Occupy Cal protesters plan outreach for Tuesday strike

Protesters held teach-ins and spoke in groups on Sproul Plaza on Thursday morning.
Benny Grush/Staff
Protesters held teach-ins and spoke in groups on Sproul Plaza on Thursday morning.

Around 100 Occupy Cal protesters met on the steps of Sproul Hall Thursday morning to debrief Wednesday’s Day of Action and make plans to spread the word about next Tuesday’s strike.

At around 10:45 a.m., speakers came together for a “mic check” to share their experiences from throughout the day on Wednesday, with many speaking out against UCPD’s actions toward student protesters.

When protesters convened in a general assembly to establish the Occupy Cal encampment Wednesday afternoon, UCPD responded by confiscating tents and maintaining a barricade to prevent protesters from entering Sproul. After issuing a dispersal order around 3:30 p.m., police used batons against protesters who began moving into their barricade, resulting in seven arrests as well as injuries to protesters’ arms, heads and stomachs.

At least 39 protesters were arrested throughout the day, according to UCPD Lt. Alex Yao. Seven were arrested earlier in the day and 32 were arrested during the second round of clashes between police and protesters later in the night. Twenty-six of those arrested at night were UC Berkeley students, according to UCPD’s crime logs.

One speaker at the debriefing Thursday morning called the police actions “embarrassing and ridiculous, if not outright evil,” while many others emphasized the need for Occupy Cal to continue protesting peacefully.

“When the police tried to reach the tents, we linked arms,” said one speaker leading a mic check. “No one hit any police. The police hit students. The police were violent. Students were nonviolent … we are the ones who are for nonviolence.”

At around 1:30 a.m. Thursday, Occupy Cal participants voted to strike — theoretically in solidarity with demonstrators across the UC system — next Tuesday. The vote passed by a count of 569 yeses, 31 noes and 29 abstentions. General assembly meetings are to occur every day in Sproul Plaza at 6 p.m. to plan for the strike.

Following the debriefing Thursday morning, speakers organized outreach committees — one to to go to classes in session to make “quick and polite” announcements about the strike, one to spread the word through social media and two to pass out fliers in classes and on campus.

Several speakers said that Thursday is the main day to get the word out  to classes that meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays about the strike and to encourage professors to cancel classes next Tuesday.

Stephanie Baer is the city news editor.

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  • Adam

    I’m confused about the point of the whole protest. The protesters don’t seem to have any clear goals or demands. I bet that most of the protesters are nothing but whiny students that don’t have the chutzpa to do anything other than congregate and complain about how the police are a bunch of tools.

    If you want to be taken seriously do something serious. Shut down the fucking Cal bureaucracy, build some explosives and strap them to yourselves, heck stop eating. If we had a hundred emaciated students demanding that the Regents stop stuffing their pockets with money taken from students and support staff (janitors, busdrivers, etc) and make tuitions affordable we’d have thousands more students rallying around the ones dedicated enough to actually do something.

    Hanging out with your “radical” friends while you “sit peacefully” and “protest” isn’t going to do a damn thing. Nothing that worth doing is so easy. Give up or get with it; right now you’re embarassing yourselves.

  • Guest

    Does this mean the school is going to become a tent city and classes will be canceled as protestors fill the restrooms and crowd the campus? 

  • me

    You obviously missed college

  • Hey occupier! im so proud of you i made a wikipedia article for you ! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupy_Cal

  • Guest

    100 protesters out of a student body of 36,000?

    They definitely aren’t the 99%.
    Hell, they aren’t even the 1%.

    • Guest

      The point of this whole protest is so that people can continue to go to college, and not be forced to drop out because of tuition hikes. This is a university, people are in classes! Not everyone can just drop everything and go to the protest. If you polled the students here, you’d sure as heck get 99% of them saying that they oppose the hikes. Where the money is going to come from to fund it…that’s a little more “controversial”.

      • [The point of this whole protest is so that people can continue to go to college, and not be forced to drop out because of tuition hikes.]

        No, it’s to pick fights with the cops, who had nothing to do with the student tuition issue to begin with, because these protesters are too stupid and lazy to do their own homework on the subject…

    • Aaronjet9

      There were like 4 thousand… I was there