UC Berkeley protest to join Oakland’s

Organizers hope that UC Berkeley students will take part in a campus walkout planned Wednesday as a show of support for protests in the East Bay.

The walkout is expected to begin at 11 a.m. with students meeting in Sproul Plaza before leaving for Oakland, according to the Reclaim UC website. The protest is meant to endorse the general strike — a strike of all workers connected to Occupy Oakland — that will start the same day.

In keeping with other Occupy protests that have been operated democratically, much else is being left unplanned and will be determined by those who attend.

Once in Oakland, the students may join the general Occupy Oakland protest or protest outside the UC Office of the President. If the protest occurs at the office, it would be meant as both a protest against tuition hikes and an extension of Occupy Oakland, according to Amanda Armstrong, a graduate student and an organizer of the walkout.

“The regents and President Yudof should be understood as part of the 1 percent,” Armstrong said. “They are making unaccountable decisions about our education.”

UC administrators have been criticized for their handling of recent severe state funding cuts to the UC that have led to, among other things, drastically higher tuition.

The office could not be reached for comment on possible preparations for the protest.

The organizers remain hopeful student attendance for the walkout will be high but said participation could be low because the walkout has not been widely advertised. In an effort to encourage more to protest, the graduate student union and Public Education Coalition endorsed the walkout, according to Armstrong.

“Undoubtedly a number of students, workers and staff will be taking part in the march,” said Shane Boyle, another organizer of the walkout.

The decision to first hold a walkout at the campus was made at the Occupy Oakland meeting Thursday, according to Boyle. Among the crowd of more than 1,000, approximately 25 UC Berkeley students collectively decided to hold the walkout, Armstrong said.

The movement is also supported by the Occupy Berkeley protest still under way, according to UC Berkeley junior Bo-Peter Laanen. While not directly involved in the walkout’s organization, Occupy Berkeley protesters plan on participating in the march, according to Laanen.

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  • the devil

    There is no point in trying to close the Port of Oakland. The freight is already paid for and the guy at the top has his pockets full. You won’t hurt them a bit. The merchants, longshoremen , truckers and clerks who need to pay rent are the ones who will suffer.

  • Somebody

    We, the 99% voiced our opposition to ridiculous debit fees, and under threat of removing money out of their banks, BofA and Wells Fargo announced they will cancel the debit card monthly fee.

    Just imagine, if we could do the same to the University of California.  It’s ridiculous they demand high school and transfer students to pay up to an equivalent of a brand new Ducati each semester for undergrads and a brand new Toyota Camry or more for professional degrees each semester.  If people had this type of money, they wouldn’t bother going to school in the first place!  It is impossible for high school or transfer students working a minimum wage job (full or part time) to afford these unethical tuition to fund their pensioners and construction jobs and the pay raises of administration during a horrible economy.  The tuition should be proportional to what a student can save and expect to pay.  The University is jacking up fees faster than inflation.  A quarter of the University’s budget come from the State which means we should voice our outrage how unrealistic these tuition costs are.   81%?…that’s almost a 100%.  The University is forcing every student to take a loan to go to school, to borrow against a bleak future with fewer jobs.  Protest against administration officials taking student’s money to go on year round vacations.  It’s time to downsize administration, layoff people who are not directly teaching students.  It’s time to put pressure on University of California, we are not going to take this robbery anymore.  Tuition must be reduced to reflect the under-served population of California.  If the UC Regents do not comply, we need to remove them with people who act on the best interest of California and restore the luster of Berkeley that is now lost.

    We have witnessed political uprising and revolution on a global scale, it’s time to do the same here.  The naysayers (ahem tony muppet) are on the wrong side of history.  A true alum of Berkeley, in fact any college, wishes only to lift the burden of their fellow man so he too can prosper and redistribute the wealth he was privileged to have. 

    The OCCUPY movement has to succeed.  The world is watching, but more importantly, what will you leave behind for the next generation?

    • Instead of marching around and yelling and screaming like a bunch of crazed idiots, why don’t you take some time to step aside from all the political rhetoric, EDUCATE yourself with FACTS, then propose a WORKABLE SOLUTION?

      The fact of the matter is that there simply is not enough money to meet all the monetary demands and obligations of the UC system, and protesting such won’t resolve the issue – in fact, your protests will likely backfire and lose you the sympathy of the taxpayers who fund the bulk of the UC budget in the first place. Another fact is that anyone who has dealt with ANY facet of the California educational system, from K-12 up to the UC system, knows that like any government agency, the UC system has its share of waste, fraud and abuse. A third fact is that individuals in the UC system push various and sundry political agendas that are not expressly mandated under the UC charter or the California State Constitution (example: “social activism”), including lengthy legal battles to nullify portions of state laws (i.e. Props 187 and 209). Refusal to deal realistically with these basic facts is a big part of the current fiscal debacle.

  • I’m on Disqus?

  • Jenny99percent

    Walk out in solidarity with @OccupyOakland !!
    Education is a right, not a privilege! Health care is a right! Police are meant to serve and protect the people, NOT attack them with chemical gas and flashbang grenades while peacefully protesting oppression by a Capitalist system. We have a voice and we can stand together to be heard!

    • Ah, the same silly old platitudes. Ever had a real job?

      • Maigesheng

        I have a “real job.” I am a Berkeley alumni and will be meeting on campus tomorrow morning in solidarity with my alma mater. I can’t wait to join berkeley students as we all occupy Oakland.
        “the marriage between capitalism and democracy us over.”

        • [I have a “real job.” I am a Berkeley alumni and will be meeting on campus tomorrow morning in solidarity with my alma mater.]

          In other words, you don’t have a real job, you’re just a left-wing agitator, who never moved away from Berkeley because in all likelihood your chosen major left you unemployable. But thanks for making that clear for us. BTW, if you hate capitalism so much, wouldn’t it be easier to just move to North Korea or Cuba, given that those systems are probably a lot more to your personal liking than what we have in this country?

      • Jose’

        Hey little tiger, million of supporters of these movements all over are employed, have been working all of their lives, are educated, many, like myself have even served our country, are bilingual or trilingual, have many skills, experience, volunteered, etc. Your name calling tells me you don’t have an argument against the protesters. Straw man and red herring fallacies won’t cut it anymore except in Fox News.

    • Anonymous


    • Guest1234

      Throwing bottles, rocks, and paint at cops and illegally camping in public parks aren’t “peaceful protest.”

  • Guest

    Any GSIs who walk out on their classes tomorrow should be immediately fired and have their fee remissions revoked.  You want to play leftwing politics while you’re on the clock?  Fine, just be prepared to pay for your own education!

    • Harumph harumph, that’s the spirit! Employees should be seen and not heard! Treat them like indentured servants or, better yet, slaves! Bring back debtors prisons!

      • beeasyed

        Guest is right. GSI’s and professors should not be making political statements instead of doing their jobs of educating students. All that talk about “eliminating fee hikes”. Then stop wasting productivity and time trying to get students and staff to ditch classes and jobs. Ineffective protesting as its finest…

        • “GSI’s and professors should not be making political statements…”

          Scary. Do you think we should live under the rules of an authoritarian dictatorship or the rules of a democracy with a Bill of Rights?

          Did you know University of California was free for all admitted student through the 1960s and instituted small fees of a few hundred dollars per year in the 1970s? The absurd tuition hikes and “fee increases” that have been stuffed down your mouth under the Regents (look into the etymology of that word, BTW) simply didn’t exist until the last 30 years of reactionary Reaganism, Howard Jarvis and Prop. 13. The idea that students at a public university have to and are somehow morally obligated go into debt for a third to a half of their lifespan to pay for their education is a new invention. It hasn’t always been like this and it doesn’t have to be like this.

          • [Do you think we should live under the rules of an authoritarian dictatorship or the rules of a democracy with a Bill of Rights?]

            There’s no “authoritarian dictatorship” here, so you’re clearly being silly. In addition, our country is based on a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, not a democracy, something you apparently never learned along the way to becoming a partisan political activist.

          • Jose’

            Wrong. Representative Democracy. In theory, every citizen’s voice must be heard but for pragmatic reasons a representative will repeat the message sent by the voice of everyone. That is Democracy, the government of the people, by the people, not an aristocracy, not a monarchy, nor an oligarchy.

      • Grad students made a choice, they weren’t forced into it. They can always quit school and join the 10%+ unemployed in this state if they think they are getting a raw deal.

        • Constitutionally guaranteed free speech and peaceful assembly or destitution and life as a pauper. At least you’re honest about the choices you think people should have to make.

          • It’s not a “free speech” issue when you miss time from work – a little concept you and your fellow travelers fail to acknowledge.

    • A&S

      They are allowed sick days. Most staff and faculty at admittedly leftist Berkeley agree with the movement so I do not think that anyone will care if some GSIs take an afternoon off.

      Should GSI’s also be fired for taking a morning off to vote for a liberal? or GSIs in Orange County to vote for a conservative?

      Should all the tea party activists that took off time from work and dressed up like Benjamin Franklin on the washington DC green be fired from their jobs? The bullies that were paid $75 to get on buses and storm voting recounts in Florida?

      Workers  and students do not have just have a right to exercise their freedom of speech and expression, they have a civic duty to do so.  It should just always be done peacefully and with civility no matter what side your on.

      • [Should all the tea party activists that took off time from work and dressed up like Benjamin Franklin]

        There’s a difference between private sector workers who are NOT paid by the taxpayers working out their own arrangement with their employers (who may or may not give them time off), and government workers being permitted time off with pay, which is essentially having government workers perform political advocacy on the taxpayer’s dime. Nobody is arguing whether you have the right to exercise your free speech rights on your own time, on your own dime. The question is whether or not government workers should be paid to participate in clearly political activities, an important point you clearly do not grasp.

  • Tuition As Bond Collateral

    Tuition is the only revenue stream that UC can raise at will
    to maintain its credit rating, ie to finance construction at low interest

    “In the October 20 press release, VP Taylor flatly denies that UC uses any tuition
    revenue to pay debt service. This statement is at odds with his October 6
    presentation to UC’s Academic Senate Committee on Planning and Budget that
    lists “sources of debt repayment” in the following order.
    1) Student tuition and fees

    2) Indirect cost recovery

    3) Sales and Services -Educational

    … well you get the point, tuition is #1 on the list.

    PS: Regent Blum now has his name on two buildings, one at Cal, one at UCLA. That’s what he thinks construction is for i) making $, ii) self-aggrandizement.

  • UC Regents Malfeasance

    Regents’ have substantial financial conflicts of interest:”The activities of two regents in particular — Richard C.
    Blum, financier and husband to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, and
    fellow financier Paul Wachter — are spotlighted. Blum, for example,
    benefited from $748 million in UC investments in public companies and
    private deals in which he held significant financial interests.”

    “Nobody has ever told me that we had to ask the UC for an OK before we
    invested in something,” Blum told The Chronicle. “I wouldn’t be on the
    Board of Regents if I have to ask for permission to go to the bathroom.”

  • Some person

    Nope, I’m going to class.

    • Some Persons Parents

      after all you paid for it

    • Anonymous

      This is why UC shouldn’t admit people from Orange County.

      • beeasyed

        right. because everyone that favors education that they are paying for over ineffectual protesting must be the 1% or well-off residents of the OC. nice…

        • Anonymous

          Did you know butthurt nihilists can spot logical fallacies but not jokes?

          • Did you know that you’re only making an ass of yourself here?

          • Anonymous

            Says middle-aged dude who spends Friday nights on a college website 400 miles from where he lives?

          • Working people in the real world don’t always get to spend their weekends partying like irresponsible children. Some of have to work on Saturdays, and those of us who travel frequently sometimes choose to spend an evening at home when we can. Sorry your view of the world bears no resemblance to reality…

          • Anonymous

            Where did I say anything about partying? You’re projecting sir.
            Anyways, what about spending time with friends or family?I am beginning  to suspect you don’t have either.

          • Based on what, the fact I dare disagree with you online?

          • Anonymous

            Based on the fact that you camp out on Disqus on nights and weekends.

          • Anonymous

            You must be monitoring this jacko…the little terrier= yapping fool.

      • I know several UC grads from OC, and all of them are working, taxpaying, productive members of society. How about you?

        • Anonymous

          Check, check and check.

          • You haven’t checked anything except the boxes on your “How To Be an Idiot Online” checklist.

            You’re clearly far more impressed with yourself than anyone else is around here. Ever consider growing up someday?

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think lonely middle-aged men fixated on “partying college students” should lecture anyone about growing up.

          • You seem to define me by your ignorant stereotypes. Oh well, I guess that’s to be expected by some left-wing child who has no idea how things work in the real world.

          • Anonymous

            You define yourself by your obsession with the Daily Cal comment sections and paranoid mutterings.

          • You’re obviously upset that not everyone who posts on this site shares your extreme left-wing views.

          • Anonymous

            Negative. You’re projecting again.