Eight earthquakes hit Berkeley over past several days

Since Thursday, Berkeley has been at the center of at least eight earthquakes.

The first, and largest, was a 4.0 magnitude quake that hit just before 3 p.m. Thursday and was centered under South Berkeley, according to U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor was followed by three smaller earthquakes in the afternoon — a 1.0 magnitude quake at 3:02 p.m., a 1.8 magnitude quake at 3:09 p.m. and a 2.2 magnitude quake at 4:50 p.m — and a 3.8 magnitude earthquake that hit at 8:16 p.m. that evening.

According to the agency, no earthquake was centered in Berkeley on Friday. Just after midnight Saturday morning, a 2.8 magnitude earthquake shook the East Bay and was followed by two more smaller quakes within the hour that were also centered in Berkeley.

Although their epicenters were not in Berkeley, at least four earthquakes in the Bay Area and in Northern California were felt in Berkeley between Thursday and Saturday, according to U.S.G.S.’s response system that allows people to report if they feel a quake.

The Hayward Fault, from which all the earthquakes erupted this week, runs through the UC Berkeley campus and under Memorial Stadium.

The agency reported in 2008 that an earthquake of 6.8 magnitude or greater at the Hayward Fault is increasingly likely since the last major earthquake was 140 years ago and the past five earthquakes of similar magnitudes have been, on average, 140 years apart.

The most recent large earthquake on the Hayward Fault was in 1868 — an approximately 6.8 magnitude quake that saw the earth crack for 20 miles and killed 30 people, according to U.S.G.S.

If the 1868 earthquake were to reoccur today, the loss to residential and commercial property could exceed $165 billion, according to the 2008 report. The report also states that a major earthquake on the fault would affect more than 5 million people.

Soumya Karlamangla is the assistant city news editor.

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  • Reeder415

    Is there any chance this has to do with construction at Memorial Stadium?

  • Cooper

    Too bad the author does not indicate where the information is from for the maps shown in this article.  USGS shows this morning’s earthquake was centered just north of the stadium.   I understood the firstThursday 2:41 PM  quake was just outside Clark Kerr and the second in the evening was just south of the International House.

  • Shizzle

    the earthquakes will continue until Tedford is fired.

  • Flexbhu

    i live in Berkeley and am really concerned after reading this article. 

    • calbear10

      actually, this is usually good news.  Small earthquakes such as these are signs that the fault is giving off tension and lessoning the likelihood of the big one hitting anytime soon.

      • wsp

        big earthquakes are actually often preceded by smaller ones.

        • Josephheidebrecht

          wsp is correct. Activity surrounding the impending epicenter has been shown to go up in the months preceeding a major quake. The Hayward fault is due for a major quake right now, 140 years after the last one. Seriously people, get your supplies together and have an emergency plan.

          • Listen to  warnings. Father gives them through people and minor Disasters first BEFORE the Big Japan type hit America. Contact me for help if you are unable. ROY

      • Cooper

        Nope!  Small quakes do not release tension in the Hayward Fault.

  • Somebody

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    • STO45

      … and for the sake of grammar.

      • Somebody

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    • [Since we blew more than $3 Trillion dollars on fake wars in Iraq and Afghanistan]

      Somehow I don’t believe that the family, friends, or fellow servicemen and women of those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan believe there is anything “fake” about those wars…

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