UC Office of the President to shut down in response to Oakland protests

The University of California Office of the President in Oakland will be closed tomorrow and employees will work from home in response to the general strike organized by Occupy Oakland protesters, according to UCOP Media Relations Director Steve Montiel.

The office is located two blocks from the intersection of 14th Street and Broadway, where mass gatherings are planned at 9 a.m., 12 p.m. and 5 p.m., according to hundreds of posters advertising the event.

Montiel said the decision to shut down the office was made based on the fact that employees need to remain productive throughout the day, which won’t be possible with the protests planned for tomorrow. In addition, accessibility to the building will be hindered due to street closures and the potential closing of the 12th Street Oakland City Center BART station.

“We need to remain operational and maintain the practical aspects of the workplace,” he said. “In light of the street closures and BART possibly closing down, we thought that our employees would be more productive at home.”

The office will reopen on Thursday, Montiel said.

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  • UCOP Cowards

    is that a paid day off?
    silly me, of course it is!

    why though?
    well one commentator has already indicated UC has plans to turn the building over to OPD CENTCOM for the day, maybe he’s correct.

    Equally likely:
    Prez Yudof is too chickenshit to come to work in the face of blow-back from the failure of the ideas he holds dear: neoliberal economics are awesome and he’s a swell guy, the very one needed to rule the plebs for their own good!

  • Not what you think

    Want to know the real reason why UCOP shut down?  I received this e-mail 30 minutes ago: 

    “FYI:  I was just told by the receptionist at the UC Office of the President that they are lending the UCOP
    conference room near 19th and Franklin to the Oakland Police Department
    to be a Command Center. ”

    This has been confirmed by several other people who are friends with people who work for UCOP.

    • Guest

      so what?