Johnny Depp comes to UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Auditorium for private movie screening

Actor Johnny Depp greets his fans and signs autographs as he leaves Wheeler Hall Monday night.
Rashad Sisemore/Staff
Actor Johnny Depp greets his fans and signs autographs as he leaves Wheeler Hall Monday night.

Johnny Depp, an Academy Award-nominated actor, and Director Bruce Robinson hosted a Q&A session at a special private screening of their new movie, The Rum Diary, in Wheeler Auditorium Monday night.

The event was only open to those students who both personally received an invitation and RSVPed before 12 p.m. Monday. Students who show up for the event without having previously RSVPed were turned away.

The session was moderated by writer Ben Fong-Torres, an Oakland native who has written for Rolling Stone and the San Francisco Chronicle and who has emceed past events such as the South by Southwest music and film festival in Austin, Texas.

The movie, based on the novel by Hunter Thompson, is set in the 1950s and follows New York-based journalist Paul Kemp who takes up a freelance job in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As he falls in love with a woman named Chenault, played by Amber Heard, he falls into the habit of drinking rum.

The movie will open in theaters Oct. 28.


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  • 3rdEyeExtract

    How many of the commentators on this thread have even read Rum Diaries?
    It’s not a particularly good novel, why do you think it was rejected by every publisher under the sun and didn’t see publication for ~ 40 years? Beware, it’s not in the typical Thompson style anyway.

    Go read Hell’s Angles & Great Shark Hunt, both are much better than the book this movie is based on. Thompson at his Gonzo Best: The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved.

    Depp was ok in the Fear and Loathing film but “Where the Buffalo Roam” is where it’s at;
    Bill Murray does a far superior rendering of Thompson for the silver screen than Depp will ever manage to pull off.
    (No disrespect to Depp, a fine actor and indisputably a true friend of HST.)

  • Guest

    Way to fuck things up, Cal.

  • Jbraun1


  • Czach

    Even if you RSVP’d you got turned away! Seems that Berkeley organisers can’t do maths…..! Thanks a lot!

  • Nate Eisenberg

    That’s some babyback bullshit.

  • Guest

    Not open for all students! Film/Media Studies/English majors only!

  • Guest

    There is a list of everyone who has declared to be in the major. Also, you had to have RSVP through your major to attend. 

  • Guest


    How would they check our major?

  • rights

    gee timing problemos…news to be able 2 attend should be greater than 30 minutes after the fact


    well this sucks for me :(

  • CD

    wait I’m a film major but since I couldn’t get into the prereq class I can’t declare my major? What should I do!

  • Hello

    so when it says monday…does that mean oct 17?

  • Guest

    you must be declared media studies, english or film in order to attend

  • Bearsbearsbears

    film majors only! 

  • Glassygurl23

    How do we get tickets? Is this open for all students?

    • Guest

      read the second paragraph dude.

      • Guest

        gurl, sorry ;)

      • Guest

        Read the update timestamp, dude.