Occupy Cal assembly decides not to camp overnight

Occupy Cal protesters participate in Thursday evening's general assembly.
Anna Vignet/Senior Staff/File
Occupy Cal protesters participate in Thursday evening's general assembly.

After discussing issues from police brutality and racism to procedures for making proposals at future meetings, Occupy Cal protesters voted Thursday evening not to camp with tents in Sproul Plaza that night.

Eighty-six protesters voted against setting up tents, 20 voted for the proposal and 21 abstained.

The Occupy Cal movement began yesterday at a noontime rally that fused themes from the global Occupy movement with protests against cuts to public higher education. The rally was occasionally violent, and 39 people were arrested over the course of Wednesday’s rally.

Leading up to the vote, the assembly heard from a number of speakers on various topics concerning the Occupy Cal movement.

Graduate Assembly President Bahar Navab said the Graduate Assembly does not endorse the email Chancellor Robert Birgeneau sent out this afternoon, which condemned some actions by protesters Wednesday night.

“We do not believe that linking of arms is violent civil disobedience,” Navab said, as the assembly of about 200 cheered in approval. “We believe this email blames the victims.”

Protesters also sought to establish guidelines for making proposals to the general assembly at later meetings, ultimately deciding that anyone would be allowed to make a proposal as long as it was endorsed by three other people and brought to a facilitator — or protest organizer — by 3 p.m. on the day of the assembly.

The focus of discussion changed to police brutality and racism when one speaker claimed that a black man was “singled out and beaten severely by at least four officers” at Wednesday’s protest.

Student organizer and UC Berkeley junior Marco Amaral told the crowd “people of color have been part of the 99 percent since 1492.”

As the discussion of racism and police brutality progressed, some protesters began to chant, “Fuck the police.”

Protesters then began to discuss the demands of the movement. Geography graduate student Eli Marienthal called for the resignation of Birgeneau, saying “someone must be held accountable for the violence last night.”

While the proposal that Birgeneau’s resignation be included in the protester’s demands seemed to earn the support of about half of the protesters, it fell short of the 80 percent requirement for approval.

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  • Guess

    Student organizer and UC Berkeley junior Marco Amaral told the crowd
    “people of color have been part of the 99 percent since 1492.”

    And where was Marco Amaral on Thursday night since he is one of the main student organizer and has strong feelings about the cause. Was he outside Sproul like some people were? NO He was at a Club in SF. This is exactly why this movement will never success and I will not waste one second of my time, because the “organizer” have no real commitment. Some how these people don’t have money for education yet have money to party. Set your priorities straight then maybe you will have the money. SMH

    http://imgur.com/KwKen (fb picture from the night!)

    • http://twitter.com/OccupyUnity Summer Cindy Maiorin

      Hey there Guess… I have personally married this movement… as thousands of others have. Perhaps since looking at the negative aspects of this movement upsets you…. look at the positive or don’t look at all. (?)  I agree with your frustration about one of the lead organizers taking off for SF club… I believe if we ALL gave this a SOLID SIX MONTHS of our DEDICATED TIME, the world WILL shift.  Then we’ll ALL have A LOT MORE TIME for leisure activities.  Most of the world could already be on auto-pilot and we could all be working a mere 4 hours a day with a base understanding of resource sharing :)  Thanks for your comment!  Do your best to keep the faith, and do YOUR best! :)

  • Summer Cynthia Maiorino

    There are not enough cops nation-wide to halt this movement. Occupy Oakland brought in cops from Alameda to help and then it cost Alameda $$$ they were not happy to loose. There are not enough cops/nor enough money to fund the cops to attack Peaceful Protestors. Let’s exhaust their resources by occupying everything everywhere. There’s no room in jail for peaceful protesters either so don’t worry about getting arrested (your future kids will be proud!) as you’ll get out within hours or the next day if it’s late. Regarding my other post, SOMEONE needs to be accountable… perhaps peacefully harassing Robert Birgeneau will bring cause to his own resignation. Send him letters/emails stating, “The Whole World Is Watching.  So are your constituents. This Is YOur Legacy”.  And, “There is no way to peace, Peace is the way.” – Ghandi

  • Summer Cynthia Maiorino

    Make Robert Birgeneau Resign!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

    And most Occupy protesters aren’t Marxists or fascists/corporatists, either; they just want a level playing ground.

    Funny how many of these Occupy Whatever types still support the same political hacks that passed the corporate bailouts that did NOT result in a “level playing ground”. Why aren’t you protesting them instead of making life miserable for some poor SOB with a coffee cart or corner store who happens to be unfortunate enough to be near where the Occupy People choose to set up their little hobo camps?

  • Guest

    Many of the officers involved in the violence have been identified here: http://www.reddit.com/r/occupywallstreet/comments/m7m68/here_are_a_list_of_police_officer_names_that_beat/

  • Nlactor1

    I graduated from Cal in September of 1969, and lived a block from People’s Park.  Today I sent an email to Ms. Bennett of the UCPD and to Chancellor Birgeneau protesting the use of violence against people on campus on Wednesday.  However, I don’t want to see people getting hurt because they have no idea how to do non-violence — don’t use locked arms, folks — it only leads to real trouble.  Sit down.  Just sit.  Or lie down.  You make your point, they still have to deal with you, but you don’t present an impossible model to deal with.  My life partner was a draft resister during Vietnam and a peace activist, working with a Quaker group in Philly which helped plan and safeguard demonstrations in the northeast, and he agrees.  Sit — or lie down.

  • Morally Superior

    Please correct your reportage. The rally was most certainly NOT “occasionally violent.” Only the police were.

  • Kjlangon

    These college students have too much to lose.  The have most likely mortgaged themselves to the power of 10 in student loans and cannot afford to be arrested.  Therefore, please do not give up and DO NOT give in!!  We are all in this together.  

  • GoldenBear

    Funny how Marco Amaral finds the precise words to cater to the mob’s sentiment, ever the demagogue.

    • the devil

      In my day, we protested the draft and the war. Today, you do not face the draft and you can go to war if you like. Now, get back to your books, because we didn’t sacrifice ourselves for you to waste it. Your real duty is to graduate with a valuable degree, get into a sustainable career and raise your kids with high moral values. Workers will  strike when they need to, and if you’re not a worker, respect them but stand out of the way. You might get your turn later.

      The names I see in the news about these protests are the very kinds of names that also fill the jails and have their aplications placed on the bottom of the stack or “circular-filed”. That still happens, constitution be damned.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve lived a priviledged life in another world- and there IS that world. You can’t change who you are, but you can choose your own hell- or heaven that others never can.

      • http://twitter.com/kvitamcd Vita McD

        “The names I see in the news about these protests are the very kinds of names that also fill the jails and have their aplications placed on the bottom of the stack or “circular-filed”. ”
        Wow cool racism dude. 

        • Guest

          Ah yes, when you can’t counter a well presented argument, pull the race/gender/disability/whatever card.  That’s all you’ve got?  Pitiful.

          • Morally Superior

            He didn’t pull that card. “the devil” did.

          • http://twitter.com/kvitamcd Vita McD

            Their whole comment was “people with scary ~~ethnic names are at these protests, they should be in jail!”. They were just plain being a racist.

          • Ass

            MY SHIT HAS CORN IN IT

            DO YOU WANT SOME

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

            Bullshit. Consider yourself exposed as a liar.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

          That’s twice in this forum that you have made bogus charges of racism. It’s pretty clear that you can’t refute the arguments of others based on substance or logic, hence the smears…

          • http://twitter.com/kvitamcd Vita McD

            So why did you call me a racist?

            Take your own “advice”

      • selfemployed

        Not everybody has the opportunity to get a valuable degree and join the work force. In fact, many valuable (or expensive, whichever you prefer) degrees are in fact worthless and do not lead to a career. I think that’s why they’re protesting.

        • Anonymous

          Everyone at Cal has the opportunity to get a valuable degree AND to join the work force. Degrees are only worthless if you don’t make the best of them.

          Look at the hard working cutthroat business majors at Cal. It’s personality and drive that gets you somewhere in the future. If you do sociology and all you do is protest, yes expect a crap career. Don’t blame the state of CA or Berkeley for your troubles. YOU asked for it. I, like many thousands of engineers who graduated from Berkeley got to work at Silicon Valley tech companies. Why? It’s because we worked hard to get where we are.

          You can protest all you want, but if you worked hard at Cal like many others did, you would be doing just fine.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

            [I, like many thousands of engineers who graduated from Berkeley got to work at Silicon Valley tech companies. Why? It's because we worked hard to get where we are.]

            In addition to choosing a marketable major with career opportunities, some of us also chose to relocate out of the SF Bay Area when opportunities became available. Yet, many of those who chose to make Berkeley a lifestyle choice after graduation and sneer at those of us who moved elsewhere are the same ones pissing and moaning about their current predicament. Go figure…

        • TTOONNY!!!!

          hahahaha.. thanks again for your stupid comment.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

          Yes, but were those individuals forced into those degree programs? I do have an issue with people who chose the least path of resistance in college and wonder why they can’t ever make enough to get ahead…

      • Spurplesidsa

        You protested the war in your day and was called coward, criminal and communist. Now you call the same people who are part of the “Occupy” movement protesting the war criminals and communist but can see they are not cowards because service men and women are part and people getting beat by police for exercising their 1st amendment right so you know they can not be called cowards. Watch your Trans-national media news be hypnotized and work your way in to dept grasping that dream they tell you to have. If you don’t get it listen to Ron Paul explain it. As he has for 30 years. He has been right. Do some fact checking plenty of us have good jobs and good careers and the Bush’s and Obama’s have been running our Great Country in to the ground.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

          I have my disagreements with “the devil” on a few issues, but he made a valid point. There is principled protest, and there are mobs who use protest as an excuse for violent behavior. The Occupy Whatever group clearly falls in the latter category. As far as the “servicemen” being beaten, the preponderance of info available indicates that both individuals have considerable blemishes and questions regarding their own military records (one of them was apparently reduced in rank and kicked out for drug use) to suggest that they have their own share of credibility issues…

    • http://anonymoustroll.myopenid.com/ anonymous

      He and Bearcardo represent the future of this state. Chilling, truly chilling. We already have a CalServe racial activist as the State Assembly speaker.

      • http://twitter.com/kvitamcd Vita McD

        “Scary educated, political Latino men ruining our pure white state”

        I mean just come out and say it dude. If you’re going to be a racist just go all out.

        • http://anonymoustroll.myopenid.com/ anonymous

          You said it, not me.

          • http://twitter.com/kvitamcd Vita McD

            When you’re talking about how “scary” it is to have people with Latino names in positions of power without actually saying what they are doing wrong- yeah you’re probably a racist. 

          • http://anonymoustroll.myopenid.com/ anonymous

            I’m a big fan of Marco Rubio, Brian Sandoval, Susanna Martinez, Ted Cruz, and the Diaz-Balart cousins. I’m overjoyed to have people with Latino names in power if they agree with me–the same standard I apply to everybody else. You’re the one talking about how scary it is to have people with Latino names in power. Maybe you’re the racist.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

            Vita McD IS the racist here…

          • http://twitter.com/kvitamcd Vita McD

            Nope, just lived in AZ long enough to  sniff them out. 

          • http://twitter.com/kvitamcd Vita McD

            That’s not what you you said.

            You definitely implied ‘those people’ are some kind of threat to California. 

            You  can’t blow the dog whistle and then pretend you didn’t. 

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

            [When you're talking about how "scary" it is to have people with Latino
            names in positions of power without actually saying what they are doing

            He made his particular objection quite clear. Too bad you’re not honest enough to acknowledge it.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

          Nothing like putting words in people’s mouths when you can’t win an argument based on facts and reason. Asshole.

  • Guest

    The Occupy movement has failed.  The world is now focused on their (alleged?) bad behavior and not on their issue.  The world is praising the authorities and condemning the protesters.  (Remember, the world is not defined by the insular and segregated Bay Area, let alone Berkeley.)

    Those who refused to sit at the back of the bus, those who sat down at the lunch counter, those who lay across the railroad tracks, made the world sit up and notice (and change).  They all got arrested but what the world remembers is their important cause because they accepted the consequences of their actions, instead of defying the police.  The world praised the protesters and condemned the authority.

    Occupiers got it backwards, and the banks are laughing . . . wait for it . . . all the way to the bank . . . because the focus is no longer on them as it should be.

    The Occupy movement has failed.

    • Anonymous

      LOL!!! +1

      • guest

        please troll elsewhere, grownups are talking

        • Anonymous

          by grownup you mean adult 18+? How many of you work a real job? I don’t mean Jamba Juice or some non profit junk. I mean careerwise. Oh right, none of you. So I’m certain you’re all mature enough to understand the protest cause and what not. Please get yourself a real career before crying all over Sproul Plaza about money.

          • Anonymous

            A “real career”? As in, a job that pays more than minimum wage? So, what you’re saying is that the people here don’t understand anything about money because they don’t have enough of it. Quite the circular argument, but I digress. If you know so much, why don’t you provide some facts and education instead of hurling personal insults that couldn’t possibly hit their mark due to the impossibility of knowing who you’re talking to via Internet commentary in the first place?

          • You Are An Idiot

             You just proved his point.

            Get out in the real world and work a few years. Buy a house. Start paying taxes in earnest and then see how you feel about this shit.

            Most people grow up and stop being Marxists pretty quickly.

          • Anonymous

            And most Occupy protesters aren’t Marxists or fascists/corporatists, either; they just want a level playing ground. As do I, a 30-something business owner with a graduate degree who supports the Occupy movement on most of its points – especially their call for the repeal of corporate personhood. I’m not sure whose point I supposedly proved, but I sure as hell don’t want my taxes going toward bank bailouts over student loan debt. To be fair, I don’t want the government involved in either, and I resent the devaluation of college degrees contributed to by the inflation of tuition via indiscriminate federal loans.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

            [A "real career"? As in, a job that pays more than minimum wage? So, what you're saying is that the people here don't understand anything about money because they don't have enough of it.]

            No, he’s saying they don’t understand anything about basic economics because they have never matured to the point of having real responsibility or accountability. Too many of you children bemoaning the current fiscal debacle that requires the raising of college tuition are often onboard for the same big-government liberal/progressive social spending that competes with the very same tax dollars that fund your college education. You want everything, and demand that someone else pay the bill. That’s not how it flies in the real world. Grownups get paid a finite amount of money, then have to make decisions and prioritize their spending accordingly.You protesters are acting just like spoiled adolescents who have realized for the first time that someday they will have to grow up and pay their own way…

          • Anonymous

            “Grownups get paid a finite amount of money, then have to make decisions and prioritize their spending accordingly.”

            As opposed to those of you “adults” who are in control of the federal government?

            The “current fiscal debacle” hasn’t required the raising of tuition. The easy availability of college degrees due to a blind influx of government money and an insistence on a paper diploma rather than worthwhile experience in the job market are what have “required” the raising of tuition – also known as inflation.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

            How many of you work a real job? I don’t mean Jamba Juice or some non profit junk.

            (sound of some snotty kid getting verbally smacked upside the head by dmo580 – gotta love it!)

    • http://twitter.com/kvitamcd Vita McD

      No, they’re not. Santa Cruz County just voted to server ties with Big Banks, occupations are popping up all over the US.

      The people of the US are overwhelming siding with protesters, and police/state brutality only inspires people to help more. 

      • Alan Gregory

        Yeah right, dumbass!

        • http://twitter.com/kvitamcd Vita McD

          Truly, even John Adams would marvel at your debate skills.

          • Oh Wow

            SICK COMEBACK BRO!

      • Guest

        “People of the US are overwhelming siding with protesters…”??   You need to see your physician and get your prescription changed.  What you’re on now has mushed your brain.

        • Morally Superior

          Stop projecting your faults on others

        • TTOONNY!!!!

          haha Guest, i love reading your comments. they’re so stupid.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

        [No, they're not. Santa Cruz County just voted to server ties with Big Banks]

        Oh, like THAT’s some earth-shattering news. Given that the bank account balance of the average protester is probably about $150, I’m sure the banks will manage to handle the loss…

    • TTOONNY!!!!

      haha Guest.. You’re funny. I wish I had you as my brother. If I wanted to use the toilet and you “occupied” it, I’ll just bang on your head. I’m sure you’ll be okay with it.

  • Anonymous

    Back to warm beds and latte machines…LOL

    • Guess

      And probability some weed and alcohol typical of Berkeley protester. Their commitment ends when they need to go party. Honesty some people need to really look at who those people protesting are. Hungry strike people from last semester (Spring 2011) left for a whole afternoon to go to a BANQUET!!! YES is true! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSsa1pJxaaM if you see this video the girl in the yellow sweater and the one in the black glasses where part of the hungry strike but during the same week they all left to a banquet hosted by Hermanos Unidos. http://i.imgur.com/T2vzk.jpg this a picture from the banquet. Yes this the level of commitment these people have!! Make your own judgement!! So pathetic these people just need another reason to smoke weed and say they defend our education! Please!

  • http://radar.oreilly.com/2007/09/local-recycle-reuse-hits-a-bur.html The Sharkey

    “Fuck the police?” Really?

    Something tells me this isn’t going to end well.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WRACM77JT2RXUR3LMGDPPUGUYY Tony M

      Sounds like some of these people are still wearing the same T-shirts I first saw on Telegraph 20+ years ago. Given the particular demographic, I wouldn’t be surprised if they never took them off to wash them either…