Stanford solidarity with Occupy Cal

Although we are “rivals” with Cal students, we are one where it matters — in an interest to create a more just and equitable world than the one we inherited. To that end, we stand in solidarity with students at UC Berkeley, who have continued the legacy of the student movement of the 1960s and the spirit of the nationwide Occupy protests in the formation of Occupy Cal.

We are dismayed that the conviction, courage and intellectual inquiry shown by the Cal students was met with patronizing brutality when it was these qualities that garnered their admission in the first place. We find it hard to fathom that students who care so passionately about current economic inequality, the state of affairs at their University and the world beyond their campus are not lauded for their audacity and yearnings for social justice, but are instead met with police batons and cold indifference from the university’s governing body. What is the purpose of collegiate education if not to allow students the intellectual freedom and agency to critique the world as it is and articulate a vision for the world as it should be?

The Occupy Cal movement is not seeking to encamp for encampment’s sake but to raise awareness around the fact that their tuition has the potential to rise 81 percent over the next 4 years, pending a vote by the UC Board of Regents. This fact becomes even more troubling when 25 percent of all Cal students are first-generation college going, and about 64 percent receive financial aid. Education and equity are tantamount to the future of our country, and we cannot stand idly by while UC Berkeley administrators, UCPD, and state legislators threaten the realization of said principles.

We encourage Cal students to continue to exercise their constitutional right of expression, whether it be in the Occupy movement, in inquiry inside the classroom or in whatever professions they choose in the future. In the same vein, we encourage Stanford students and students at universities throughout the country to exercise their rights and privilege to question the status quo, especially in regards to persistent inequality in a myriad of institutions. Because the future is actively created in the present, it is imperative that we fight not only for social justice but for a future worth inhabiting.

Justin Lam is a junior at Stanford University. Michael Tubbs is a senior at Stanford University. The Stanford University organizations standing in solidarity with Occupy Cal include the Associate Students of Stanford University Executives, MEChA de Stanford, Stanford Asian American Students Association, Stanford Asian American Activism Committee, Stanford Black Student Union, Stanford Muslim Student Awareness Network, Stanford National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Stanford Pilipino American Students Association, Stanford Vietnamese Student Association and the Stanford Students of Color Coalition.

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  • Michael Tubbs

    Here  is concrete action that we are taking this weekend at Big Game and we would love Cal student support.  If there is anything else we can do to be helpful, please let us know.

    • Guest

      Thank you for clarifying! Some of us were a little unsure if anything else was happening concerning the solidarity. We appreciate it. :D

  • Wow– a little stunned at the immature comments below from fellow Cal students. Thankless.  I like to think we are better than to spit on expressions of solidarity after the horrific events that occurred on November 9th.  I’ll call it growing pains from our younger ranks and leave it at that. Allow me to step up and extend gratefulness, Justin and Michael, for your eloquently written statement of support for UC Berkeley.  Thank you for sharing unity with us and helping to spread clarity about what Occupy Cal is about.  “Education and equity” are indeed “tantamount to the future of our country.”  Your words are welcomed and appreciated, especially from a healthy rival University such as Stanford. In deep gratitude.

    • Guest

      Hello. I’m one of the Guests who asked what else Stanford was doing regarding their statement here. I didn’t mean to be ungrateful, but rather (like other students, I’m sure) was interested in more information before I made an assumption. I think it’s alright to be a little skeptical before there’s a little more action. Someone below me has provided me more information, so now I can appreciate these words more, and I’m sure other students can too.

      Just wanted to speak up for the students who are/were unsure of these words. We’re not all haters and such. Just want clarification!

      Thanks for your words though. And thank you to Justin, Michael, and the Stanford clubs/organizations that support us!

  • Guest

    Don’t mean to be offensive… but what else is Stanford doing besides stating in this letter that they are in solidarity with us? What other actions are they taking?
    Just want more of a clear update, instead of assuming it’s just words.

    • Guest

      There’s a rally on Saturday before Big Game at 2:30. All Cal students are welcome!

      • Guest

        Got the Facebook link to it. Thank you very much. <3

  • Guest

    If Justin and Michael feel so strong about the cause, and funding for private institutions, why don’t they lead a protest to get Stanford to share some of its insane wealth?

    Stanford: $15 B endowment, >$600 M in annual donations, 6,500 undergrads
    Berkeley: $2.5 B endowment, $300 M in annual donations, 25,000 undergrads

    Talk about poor wealth and resource distribution.

    • Guest

      I meant “funding for PUBLIC institutions”, of course.

  • Anonymous

    What is this solidarity b.s.?  Nothing but words.  If Stanford students were truly in solidarity with Occupy Cal then they would occupy the Stanford Quad, set up some nice red and white tents there, and then maybe occupy Maples Pavilion when it gets cold.

  • Proof positive that Stanford has its share of left-wing idiots as well…

  • Karen Rustad

    Fuck the “Big Game” and its jingoistic fervor. From the events of this week it’s obvious to anyone: Stanford might be our rival, but they sure as hell ain’t our enemy.

  • Fuck Stanford

    Fuck Stanford.

    • Guest

      Fuck idiots like yourself.

      Thank you for a great article, folks.

      • Fuck Occupy

        Fuck idiots like yourself who want to fuck idiots who want to fuck Stanford.

        Thank you for being a dipshit, buddy.

  • Hey occupier! im so proud of you i made a wikipedia articles for you !

    • Thanks for establishing the fact that most supporters of the Occupy Whatever movement are semi-literate at best…

      • EquanimitySpeaks

        As opposed to the insights provided by your cogent commentary? Wow, I need a minute to contemplate the literacy you’ve demonstrated, and to weep at how the other comments pale next to your sage words.

        Okay, I’m being a little over the top, but…

        Perhaps one of your replies to some other article articulates a compelling case against the Occupy scene– but most of the links in your Yahoo profile redirect to neo-rationalizations of xenophobia that are just as broad, unorganized, and myopic as anything being said at various encampments. I’m not trying to defend the Occupiers (whom I generally sympathize with and support but also criticize). Rather, I’m trying to discern what makes your views so obviously superior?  Do you think that your opinions are “common sense,” the Right’s favorite comeback when it doesn’t really feel able to defend its own bombast and hypocrisy? Or do you have something more substantial to contribute?

        In short, did you just come in here to stir up the liberals? Or were you actually trying to engage in a conversation? If it’s the former, your motivations demonstrate that you’re better left ignored. If it’s the latter, your poor execution makes it difficult to accord your opinions any respect.

        • [Perhaps one of your replies to some other article articulates a compelling case against the Occupy scene– but most of the links in your Yahoo profile redirect to neo-rationalizations of xenophobia]

          Given that I don’t recall ever preparing any profile on Yahoo, would you mind telling me WTF you are talking about?

          • EquanimitySpeaks

            If one clicks your handle (that is, Tony M), one is redirected to a Yahoo Pulse page. This page summarizes your reactions to various internet items you’ve encountered, as I described in my original post. Specifically, when I click your screen name, the profile url I reach is:

          • That’s not the same as a “profile” page…

          • EquanimitySpeaks

            Fair enough. For all intents and purposes, I see some equivalency between whatever the Yahoo Pulse page should be called and the concept of a “profile”– but I don’t see much value in splitting semantic hairs on this point. Nonetheless, this line of conversation isn’t particularly relevant to my original point, which involved people qualifying their criticisms so as to distinguish pre-formulated and biased forum trolling from legitimate attempts at discussion. 

    • Tony M is mean

      Thank you for creating that wiki article!!!!!

      Dont listen to Tony M. He’s a big meanie.