Photographer Spotlight: Edwin Cho, Day 1

Edwin Cho / Staff Photographer

Hello, my name is Edwin and I’ll (hopefully) entertain you all with some of my work. I’m a second year student from a peaceful little suburb of Los Angeles. Besides photography, my hobbies include cooking, eating, playing music, and attempting to record music. That’s a self portrait of myself up there (when I had longer hair) made with the help of my sister, who is also a photographer. I guess you can say that creativity runs in my family. Most of us are graphic designers, musicians, photographers, or some strange mix of those (among other art forms). I also have a bad habit of using tons of parentheses, so forgive me for that (please).

I got my first DSLR, a trusty Nikon D40, when I was a junior in high school. I made the jump from a point and shoot after playing with other peoples’ SLRs. I naturally gravitated toward shooting other things I have interest in, most notably music, food and cars (though I’m not too crazy about the latter, they make for great photos).

Like my other hobbies, I am self-taught. My endless hours searching the internet led me to fall in love with strobism (using small flashes to create effective, versatile lighting) and long exposure photography. My self-portrait is an example of strobism. For all you technical photographers out there, it was shot with a Canon 7D (my sister’s, I still shoot Nikon) and a 50mm f/1.4. As far as lighting, it was lit with a LumoPro LP160 in a homemade beauty dish camera left and a LumoPro LP120 with a red gel lighting the background. I had other shots with a reflector camera right filling in the shadows on my face, but I liked the look of this shot better. If you want to read more on strobism, check out David Hobby’s blog, Strobist.

Throughout the rest of this week, I plan on sharing some of my photos of music, food, cars, and some more strobist shots.

Feel free to check out my personal blog at which covers food, music, and photography.