Student shot by UCPD Tuesday dies in hospital

Nine others in computer lab at time of shooting

Dan Mogulof and police officers stand at the entrance to the Haas School of Business.
Derek Remsburg/Staff
Dan Mogulof and police officers stand at the entrance to the Haas School of Business.

A man who was shot by UCPD after brandishing a gun Tuesday afternoon at the Haas School of Business has since died.

The suspect, who was identified as Christopher Nathen Elliot Travis, 32, was an undergraduate transfer student at the school in his first semester, said UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof.

Josh Keller, a reporter from the Chronicle of Higher Education captured a screen shot of a website written by a man matching Travis’s physical description and age, which has since been taken down. On the web site,  Travis marketed himself as a teacher and speaker and describes two past suicide attempts.

“I tried to kill myself when I was 5 … I took 219 sleeping pills one day when I was 23,” the web site read. “I want to be remembered as someone who would never give up.”

There is no indication that the event was linked to Tuesday’s Occupy Cal demonstration.

“I must emphasize that so far at this point in the investigation there is no evidence that this was anything other than an isolated incident,” Mogulof said.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, UCPD Capt. Margo Bennett said the suspect sustained multiple gunshot wounds during the confrontation with police officers. He was carrying a loaded semi-automatic 9 mm handgun, which was registered in his name in San Jose, according to Bennett.

In the press conference, Bennett offered a more detailed description of the shooting. Police entered the computer lab where Travis was and walked down its center aisle. According to Bennett, Travis looked up, saw police officers and pointed his gun at them. Nine other people were present in the room at the time, three of whom were “in the line of fire,” Bennett said. After telling Travis multiple times to lower his weapon, one officer shot Travis.

He was transported to Highland Hospital, where he died during the course of medical attention, according to UCPD Chief Mitch Celaya.

According to  Mogulof, the notification of death to his family occurred in Lodi, Calif.

UCPD has interviewed about 17 witnesses and will conduct more interviews, Celaya said.

“We have some reports that the student was ‘not normal’ and we’re trying to determine what that means — these are just comments that are being made,” he said.

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  • Tony M

    That’s one OCCUPY WHATEVER nut-job down.  I’d like to meet the UCPD officer that blasted that SOB to pieces so I can make sweet-monkey-love to him.

  • Research shows that people with mental illness are not more violent than
    people without it. The media often looks for a scapegoat to blame a
    random act of violence on the fact that someone had a mental disorder, especially in the case of school shootings. They try to dismiss the act on the grounds of the person being “not
    normal” (as mentioned in this article). They avoid the true
    problem of mental illness by making the victim look different. Shame on you, Sarah Burns & Annie Sciacca.

    This was an obvious suicide attempt by Travis. He had two previous
    suicide attempts, and his family and friends was saw signs of distress
    in the weeks prior to the incident. This is the University’s fault for
    not having greater mental health awareness on campus to prevent such
    event from happening in the first place, and, even more importantly, to
    prevent the terrible suffering that Travis must have went through.

    • Anonymous

      Daniel, without having known Travis, been an eye witness prior to and during the shooting close enough to hear what Travis and the officer(s) said to each other  and spoken to Travis prior to his death, how do  you conclude this was an “obvious suicide attempt”?

  • Anonymous

    Also, why shoot the student more than once? Was he gun practice?  

  • Anonymous

         Police officers are trained to shoot a gun at parts of a person’s body that will not result in the person’s death. WTF happened here?

    • Guest

      No they are not.

      • Anonymous

        Yes they are.

        • Guest

          As ex Alameda PD, I can assure you, we train for stopping power, which is center mass.  This is common among all departments in the U.S.  You have watched too many movies.

          • Anonymous

            Interesting… I will be able to call you as an expert witness when I have my next case of a police shooting and you will testify that  whenever a police officer points a gun at anyone s/he always aims for the center of the body in order to kill the person. Thanks! So much for the defense of n “”acccidental” shooting.  Also what do you think of having shot this student several times so that the student sustained “multiple” gun shot wounds? Seems to me they were using the student for target practice.

  • Guest

    Just curious why the fact that he is a transfer student is highlighted. That’s all.

  • CalParent

    When we hear the reports from the eye witnesses, of which there are reportedly several, and are able  to see the video from the camera in the computer lab we will have substantial evidence to base opinions of how appropriate the police actions were.  Ideally the police acted appropriately, and as tragic as it is, did what had to be done for better of the good. Right now, to come to conclusions is at best based on insufficient knowledge and poor logic.  Prejudice, over generalizations and a host of other distorted forms of distorted thinking is nothing but venting emotions. My son goes to this school. Please let level heads prevail

  • Accurate?

    Yesterday the related article said “ONLY ONE SHOT was fired at the man”. Today, it was “MULTIPLE GUNSHOT WOUNDS”… 

    • 3000

      yesterday he was also only shot in the arm

  • me

    really sad, looks like suicide by cops.  if they try to connect it to Occupy though it’s going to become that much more tragic. 
    everyone arguing about trolling, etc. – Jesus!  there’s other places to do it and WAY BIGGER PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD TO BE DEVOTING YOUR ENERGY TOWARDS.  Seriously, there is actual police brutality happening elsewhere, go fight against that….there is starvation, sexual violence, rape of the planet, obama’s sending drone attacks to countries you don’t even know about.  
    having little crusades against hippies or trolls is just pathetic and you’re wasting your time calling each other names.  there are trolls everywhere unfortunately. clearly the internet has control of your consciousness.  take a fucking walk outside your house. 

  • Lololol


  • Shocked but Relieved Haas grad

    It is very easy for everyone distant from the situation to speculate, blame the police for their acts, create conspiracy theories, etc.  Doesn’t anybody remember Virginia Tech, Columbine, etc…?  We all know that things can get very bad very quickly.  In the heat of the moment Berkeley Police had to make a judgement call.  Right or wrong, the possible consequences of inaction could have been far worse.  (And don’t forget, it’s Berkeley:  very few are what the masses would consider “normal”, so Berkeley students calling one of their own “not normal” is a pretty severe comment…)

    I personally just graduated from Haas earlier this year, and am very shocked and deeply affected by the situation.  I am just very thankful that it didn’t turn out much worse, and that all my friends there are all safe.

    • Guest


      • Shocked but Relieved Haas grad

        Thank you for proving my point.

  • So unfortunate. In this case, it seems that the UCPD did what was necessary. Hippies or not, supportive of OccupyCal or not,  a man pointing a gun at police – or at anyone – is a clear and present danger. I hope more information comes out.

    • Guest

      Unless the cops were standing at a distance and what may have looked like a gun was really an android phone.

  • @82797d95900812590cd8ab818752081b:disqus, regarding your comments that go along the line: “This is not your community. Nobody appreciates your wacko commentary here. So go back to trolling 24/7 on SFGate.”

    It doesn’t matter who “Andre Louis” or “confoosed” or anybody else is or where they are from, for that matter. Their opinions may not matter to you but they are all entitled to them. Isn’t it ironic that so many Berkeley students are fighting for this so-called “freedom of speech” yet you actively advocate for one that goes completely against the movement? Is this freedom of speech limited to students at Berkeley, only? Is that why thousands of us are making scenes every night and attracting all sorts of media attention to us, so ONLY the people living in Berkeley can get their freedom of speech?

    Note that I didn’t say that you can’t say whatever you want to say. You, too, are entitled to your opinion of wanting to kick out the “out-of-town right-wing SFGate troll-tard”, but I’d like to respectfully challenge your intent vs. impact.

    • Guest

      Best part is with the news coming out, this “guest” is now entirely wrong.

      • Guest

        And what news might this be that makes “guest entirely wrong”? The guy had a permit for the gun. The video has not been made public. I heard  the only thing the guy “brandished” was an android phone. Maybe he was just trying to film the cops with his phone. Let’s just wait and see the video.

        • Guest

          Oh, and if I may add, if the guy was a complete maniac or a criminal, he wouldn’t have been able to get licensed for the gun. So there.

    • Guest

      Min Ju, These are trolls who inundate various media comment boards with far-right spam. So let’s call it exactly what it is: SPAM. You can easily recognize this as spam because it’s inflammatory and over-the-top crap, pointless except to annoy people. Yes they are entitled to their opinions but they are not entitled to sign up under multiple anonymous online identities and fill comment boards with political spam, drowning out other views. Their purpose is not to engage in honest debate or discussion, but rather to annoy progressive readers, drown out their views and spread their far-right tea party propaganda. That’s why they target media publications like the SF Chronicle, and UC Berkeley’s newspaper (via article links from SFGate). So wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Guest

      While I understand your sentiment, I’m sure not every Berkeley student is fight for “freedom of speech.”

  • guest

    Of course, this is all speculation…but suicide by cop is a possibility. On his FB page, one of the photo albums refers to this security guard at Ohlone who committed suicide:

  • 3000

    hasn’t anyone actually given a critical look to the video?  or just believe everything you see on youtube?  is allied barton really going to talk about hiring this guy who finally decided to get a job, “any job,” etc…?
    its not on allied barton’s site, either.  no, it looks like it was maybe chris’ upload?

    • Guest

      Bummer, thought you had posted up the security footage to YouTube.

      • 3000

        still, everyone is just taking the supposed Allied-Barton Award Video at face value.  Its so obviously bogus!!  they are actually commenting on what it seems to say, rather than commenting on what it says (yells!) between the lines.

        • 3000

          Chris is the Forbisher Group, it appears

          • Rwang5688

            After scanning through his Web site, I feel sad and creepy at the same time.

  • Guest

    The article should really not include the statement that the suspect was “brandishing a gun.” If the journalists feel the need to include “brandishing”, they should simply say he was ALLEGEDLY brandishing a gun. 

    • Anon

      Um…what? Why? Should every verb in a news story be prefaced by ‘allegedly’? The police must then have only ‘allegedly’ shot him. You don’t have any more evidence to suggest that than they do to suggest that he was brandishing a weapon. In fact, this only ‘allegedly’ happened at all! the Daily Cal is probably just making it up.

      • Guest

        Uhhh…okay let’s go back to journalism 101: in the case of a crime suspect, you as a reporter can NEVER imply the suspect is guilty until the suspect is found guilty by a court. That’s why you see “allegedly” always used in crime news articles with suspects who have been charged, but not found guilty yet.

        Police and DA and even everyday joes can say the suspects are guilty, but journalists can’t. That’s how journalists get sued.

  • Chronicle Higher Ed
    An armed man who was shot dead by a police officer on Tuesday at the
    University of California at Berkeley’s business school was an
    undergraduate student, a campus spokesman said on Wednesday.

    The 32-year-old student, Christopher Nathen Elliot Travis,
    was reported to the police on Tuesday afternoon when he was seen with a
    gun in an elevator at the Haas School of Business, officials said. When
    police officers found him moments later in a nearby computer laboratory,
    he pointed the gun at them and was shot by a single police officer, the
    police said. Mr. Travis died later at a local hospital, said the
    spokesman, Dan Mogulof.

    The shooting, which officials said was the first on Berkeley’s campus since the 1980s, does not appear to be connected to a large student protest
    that was being held on a different part of the campus at the same time.
    Mr. Travis was in his first semester taking business courses at
    Berkeley, Mr. Mogulof said.

    Three people who were in or near the computer lab said in
    interviews soon after the shooting that they heard the police yelling at
    the suspect to drop his weapon before shooting five to 10 times. The
    witnesses said some students and staff members dropped to the ground
    upon hearing the gunshots, while others tried to run away.

    A Web page apparently written by Mr. Travis to promote
    himself as a business consultant discussed two suicide attempts by him.
    The information on the page matches the name and description of Mr.
    Travis given by campus officials, but officials have not verified that
    it was written by him. The page was taken down on Wednesday.

    “My name is Chris Travis. I tried to kill myself when I was
    5. … I took 219 sleeping pills one day when I was 23,” the Web site
    originally said. It said that the author wanted to get an internship at
    the United Nations and pursue a career in international business. “I
    want to learn more and do more to make this world better,” the Web site

    • Guest

      Oh I see, because the guy may have had a history of depression in the distant past and was open about it in order to help others, dig that up to justify his killing before we get all the facts.

      Now I understand why people don’t want to be open about mental illness since it could be used against them.

  • Guest

    Chancellor Birgeneau: “I also want to thank the police for their very quick response.”One wonders if he will soon be forced to backtrack on this statement like he did with his other premature statement regarding the beatings of the protestors?

  • Anonymous

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    • Mike

      please read my previous comment… it applies to you to.

      • Anonymous

        Are you used to dictating what applies to strangers that you don’t even know.? if so being a dictator would require less worthiness then some stoned jerk that obloquiously attempts to promote demented one sided argument’s. that’s what it sounds like but if not,…… Sorry about that. I’m just going by the fact that your previous comment has been removed and your reply to me is flagged. so you must be one of those illiterate’s that not only can’t understand simple word’s and/or has no internet ability. the type of person that exacerbates themselves through their obloquious livelihood.

        • Mike

          I wish you the best and don’t forget to take your medication. Please, you’ll feel a lot better. Seriously.

      • Anonymous

        Do you have any worthiness as a human ?. or do you think being a piece of crap to other people is some sort of revenge. 

      • Anonymous

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  • kisaya

    It is clear he worked as a security guard. IF it’s true he had a gun, and IF it’s true (as some of the student witnesses have claimed) that the police ordered him to “Drop the gun”, as a security guard he ESPECIALLY would have known to drop the gun in that situation. If he had a gun and did not drop it at that point, I would not consider his actions to be “misinterpreted” by the police no matter what the guy’s intentions were.  No matter what, I’m still saddened by the entire incident, and no matter what we all need to be patient and hope that the entire truth will come out soon.

  • Guest

    Shoot first, ask questions later.

    • Anonymous

      More like hook everyone up onto ultra secret CIA RMS Psychic Visual spy manipulation systems and abuse them to the point they either kill many people and then themselves or just them self by use of suicide by cop!. Something was driving the guy to do the senseless thing he did. it seems as though the guy didn’t even want to hurt anyone. I think this is a classic example of ultra secret government random abuse causing the common person to think they have to resort or commit to an act of senseless violence as revenge. let’s face it this was senseless and so were all of the 67 school shootings under the obloquious bush administration. I suspect the guy was under some sort of calumnious assault. and felt as though he had to do something to get even but in the middle of committing to it he realizes that there is something controlling him into committing to terrorist attacks onto his immediate societies in a final act of martererism. 

  • 3000

    the youtube video by forbisher group of him getting an award seems hard to believe.  laying it on pretty thick, to say the least…

  • Guest

    “We have some reports that the student was ‘not normal’ and we’re trying
    to determine what that means — these are just comments that are being
    made,” he said.

    Really bizarre that a police chief would make a completely unsubstantiated, inflammatory, and borderline slanderous comment in the middle of an ongoing investigation.  Usually law enforcement won’t say anything, even about obvious facts.

    My suspicion is that the victim was not behaving in nearly as threatening a manner as the police claimed, and Celaya is trolling for unrelated evidence that could be used against the victim.  The cover up could be in progress.

    • 3000

      good analysis

    • Anonymous

      That was the first impression I had and I agree with it, although I think the guy was abused in uncommon way’s and felt as though he had to seek revenge somehow. while in the midst of it he lost the nerve and chose to make the cops kill him.. but it does seem as though there is an ultra secret underworld of organized technological bionic psychic communications crime that is trying to take over the police and local law enforcement by aiding and abetting their ability to randomly abuse the public and get away with it. if it keeps happening it’s going to cause public war against establishment’s. to avoid it all would be as simple as to shut down and abolish the bionic psychic visual communications, medical administrations of it as well as the synoptic administrations and oversight committee’s of it. gun on campus is violating public safety and is enough of a threat for cops to use deadly force. especially when it’s pointed at them. No Psychotic Cops Please!.

  • Anonymous

    This news seemed really hushed up yesterday. I read an article by a different newspaper last night that he died wayyy before the Daily Cal reported it.
    I’m sensing that there’s more to this story than meets the eyes, but we’ll just have to wait and see what gets revealed.

    • Guest

      Yeah, I mean, look at that grassy knoll across the way…

    • Anon

      Did it ever occur to you that the explanation for that fact might simply be that other newspapers are better and more professional than the Cal student paper? No, that can’t be it.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I have actually. That’s why I’m saying that we should wait and see for more news. Things just seem somewhat suspicious to me.

  • Guest


  • Appleman

    Believe this is his Facebook Page:!/profile.php?id=100000919750824

    The media needs to refer to him simply as Chris Travis and not the long name like he’s a terrorist!?  

    •  It’s standard procedure. There are probably a lot of Chris Lewises out there. Using the full name is a way to avoid confusion about who’s passed away. Nobody’s suggesting he’s a terrorist.

  • Guest

    “We have some reports that the student was ‘not normal’ and we’re trying to determine what that means — these are just comments that are being made,” he said.
    … um, seriously? You guys printed that completely subjective evaluation without providing any context or evidence whatsoever? 

    Sounds to me like the police completely overreacted and killed someone completely unnecessarily. Now they need to justify it, which they’re doing by saying this guy was a weirdo. 

    The Daily Cal should push back and actually force them to justify this, rather than publishing their propoganda automatically. 

    • Guest

      Likely the only reason he was “not normal” is because he was an older transfer student. Actually it’s pretty common that older transfer students get bullied and ostracized at Cal. Not only bullying, but this one’s been slaughtered then slandered.

    • Guest

      Hey I’m kind of weird and proudly “not normal” too. And I’m an older transfer student. And I’m gay, like Chris. Maybe I should flee the campus since the UCPD and campus community have declared open season on “not normals” like me.

      • Chris

        Wow, okay way to spin things out of proportion. Let’s not like one remark about the student in question distort the bigger facts of the situation.

        The only thing that the UCPD and campus community has declared open season on is PEOPLE WHO BRANDISH GUNS AT COPS ON CAMPUS. Don’t do that and you’ll be fine.

        • Guest

          “The only thing that the UCPD and campus community has declared open season on is PEOPLE WHO BRANDISH GUNS AT COPS ON CAMPUS.”

          The only thing I heard he was “brandishing” was an android phone.

          • Chris

            “He was carrying a semi-automatic 9 mm handgun, which was registered in his name in San Jose, according to Bennett.”

            Are you serious right now? The only place I heard someone say Android phone was a commentator’s baseless speculation. Compare that to the police who were on the scene. Is your distrust of the police so high that you are willing to bend over backwards to embrace wholly unsubstantiated claims over something with roots in credibility and accuracy?

          • Guest

            “Is your distrust of the police so high…?”


          • Guest

            Considering that the police officer who killed Oscar Grant spent less than a year in jail (along of other cases), yes. Regardless, who are you to question our distrust of the police? What makes your beliefs more credible when there has been no proof or evidence so far of really anything?

  • Anon
    • still on the cops side

      is that the same chris travis? that is pretty sad

  • Al

    Just google “Chris Travis Ohlone College”. He’s on linkedin. He’s worked as a *security* supervisor for Allied Barton!!!…

    I think he just carried a gun out of habit given his work. He worked the entire time he went to Ohlone College (look at the dates).

    I also think he tried to hand over the gun and one of the cops was trigger-happy and shot him. In essence they killed one of their own in a panic.

    He definitely was not 1) a crazed gunman, 2) an intruder (he was a student) or 3) someone out for a grudge. 

    And given the responses of the Chancellor it’s pretty clear that they know what really happened and are anticipating the fallout

    • Andre Louis

      “I also think he tried to hand over the gun and one of the cops was trigger-happy and shot him. In essence they killed one of their own in a panic.”

      You pulled that out of your ass, Al. You are a terrible human being. But hey, who needs reality when you can feed your self-righteousness and narcissism? 

      • Before you yourself become an ass by calling someone a “terrible human being”, perhaps you should have checked out the suspect’s linked-in  profile like Al suggested.

        If you did check out the profile and still said what you said, then I can’t help you…you’re on your own.

        • Andre Louis

          The fact that he was a security guard is irrelevant. A linkedin profile isn’t anything resembling evidence that he “tried to hand over his gun.” How do you get all that from “had job that involves owning gun?” Calling Al a terrible human being was a bit harsh, but it just seemed to me like he was looking for any excuse to say the cops murdered the guy. That’s what people tend to do around here–demonize the police at all costs.

          • Anonymous

            New information has come out since this conversation started, and whether ultimately right or wrong, Al was one of the FEW who actually used information about the “suspect” in an attempt to figure out what happened.

            There was zero evidence of “suicide by cop”. Al gets my thumbs up regardless of what the story ends up being.

            As an aside, I imagine Al would change his theory as new information is learned. I have no way of knowing, of course, but that’s the benefit of the doubt Al earned for trying to draw reasonable conclusions.

      • Guest

        Andre Louis, I recognize you as a right-wing troll from SFGate. This is not your community. Go home troll-tard.

        • Mike

          why you don’t go an insert your marihuana pipe in the butt or better yet wash your clothing and take a shower… it’s 2011!!

          • Anonymous


          • Mike

            Wishing dead on somebody is a serious threat.
            Wishing somebody pleasure by inserting a pipe and washing their clothes is quite different.

      • Guest

        Andre Louis: “You pulled that out of your ass, Al”

        Oh you mean like he pulled this YT clip out of his ass?:

    • Chris

      I would love to have you definitively prove points 1 or 3 and disprove the notion that it might’ve been suicide by cop. People live ordinary lives all the time before committing sudden violence and even the most ordinary individuals can be driven to extremes by certain events in their lives.

      • It’s not up to anyone to disprove the fantasy that the death was suicide by cop…and at this point it is pure fantasy.

        While we have zero evidence the young man was depressed enough to commit suicide, we do have evidence that he was a bright student in his first semester at Cal with a long history of working in the “security” business.

        Sorry, but at this point suggesting he was carrying a gun out of habit and was killed by a cop who mistook his attempt to hand over his gun as “aggressive” is much more reasonable than the suggestion it was an elaborate suicide attempt. It may have been, but there is no evidence.

        • Chris

          Why is it more reasonable?  Your theories are just as speculative. I’m not saying one holds more weight but there is no evidence to suggest it was just a misunderstanding.

          Just because he was a bright student doesn’t mean he couldn’t something which could be harmful. By that logic the bright assistant professor Ted Kaczynski must certainly could not have committed violence.

          I’m not condemning Chris Travis as a crazed gunman. I’m just challenging the confidence that some people seem to hold the notion that he must’ve been completely innocent and in the clear. The hardest evidence we have right now is witness accounts and the police. Now some of you inherently distrust the police but their version of the story is a lot more concrete than speculation about this person’s character based on a LinkedIn profile and YouTube video.

          • I took you challenge to “disprove that it was suicide by cop” as you being invested in that outcome rather than you defending it as a possibility. At this point there are many possibilities, including suicide by cop.

          • Guest

            Okay, now the speculation is getting ridiculous.

            Just CHILL and wait to see the video of what REALLY happened, m’kay?

          • Guest

            In my opinion, if the police were really that innocent, they would have put out the video and testimonies already to stop the speculation.

    • Nobody carries a gun by habit, in California. The rules for carrying guns are very strict, due to the liberals in Sacramento, and all law-abiding gun-owners know to be careful when and where they are carrying their guns.

      • Marshall Rogers-Martínez

        My dad is a police officer and he does! When he’s not on duty!

        • He is allowed to, due to off-duty law enforcement carry laws. He also knows how to do that in a safe manner–i.e. concealed, so as not to arouse panic.

    • Erik

      Never in my life would I ever try to “hand over” a gun to a policeman by pointing it at them…

  • questionallactions


    • FTP!!!

    • Where are you getting this from? I’ve read/heard nothing about a video, except your claim that there is one.

      • Is there a link to the video you can post? I’m having trouble finding it

        • No it hasn’t been made public yet. By “found it” I meant found a reference to its existence by UCPD.

  • ABC

    Perfectly executed suicide-by-cop.

  • Andre Louis


    If brandishing a gun at a police officer does not justify the use of force…what the hell does? Crying out about this will expose you as frauds, people who don’t think or care about anything but their own desires and agendas. These men just saved lives. Pay them their due respect.

    • Guest

      “Andre Louis” “ABC” or whatever other moniker you post under: SFGate probably had a link to this article. That’s why you, an out-of-town right-wing SFGate troll-tard, are now trolling here. This is not your community. Nobody appreciates your wacko commentary here. So go back to trolling 24/7 on SFGate. And while you’re at it, get a life.

      • ABC

        Cal graduate, and only post with 1 ID.  Perhaps you’re the one with outlandish speculation here.

      • Anonymous

        I live in Berkeley and have strong ties to the University.  I agree with Andre Louis.  Not everyone in the Bay Area is leftist like you.  We have a right to our opinion without trolling.  How would you feel and what would you say if the UCPD had not been on the scene and this student killed other students?  I believe the UCPD acted correctly in this case. 

        • Guest

          “Confoosed”: Berkeley resident or not, you and “Andre Louis” are nonetheless spewing inflammatory statements not based on any facts about the situation that have yet to be released. That’s what trolls do.

          • Guest

            Pretty sure calling out to someone to “get a life”, and calling them a “troll”, is inflammatory itself.

            Pot, meet kettle.

          • Guest

            Being a troll is self-evident and a troll is easy to spot. A troll spews slanderous statements that are not based on fact, but on speculation or fabrication. Since these slanderous statements can’t be backed up by fact, the purpose for them is not to promote intelligent informed discussion/debate, but rather to stir up bad feelings and pointless arguments over slander and speculation.

          • Guest

            Slander != speculation.  You’re just a bit over-hyped about all this, aren’t you?

          • Guest

            I would just love to sit here all day debating your nonsense, but I actually have a life. You apparently don’t. bu-bye

          • Guest

            That’s cool, I know you’ve got that art degree to work on.

          • Anonymous

            What “inflammatory statements not based on any facts about the situation that have yet to be released” am I spewing? 

          • ZetecticPerduellion

            Inflamuhtory statement’s means you ain’t pissed anyone off yet with you buzzbrain jacobin wack. they just gettin started, see what you made of.

          • Out-of-town right-wing troll

            Inflammatory – adjective /inˈflaməˌtôrē/
                 1. Relating to or causing inflammation of a part of the body
                 2. (esp. of speech or writing) Arousing or intended to arouse
                 angry or violent feelings

            as defined by Google.

            In what way is Andre’s comment inflammatory?

            Not based on facts? Let’s think of some well-known incidents where a student brought a gun to school and shot people…

            Columbine High School – April 20, 1999. Two armed students shot and killed 12 students, 1 teacher, and injured 21 others.

            Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University – April 16, 2007. Armed student killed 32 and injured many more.

            If police were given the chance they would have “shot to disable” the armed students, preventing more fatalities.

            Even if this student had not shot anyone yet he had a loaded gun and could have ended the lives of other students that day. I do not know his intentions so I cannot say he  was definitely going to shoot anyone, but he had the ability to do so. UCPD did the right thing. Would you rather them sit there yelling at the armed student and wait for him to start shooting people? Would you rather them wait until innocent bystanders are killed? If you said yes to those last two questions then there is something wrong with you. I know there will be an occasion where a police officer is enough for someone to give up their weapon, but is it worth the lives at risk to wait and find out?

            I fully support the Second Amendment and in no way is this reply inflammatory or “trolling”

            R.I.P. all who died in any/all school shootings.

          • ZetecticPerduellion

            What it Numenist incipient cacodoxy. I’m just curious to see what you come up with.

          • ZetecticPerduellion

            Is uh person uh Troll if they just making wisecracks back at the uhthuh funny man?.

      • It really bothers you when people you don’t agree with are able to post their opinions, right?

        • Anonymous

          Only when they lead with an insult. 

          • ZetecticPerduellion

            I only get upset when the insult’s aren’t good enough to argue over. George Bush’s ultra secret Project “echelon” and Mockingbird along with an ultra secret neuropathogenic telekinesis of human control called “Zygnomic Control” is what is causing all the school shooting’s. this is where all the W.A.C.K. (acronym to… Wight Acculturates of Cacodoxic Kinesis) people whom commit to the shooting’s are coming from. bush shared this psychic visual neuropathogenic telekinesis telencephalization of psychic Mutually assured Distruction via Artificial Intelligence with five other countries and this is the result. Bush Sucks pretty badly for taking it upon himself to do this to us all. vote Democrat people because Romney is a Bush Bot.

      • laura

        Clearly you are trolling the Daily Cal comments, because if you have been reading for the past year you would be familiar with Louis, who is a Cal Alum with strong ties to the campus

        • Guest

          “…if you have
          been reading for the past year you would be familiar with Louis, who is a
          Cal Alum…”

          So when did he graduate? 1952?

      • me

        how is this inflammatory?  wtf…even if he’s a troll on other stories he’s not here so don’t feed him!

      • Andre Louis

        I don’t
        even know what SFGate is. I’m a former UC Berkeley student, who still spends ample
        time here, with more than enough experience in campus life to know that any
        police action, regardless of type, degree or context, is usually immediately
        decried as an instance of brutality, fascism, or something equally dramatic.
        Given that this particular case clearly shows police officers keeping our
        campus safe, I thought I would preempt the imminent deluge of hysteria by
        urging people to see this incident for what it was. There’s nothing
        “right-wing” about encouraging a community to recognize facts rather
        than use tragic outcomes as platforms for demagogy. 

    • Guest

      Hey Archie Bunker, I mean Andre Louis…just fyi, nobody uses the word “hippies” anymore unless they’re trying to be a caricature.

      • Guest

        In 2011, nobody uses the term “troll” anymore unless they’re compensating for something.

        • Guest

          Stupid comment.  Are you aware that “troll” is a term with a specific meaning with respect to online comment boards?  In that respect, it is used incessantly.

    • Guest

      If  he brandished the gun  to commit assisted suicide, which seems likely,  as University Spokesperson Moguloff stated there was no evidence to suggest he  had any intentions to harm others, there were no lives saved,  just tragedy all around.  It is very  sad to think how his family must feel with this taking place a week before Thanksgiving.  They had to be  incredibly proud that  their son, a dropout,  was now a matriculated student at the renowned  Haas Business School. It is also tragic for the the Police Officer who was forced to assist his suicide and now has to live with that. There will likely be questions as to  why shots were repeatedly  fired at a person  who although holding a gun returned no fire. With three other Police officers in the room, it would seem that  this could have had a better outcome.
      One can hypothesize that an event like this taking place near the end of a transfer student’s first semester might be linked to his not meeting his expectations in his classes, which is very possible given the incredible competition for grades at the Haas Business School.  I am  not a Business major but an Economics major and in the classes I have taken  at Haas,  I did not find that the level of competition for grades was due to the difficulty of the material. The graduate level Economics classes I have taken are far more difficult in this regard.  The difficulty is due to the very unlevel playing field in certain classes. The unlevel playing field is due to more than a few Professors using basically the same tests from year to year  and certain Asian Business groups and fraternities having copies of prior  tests and only sharing them among their members. At first,  I could not figure out what exactly was taking place. In one class, I thought I had done extremely  well on the first exam and with a level playing field I probably would have had one of the highest grades in the class but instead my grade was only around the 80th percentile. I was shocked to find that many of the Asians with the highest scores were ones who when called upon in class often did not have a clue as to what the Professor was asking. Something did not seem right. After that test, almost all the non asian students dropped the class so there were only three non asians left in a class that was reduced in size to about 50 students. It had originally been around 60 students. The other white student, a Ukrainian immigrant, who was a Haas student  explained  that the reason certain  Asians do so well is because their business groups and fraternities  have copies of the tests and this and other  Professors use the same tests repeatedly with ony slight variations. On hearing this,  I informed the Professor and he agreed that it was not a level playing field and afterwards passed out copies of old exams. There was a significantly different grade distribution for the second midterm and the final.
      My guess is that Travis  might have faced a  similar situation in one or more of his classes and it could be  the catalyst  of something like this. Having low grades at Haas  is one thing;   being subjected to  low grades while others earn high grades not because of increased effort but as a result of  an unfair advantage, having copies of  prior tests, essentially inside information, in essence mass cheating taking place in numerous classes,  is entirely another.

      • Guest 1

        You could not have said it any better. Your argument makes a great deal of sense.

      • Guest

        I am Asian and am honestly offended. Maybe things have changed since you were a student or when you were taking Haas classes, but from what I’ve seen, grades are only “difficult” to get because of the easy exams and, hence, narrow curves. Not because certain Asians have access to old exams. Great job stereotyping by the way and including “certain” just so it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to stereotype.

        The only thing I can agree with you on is that maybe he was struggling with his classes because he failed to grasp some of the material or because of the intense competition. What happened was, indeed, tragic.

    • ZetecticPerduellion

      H.I.P.P.I.E.S Acronym to………. Hierarchy Iniquity of Perduellious Psychic Intelligence of Eigenvalue-vector-functions Synoptic’s. You tell em Andre. Oh, wait. How do you know their Hippies?.

  • Guest

    is this a familiar story of police shooting someone they say was threatening?

    • Carl ’10

      more importantly he had a gun

      • Not only did he have a gun, but he was brandishing it and refused to drop it when asked by officers! If you do something like that, you kinda have to expect to be taken out. Sucks for everyone involved – maybe he was mentally ill – but I think the cops did what they had to do. There are some more details at

        • Guest

          Here’s an idea, Amber Catherine Kerr: maybe you shouldn’t rush to judgment before ALL the details are released, including the possibility that the guy had a gun because he worked as security guard and that the cop who shot him was trigger happy. Wouldn’t be the first time a cop was trigger happy, right?

          • But aren’t you also rushing to judgement by calling the cop trigger-happy?

          • Bingo.

          • Guest

            No, I’m saying it’s a POSSIBILITY that he was trigger happy and that we should wait to see the video.

            Besides, there’s enough out there on the internet about this guy to give him the benefit of the doubt at this point.

          • No, there was no rush to judgment, Tim.

            The suggestion was presented as an equally plausible counter to Amber Catherine Kerr’s contention that the victim was “mentally ill”, deserved what he got, or that the cops “did what they had to do”, and the point was that anything is possible so waiting for more information before drawing conclusions is advised.

            Actually, it was probably presented as a MORE plausible explanation because it was based on actual information about the victim. Amber just threw out some stuff based on nothing but her own biases.

          • Attilavirag

            Security guards usually do not carry guns at all, except for a few special posts. Also if he did carry a gun at work it is not likely that he also takes it to school with him on a regular basis just out of “habit”. 

          • Guest

            Unless he came directly from one of these “special posts” to school that day. And even if he technically wasn’t supposed to have a gun on him, that’s no reason for him to get shot to death.

            The point being, quit judging until all the facts are in.

        • Guest

          Okay, I read the Oakland Trib article that you linked to. Nothing new there, except for the statement “he pointed a gun at police” which should have been “he ALLEGEDLY pointed the gun at police”

      • GoldenBear

        Prior to transferring into CAL in 2009, I worked for nearly a decade as a security guard.  Employed as an unarmed guard, it would have been quite easy to acquire both a permit to carry a firearm and a firearm. 

        Lets  not jump to hasty conclusions  about the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting prior to a full investigation into the matter. 

    • Guest

      “is this a familiar story of police shooting someone they say was threatening?”

      only in BART stations….

  • Guest

    Good job UCPD

  • [email protected]

    Thank goodness they got him before anyone was seriously hurt. 

    • ABC

      Suicide by cop almost certainly

      Step 1 – show firearm to girl in elevator, so that cops are called
      Step 2 – brandish firearm and point it towards police when they get there
      Step 3 – success

      • Chris Sears

        Suicide by cop almost certainlyStep 1 – show non-iPhone to girl in elevator, so that cops are calledStep 2 – brandish Android and point it towards police when they get thereStep 3 – success


        • Ya

          They found a weapon “near his body”

          • Guest

            There are also stories spreading around that, while he did have a weapon, he didn’t take it out until the police entered the scene and demanded that he take out the gun. Of course, if this was the case, all this will be hush hush to protect the police.

            Also, 4-5 shots is a little ridiculous.

            Not the first and definitely not the last time we will see American police doing stupid things.

          • Guest

            What, you expect them to fire 1 shot, sit back, and see what happens?

            Until you’re in a firefight, don’t presume to know how to properly defend yourself.

          • Ummon Karpe

            It is true that he might not have drawn the gun until they told him to, and police have a history of sometimes causing unnecessary shootings.

            However, firing several shots is perfectly reasonable. Once you choose to fire a shot, you have to make sure you don’t get hit by return fire, which requires firing multiple shots.

      • Guest

        ABC: Talk about outlandish speculation. Go home troll.
        The rest of us will wait for the video before speculating any further. 

        • Guest

          As it happens countless times every year across this nation, it’s not that outlandish.

        • Guest

          …and the news is coming out of this guy’s suicidal tendencies.  Take that foot and shove it into your mouth.