General Assembly plans events in solidarity with UC Davis

Nineteen members of the Occupy Cal movement attended the general assembly Sunday night to finalize details for a campuswide sleep-out and plans for a solidarity movement with UC Davis.

The sleep-out — planned for Monday night on Sproul Plaza — is intended to continue the momentum of the Occupy movement and show solidarity with UC Davis students who have planned a rally on their campus Monday, according to a Facebook event.

Discussion was raised during the meeting about the possibility of police action during the sleep-out.

“(Police are) always a worry when we plan anything these days,” said Navid Shaghaghi, a senior at UC Berkeley.

According to the Facebook event, 283 people are currently planning to attend as of when this post was written.

The general assembly also discussed plans for sending UC Berkeley students to the UC Davis rally Monday. The van can hold 15 people, according to Shaghaghi.

Ergoat Oneiric, a Berkeley resident, announced a proposal for an open letter  — in solidarity with UC Davis — for the immediate arrest of the UC Davis police officer who pepper sprayed protesters, as well as the resignation of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi.

“If we don’t here make a clear demand that this is unacceptable, then what are we doing here?” Oneiric said during the meeting.

The Open University strike and activities will also continue tomorrow on campus with a noon rally and discussion.

“This is an ongoing thing,” Shaghaghi said. “It’s not just us marching and then going home.”

Open University is planned to continue until the end of RRR — or dead — week, although the movement is most likely going to continue to the next semester, according to Shaghagi.

Occupy Cal is a continuous movement, according to UC Berkeley junior Francisco Luna.

“I’ve been here since that violent Wednesday, (mostly) spending the nights awake,” Luna said.

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  • Andrea

    Tony, your parody is clever and stupid all at once. Thanks for the nonsensical explanation for your “Jew” joke. Such good taste! Maybe you can work “Holocaust” into the next version or “Pol Pot” in the international version? Those crazy OWSers, camping all crazy and asking for free speech and equity and an end to corruption and greed and stuff like that. A bunch of students just asking to get pepper sprayed if you ask me. We need to teach them a lesson. Shut your mouth, get a job, and its non of your business.  Well done sir!

    • Anonymous

      Ever heard of Godwin’s Law?

  • Tony M

    Hello Faddah
    Hello Mama
    I’m Occupying
    Camp Obama
    I’m protesting
    Wall Street grabbings
    And trying to avoid the hobo stabbings

    On my iPhone
    With my last tweet
    I down-twinkled
    Jews on Wall Street
    Please don’t worry
    About psychosis’
    Cause my Guy Fawkes mask repels tuberculosis

    We are saving
    This whole nation
    With some squad car
    We went marching
    in Zucotti 
    And got applauded by the Nazi Party

    There’s a raping
    Every day now
    Some are straight and
    Some are gay now
    Latest outbreak
    In the food tent over by the Ben & Jerry’s

    Taaaake me home
    Oh Dad and Mama
    Taaaake me home
    From Camp Obama
    Don’t leave me 
    Out in the plaza scent
    Made byThe 99 percent

    Cosign loans
    Oh Dad and Mama
    Don’t make groans
    Oh Dad and Mama
    ‘Cause Van Jones
    Assures me that it’s cool
    For me
    To go to graduate schooooool

    Just a minute
    Dad and Mama
    Got a message
    From Obama
    He doesn’t like the
    way we’re livin’
    So our student loans are hereby all forgiven

    No more worries
    No more bothers
    All thanks to our
    Founding fathers
    Our dear leaders
    won’t let me fail
    Dear Mom and Dad please disregard this email

    • Re-Po

      tony, as an active OWS supporter/activist, i find your “jews on wall street” rhyme offensive, reductionist and symptomatic the greater issue of disrespect/bigotry i have witnessed throughout this movement. i understand the importance of humor and lightheartedness in the midst of a movement so heavy and laden with violence and injustice, but it is equally as important to treat all people involved in this movement with a sense of decency, respect and courtesy. wall street is inhabited, in part, by jews, yes. but the religious backgrounds of the 1% are not my concern, and frankly i think that in writing that line into your rhyme you are reawakening  stereotypes i was hoping were put to bed after wwII, and also doing all of us here a great disservice. jews, muslims, christians, buddhists, atheists, what ever–we are all part of this movement together.  don’t damage the integrity of something great.

      • Tony M

        [tony, as an active OWS supporter/activist, i find your “jews on wall street” rhyme offensive]

        In case you don’t get it, the song is a parody of the nutters and fruitcakes in the OWS movement, and makes fun of the fact that some of these Occupy Whatever people are the usual anti-Semites looking for a new venue for their bile. I’m of Jewish ancestry and found it humorous, as well as telling how ill-considered “movements” always bring out the fringe types. Sorry you missed the punch line…

      • Anonymous

        You don’t get it.  It’s not making fun of Jews, but of protesters who always blame Jews when banking problems arise.  This type of blame has been going on since the Middle Ages because Christians could not lend money for profit (usury).