you better go back to Dr.guttertrash and get a new prescription!

          • A series of two or more [modifying] adjectives should be preceded by [modifying] adverbs–the cause for an adverb is not restricted to the modifying of a verb; of course, of further relevance: modifying clauses and phrases. At some point, diction takes precedent and may vary by demography, profession, cultural group, etc. Pardon me; spontaneous, extemporaneous–I am looking to challenge unfounded speculations. Of course, I do agree that our resources must be allocated fairly, and that intricate procedure and effective action must pursue in this course about the Governor’s decisions. Does he show no regard for our peers who are very much in need? To analyze this possibility may be advantageous to our students.

        • [You’re the idiot  and probably a racist teabagger who has way too much time on your hands.]

          Nothing like calling someone a “racist” when you can’t win the discussion. You still can’t accept two realities, the first one being that a college education is NOT free, and the second one being that a system where everyone went to college would be economically unsustainable.

          • Guest

             The first reality is that unless more university slots are created,  illegals will take  university slots that would otherwise be filled by citizens who can work; or non citizens who are here under a legal immigration status and pay full tuition, and lower the costs for citizens. In fact, it is a negative because the illegals that are now going to be given financial aid were paying in the past. In addition, the cost estimates are way off; they based assumptions on the same number of illegals in the future when aid is available,  as at the present when aid is not available.   With financial aid available, the number of illegals that will apply to UC, CSU and community colleges  will increase geometrically. The rate  of  Asian illegal immigration will skyrocket. Chinese and Vietnamese gangs have been heavily involved in smuggling illegal aliens for at least the pas two decades.
            Already, there are  barrios  in and around  Los Angeles that are becoming largely populated by low income Asian immigrants, many of whom are illegal. The so called Dream Act  is going to act as a major draw,  more from Asia than  from the indigenous peoples of Mexico who comprise most of the illegals from Mexico.
            It is time for Californians to amend the Constitution by Proposition to alter the way financial aid is apportioned to the lower and middle classes. At the present,  middle class students are priced out of a UC education, while there is no cost to those below the $80,000 per year cutoff.   This is due to current thinking in academic circles that  if there is any cost associated with a higher education then lower income students will not apply, while middle class students are more amenable to loans,  so the model has to be no cost to low income and full cost to middle income who can then take out loans. Obviously, this model is not working at UC’s since the middle class is grossly underrepresented.  50% of UC Eligible students are members of  families making between $80,000 and $120,000  and therefore not eligible for any grant based financial aid.  Students from said  families only comprise 8% of UC students.
            The admissions model will also be changed so that it cannot  be constantly adjusted by  administrators trying to increase the admission rates of their preferred races and ethnicities.
            A starting point will be to adjust  the Gpa and Class rank for  the competitive level of the high school based on Sat and ACT scores at the high school. 
            Applicants are going to be shocked  at  admissions decisions  for the Fall of 2012. With Sat Subject exams no longer required, and every student in the top 10% of his high school class with A-G subjects  UC eligible,  regardless of SAT or ACT scores,  and a free education for those from families making under $80,000 per year, there simply are not enough admission slots in the UC system to accommodate all residents who will apply and will be eligible under the new guidelines.

          • Angry

            So So True! Alabama is not taking this illegal aliens rights crap anymore and those there are fleeing the college system for fear of them and family members being deported (THE WAY IT SHOULD OF BEEN HERE FOR A VERY LONG TIME), because it’s gotten out of control here in California. Alabama is not playing around and I for one Commend them 100% with the “Enough is Enough” stance they are taking. So a reporter asked the student (illegals) “what are you going to do now, where will you go?”  Yup! You guessed it, they all said “CALIFORNIA”… THIS IS SUCH crap and i will not stand for it. It’s time to do something about this. I don’t care about statistics or being politically correct or pros or cons of this topic there AREN’T ANY as far as i’m concerned. When the word “ILLEGAL ALIEN” is used all discussion ends with me and they need to go back and do it the right way and shall NOT have any right to my tax money whatsoever. THEY ARE ILLEGAL , PERIOD! NO Discussion.

          • Happy! Canadian

            Hey This isn’t ALABAMA Boy So I suggest Keeping ur Sweet Home Alabama laws to ur self because it aint happening here NOT IN MY HOUSE! MY STATE ! MY FUTURE! MYLife! and can also go back to Alabama and support your laws  and Stop bitching on how The Golden State is nothing like it! 

          • Soto037

            Yeah Alabama is an interesting place. In 2006 there was vote to remove racist (edu) segregation language from its state constitution even though it was no longer legal. The vote failed.

          • Bravo, well said!  It is too bad that the parents violated the law and brought their children into the United States without going through the appropriate process, however the point is they are still ILLEGAL.  Why should our tax dollars be a reward?  If anyone else committed a crime they would be punished.  What I am not clear on is, does this mean that now Immigration and Customs Enforcement can locate the Illegals and give them a Get Out Of Jail Free card?  So we know where they are and will not deport them because of the Dream Act. 
            A waste of my tax dollars.  How and what can we do to avoid paying for this?   

          • NOTgreedycollegestudent

            It actually would not be economically unsustainable. FYI – Education used to be free in California. Also, many other countries (if you haven’t noticed already) are beating us in the “education” category. We have fallen ever since the “No Child Left Behind” act was put into place by the clown himself. Realize and do some research and notice that other countries who are beating us in  the education level, have FREE EDUCATION.
            America needs to look into how other countries operate and what is working for them. We are not perfect and do not own other countries, that’s for sure.
            Greedy, Ignorant, and uneducated is all “Americans” are…

            I applaud Jerry Brown for supporting education being available to all. Even if it only takes away 1% of the CA grant funds… I am not greedy and selfish and wouldn’t mind sharing that 1%.

          • [America needs to look into how other countries operate and what is working for them.]

            Given that the primary “plan” of most third-world countries is to export their population elsewhere, are you suggesting that we start sending all our poor people to Mexico?

          • Raise your percentage then and contribute more.

          • Soto037

            Not true many other countries offer free higher education and many of those countries measure higher than the US on different measurement scales like HDI etc. 

          • [Not true many other countries offer free higher education]

            Do they offer free educations to people who enter their countries illegally? Don’t think so…

          • True, however how many of them pay for Illegal Immigrants?  I have absolutely no problem supporting legal residents and US Citizens. 

        • krin

          I highly doubt that you are part of the middle class with the skewed view of the current environment. Your talking of more tax revenue as if that is the main point here. Yet I doubt that you realize that k-12 has been drained of billions, now after cuts to every educational program in the state, does it seem the best time to pass this? 

        • Angry

          BS,, i’m not a teebagger and i happen to be black and this bill is BS. I don’t want my hard earned money going to ILLEGALS , not one damn red cent of it. I’m so sick of this non-sense. Our legislators sold us legal tax paying  citizens out and i will fight this crap to no end. We are now REWARDING PEOPLE WHO BREAK THE LAWS. Have you ever read the Mexican Constitution about Immigrants? Go read it, foreigners have absolutely NO RIGHTS there to protest or lobby for anything. Just go try it and see what happens. WE ARE A STATE OF IDIOTS LEGISLATORS, who think they have a right to our money to do as they please and for what? ILLEGALS WHO BROKE THE LAW! ARE YOU KIDDING ME.. I’m PISSED , ANGRY and OUTRAGED OVER THIS BS.  IF YOU COME HERE THE RIGHT WAY I HAVE NO ISSUES WITH IMMIGRANTS whatsoever, no matter what race, creed or color, even my own, but IF YOU ARE  crossing the boarders illegally and EXPECTING ME TO PAY FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS KIDS, THEN THAT PISSES ME OFF TO NO END.. GOD i’m so ANGRY. 

          • Angry

            What part of the word “ILLEGAL”, do you not understand?  Damn i’m pissed by this.

          • Soto037

            Well technically they are undocumented. By the books in order to be illegal you must be formally removed (deported) and then come back.

          • Bullshit. They are “illegal” the second they sneak over the border.

          • Craighasser

            Maybe you should become a “Teabagger” {libereals name for The Tea Party]  The simple idea of the tea party is just as it was in Boston Harbor. Stop wasting the tax money that you receive and stop wanting more more more!! Everyone should agree with the tea party, no one ever says “Hey, take more of my money and throw it away on wasteful programs, study groups illegal aliens or whatever.” The real enemy is government not rich people and corporations. Just look at California, what a joke! They are completely broke and want more to waste. Or, look at the stupid “stimulous” bill  800 billion in tax money to create jobs that cost an average of $275.000.00 per job it created! what a joke and the jokes on us.  Stop the wasteful spending and bailouts and giveaways and demand accountability! How could you not agree with that! Everyone is a Tea bagger! The jealous of the rich crowd that is growing in protest now are demanding more to be given to them by the government. They want bigger government and more taxes and more waste and everyone to be equal. Move to North Korea  because this is a capitalist country and was made the number one country in the world by people inventing,working hard and selling products that the world wants.  Free this American spirit and get government and its waste OUT OF OUR WAY!    Teabagger  Hooray hooray  yes yes!!!!!

          • I could not have said it better myself.  They violated the U.S. Immigration laws and we raise our taxes to pay for their students to go to college.  Something is wrong with our system.  If they were the only people in California, who would pay for them? 

        • Tea Party Eric

           I fail to understand the perfection in this? educate a population of individuals so that when they get the degree they wont be able to find work because they have no documentation (aka Illegal Resident) I am a tea party member too but I don’t get what that has to do with race or religion or anything other than fiscal (aka money) responsibility. the Corporations you are bashing (which by the way you would be living in a dirt cave without, I am sure probably EVERYTHING you own was made by one) know you cannot spend more than you make. When are the Occupy folks going to wake up and figure out it is the government they should be angry at, welfare, retirement plans, pensions, jobs and trillions of dollars of Americans tax dollars have been robbed and will continue to be until we decide to get rid of the rats. I find it very interesting that many middle class families have money invested in the stock markets where they rely on the corporations they have invested in to make a profit and pay a dividend or return on investment. I don’t see our government doing that. After hearing the nice young folks of the Occupy movement stumble through being unable to articulate what they want sometimes in a way that is almost painful to watch, I would be reluctant to align myself with them. I hope we can have intelligent conversation and dialog without resorting to calling each other names which I noticed you did at least 3 times. You know that kind of makes you look like you are a (well you know)

        • Cannary2

          You are the idiot.  Look in the mirror.

        • [You’re the idiot  and probably a racist teabagger who has way too much time on your hands.]

          Ah yes, the usual response from progressives: make silly accusations and smear the Tea Party. At least the TP people don’t break shit and get in fights with the cops when they have their demonstrations. They also clean up after themselves,which is a lot more than I can say about most of the filthy pigs in the Occupy Whatever movement.

        • Skiltz1

          The cost of a 4 year education at one of the campuses of the UC system is approximately $220,000 per student. A significant portion of those costs are the tuition fees paid by the CA taxpayer to supplement the fees for non-resident, non-citizen, non-national “dreamers.” Multiply that times the number of illegals within the UC system and you will arrive at the bill for indigenous, legal residents of the State of California. Your claim that “dreamers” are being scapegoated is the typical regurgitation of a privileged, self-adulating liberal. The real scapegoats are poor, white, American citizens from non-urban regions of the country who deserve the same entitlements to higher education that illegal border trespassers receive. Why shouldn’t the white farmers’s son from Nebraska or South Dakota have as much opportunity to “dream” and enter Berkeley or UCLA as an illegal immigrant from Sinaloa or Jalisco?

      • lol

        The rich aren’t going to run out of business because the middle class’ materialism keeps them rolling in the benjamins. Just wondering–are you sitting in your heated house with lights and an internet connection typing away on your computer? Later tonight, will you be climbing into a nice bed with warm sheets and a mattress? Will you be waking up in the morning to drive to work? Maybe pick up a bagel and some coffee on the way? What about all that gas you put in your car? Your car itself? Maybe you take the bus–don’t you pay the bus driver? What about your clothing? Shoes? Did you buy those?

        Yeah, the stores that you buy from and the corporations that own them aren’t on the edge of bankruptcy. Your money is funneled into corporations and the government every single day of your life and its so so SO naive of you, especially if you’re middle class, to feel bad for the wealthy having to pay more in taxes.

        Whether you like it or not, and whether you know it or not, you’re already paying taxes for infrastructure, healthcare, education, arts and entertainment [ie, public access, theatre, music, arts, sports, etc] the environment, the military, the police and fire departments, etc.

        • Craighasser

          Corporations are simply businesses. Some are small some are giant. These businesses all started small and grew because people liked their products. They took risks and as they grew they hired people. What is so wrong with that? How many people get a paycheck from a corporate business? Millions and millions. And, by the way thousands of corporations have gone bankrupt and to this day they still do. Try starting and growing your own business. God knows I would hope you produce something that goes over well and as your business grows you can reinvest it and give even more people a good job! Maybe you will get rich from all your hard work but watch out, you will have to work harder and maybe lay people off because Ill be jealous of you and Im gonna want 70% of your income! Thats ok because now your rich,just work a little harder wont you?   Yeah and taxes for infasructure? The libs spent it all on touchy feely programs just look at our roads in california. Healthcare? 10 billion goes to illegals that dont pay a cent and the rest of us struggle to pay the huge premiums for a lousy policy.The military IS being cut which to me is the number one duty of government….to protect us. The police, firefighters ,nurses, teachers in California have all hijacked us through their unions and now we pay ridiculous salaries with huge benefits and overtime and they retire at 50 with giant salaries and great benefits for the rest of their lives. EXAMPLE: California teachers,   highest paid in the US.. Test scores in California    dismal     Drop out rate in high school   40%.   So stop being jealous of rich people and big business and start looking at our backward liberal wasteful California government who has enough money to give illegal aliens college tuition but threatens us citizens with releasing prisoners because of budget shortfalls!

      • Beverly Isbell Brown

        Myekom, Alphapapalima, this is pretty easy to explain. If you educate people through college, they get better paying jobs and pay more taxes for the next 40+ years of their life which is a win win situation. Or you do not educate them, they do not make enough money to pay taxes and then no one wins. But let me guess, this is above your pay grade so you can not digest the bigger picture.

    • Alphapapalima

      Last time I checked… education was not free.  It cost money.  Which is why $1 spent on an illegal is $1 taken away from a legal citizen. Recall Jerry Brown.  

    • Sergeant Dias

      No bravery in this.  He is giving to those that do not deserve it.  How about those here legally than cannot affor it?  He did it for political favors from LA RAZA political group.

  • RannsMama

    This is a disgrace!!!  What about our CITIZEN’S and their dreams???   Taking from their educations to educate the citizens of Mexico is ignorant, unfair, and should not be tolerated.  

    I want in on this recall business I keep reading about.

    • Anonymous

      nobody is going to get recalled. calm your horses. A recall would cost even more money.

      • Norman Dostal

        they are already preparing for a recall, dumdum-and the dream act will be repealed by a huge margin in 2012

        • Anonymous

          uh huh sure. keep dreaming buddy.

    • Guest

      you’re the ignorant for thinking that all immigrants are from Mexico. Just because your stupid doesn’t mean others have to. 

      • Fact of the matter is that most of them are from Mexico, so his statement is hardly ignorant. Sorry, but semantics games are a poor substitute for a reasoned argument.

        • Elizabeth

          That’s part of the problem with having millions of undocumented people in our country, we don’t have accurate statistics to say where they’re from. They are from Mexico, but they’re also from all over Central and South America. There are undocumented Indians (from India), Africans and Southeast Asians as well. Also, there’s a new wave of undocumented Chinese that are predominantly working as indentured servants throughout the country, too. 

        • Guest

          Actually there are about as many from Korea as from Mexico.

          • Guest

            Undocumented students at UCB, that is.

          • Norman Dostal

            thats  alie-70% are from Mexico and 3% are asian-how is that the same number?

      • smart Mexican

        LOL! amen to that Guest. Damn lady, YOU are making “Americans” look like read dumb-asses.  

      • Norman Dostal

        75% of illegals are from south of the border-of these, almost all are from Mexico

        • Guest

          75% of statistics are also made up on the spot. If you’re going to make a statement like that, you need to cite your sources.

          • Guest

            You’re a 100% moron.

      • Anonymous

        “…your stupid…”

        LOL @ the irony.

    • Nelson Cortez

      Ignorance is what you claim this is right?…. You should probably know…

      70% of the students that benefit from this bill are Citizens, US Born.

      Second, undocumented students are NOT only from Mexico… yes some are…. 

      Before calling this ignorant, you should really get your own comments straight,

      Just Saying…

      • [70% of the students that benefit from this bill are Citizens, US Born. ]

        That still means 30% are not citizens or not US born. I don’t have a problem with LEGAL immigrant citizens, but in a time of fiscal crisis, even 1% for non-citizens or people in the country illegally is clearly wrong.

      • Myekom

        And where did you get your stats?  I doubt 70 % are citizens.  Also, we don’t seem to get as  much scum from other countries as we do from Mexico.  How often do you hear on the news an American killed by an illegal from Africa or China or any where else?  You don’t, it’s the damn Mexicans. 

        • Classy and cute, calling another human being scum!!

          Africa (which is a CONTINENT btw, sounds like you could benefit from this financial aid to help educate you) and China are not border countries–its more difficult for them to get here illegally, while a South or Central American can travel by land. However, they are still here. There is a very significant refugee population from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, Somalia, Kenya (receipts if you don’t believe me: and since 2007, those numbers have dramatically increased. They aren’t official citizens, its temporary asylum, but their children are put in public schools nonetheless. There are plenty of Asian immigrants, especially from India, China, the Philippines, some Middle Eastern countries. You can easily go to the CIS and find more charts and references about these numbers. While a large number of illegals ARE Mexican, a significant number are not.

          By the way, how often do you hear on he news an American killed by another American, versus one killed by a non-America?

          • Anonymous

            What, so you think just because people all over the world are coming to America illegally, that we should just give up enforcing our immigration rules and open our doors to everyone?  And pay them to take college classes so they can compete more effectively with our out-of-work college graduates?

          • Anonymous

            Murderers are scum.

            If you don’t think they’re scum, that means you’re scum too.

        • Guest

          It’s a common error to think that AB 540 (and now AB 130/131) only covers illegal immigrants. It also covers residents of other states who had high school education in California.

        • gerry

          Key word, “on the NEWS” … News are full of shit and we all know that

      • Anonymous

        If they are citizens, why aren’t they documented?
        If they are citizens, all they would have to do is get documented to get the same benefits, so why the hell wouldn’t they do it?

        This bill is designed to be used by illegal immigrants. Period.

    • Where do you see anyone taking away from citizens’ educations? American high schoolers will still be given financial aid. Just because this has passed doesn’t mean that the state will then turn around and end all financial aid to American students. What is unfair is blaming the child of illegals who was born in this country, for something their parents did when they were young, and not giving them the chance to go to college or educate themselves so they can give back to the community. Imagine a child born in the United States to illegal immigrants. She enrolls in public school, upholds a high GPA throughout her entire schooling, excels in math and science, two areas where women are very underrepresented, and dreams of going to university to study medicine so she can become a doctor or science to become an engineer or a physicist? Now, it’s possible for her, the way it would be possible for any other child. Children who are legal citizens already have the tools to make their dreams happen. Now, these children do too.

      Also, do you realize that not all illegals are Mexican? That many are also African refugees given asylum from their war torn countries? Or that many are also from South American countries? By stereotypical all illegals as Mexican, that just makes you seem ignorant.

      • [What is unfair is blaming the child of illegals who was born in this
        country, for something their parents did when they were young, and not giving them the chance to go to college or educate themselves so they can give back to the community.]

        What’s even more unfair is making law-abiding taxpaying American citizens pay for the children of people who broke the law in the first place. Your pursuit of some type of cosmic justice does a genuine INJUSTICE for people who played by the rules, and only provides MORE of an incentive for more people to break the laws and come here illegally in the future.

        • You do realize that “law-abiding taxpaying American citizens” are often paying for the children of American citizens who break the law right? Or is that acceptable because at least they’re American citizens~ and not illegals? Or that “law-abiding taxpaying American citizens” are funding the public primary & secondary schools that these kids also attend.

          You seem really concerned about tax dollars being used for education, I wonder if it bothers you more or less than part of your taxes also feeds into corrupt banks and corporations. Hell, I’d rather pay for kids to be educated than pad some rich guy’s wallet with part of my tax dollars.

          • Elizabeth

            It’s interesting how conservatives have no problem criminalizing undocumented immigrants and spending millions of taxpayer dollars to imprison them, but when it comes to educating our best and brightest whose parents BROUGHT them into this country without their consent, who are just as American as you or I, they all of a sudden pull out the “taxing” card. Nobody values education as a public good. We should want people in this country to be educated, so we can compete on the global playing field. 

          • I love this comment!

            And exactly. We’re supposed to be a superpower, “the greatest nation on earth” according to some politicians (which is a bunch of bs…) yet we’re lagging far behind our contemporaries in regards to education. No country is truly perfect, but our school system is awful!

          • Craighasser

            proof again that government run public programs{our education system} are a wasteful failure. and dont forget the huge financial burden on the public school system caused by non citizens making it even more of a failure. Private sector schools without unions can educate better and cheaper, this is a fact but we would rather be a failure so that we can have more government dependent people to vote for democrats! The end game is one big giant broke failure. Quit relying on government and make your own way. THAT IS HOW AMERICA WAS FOUNDED AND THAT IS WHAT MADE IT GREAT AND THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL SECURE HER FUTURE!~

          • Guest

            This is a ridiculous claim. The rich and powerful have relied on government policies for the whole of America history, and continue to; why else would they spend billions in electing politicians?

          • Craighasser

            What is ridiculous saying that government cant run education worth a hill of beans? Billions are spent and test scores go down.It always amazes me how the left is so jealous of rich folks and how they hate corporations. My customers are rich people and i get my goods from corporations that produce them for me at reasonable cost. Why cant you see that corporations are big businesses that hire millions? Just look at Apple. If you dont like them then boycott them. Dont eat out at a big chain, dont buy clothes from a major manufacturer, dont buy gas, dont watch television, dont use a cellphone and the list goes on and on.Maybe you will hurt their bottom line. Yeah! Then they can lay off more people and unemployment will be at 15%. The largest corporation, and the most wasteful is the United States government and we are all the Shareholders. Any by the way,rich people donating money to their favorite campaign is free will. Unions taking dues and spending billions on their favorite politician regardless of what the member thinks, is not free will but you can bet it will always be a politician on the left because they always get their power and contracts back from them in return.

          • Sam Sam

            How come you are legal in this country, may be because you born in this country, the same way who ever born here becomes CITIZEN, so they will get benefits US Citizen. What if an illegal  European parents have a child here, why its different, will this be a same.?

          • Craighasser

            Dont be insulting and ask why am I a legal citizen My ancestors came here LEGALLY in the 1850s and went through the LEGAL process and I was born to LEGAL american parents and this is MY homeland!!  We are the only country that lets illegal trespassers waltz in set up shop and reap the rewards of capitalism. the 14th amendment was added to make SLAVES   US citizens, not everyone in the whole world who happened to run past the law and have kids. I challenge you to go to any other country ,have children and instantly they are citizens. Wont happen, not in Mexico,South America Europe or Asia. By the way, my granfather fought in World war 1 and my father fought in World war 2 for this great country. If all are allowed to come here illegally and have families that are instant citizens than all I can say is than God we dont have all the nations bordering us or we would be living in chaos.

          • Anonymous

            That’s right.
            Our public schools are already awful and under-funded, so let’s FLOOD THEM WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS so that what precious little the schools do get has to be spread around even thinner.


          • [It’s interesting how conservatives have no problem criminalizing
            undocumented immigrants and spending millions of taxpayer dollars to
            imprison them]

            Two corrections: First of all, they are not “undocumented immigrants”. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS. Secondly, we don’t want them imprisoned. We want them DEPORTED.

          • Guest

            “BROUGHT them into this country without their consent”
            No one obliges them to stay.  Why would they repudiate the country of their birth?

          • Anonymous

            “who are just as American as you or I”

            I’m an American citizen.
            They aren’t.

            Even an infant ought to be able to understand that that makes them less American.
            But apparently, you can’t make that distinction.

            Such is the level of self-delusion required to support your position.

        • Anonymous

          Citizens are not the only people who pay into the general fund or the UC pool of financial aid at that. Goddamnit, WHAT. DO. YOU. NOT. GET?!

          You’re just spewing blatant lies. But I get that not everybody appreciates fact-based research and would rather just throw out lies here and there.

          • Illegals broke the law. How is that a lie?

          • Sonsing4

            In response to you and many others.  Massacres, does that ring the bell?  Massacres of Native Americans worked the first immigrants’ group into America.  No court judge them for that. How did that make them legal citizens of America?  In todays terminology an action like such would be called a crime. 

          • Sonsing4

            By the way, I meant to say “today’s”  in case someone thought about correcting me.

          • Guest

            “No court judge them for that.”
            There were no courts.  There was no national legal system.  There were no legal citizens of America until they created a nation.  When colonialism ended, the US government signed treaties with Indian nations and massacres stopped.

          • Anonymous

             Right, because what happened over 200 years ago is TOTALLY applicable today.

          • [In response to you and many others.  Massacres, does that ring the bell?]

            When was the last time anyone in the UC system got massacred? Really now, are you in some type of contest to come up with the most stupid post or what?

      • ladybigmac

        the girl you used in your example would probably get into stanford through their affirmative action policies, so we don’t even have to worry about her getting financial aid from the state

        • Elizabeth

          Let me guess….you’re white. Poor you, you’ve had all the opportunities in the world and can’t see out of your fogged over glasses that people of color in the country have disadvantages that you obviously can’t imagine. 

          • Norman Dostal

            shutup elizabeth-people of color have just as many opportunities as whites-as long as they dont break the law

          • ladybigmac

            i’m confused, what are the categories again? obviously there’s the “white” category, then we have the “people of color” category. Where do asians fit in? do they fall into “color” because they aren’t white, or do they fall into “white” because they are “overrepresnted” at berkeley. i guess asians did get all the breaks, otherwise how in the world would they have possibly become so populous at berkeley?

          • [Let me guess….you’re white. Poor you, you’ve had all the opportunities in the world]

            If you think all people who are white have somehow had all the opportunities in the world, you clearly have your own ignorant racist stereotypes that you need to think about…

          • Craighasser

            OOO you just played the race card! AGAIN    Is that your intellectual response? Oh please

          • Cannary2

            Elizabeth!  Color has nothing to do with this stupidity of the Governor.  Illegals are criminals and should be deported.  They broke our laws by jumping the fence.  Get a clue, woman.
            There are plenty of legal ways to come into this country.

      • Dawna

        If your born in this county, you are not an illegal. 

      • Anonymous

        “American high schoolers will still be given financial aid.”
        There is a limit to financial aid.  Do you think California has a giant pool of money just waiting for every college student?  Every dollar spent on an illegal alien is one less dollar spent on citizens and legal immigrants.  Also, the Dream Act does not force illegal aliens to study engineering or science.  Why should citizens pay for illegal aliens to major in ethnic self-pity studies so that when they graduate, they’ll fail to find a job and go straight onto welfare programs?

      • Jamie

        Those people who you say are victims because their parents brought them here illegally are adults when they get to college, which means they can apply for citizenship. Once they get their citizenship, then they can apply for financial aid. Rewarding people for breaking the law and taking the easy route is irresponsible and should not be burdened on the tax payers. Most illegals get work in this country by stealing someone else’s identity. How would you feel to find that it is your identity someone is using? You probably wouldn’t be so sympathetic…

        • The big question is:
          What is worse, using a false name to be able to work and sustain a family, not claim a tax return, and pay taxes on every purchase a person makes or killing families of Native Americans to take control over a foreign land?  I find that many people commenting here, don’t even know who they are and where they came from.  That is truely ironic!

          • Guest

            Did you learn your history in an ethnic-studies class?  The facts are more complicated and ambiguous.

          • Craighasser

            All I know is that if I as an American citizen filed false returns or stole the identities of honest people and got caught, I would be charged with a felony! There will never be a country that is perfect, what happened to some indians and to the slaves is shameful. The native Americans actually came here as immigrants from asia and formed their own tribes around the land and back then there was no one country like today. Before Europeans came here these tribes were fighting and slaughtering each other so dont think they were perfect either. The US has tried to make good on past atrocities and the Native Americans even have casinos now!  I dont look at black people as any different than any other race because we are all Americans and need to move past this completely.  By the way, I know where I came from. I was born here in California,to American citizens in the United States. I know who I am, an american man in my fifties that loves my country and works hard for my family. Was I suppose to think that I came from somewhere else, or what?  Also, dont justify commiting modern day crime with mistakes that may have been made in the past.

      • Guest

        “What is unfair is blaming the child of illegals who was born in this country”
        Note that children born in this country are citizens and not affected by AB131.

      • Guest

        “that just makes you seem ignorant”
        Your misunderstanding of the laws of citizenship makes you seem ignorant.  Every child born in the US is a citizen.  AB131 is about children born in another country and smuggled into the US.

      • Thier parents intenionally invade our country and intentionally conceive in this country, to intentionally receive grants for their children to citizenship, later they will take over the state, by accident. lol

      • Angry


    • Karen_metrozone

      Not everyone that is illegal is mexican so don’t come up with a dumb argument…..y wouldnt you want them to get educated they aint taking anything away from you….as if you read what the dream act is about they get private aid so is way different than what us citizens get….

      • [Not everyone that is illegal is mexican so don’t come up with a dumb argument]

        Nobody ever said that, but given that a significant number DO come from Mexico, RannsMama’s comment is perfectly valid.

      • Craighasser

        Wrong! AB130 131 gives public sector tax money to fund the 40 million dollar cap for in state tuition for gil sadillo and jerry browns voting base  {poor people waiting for hand outs and over educated common sense lacking liberals}  Oh, yes by the way there is NO MONEY , there will never be any money, we have a 15 billion dollar shortfall and the tax and spend democrats have been in charge for 45 years and spent it all including money we dont even have so keep electing them and learn how to pay half of you income in taxes. The rest of us will just leave and there will be no one left but the rich who like the coastline and illegal immigrants.

    • Torrie1988

      All Hispanics are from Mexico? Also I do not think it is just for “Mexicans” it is for any immigrant. Taking from their dreams? half of the youth of the United States are lazy, ignorant, and careless people, these kids that are here were brought by there parents so why should they pay the price of not getting an education?

      • Guest

        “kids that are here were brought by there parents”
        Their parents brought them here against the law.  A child who is taken to a foreign country illegally should be repatriated.


    These people should be arrested and deported……….NOT REWARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Did you come up with that all by yourself? so clever…

      • As if you’re any great fountainhead of original ideas around here…

        • Anonymous

          Oh thanks for the comment, Tony M. As always the cruel, erroneous prick and troll who loves to roam the Daily Cal.

          • “Cruel” must mean I dare disagree with your nonsensical liberal tripe.

          • Anonymous

            sure call whatever you want to call it so you can go to sleep with you heartless smirk at night.

    • Elizabeth

      Really kids? You want to deport kids whose parents brought them here when they were infants, who speak perfect English and have only known the United States? You want to deport KIDS to some place far away that their parents came from, that they have no recollection of and don’t know one person in? That sounds really mean. 

      • A true latino

        Hey. Some of them came here at the age of 13. They are pretty much aware  of what their doing, or they just might be retarded if they don’t realize it.

      • BigED


      • Anonymous

        No, we don’t want to deport kids.  We want the kids to join their big happy families in sunny Acapulco or Guangzhou or wherever they came from.  It’s not right to split up a family, so the entire family should be deported as a unit.

        • Sam Sam

          Oh you are talking as if you are native to this country. Same as you Europeans, native Indians should have done that 200 yrs ago.  Dont say that you are legal, who knows ???

          • [Oh you are talking as if you are native to this country.]

            If he was born here to US citizens or legal immigrants, he IS a native of this country.

          • Guest

            “native Indians should have done that 200 yrs ago”
            Native Indians had no system of laws or citizenship and were still living in the Stone Age, fighting tribal wars.

          • Tim

            They couldn’t have had a legal system or constitutional government.  They had no written language.

      • Cannary2

        In this case:  Then release all murderers from our prisons because they have children at home that need their parents.  Elizabeth, you are a sick libtard puppy.  I will pray for you.  There is still the rule of law in this country and we should all follow it.  Brown is an idiot, homosexual lover, pro abortion pig  and will do anything to suck up to those filthy bastards just for votes.  Go to Church and ask God for forgiveness for being so un educated.  Take this from a proud black man.  Color has no barriers.  There is only one God and He created all of us.  Even you, Elizabeth.

        GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE STATE OF ISRAEL THAT OBAMA threw under the bus recently. 

  • So now the solution to our current financial crises is to give more taxpayer money to people who shouldn’t even be in this state in the first place?

    I don’t know what medical marijuana dispensary Governor Moonbeam and his crew have been patronizing, but they must have some really strong shit.

    • SpurriousBS

      “solution to our current financial crises is to give more taxpayer money to people who shouldn’t even… blah blah blah”

      Where in the article does it say this is the solution to the current financial crises?
      It does not say this.
      You are putting up a straw man argument.
      Your attempted trollery is transparent and thus equals to FAIL.
      Try harder, Loser.

      Your internet Mommy.

      • Thanks for ignoring the fiscal issue of who pays for these illegals. I bet you think money grows on trees too…

      • Anonymous


        It’s always nice when trolls label themselves so honestly. It makes them easily to identify.

      • Craighasser

        Youve got to admit though that the Democrats and moonbeam will never have a viable solution to the fiscal crisis that THEY created. Democrats have held a majority in this state for 45 years.  The proof is their last smoke and mirrors budget that they slammed through and even Brown was smart enough to veto it. They will try to tax cigarettes more, triple our registration fees, threaten to release prisoners and Oh sorry we need to close down some state parks, and there wont be enough police and all the other ridiculous threats to the citizens of California. They will never cut the unions and their massive benefits and massive pensions. You know the line “sponsored by firefighters,teachers,police and nurses”.  This is the voting base and so are hispanics. So while stupid us are threatened by higher taxes and cuts, the unions rule over us with billion dollar iron fists and there is no problem coming up with  mega bucks for illegal aliens. This whole thing is a big slap in the face bag over the head of Californians that remember when California really was the”Golden State”.

  • Dazed & Confused

    I’m guessing the same way we recalled Gray Davis. This is outrageous!

    • Anonymous

      uh huh. sure. not happening.

      • Guest

        hi go back to mexico

  • Alphapapalima

    How do we recall him?