UC Berkeley instructors condemn police violence

A protester is brought to the ground by police in front of Sproul Hall.
David Herschorn/Staff
A protester is brought to the ground by police in front of Sproul Hall.

Three UC Berkeley faculty members have written an open letter to the campus administration — which already has over 500 signatures — condemning the police’s use of violence at Wednesday’s protest.

Julia Bryan-Wilson and Gregory Levine — both associate professors of history of art — and Peter Glazer, associate professor of theater, dance, and performance studies, penned the letter at the behest of a faculty caucus of approximately 45 teachers which met Thursday morning, according to an email from Bryan-Wilson. The letter, addressed to Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, campus administrators and the UC Board of Regents, had garnered 517 signatures by 11:45 a.m. Saturday. (This number was still growing rapidly at the time of this post. Seventeen signatures were added to the letter in the 20 minutes it took to write this post.)

The letter, signed by professors, lecturers and graduate student instructors, first and foremost decries the violent tactics used by police at Wednesday’s protest, which the letter argues “sends a message to the world that UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and student protesters are regarded on their own campus with suspicion and hostility rather than treated as participants in civil society.”

“We call on the Berkeley administration to immediately put an end to these grotesquely out-scale police responses to peaceful protest. We insist that the administration abandon the premise that the rigid, armed enforcement of a campus regulation, in circumstances lacking any immediate threat to safety, justifies the precipitious use of force.”

— An excerpt from the letter

It also touches on topics going far beyond the police violence as well. The letter addresses police action surrounding the occupy movement and the university’s response to the state’s disinvestment in public higher education.

Ultimately, the letter expresses no confidence in Birgeneau and other campus administrators, who the letter accuses of not responding appropriately to student protests, not securing student welfare and not respecting the freedom of speech and assembly on the campus; and in the regents, who the letter alleges have failed to fight for state funding of higher education.

Read the full text of the letter below and view the list of signatories online.

November 11, 2011

Open Letter to Chancellor Birgeneau, the UC Berkeley administration, and the UC Regents:

We, the undersigned faculty, lecturers, and graduate student assistants—all of whom teach at Berkeley and are invested in the educational mission of this university—are outraged by the unnecessary and excessive use of violence by the police and sheriff’s deputies against peaceful protesters at UC Berkeley beginning on Wednesday, November 9, 2011.

We will not tolerate this assault on the historic legacy of free speech on this campus.

The protests on Sproul Plaza on November 9 were organized by a coalition of undergraduates, graduates, faculty, union members, and staff to clearly articulate links between the privatization of the university, the global financial crisis, the burdens of student debt, and the composition and power of the UC Regents, whose actions demonstrate a lack of concern with sustaining the public character of the UC system. The principles of these protests reach well beyond the Berkeley campus.

After a large demonstration at Sproul and a march into the city of Berkeley, the protesters formed a General Assembly that called for a non-violent encampment under the name Occupy Cal. As the encampment was being established, protesters were immediately met with physical violence by the police, including the jabbing and striking of students and others with batons. This assault by UCPD and Alameda County riot police against those peacefully assembled led to the forcible arrests of 39 protesters and one faculty member. Associate Professor Celeste Langan offered her wrist to the police in surrender, saying “arrest me, arrest me,” but was nevertheless aggressively pulled by her hair to the ground and cuffed. This began a series of tense confrontations—punctuated by further police violence—that lasted throughout the night and has persisted on our campus. The spectacle of police brutalizing members of our community does inestimable damage to our integrity, our reputation, and our standing as a public university.

We are appalled by the Chancellor’s account, in his November 10 “Message to the Campus Community,” that the police were “forced to use their batons.” We strenuously object to the charge that protesters—by linking arms and refusing to disperse—engaged in a form of “violence” directed at law enforcement. The protests did not justify the overwhelming use of force and severe bodily assault by heavily armed officers and deputies. Widely-circulated documentation from videos, photographs, and TV news outlets make plainly evident the squad tactics and individual actions of members of the UCPD and Alameda County Sheriff’s Department. This sends a message to the world that UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and student protesters are regarded on their own campus with suspicion and hostility rather than treated as participants in civil society.

We call on the Berkeley administration to immediately put an end to these grotesquely out-scale police responses to peaceful protest. We insist that the administration abandon the premise that the rigid, armed enforcement of a campus regulation, in circumstances lacking any immediate threat to safety, justifies the precipitious use of force.

We call upon the Chancellor to comply fully and in a timely manner with the Public Record Act request made in writing by the ACLU on November 10. We also call upon the Chancellor to initiate an independent investigation, separate from that to be undertaken by the campus Police Review Board, to ensure a fair review of events and procedures to prevent such attacks on free speech from happening in the future.

We also express our concern with the repressive policing that has occurred around the wider Occupy Wall Street movement—including Occupy Oakland, where undue force has led to numerous injuries such as those sustained by Iraq veteran Scott Olson. In solidarity with Occupy Cal and the Occupy movements around the country, we condemn these police acts unequivocally.

We call for greater attention to the substantive issues raised at the protests on November 9 regarding the privatization of education. With massive cuts in state funding and rising tuition costs across the community college system, the Cal State network, K-12, and the University of California, public education is undergoing a severe divestment. Student debt has reached unprecedented levels as bank profits swell. We decry the growing privatization and tuition increases that are currently heavily promoted by the corporate UC Board of Regents.

We express NO CONFIDENCE in the Regents, who have failed in their responsibility to fight for state funding for public education, and have placed the burden of the budget crisis on the backs of students.

We express NO CONFIDENCE in the willingness of the Chancellor, and other leaders of the UC Berkeley administration, to respond appropriately to student protests, to secure student welfare, and to respect freedom of speech and assembly on the Berkeley campus.

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  • Here here!  Thank you, Cal faculty and grad students, for so eloquently presenting recent events, and condemning  the unnecessary and brutal force unleashed on students and professors last week. Truth is growing and expanding by the  hour.

  • Ericcohenne

    The behavior of the UCPD is barbaric and savage. These students have every right to be angry about what is happening to them, but if they try to speak then their brains will be bashed in. There is no excuse, no justification for these brutal beatings – any decent human being can see that this is wrong.

    The sad thing is that so many people here who write comments against the students are themselves vulnerable and exploited – and yet they defend the very forces that oppress them (if you were part of the 1%, you wouldn’t be trolling around the internet). Don’t tell the students to go home – they are fighting for *your* rights, but you just do not realize that.

    • Spoken like a silly child. The protesters chose to engage in a physical confrontation with a group of people (campus police) over an issue that these people had NO influence or control over (student tuition costs) in order to force an activity that was neither constitutionally protected “free speech” nor necessary to conduct their demonstration (erection of squatter’s tents).  In the process of doing this, they achieved NOTHING that advanced their stated agenda – in fact, they most likely alienated many of the same alumni/taxpayers that they need to win over to help solve their stated problem in the first place. Getting in a showdown with cops, many of them who had been in the middle of the riots in Oaktown only a few days previously, was nothing short of STUPIDITY. Neither sympathy nor support is warranted for the cretins who wanted to engage in a pissing contest over a bunch of freaking tents that didn’t belong there in the first place…

      • Somebody

        Spoken like a true sycophantic suck-up bitter about busting his ass through college to get a career that nets nothing but table scraps the 400 richest occasionally throw out a bone to you.  Enjoy being the spokesperson of people who treat you like their servants, because you are.  All that hard work and sacrifice, even if by some “Miracle” that you make it to the promised land of 1%, your kind: “new money” won’t ever be accepted by the Establishment: “old money.”  Judging from how desperate banks and government are getting, realizing they can’t screw much on the little guy, you’ll pay through the nose in higher taxes…financially and legally helping the very people you despise.  It’s inevitable.

  • UCMeP

    Why Occupy Cal when you can Mockupy Cal?

  • Anonymous

    UCPD keeps the campus safe for students, instructors and visitors.  What if UCPD were told by administrators to allow homeless panhandlers, mentally ill drifters, teenage runaways, registered sex offenders, and drug dealers to put up tents anywhere they please in libraries, lecture halls, and dining facilities?  They could all claim to be exercising free speech since camping and sleeping in public are now accepted forms of political protest.  Cal would cease to function.

  • Anonymous

    The whole world is watching America’s finest minds being attacked by the goons of Wall Street’s fascist plutocracy. Now the real face of capitalism’s greed and
    corruption has been donned. But does responsibility for this tyranny lie with politicians or the people?  http://lyneussfields.blogspot.com/2011/07/why-americans-shouldnt-kill-their.html

    • News for the little attention-starved narcissist: most of the world doesn’t give a shit what happens in Berkeley (and I wouldn’t care that much either except I graduated from Cal). Tell this story to most people, and their response would be “Oh, well, that’s Bezerkeley for you” and then the conversation moves on to the Raiders, what they are doing for Thanksgiving, and whether there’s going to be good snowboarding this winter. You really need to get out of town more often and gain some first-hand experience in the real world for a change…

      • FB

        Nah, not true, most of the world cares about the Occupy Movement, wherever it is. As for you, we don’t give a shit.

  • Somebody

    This “Open Letter of No Confidence”, backed by over a 1,000 signatures and counting by the intellectual spirit of Cal, citing the unprovoked violence on peaceful students and faculty by UCPD, more than anything is overwhelming condemnation how ignorant Tony M is.

    The articulate letter penned and signed by people who are more educated than he is, proves Tony M has no credibility with dailycal.org.  There is absolutely nothing he can say that is worthy of a response.  His immaturity taints the legacy of the Berkeley name and it’s history of protest to achieve greater moral integrity in the face of corruption.

    The UCPD, on authority by administration, was extremely hostile to the academic environment.  The UC Regents, continued to raise fees and remove programs inciting a predictable response by students.  The UC Regents chose to ignore the history of documented protests of tuition hikes further inflaming a hostile academic environment.  The administration ordered UCPD to interrupt a lawful assembly.  Those actions will now serve as a catalyst for regime change with many civil suits, with one federal suit now pending.  They will be held accountable for their chronic barbaric response.  The officers are also prosecuted and terminated from their position; nobody is above the law.  UCPD will need to be retrained and to act accordingly befitting an academic institution.  UCPD has made a national spectacle out of Berkeley, clearly exercising a pre-meditated and extremely prejudice against the very student body they swore to protect,  acting as a para-military on behalf of the administration.  Further instances threaten the integrity of the entire well-being of the student body and interferes with daily academic operations and should merit the review of possible disbandment of the UCPD unit.

    Professors must stand by their students.  The UC Regents have treated students like their own personal ATM.  The Regents psychologically, financially, physically, and now constitutionally abusing Berkeley students has caused immeasurable harm to the University.  It’s legacy of defenders of human rights tainted by an unjust bureaucracy.

    This letter couldn’t have come at a better time when prospective students this month are now applying to other institutions in light of recent developments.  We have been down this road before, our troops after fighting a long war are coming back home to a divided country.  In the midst of chaos, misinformation, fear mongers, and lies…Berkeley always says: LET THERE BE LIGHT! and ignorance retreats.

    • You’re really obsessed with me, aren’t you?

      Maybe it’s because despite all your bluff and bluster, you KNOW you can’t refute my argument, right?

      Got you figured out…

      • Tony

        I’m new to this page and can’t say if anyone is obsessed with you, but frankly, your posts are consistently negative, hateful and as pointless as you claim this protest is.

        You’re doing nothing but trolling this site. It’s hard to refute arguments pulled out of the air. You’ll believe anything you want, that much is clear just reading what you’ve said here today.

      • Somebody

        Narcissistic much?  I don’t need to refute your pathetic “arguments” because thousands of PhDs and Graduates did it for me.
        Mostly, I’m way too busy working through law school to one day make partner and own an Aston Martin while you look under sofa cushions for bus fare.

  • Margaret

    Is there a parent’s letter going around that I can sign?

  • Nlactor1

    I am a 1969 Cal grad, with two nieces who graduated from Cal, one in 2008, one in 2010, and a nephew at UCSB.  Good letter, well said.  I wrote Birgeneau and the UCPD on Thursday.  Everyone should. This cannot be allowed to happen again. 

  • Let’s be reasonable here…my two cents:

    1. Wholeheartedly agree with the Open Letter.
    2. I very much disapprove of Chancellor Birgeneau’s email I received a few days ago, but why are y’all advocating for his resignation? If he resigns, who will take over? Another member from the UC Regent. Will that be for the better or for the worse? We don’t know. I get the message, but it’s not exactly a feasible plan, in my opinion.
    3. Cal Alums who say they will not donate—- first off, please don’t make this as an excuse to not donate. I’m sure most of you aren’t doing it, but I can see some thinking in this direction… and second, sure the UC regents may be a bit messed up, but RIGHT NOW, more than ever, is the time that we need the most help. Budget cuts, and now this— who will support us? You will. And if you back down, then what are we supposed to do? Who are we left with? Please, you might be saying that as a prodding comment to the Regents but I sincerely hope you reconsider.

    Yours truly,
    A concerned first year at Cal

  • What’s New

    And when the occupy site goes the way of every other occupy site, and becomes inhabited with mentally ill homeless, unsafe conditions, violence (check out the Occupy Berk site in MLK park with LOTS of violence) — then these same instructors and parents will be screaming “HOW DID  YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?”

  • [Julia Bryan-Wilson and Gregory Levine — both associate professors of history of art — and Peter Glazer, associate professor of theater, dance, and performance studies]

    Does anyone NOT teaching some basket-weaving course of study really give a shit?

    • Guest

      Just because you might be bad at arts and humanities, it doesn’t mean they are useless. If people like you have half of those professors analytical skills resulted from years of research and learning, our nation would have been a better place. Now, students and professors from science, laws and public policy, and other subjects DO give a shit about our society problems. Go and ask around before opening your mouth.

      • Completely Serious

        Yet protesters are whining about not being able to find jobs after getting degrees in fields in which there are no jobs.

        Silly Occupy Protesters!
        Stop getting degrees in subjects that nobody in their right mind would pay for!

        • [Yet protesters are whining about not being able to find jobs after getting degrees in fields in which there are no jobs.]

          Well, they certainly aren’t the best and brightest, given that they are dumb enough to get in fights with the cops…

          • Tony

            Since you’re insistent on people refuting your truths, I’d like to see an example of what you personally saw there or through video that shows any significant number of students attacking police as opposed to police attacking students.

            It’s all about violence, rape and vandalism as you say. Should be extremely easy to find in some unedited form then.

      • [If people like you have half of those professors analytical skills
        resulted from years of research and learning, our nation would have been a better place.]

        Actually, the world is a better place because those of us who aren’t afraid to make it on our own in the private sector produce goods and services that create jobs and pay the taxes that support your university. Or do you think that money came out of thin air? Maybe that explains why some of you are so clueless when it comes to basic economic issues, such as thinking the way to deal with rising tuition costs is to get in confrontations with the police…

    • Guest

      Using their areas of study to bring them down? You just want to pick fights.
      Look at all of the biology, environmental science, engineering, and law-affiliated signatures there are.

      Silly Tony.

    • Guest

      How interesting. You choose to troll many people, but not me.
      Cheers to a good comment!

  • Javier R.

    I am a Cal alum and I fully agree with this Open Letter.  The Chancellor won’t do anything about this until he sees consequences on the only “bottom line” that he cares about…money.  Therefore, I will NOT donate another penny to Cal until the Chancellor and UC Regents are held accountable and take appropriate measures to correct this situation, including the Chancellor’s resignation.

  • How many of these so-called “innocent victims” were in reality looking for a confrontation with the cops? Sorry, kiddies, but I have been on this planet long enough to realize there are two sides to every story. These bozos who thought that they could confront the police when they were carrying out a lawful order are just as culpable as dumb white teenagers who drive through “da hood” yelling the N-word at the locals and wonder why they get their asses kicked. Sympathy is neither deserved or needed – they went looking for a fight, and they got what they wanted…

    • Guest

      When and where are the protesters get into physical confrontation in the first place with the enforcements? By the way, regardless of names-calling, physical assaults started by anyone is a federal crime. Know the laws. And yes you are right: there are two sides for every story. But I doubt your side is more any more convincing than a n0nsense.

      • Matt Alum

        Easy to see the protest is not peaceful given so-called raw footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi3PoXc3w8M
        People chanting at individuals = illegal, people encroaching a police line is asking for beating, without question.
        Use the videos and make sure to note where “students” are supposedly being peaceful and ask yourself, what should a peaceful protest look like?

        If you were there, just think if it would have been a good idea to walk into the face of a police officer or if you thought it was a good idea to try to push their line back.

        • Guest

          Please tell me which law says chanting is illegal. Not allowing chanting is a clear violation of the Constitution. It also sounds to me to me that if a student got pushed to the police accidently, then the student deserves all the beating with no questions asked.

          • [Please tell me which law says chanting is illegal.]

            Given the context of his post, IMHO that was a typo on his part.

        • Yup that’s what peaceful protests look like.

          lol, Since when is chanting illegal? 

          • Too bad stupidity isn’t illegal – you could get a life sentence.

          • Moral Authority

            Your head has no value. No one who finds violence titillating has a head of any value. Your sexual perversion is frightening.

          • Moral Authority

            Disregard that, I’m a fucking idiot.

    • Guest

      Police do not have the right to carry out whatever orders they are given any more than you do.  If your boss tells you to do something that is against the constitution (the law), and you do it, you are in the wrong.  If someone threatens to infringe on your constitutional rights and you back down, you are a coward.  

  • Linlinliu

    How could UC administration with their high salary from the money that their student paid for school and not to secure their student welfare?  We will not sent our children to this school for sure. 

    • Anonymous

      If you send your children to Cal to make trouble and provoke the police then we are happy that they will not come here.

  • Abby-1018

    Wow, it feels like UC Berkeley Sproul Hall-the birth place of free speach, the same as China’s TianAnMen Square.

    The administration of Berkeley sucks!! They should resign…….

  • Cal Alumni

    As a Cal alum, I am ashamed of being associated with UC Berkeley now. For a school that markets itself as a learning environment for activism and civic participation, the Chancellor’s actions and tone are out-of-touch, hypocritical and deplorable.

    In my student days, I often studied at Free Speech Movement Cafe. Many professors reminded me that Berkeley was the home of the Free Speech Movement. Simply this is no longer true. It is a lie. The Chancellor’s work of sophistry is a concrete example of this. 
    I believe that the cafe by the library should be renamed “Freedom to Beat” Cafe. So all future students can be reminded that despite all the Chancellor’s words about and marketing of the Free Speech movement, in the end it was acceptable to beat students and praise the police for breaking the ribs of nonviolent protester.

    I will never forget the videos I saw of students being beat. I am increasingly sickened by it each day. 

    Chancellor Birgeneau in my opinion and countless other alumnus, you have no place at UC Berkeley. You should retire your post to a more worthy successor. 

    Chancellor Birgeneau, you have chosen your legacy at Cal. Please leave now.

    • Completely Serious

      The students were free to SPEAK all they wanted.

      They were NOT free to set up an unlawful encampment, and then refuse to comply with Police orders when told to step aside so that the Police could remove the unlawful encampment.

      Speech and squatting are not the same thing.


      • EricCohenne

        Do you work for the UCPD? or the tea party?

        • Maybe he just has common sense, something that you demonstrably lack based on your previous posts…

          • Enraged Alum

            As an alumni, the immediate resorting to violence on the part of police, as opposed to simply moving in to arrests folks, shows a complete disregard for human decency and a blatant disregard for the law on the part of the police.  To be clear, it was UCPD joined by Alameda Sheriffs who engaged in the beatings…  Their is no place for the Sheriffs, or UCPD for that matter, on a college campus.

      • Abwarner

        Then it’s high time that the police and those who command them learn when to obey the people they serve. They are the dogs who need to learn to sit and behave.

  • Guest

    USC students are also outraged by the police brutality and have started a petition urging their Office of Student Affairs to denounce the actions of the police.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t just be outraged.  Set up your own Occupy USC protest movement and ask your rich daddies to continue paying for classes that you missed while camping on the Trojan’s football field.

  • Guess

    Nice butt dude in the picture. And thanks for getting us out of class next Tuesday. Most Cal students don’t even care. But fight on if you win will all benefit and you don’t then at least we have not waste our time like you have. LOL 

    • Jennifer

      I don’t think it’s the least bit accurate to say that most of the students don’t care. Almost every student that I’ve met supports the movement.

      • Matt Alum

        And every student I’ve come into contact with shakes our heads that people would be so stupid as to try to force back a police line.
        When less than 1% of the student population shows up, most students don’t care. The 99% just sit back and watch.
        Your faculty who supposedly support you only do so from sitting back in their chairs since they know how to not get beat by police, they know how to peacefully protest, but they’ll let the students go down.

        • Guest

          There was faculty in the protest, as well. And there are students on both sides…

          And by what form of “contact” do you mean? Just face-to-face, or on the internet as well? People are sharing their sides everywhere.

        • Anonymous

          You can question the students’ judgement for trying to force back the line while still understanding that the police and administration have discretion about when and how much force to use and, in a lot of peoples’ minds, used bad judgement as well.  The idea that a violation of the law automatically justifies the use of force is simply not right.  The administration had other options and a lot of people think they chose a bad option. 

          • Tony

            Good points. I’m left wondering how passing an imaginary line should result in this level of force. Sure, arrest these people, but that’s that. You don’t get to throw them to the ground when they’re offering their wrists or consistently beat them with batons.

            There’s a huge difference between those things. I’m not sure how people think that encroaching a line deserves that level of punishment. The people who do think that seem to think these students should have been beaten away prior to that anyway.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe you got into Cal when you cannot even form a coherent sentence.

  • Anonymous

    YET they are absent for OCCUPY…  CITIZENS are being taunted teased and terrorized by so called “PEACE”  officers and HOMELAND SECURITY HAS NOT UTTERED ONE WORD.   NOTHING has been  except on this site http://www.ajc.com/business/homeland-security-reviews-social-1214418.html#fadetoblack  Wagner said the department is establishing guidelines on gleaning information from sites such as Twitter and Facebook for law enforcement purposes”  Will this be another STRONG ARM” tactic?  the same as when law enforcement made YOUTUBE remove videos that showed police violence.    What do you think?

    • Anonymous

      The Department of Homeland Security is more worried about violent domestic terrorists and anarchists blending in with the Occupy Wall Street movements than about civilian first responders doing their jobs.

      • Clark Kent

        Yes, they have always been worried about the non-existent.

        • The same way you lefties worry about “racism” on college campuses and have to “discover” nooses, send yourselves threatening notices, and vandalize your own cars to prove that racism is rampant, right?

      • Anonymous

        I am afraid that Homeland security has been extremely quiet as they were preparing to enter the Battlefield. Here on American Soil. I am sooo sorry that I ask. Nation defense Authorization act 2012. My request will haunt me forever. I did not request the bill nor did I request whats in it. VERY ALARMING MATERIAL The Constitution will no longer be valid. IN any court IN ANY STATE of the US>

  • Mariposa464

    If my son were one of those students, my husband and I would be beyond upset, and we would be  ‘lawyering up’ (as they say).

    I hope all the  parents bond and form a support system their children did – and bring their financial might to bear against this administration as their offspring did with their arms folded together in a human chain.

    • Burbfabulous

      I am a mother and witnessed what went on throughout the day and I knew that more parents needed to know what went on. Some students did not want to worry their parents or felt they did not support Occupy etc, missing that I have yet to see a father allow an officer to drag his daughter to the floor by her hair or jab a child in their organs. It was horrifying…..I spoke out because their are misconceptions and also videos and pics that need explanation http://ucmom.weebly.com/

      • If you are really a mother, you must have done a pretty shitty job of parenting if you gave your children the idea that it was OK to participate in a movement that has already been responsible for violence, vandalism, and rape. Or are you one of those classic liberal parents who wants to be your child’s best friend, is never judgmental, and calls a lawyer any time your precious baby gets in a scrape?

        • Tony

          Am I the only one that finds it bizarre that there are dozens of videos depicting violence on the part of the police, but extremely few depicting anything you describe here?

          There was one OWS protest where people wearing black tried to vanadalize, start fires and loot. Guess who was trying to stop them? Every other protester there.

          Yup, they’re all running around raping each other. How moronic.

          Stop painting everything in such generalities. You clearly have a very skewed viewpoint.

    • Anonymous

      Financial might?  What financial might?  Californians are unwilling to raise taxes for higher education and Cal parents don’t donate that much money compared to parents of Ivy League universities.  Besides, withholding financial support will simply mean higher tuition next year.

  • Charylthresher

      I am another outraged Cal parent this is not the school I want my daughter at. This is a very good time to ask for a recall of the Chancellor and much of the UC Admin. The actions of the riot police and the extreme unprovoked violence speaks of policies and procedures put in place by the leadership that fail the students. Clearly the students welfare was not considered in the implementation of these policies and procedures and this appears to be a clear case of gross injustice leveled against the Cal Berkeley students. Freedom of speech is clearly forbidden here. The right to peacefully assemble has been spit upon by this institution of “higher” education.
          I was very proud of my daughter for getting into this school now I feel regrets and remorse for having sent her there. The dream turned into a nightmare this is not acceptable at all.

    • Beeasyed

      sure, send your daughter to a 60k+ a year private school. lack of funding there is never an issue, so i’m sure your daughter will never even have to think about the concept of “free speech” and the concept of protesting or fighting for what you think is right. 

      • ways

        Just because she’s going to a high-tuition school means that she couldn’t and shouldn’t be able to be concerned about the injustice going on around her? That is the most stupid and alienating logic I’ve heard in a while. You don’t have to be amongst the oppressed to understand that there’s something terrible brewing. People with privilege shouldn’t be ostracized unless they’re abusing it.

      • Jennifer

        You’re suggesting that never having to worry about free speech would be a good thing. The reason that these protests are happening in the first place is because of the the tuition hikes. Why would you think that going to private intuition would be solving anything. Are you suggesting that the police have a right to beat their students because it is a public institution? 

      • condolences

        looks like someone’s bitter about being forced to go to their safety school wah wah wahhhhhh =(

    • Matt Alum

      Watch this video of the so-called “peaceful protest” where protesters encroach on police. Being a parent, it should be easy to tell where something is provoked versus what others blindly say is unprovoked: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi3PoXc3w8M

      • Cboy

        huh? At what point of that video did any encroachment on the part of the students occur? I especially liked the part at 5:40 when a student leaving the protest clearly in a submissive hands up pose gets completely slammed by one of the more aggressive officers.  I Seriously doubt anyone can find any encroachment in that footage.

      • Domo

        This is not the same event.

        • Jennifer

          I don’t know if this is the same event or not, although it claims to be. Either way, I don’t know why you think students are encroaching on police here, I definitely don’t see that. I hope that this was the same event, the school has bigger problems if there’s footage like this from a different event laying around.

    • Kd Hamada

      chill the fuk out. take your daughter to a state school instead

      • Jennifer

        My guess is that your son or daughter does not this university and therefore is not being affected by these protests and all that they represent. IF you are, you clearly do not care about your child’s well-being.

        • Dwight_Lee

          A bit of friendly advice for concerned parents: let your son/daughter know that you are paying a lot of money for them to be studying and not to be making trouble.  Also – when the police order you to disperse, that means go home.  This used to be known as common sense…

          • Sourmash

            Well said, Dwight!  Just be a good little authoritarian follower, do what the police say, and no one will get hurt, right?  Daddy always knows best,right?  What about “Civil Disobedience” do you not understand?  In a free society we should not be telling people “not to make trouble” because it disturbs those with power.  Just do what the police say, right, Dwight?  You call it common sense, I call it being subservient to power, which I guess to you is the highest good.  “Only following orders” right?

          • [Well said, Dwight!  Just be a good little authoritarian follower]

            Ever heard the phrase “choose your battles wisely”?

      • Uuh

        speak *after* you have something useful to say.  Berkeley is a state school.  

    • Anonymous

      You should thank the UCPD for keeping order on campus.  How would you like your daughter to walk around a campus full of homeless bums sleeping and camping on lawns, in front of building entrances, and even inside the libraries?  How are homeless bums and drug addicts camping any different than radical Occupy Cal protesters camping?

      • Moral Authority

        Thank you, UCPD, for breaking ribs, causing internal injuries, and hoping to maim, cripple and even kill people. You’re keeping all of us safe and healthy by shedding the blood of children, and deserve our praise.

        There. Happy now?

        • Completely Serious

          Kill? You’re out of your fucking mind, moron.
          They have GUNS. If they wanted to KILL someone they’d just SHOOT them.

      • Ericcohenne

        i’d rather have bums on campus – at least they wont beat me senseless with a stick.

         and oh yeah, occupy cal protests are *exactly* the same as homeless bums and drug addicts – exactly the same.

        • [‘d rather have bums on campus]

          Birds of a feather flock together…

      • Spolglase

        Hey your right! Thanks UCPD for beating peaceful protesters, it’s for your own good guys that they beat your asses. It’s so that bums won’t be sleeping in the library. Your welcome.

        You can’t possibly be serious… I will absolutely NOT thank them for their brutality. Police are supposed to be better than that. They are supposed to be the good guys. Not the guys who beat peaceful protesters with batons. Come on.

  • Emperor No Clothes

    everyone is finally waking up to the obvious:
    The administration is riddled with persons who engage in deceit, willful violation of UC policies and the law. This is done routinely with malice.

    Only a few weeks ago a federal suit was filed against UC regarding unjustified use of force and violation of civil rights at a protest 2 years ago.
    Even in the face of that litigation the administration’s response is unchanged.
    What does that tell you about the way this place is run.

    Yudof’s signature replicated on my diploma = no donations from this alum ever.

  • Where do we sign, if we aren’t at the school?