UC Berkeley student escapes attempted sexual assault on campus

A man allegedly attempted to sexually assault a UC Berkeley student on the edge of campus Sunday evening near Tolman Hall.

At around 5 p.m., a female UC Berkeley student was talking on her cellphone and walking eastbound on Hearst Avenue when she passed a bus stop near Tolman Hall, where a man asked her a question regarding a bus, according to a UCPD crime alert. The victim answered the question and then walked southbound onto campus, where the suspect caught up with her a few moments later.

He then grabbed her arm and brought it toward his exposed genitals while trying to pull her into nearby bushes, according to the crime alert. The victim fought back and escaped toward Hearst.

The victim was not injured during the encounter and reported the incident to UCPD Thursday.

The suspect is described as a 5’3’’ medium built male in his late 30s with an average weight and black or grey short, straight thinning hair. He has a pock-marked complexion with some facial stubble, and was wearing a faded black hooded sweatshirt, light blue jeans and old white shoes, according to the crime alert.

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  • Tony M

    My bad.

  • I see the DailyCal is reporting the race of the suspect.  Is this a new change in policy?

    • Sam

      Reporting the race of the suspect doesn’t and shouldn’t matter, so the more information that is given, the better. The article carries no racist sentiment whatsoever, but if that isn’t what you were implying, then I’m sorry :)

  • Five Oh Needs 5150d

    UC-DAVIS: sitting down on the ground?

    Pepper spray forced down your throat.




    … they pepper-sprayed directly in the face, holding these students as
    they did so. When students covered their eyes with their clothing,
    police forced open their mouths and pepper-sprayed down their  throats.
    One of them, forty-five minutes after being pepper-sprayed down his
    throat, was still coughing up blood.


  • guest

    Well, I guess I’m not going to the bonfire tonight. 

  • Mathew

    Monsters like this make me sick and give men a bad name. I hope they catch this guy and that he is successfully and repeatedly raped in prison. 

    I’m sorry this victim had to go through this nightmare and wish her the best.

  • Guest



    On Thursday, November 17th, 2011, at 5:09 p.m., a battery occurred at the

    northeast exterior of the Haas Pavilion.  The female student victim was

    approached by the suspect.  The suspect asked if she was going to the

    protest on Sproul Plaza.  The victim answered, “No.” The suspect yelled an

    expletive at the victim and stated that “People like you are the reason

    that California is in debt.”  The suspect threw a full aluminum water

    bottle at the victim’s face.  The victim called UCPD and refused medical

    treatment for the bruise on her cheek.  UCPD officers checked the area and

    could not locate the suspect.

    • Liesnbs

      “could not locate the suspect.”

      b/c the perp. was undercover UCPD,
      part of a program to discredit the protesters.

      • Anonymous

        When did this site get flooded with silliness from both sides?

        It seems most likely that a) the bottle thrower was a protester, not a provocateur and b) people like that are only a small fraction of the protests, not in any way indicative of the group.

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the perp is a fleabagger.  There were a whole bunch of sexual assaults at “occupy” camps, although the media did their best to cover that up.


    • Markh

      That’s hateful conjecture.

      • Guest

        it’s a reasonable conjecture

    • guest

      because before ows there were never any sexual assaults on campus….?

    • Guest Of Fail

      so no OWS means no crime?
      YOU FAIL IT!

    • Anonymous

      Concealed carry. When they hear the click they usually dee dee mau.