Occupy Oakland to march to support UC Berkeley general strike

A protester stands with her hand raised atop a semi trailer as protesters march towards the Oakland port from downtown during the Nov. 2 general strike.
Rashad Sisemore/Staff
A protester stands with her hand raised atop a semi trailer as protesters march towards the Oakland port from downtown during the Nov. 2 general strike.

Looking to support Occupy Cal and its “fight against police brutality,” Occupy Oakland is planning to march to UC Berkeley to join the campus general strike Tuesday.

“We must recognize that the very same OPD officers and Sheriffs who attacked us here were sent only a few days later to brutalize people at Berkeley,” according to the Facebook event. “And, once they are finished at Berkeley, they will return to attack us again.”

The group plans to meet in Frank Ogawa Plaza — which demonstrators call Oscar Grant Plaza — in Oakland at 2:30 p.m. to march down Telegraph Avenue for the 5 p.m. general assembly Tuesday.

“In calling for a strike, activists realize that the university’s function in society is to create a division between haves and have-nots. Therefore, this is meant as a special kind of strike, one where all those who have been excluded from the UC system converge on the campus and help occupy it. At the same time as we shut the university down, we open it up to all who have been excluded from it,” according to the Facebook event.

Occupy Oakland’s decision to stand with Occupy Cal is part of a larger pattern of support between the two groups. Last month, the November protests planned in response potential increases in tuition were rebranded “Occupy Cal” and two weeks ago, a group of UC Berkeley students  marched from Upper Sproul Plaza on campus down Telegraph — the same path that the Occupy Oakland demonstrators plan to take Tuesday — to support Oakland’s general strike on Nov. 2.

Soumya Karlamangla is the assistant city news editor.

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  • Veritas

    Just wondering  from your other asinine comments…….how do you feel about Joe Paterno getting fired for his inaction in stopping Sandusky’s reign of monstrous pedophilia? See i think, considering your position on most topics you probably feel he should still have his job. I’m guessing you’ve also never protested anything in your life. Did i strike a chord, dickhead? People such as yourself are so chicken shit when it comes to going against the establishment that they ultimately lose their humanity and empathy as you clearly have. Your parents gave you everything in life……..even the things you think you’ve “struggled” for. Let me guess……you watch fox, live in a suburb, are white, got c grades all through high school and college which you didnt pay for, listen to rush limbaugh, never leave the couch unless its for food, wow……right on huh? Should i keep going fucknut? DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND PUT THAT MOSSBERG SHOTGUN IN YOUR MOUTH AND PULL THE FUCKING TRIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Are you addressing anyone in particular, or merely foaming?

  • Veritas

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    • Anonymous

      We don’t live in a democracy idiot, we live in a representative republic.  That means the majority cannot tyrannize the minority.  You have the liberty to pursue happiness but you still have to pay off your debts even if 99% of you owe money to the 1%.  And with your foul language I’m sure your god can’t wait to reincarnate you into a tiny cockroach.

  • Guest

    SHUT IT DOWN! at 5pm, after eveyone has gone home. LOL

  • Guest

    Set up roadblocks on telegraph, college, and san pablo and keep these fleabaggers out of Berkeley !!!

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  • I teach a class on Colonial US History at City College of San Francisco and we are studying the US Constitution. Thanks for being a living example of freedom and liberty.

    • Anonymous

      In Colonial America the people rebelled against taxation and overbearing government control.  Just as the Tea Party is rebelling against Democrats raising taxes and forcing Obamacare on an unwilling populace.

    • LOL

       Tent encampments =/= speech

      Occupy protests =/= examples of free speech

  • My students at City College of San Francisco are tracking this action. We are studying the US Constitution and this is our constitutional right in action. Best to you all!

    • Anonymous

      Is it your constitutional right to wage class warfare against university education?  Do you teach that “…the university’s function in society is to create a division between haves and have-nots” as the Facebook page proclaims?  What does that say about the quality of City College of San Francisco if you consider your school a member of the “have nots”?

  • USA

    This is what the UC administration fears most, a large-scale mobilization of the East Bay.  They will use undercover agents and aggressive force to try disrupt it, and they will fail.

  • They will try to sabotage OWS. They will try to co-opt OWS. They will try to smear OWS. They will try to infiltrate and destroy OWS from within. They will not succeed. These governors, mayors, city councils, police chiefs, and street cops of America need to realize that it is NOT UP TO THEM whether or not Americans peaceably gather, protest, discuss, or demonstrate. It’s up to a document called the US CONSTITUTION. You can beat us and arrest us and tear-gas us, you can try to “permit” us to death….but you can’t kill an idea. You can’t keep down a people’s hopes and dreams for a better life….for us, and for our kids. America USED to work. The people had work. The system worked. Hey, EVEN the Congress used to work (sometimes). God knows, it was far, far, far from perfect -but at least we all had some share in the struggles AND the rewards. But somewhere along the way, we lost our way. Because now we have an economy and a political system that seems to work only for the rich. With OWS America has found it’s voice, and that voice demands fairness and justice – for ALL. This land IS our land! AND WE WANT IT BACK! We want our LIVES back! We want our FUTURE back! But it’s much more than just words…. it’s much more than politics….. it’s your freakin’ LIFE, and how you want to live it, and how you will live it. Find a quiet place somewhere, and consider this: Each of us has only one brief life….one chance….one roll of the dice….and many choices. The time has come to choose….to risk…and to act. If not now…then when? If not you, then….who? You DO have the power my friend….and the choice IS yours. Don’t let your dreams die….

    • LOL

      Occupy Oakland has already been co-opted by Anarchists & criminals. They have smashed & vandalized most of downtown Oakland and even had a murder of an Occupy protester BY an Occupy protester in their lawless camp.

      Now they are going to bring this to Cal, because Oakland finally had enough.

    • Anonymous

      “They will try to infiltrate and destroy OWS from within.”
      They already have.  By “they” I mean the unions, especially public employees unions.  Their #operatives have channeled your anger towards the top 1% so you don’t think about an equally powerful force destroying jobs and ruining budgets in America… the unions!  The cost of funding generous union retirement funds will soon eclipse every other state government expenditure.  You want your FUTURE back?  Fine!  Repeal or reduce union pensions so that our economy at least has a chance to climb out of a recession.

    • [They will try to sabotage OWS. They will try to co-opt OWS. They will try to smear OWS.]

      If you’re referring to the junior Marxists, labor union hooligans, and the anarcho-asshole street thugs, they have already done it. Why was Whole Foods trashed, other than the fact that union muscle duped you into taking “direct action” against a store involved in a local labor dispute? What was the purpose of the march on the Port of Oakland other than to do the grunt work for a certain militant faction of the ILWU. You have ALREADY been punked, yet you’re too stupid to know it…

  • Anonymous

    “At the same time as we shut the university down, we open it up to all who have been excluded from it”
    The Occupy Oakland folks are going to shut down Cal and let all the community college  dropouts take classes here.  See, getting a high SAT score wasn’t needed after all. And when the Oakland riff-raff refuse to leave so that Cal students can go to class, who is going to kick out the squatters? UCPD?

    • Guest

      Agreed. Seems like this just takes away from the actual message of Occupy Cal and doesn’t have the students’ best interests at heart. 

  • Forever bear

    Solidarity is just the most beautiful value in the left. Can’t wait to see you here, Occupy Oakland!

    • Fuck Occupy

      I wonder if that one Occupy Oakland protester that shot the other Occupy Oakland protester to death will be there with his gat?


  • Guest

    I only hope that the police brutality aspect doesn’t distract from the other real issues at hand. It is a symptom of a larger problem, and in the end the police are in a difficult place too. That’s not excusing their actions, but people need to continue to look at those issuing the orders, not those carrying them out.