This Week in Sound: Trick or beats

Live 105/Courtesy

It’s Halloween!! Although most people have been celebrating throughout the weekend, there’s still one more day of spooks and ghouls — and Halloween-themed music of course. For those looking for one last hurrah, Live 105 is hosting their annual Subsonic Halloween Ball tonight at the Regency Ballroom in SF. Originally known as Spookfest, the Subsonic Halloween Ball is known for its plethora of DJs and electronica acts. This year’s headliners include 2MANYDJS, Fake Blood and Clasixx. Live 105 events are known to feature local acts as part of the billing, and the Halloween rave — I mean ball — is no exception. The ball will feature a wide variety of local DJs, such as Eli Glad and DJ Audio 1. The full lineup can be found here. If you’re going to the show, who are you excited to see?

Universal Island Records/Courtesy

In addition to all the frights and raves, there are some slightly less Halloween-themed albums coming out this week. Florence and the Machine will be releasing their new album Ceremonials this week. Can the band move past the dog days, or will they suffer the infamous sophomore slump?

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Lou Reed and Metallica will release their debut collaborative album Lulu this week as well. The Velvet Underground singer and the heavy-metal juggernauts have been tossing the idea around since 2009, and the idea has finally reached metal-headed fruition. With the Decemberists latest effort Long Live the King making its debut this week as well,  what are you most excited about?