UC Berkeley Academic Senate to vote on resolution of no confidence in senior administrators

Members of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate have called a special meeting Nov. 28 to discuss and potentially vote on a resolution of no confidence in senior campus administrators in response to their handling of the Occupy Cal movement.

According to the resolution, which was drafted by three UC Berkeley faculty members, the campus has compromised the climate for free expression. It proposes a vote of no confidence in the ability of UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer and Vice Chancellor Harry Le Grande to respond appropriately to nonviolent protests and protect the freedom of speech and assembly on campus.

“The most recent treatment of protesters on Nov. 9 comes after several other incidents of police response to protests,” said Wendy Brown, a campus political science professor and a co-author of the resolution. “The police used an inappropriate level of force.”

According to campus spokesperson Janet Gilmore, campus administrators declined to comment on the division’s proposal until after it has been voted on at the Nov. 28 meeting.

She said the UCPD Police Review Board has initiated a review of police actions on Nov. 9. Additionally, following standard practice, UCPD Chief Mitch Celaya has undertaken an internal investigation into police actions that will be reported to the board.

UC President Mark Yudof also met with all 10 UC chancellors via teleconference on Monday to examine the recent police use of force on student demonstrations at UC Berkeley and UC Davis. The UC Office of the President has started to implement recommendations to “ensure the safety of members of the UC community engaged in peaceful protest,” according to a press release.

Yet Brown said Birgeneau should take ultimate responsibility for the use of batons against students on Nov. 9.

“The chancellor has been all over the map,” Brown said. “First he defended the police force, then he saw videos and called the police actions ‘disturbing.’ It would be great if the chancellor could just take responsibility and ensure that this will never happen again.”

After it was written, the resolution received 47 signatures of support from members of the campus division of the Academic Senate. According to division chair Bob Jacobsen, no faculty members have publicly voiced their opposition to the resolution but he said a debate may come up at the upcoming meeting.

“Faculty have been very concerned and upset by what they’ve seen,” Jacobsen said. “They have seen a need to express their concern, and this resolution has grown out of a desire to state that this (type of police action) is unacceptable and that situations have to be handled better in the future.”

However, Brown said that while the resolution aims to pass a vote of no confidence for police action on Nov. 9, the Nov. 15 peaceful dispersal of the Occupy Cal encampment was a “good contrast” to events of a week before.

“I felt that what happened on (Nov. 15) in terms of the climate on the day of strike, students felt quite unintimidated and unharrassed during the day,” Brown said. “But questions of rights of assembly, peace and nonviolent protest should be welcomed as appropriate responses to the transformation the university is undergoing.”

Read the full resolution below.

Amruta Trivedi covers academics and administration.

An earlier version of this article incorrectly spelled Bob Jacobsen’s name.

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  • biologyphdcandidate

    The UCB Academic Senate website says the faculty removed the words “no confidence” from the resolution? Why??? Also seems suspicious that Calmail is broken until Monday, disrupting student and faculty ability to organize for the senate meeting and any actions in support of UC Davis’ strike. 

  • No Shit Sherlock

    For those of you liberals who are too stupid to figure this out, the students were TRYING to start a violent clash with the police.

    1.) Instigate violent clash with the police so that you can get footage of “police brutality.”

    2.) Use footage of “police brutality” to shame the police/administration into reversal or inaction.

    3.) Set up illegal tent encampment while the administration and police are trying to deal with the media fallout.

    It worked for MONTHS in Oakland, and look at what happened in Davis. Occupy protesters set up an illegal encampment at UC Davis almost immediately after the footage of the pepper spraying hit the news.

    • Anonymous

      I think you would do well to review a functional definition of violence, the history of civil disobedience and non-violent protests, and the philosophies that back it up.

      To get you started here’s a quote from John Rawls: “civil disobeience is a public, non-violent and conscientious breach of law undertaken with the aim of bring about a change in government policies”.

      • No Shit Sherlock

        I think you would do well to brush up on your reading comprehension, jackass.

        Instigating a violent clash does not mean that the protesters used violence. They simply engaged in activity they knew was prohibited and then forcefully resisted lawful police orders. Which instigates a violent clash because at that point the police are FORCED to use some form physical force/violence to remove them in order to uphold the law.

        Arrogance paired with ignorance – the hallmark of a Modern Liberal Youth.

        • Anonymous

          Wow. You decided to double down on irony. 

          So maybe you can tell me how one non-violently “instigates a violent clash with police”. Can you do that, Mr. lack-of-reading-comprehension-makes-one-a-jackass”? No, you can’t. Well, maybe you can, but it won’t make any sense.

          “Simply engag(ing)” in a “prohibited activity” is not a justification for police violence. So what is “forceful resistance”? Resistance is passive. Yes, you have to stand there….or sit there…or otherwise choose to refuse to follow an order…but again, this is not a justification for police violence. Protesters at Berkeley and now Davis peacefully resisted, which is why I asked you to refresh your definition of violence. What I say is true, and it is why Chancellor Birgeneau famously (and ridiculously) claimed “linking arms is not non violent”. Your contention that police action was justified REQUIRES that protester action was violent, and it absolutely was not. You will not win this argument.

          I don’t think you’ve been paying attention, and I definitely think you’re trying to fit your own square-pegged conclusions into the round-holed facts.

          • No Shit Sherlock

            So if you weren’t claiming protesters used violence, perhaps you can
            explain how someone can non-violently “instigate a violent clash with
            police” that could be considered justified.

            Like I said before, you need to brush up on your reading comprehension, dumbass. Nobody said it was justified.

            By using force and engaging in contraband activity the protesters instigated the clash in which they put the police in a position where the police had no choice but to use violence to enforce the law.

            I really mean it about the reading comprehension. It’s amazing to me that someone who can’t even read and understand short posts like this managed to graduate from Cal.

          • Anonymous

            So you’re stripping all the implicit and most explicit statements you made away and boiling your post down to the idea that police were “forced” to use violence against students and faculty at Berkeley and Davis not because protesters were violent but because they violated the campus codes of conduct and disobeyed orders to stop?

            Had I known you weren’t saying anything cogent I wouldn’t have wasted my time.

          • No Shit Sherlock

            I’m not stripping anything away you fucknut. You’re trying to put words in my mouth so you can attack straw man positions because you’re an intellectually bankrupt idiot.

            The protesters intentionally provoked the police by knowingly violating campus policies against tent encampments and then using force to prevent the police from doing their job of removing the encampments.

            They then refused lawful orders to disperse so that the police could remove the tents, knowing that there was no *peaceful* way for the police to break through the line to do their job and remove the encampments, thus prompting a use of force from the police which they were then able to film and use as propaganda to distract the administration so that they could set up their illegal tent encampment again.

            I’m sorry this is so difficult for you to understand. These are regular tactics of the anarchist riots in Europe. I’m not sure I can dumb this down any further.

          • Really now, you bloviating fool –  what part of “interference with a peace officer” and “resisting arrest” do you NOT understand?

          • [So if you weren’t claiming protesters used violence, perhaps you can
            explain how someone can non-violently “instigate a violent clash with
            police” that could be considered justified.]

            If you resist a lawful order by the police, then resist arrest, you are forcing a physical confrontation. Once again, this demonstration had NOTHING to do with either student tuitions or free speech. It was a bunch of Occupy malcontents forcing a confrontation, and a bunch of dumb students joining in…

      • [I think you would do well to review a functional definition of violence]

        I think you would do well if you got a clue. These demonstrations are designed to goat-rope gullible students into confrontations with the campus cops, plain and simple. I saw that quite clearly the first semester I was at Cal – but then again, I was about 10 years older than the average student and had seen firsthand the anti-nuke and squatters demonstrations in Europe in the 1980’s first-hand, as well as seen outright riots in LA and in the Philippines. NSS is right – there are a lot of gullible liberals out there…

  • Laxmi

    Proud Parent of UC Berkeley student,

    These brainy students have their hearts at the right place, they have chosen the right cause to fight and are helping all of us to put our communities on the right track. The Daily Cal writers deserve a great pat on their back for a fantastic job of reporting on events, and news. These stories should remind administrators that there is no university without the students. Without the students there is no need for the faculty or administrators. As for the police, it would be best to keep them away from the places of learning.

    Thank you! 

    • [These stories should remind administrators that there is no university without the students.]

      Maybe someone needs to remind the students that there is no university without the taxpayer, and there will be no taxpayers unless we have a strong economy. Do you Occupy Whatever people have any plan other than to squat in tents, vandalize private property, and blame the working people for all your problems?

      • Anonymous

        Let’s graduate more race, gender, ethnic studies people. That should help grow the Cali economy. Maybe these graduates can infiltrate public service agencies and in cent more illegals to come to Cali.

  • You Idiots

    If the majority of comments are an indication of the product of our education system I say to hell with it.  Why should my tax payer dollars be used to fund such idiocracy?  Get rid of economics? If more people actually understood economics we wouldn’t have the financial corruption we have now.  Also, the school is not yours to do with as you please.  Yes, the pepper spray might have been a bit excessive but don’t be an idiot and violate campus policy in the first place.  Locking hands may not be using direct violence but it is using force.

    • idiot qua idiot

      Actually, speaking as both an alumnus and a member of the public of the state of California, the school is indeed ours, and as a resident of the United States, the right to peaceable assembly in public space is also ours.  To the extent that campus policy abrogates the rights of free assembly and speech, it is invalid, and the use of violence to enforce such a policy, or the use of any violence to counter non-violent protest (including countering the so-called “force” of locking arms), is even less valid. Also, being an “idiot” is not a crime– luckily for you!

      • Peaceful assembly does NOT include pitching tents or getting in confrontations with the police.

  • Jenny

    I am so heartened to see all these names, including one of my professors. It’s beautiful to see them stand up for us students and all UCB community members like this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are all so appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    this just affects berkley right? davis next!

    (im not a uc student hence my unfamiliarity with how this works)

  • Thank you. I was ashamed of my university the night of the violence. The response from the faculty and GSIs has renewed my faith that I chose the right university.

    • Disgusted

      Yes, I have to say that I was inspired and even a bit surprised to see some of the faculty/GSI names that I saw on that petition. And I went through every name twice. They probably don’t realize how such a seemingly small gesture as putting their name to this petition is so greatly appreciated and can renew  faith in the university community for us students and alumni. However I was also disappointed that I did not see other names and I wonder what these faculty members were thinking. Are they blind? Cowardly? Soulless? Don’t care enough? And while I appreciated that some signed anonymously rather than not at all, I wondered why they can’t publicly come out and condemn these shameful and disgusting incidents. What do they have to lose anyway by signing the petition, especially the professors who are in relatively powerful positions at Cal?

  • Disgusted

    Thank you to these faculty members.

    • Jack B

      Yeah, thank you for the naked attempt to climb the academic ladder. Book deals and fat pensions await.

      • Dbz8866

        if you knew anything about these professors/faculty or had read any of their work you would know that that is just not true.

        • Jack B

          I know them well enough. Some are sincere, many are not.

    • Anonymous

      Hell yes, thank you. Thank you for acting to save the soul of the university I’ve loved since 3rd grade – a soul that ironically enough was gained by the hard, daring, and risky work of students and faculty who stood up to an administration that not only said “no” to their demands, but who unleashed a police force that used violence against peaceful protesters. What I see at campus protests – which now includes UC Davis – sickens me. 

      As far as I’m concerned this simply has to stop. I cannot stand for it to continue. UC Berkeley as I know it cannot stand, if it were to continue.

      • Jack B

        Thank you Professor Reich

        • Anonymous

          Robert Reich is not a Berkeley grad, but your constant ad hominem attacks all over Daily Cal suggests to me that you don’t care about facts, and that you’re simply a troll who has come here to disrupt. I am collapsing your threads. You bore me.

          • Jack B

            Chancellor Birgenau is doing all he can with the reduced state funding, and has worked tirelessly to bring other sources of funding to Cal. It is wrong to push students into dangerous confrontations with the UCPD when the state government is  at the center of this mess. If my opinion makes me a troll or boring, so be it.

          • Seriously, Bro

            100% correct on all issues.
            These people should be mad at the politicians in Sacramento, not Birgeneau.

          • Jack B

            The mob attacked the Chancellor’s house just two years ago.

          • Anonymous

            The Libs in this state have ruined the economy. High taxes, overregulation, illegals, anti business policies, unions, welfare are a few reasons why Cali is becoming a third world state.

            The pie is shrinking, enjoy the food fight clowns.

      • Guest

        “a monument to Mario Savio and the movement that began there”
        If you’re referring to the circle in the paving of Sproul Plaza, you should read the caption again.  It’s not a monument to Free Speech.  It simply proclaims anarchy.  Very fitting.

        • Anonymous

          I was referring to the Mario Savio Steps


          I find the behavior of UC administrators ironic. Not ironic in a haha fun way but rather a pathetic and tragic way. I find it pathetic because UC Berkeley trades on its reputation as the “birthplace of the free speech movement” while simultaneously dishonoring that legacy by unleashing violence upon students and faculty. 

          So did you get the Mario Savio history speech during CalSO orientation? That’s where I first saw the FSM Circle. I remember how much pride I felt. I assumed UC Berkeley was proud too. My god, who wouldn’t be proud of young activists who began a movement that rejected a rigid, patriarchal status quo in favor of moving closer to the ideals we claim to live by? I thought UC Berkeley saw what I saw. After all, they named a cafe named after the Free Speech Movement, and the university markets its role as “the birthplace of the FSM” to prospective students. 

          …and they start early. Here is an excerpt from a brochure titled “Cal Kids”, which seems to be aimed at kindergartners:

          Welcome to UC Berkeley!  We are so glad 
          you came to visit us, and we hope you have 
          a great time on our campus!  This little 
          packet is for YOU, to help you discover 
          some of the fun stories and amazing places 
          on our campus.

          It continues: 

          Can you find the Free Speech Movement circle?  It’s in 
          the ground with a big hole in it.  What do you think it’s for?
           (see (a) at bottom for answer)

          a, at the bottom, says: “it honors the Free Speech Movement. If you  can fit in the hole, you don’t have to follow any rules!”

          Needless to say that’s propaganda bullshit, because if you don’t follow the “rules” you may be forced to comply through violence. Of course, they don’t tell the kids that. They tell them Berkeley is a wonderful place where people stand up for what’s right and are ultimately rewarded with monuments to both them and their efforts. They tell them that UC administrators and the California Governor were wrong to use police and the National Guard against students. They tell them violence does not solve anything. They tell them violence begets violence.

          So they tell them UC Berkeley rejects violence…that  community and inclusion is preferable to hegemony…that intelligence and communication is preferable to brute force…and the pursuit of truth and liberty is preferable to subjugation.

          But then they act in ways that exposes their words as pure rhetoric. I am afraid UC Berkeley has irrevocably tarnished its image, and that prospect makes me incredibly sad…and angry as hell. I will support every effort to prevent further degradation of UC Berkeley’s reputation as well as reclaim that which has been lost.

          • Anon

            Why would anyone give a shit about your opinion?

          • Anonymous

            Increasing resource scarcity is a far greater threat to UCB’s reputation than any hypothetical restriction of free speech. Nice little history riff though.

  • Jack B

    Wendy Brown, professor of Political Science,
    Barrie Thorne, professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and Judith
    Butler, professor of Rhetoric. Useless professors from useless departments. Cut here first.

    • Guest

      So useless departments should be cut. I grant that. What about departments like economics and statistics? Departments that underly the modes of knowledge production that created the financial crisis, that have produced so much ethically agnostic knowledge?

      • Jack B

        Ethically agnostic knowledge is bestowed by morally corrupt  institutions. The financial crisis was created by graduates of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other Ivy League schools plus a whole lot of MIT graduates. OK, maybe throw in an evil Cal or Stanford graduate, or two.

        • Most were well connected former frat boys with BAs and mediocre grades. Appears to be little to no statistical correlation between intelligence, education, experience, or competence with salaries in the financial industry.

          I bet there is a correlation between salaries and ethical/moral flexibility.

          • Jack B

            I agree.

          • [Most were well connected former frat boys with BAs and mediocre grades.}

            Sources and cites? Most of them were rather politically connected with definitely left-of-center views.

          • Anonymous

            [Appears to be little to no statistical correlation between intelligence, education, experience, or competence with salaries in the financial industry.] 

            …sounds like someone got dinged before 1R.

      • Anonymous

        Econ stays-Nobel Prize. Stat- branch of math so yes

    • Disgusted

      Oh you mean like more useful departments that teach students to craft tricky derivatives to make the one percent even richer?

      • Jack B

        Cal does not offer a course in this subject. If you are so disgusted, I suggest you take a bath.

        • Just one more indication that you do not know what you are talking about: Cal offers a masters degree in financial engineering.

          • Jack B

            The financial engineering program is not intended to “teach students to craft tricky derivatives to make the one percent even richer.” But if insulting me makes you feel better about yourself…

          • So that offends you because it might be useful?

    • Not Like Jack B

      Jack B, the best exemplification of demonstrated ignorance at it’s highest level. 

      If he doesn’t approve, condone or understand something, he’s shown how he can arbitrarily judge it harshly in worded comments via an online platform where his stupidity can live on forever.

      • Anonymous

        Nice judgement. NLJB=FAIL

    • Technically Capitalism was first understood and best described by a Philosophy scholar.

      Wendy Brown is a political theorist. The contributions of that discipline to global politics, our understanding of the role of the citizen and government, and loftier ideals that allow us to recognize when our society has taken a wrong turn and needs a shift in the stucture of our social institutions is immeasurably valuable.

      Given the historic global disenfranchisement of more than 50% of the worlds population  I think gender and women studies is a chronically under invested discipline.

      Rhetoric? If you took that discipline more seriously you might better recognize when your information sources are misleading or manipulating you and persuading you to believe something ignorant  – like the short sighted and intellectually debilitating idea that only vocational training like business, law, and engineering are worthy disciplines for public funding.

      • [Wendy Brown is a political theorist. The contributions of that
        discipline to global politics, our understanding of the role of the
        citizen and government, and loftier ideals that allow us to recognize when our society has taken a wrong turn and needs a shift in the
        stucture of our social institutions is immeasurably valuable.]

        Theory means NOTHING unless you can produce some empirical evidence that it works – and most of the so-called “progressives”  ideas have pretty much been disasters. Lefties for over a century have been pushing their various Utopian ideas, regardless of the consequences. Certainly their model of academic “diversity and inclusion” is turning out imbeciles who have to be catered to with a whole selection of race/ethnic/gender-specific grievance/victimization studies, because they can’t hack it in any serious coursework…

    • Disgusted

      Jack B, the manner in which you so ignorantly communicate and dismiss these professors as “useless” makes it pretty obvious that you’re an outside troll who’s likely never set foot on the Cal campus.

      • I’m a Cal grad and I completely agree with Jack B. There are entire degree programs that provide neither academic rigor nor marketable job skills, yet the profs in those areas are the ones who scream the most about “economic inequality”. Well, JFC, if you get a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, do you REALLY expect to have the same level of earnings as someone with a 4-year degree in Chemical or Electrical Engineering? Get a clue…

        • ROFLcopter

          I completely agree. One of my best friends majored in Peace and Conflict Studies. He knew going into it that the pay differential was going to be high, and that he will spend years paying off his education. I truly envy his passion and dedication to his work. But you won’t hear him complaining; he knew what he was getting into.

          • Jack B

            I had a few friends that did the same, like “Disgusted,” who is also well schooled in the use Alinsky tactics.

          • Anonymous

            These guys wind up like Obama’s buddies. At least ten members of President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign finance committee, plus more than a dozen of his campaign bundlers, benefited from sweetheart loans through the Department of Energy (DOE) that collectively dwarfed those given to Solyndra and Fisker.
            Investigative journalist Peter Schweizer reveals the full extent of the DOE scandal in his explosive new book, Throw Them All Out. The book is featured in this week’s Newsweek, and was the subject of 60 Minutes this past Sunday, Nov. 13.

            Obama’s pay for play crony capitalism at work.  Pay up taxpayers

    • disappointment

      Those are some amazing professors. I have taken Wendy Brown’s class and I personally know she is an amazing professors and person, who really cares about the University. 

      Also, who are you to call these departments useless? Please go look at some of the amazing people who have graduated from these departments.

      • Are those the ones who chose to be permanent residents of Berkeley and hold down all those $10/hour jobs as baristas and salespeople because they have no real job skills?

    • Guest

      I remember Political Science.  It seemed like it advocated everything my history classes taught didn’t work.

    • Exactly. As to be expected, it’s the usual activist left-wing professors teaching courses for majors that have NO economic or marketable value in the real world. And these morons have the nerve so wonder why there is “economic inequality” in this country, when it’s shysters like them who are a big part of the problem to begin with?

      • Anonymous

        Their acolytes go on to become race, gender, ethnic hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson who mau mau productive businesses.

        Van Jones is another prime example.

    • consrcunts

      Useless because they don’t contribute to the endless pursuit of piles of money?  You sound like a typical engineering student–education is just vocational training.  Engineering is a valuable discipline, but quite often engineering schools seem to produce minds that are so narrowly focused that they have a difficult time seeing how anything that doesn’t produce cash can be valuable.

      • Jack B

        An engineer with a job at a socially responsible company. We are always looking for talent, but we can not offer jobs to grievance studies majors, not even as administrative assistants.

        Some of my breadth classes were a complete waste of time.  Nice people though, but “typical” interdisciplinary studies/social science students have one thing in common, they hate math and science and they avoid hard classes. I certainly felt the temptation to drop as I struggled in Math 1B, Chem E140 and others.

        It is far easier to ditch class to party, drink, smoke pot or even to protest. You should at least be smart enough to know that if you confront the cops they will strike back. I’m not saying it’s right, but that is what cops do, and it is appalling to watch. But there are some that look to get get injured in order to advance an agenda while extracting a few hundred thousand dollars from the University.

        • Spot on. Most of these narcissistic clowns absorbed in their “protest studies” activities are totally shocked to find out that their chosen course of “study” is worthless in the real world. These people claim to be protesting “economic inequality”, but in fact they are protesting reality itself, and the fact that most people in the outside world don’t give a rodent’s behind about them or their silly causes…

          • consrcunts

            They see something they think is wrong, and are making a noise about it.  I’m not clear why this unleashes such vitriol from you, unless perhaps you fear their ideas will spread and erode your own privilege.

            It would be more effective for you to demonstrate what they are getting wrong than to insult and belittle them, much less to engage in armchair psychoanalysis–I doubt you’re competent to diagnose mental disorders.

        • Chem E 140? Is Jeff Reimer still teaching it? Great class…

      • Anonymous

        Tards like the cuntcaller must hate people like Bill Gates who give away hundreds of millions of dollars to provide health care and education to poor people. I guess the cuntcaller would rather have his buddy Barack O’Clown confiscate people’s wealth and funnel it to his bundlers via contracts and subsidies.

        • consrcunts

          Admit it–you chose that avatar because you fantasize about sitting on his nose.

  • Anonymous

    What about the faculty’s confidence in the high salaries paid by administrators to retain top faculty and lure new faculty members?

    • Guest

      As opposed to low salaries so you only get bottom of the barrel faculty?

  • Guest

    “gender and women’s studies” is not a real department

    • Guest

      Really? A department dedicated to the humanistic study of half the human race and one of the fundamental aspects of difference in people and societies is not a real department?

      • Anonymous

        It’s a course, not a department. Maybe an elective.

    • Anonymous

      Eliminate all race/gender/ethnic studies programs and reallocate resources to real academic departments.

      • Tea Partiers are Idiots

        Until and unless all race/gender/ethic issues that DO exist in today’s society have been resolved, you’ve proven yourself to be an absolute idiot. Good job!

        I bet you also find no benefit in art, music, etc.

        Too bad you’ve wasted what little mind you may (doubtfully) have ever possessed.

        • You Idiots

          And I’ll bet you find no benefit in anything objective like science, chemistry, or engineering.  Race/gender/ethic issues often produce class warfare and hatred.  They do not make the world a better place to the same degree as a “real academic department”.  Why does this remind me of the scene in PCU where the chancellor is talking about getting rid of the math department in favor of some lame touchy feely department.

          Also, how does whether or not there are race/gender/ethic issues in the entire world have any bearing on a single individual’s intelligence?  That would imply that this single person’s IQ has a direct effect on the entire world.  If that were the case then everyone else would by definition have absolutely no effect on the world.

          Don’t they teach logic and critical thinking in school anymore?  I swear, colleges produce more idiots than they do educated people.  It’s a place where people can get together and express their feelings and ignore reality.  I hope reality takes its course; maybe then people will start to wise up.

          • [Race/gender/ethic issues often produce class warfare and hatred.]

            Which is exactly the intention of the Left in the first place.

          • Anonymous

            Ignore NLJB. He consistently demonstrates a lack of critical thinking skills

          • Disgusted

            I have no idea what you’re talking about, so here’s a pic of a bunny with a pancake on its head

                                     ^         ^
                                        ^    ^
                                          ^ ^
                                          .    .
                                       ( =  =)

        • [Until and unless all race/gender/ethic issues that DO exist in today’s society have been resolved]

          As long as there are human beings, there will never be 100% resolution to anything. However, a lot of those problems would go away if the race baiters and hucksters started treating people as individuals, instead of as members of various and sundry racial/ethnic special interest groups.

          • Anonymous

            Obama’s cadre.

  • Anonymous

    Vote of no confidence! Wow, this is serious….LOL

    • Not Like Jack B

      It is, idiot. It’s how many civilized countries and organizations remove people from their office. 

      This isn’t an election, with clowns masquerading as Republican candidates parroting the idiotic rhetoric of the Tea Party, all without any basis in reality.

      • Anonymous

        So your idea of reality is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar our government spends? Good luck with that. Our downgraded Prez Barack O’Clownie is going to be a one termer. Why? Because he is an empty suit professorial clown.

    • Anonymous

      I am beginning to enjoy reading your comments, libsrclowns. At least I can count on you to be consistent in your ridiculousness.

      To reiterate NLJB’s point…yes, it is serious. To not appreciate its seriousness is to…

      be in 7th grade and enjoy trolling “up” on college news message boards?

      be so rigid in your “Tea Party” mindset that nothing but that-which-conforms-to-your-viewpoint registers?

      to be so socially illiterate that you can’t conceive of the consequences of a vote of no confidence?

      to not have enough life experience to form reasonable opinions?

      I don’t know…maybe you could tell me. I’m sure I haven’t covered all the possibilities.

      • Guest

        Now you’re just taking guesses and attacking character.

        • consrcunts

          Oh yeah, because nobody on your side of the fence does that.

          • libsrtwats

            Oh yeah, because two wrongs make a right.

          • Anonymous

            Libtards love to find reasons to justify bad behavior.

      • [be so rigid in your “Tea Party” mindset that nothing but that-which-conforms-to-your-viewpoint registers?]

        Given that the Occupy Whatever types still can’t accept that Marxism and Communism have been a dismal failure, the Tea Party people are rather flexible and open-minded in comparison…