State senator requests public meeting with Chancellor Birgeneau on Sproul Plaza

After becoming aware of a campuswide email written by Chancellor Robert Birgeneau calling upon political leaders in Sacramento to engage in a public forum with the chancellor and student representatives, state Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, has requested a public meeting with Birgeneau on Sproul Plaza Tuesday.

In response to Birgeneau’s Nov. 15 email, the senator, a co-author of the California DREAM Act, wrote a letter Monday requesting that the chancellor meet him on Sproul at 12:30 p.m. and bring “five ideas to restore our higher education system to its full glory.”

He added in the letter addressed to Birgeneau that “this state needs you and your colleagues to stop whining about our problems and start helping solve them.”

Greg Hayes, a spokesperson for de Leon, said the senator has been focused for some time on trying to enlist the UC system in addressing issues with the state of public education in California.

“The challenge of facing California’s budget is monumental and ultimately structural, and he’s reached out to the UC as a resource to provide a solution to the problem before,” Hayes said. “After months of knocking on the door and nobody answering, somebody has finally showed that they might open the door.”

Hayes said Birgeneau has agreed to meet with the senator tomorrow, though he could not say whether the forum will be held on Sproul or at an alternate private venue.

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  • Anonymous

    Kevin de Leon has some nerve blaming the Chancellor.  It’s the state legislature that failed to fund UC.  It’s de Leon that is taking money from citizens to pay for illegal alien education.  Kevin should come with 5 ideas on how to fund UC and CSU.  If skinheads  show up to shout him down, he should not expect UCPD to help remove the protesters.

  • Chris23

    The General Assembly this evening decided that their Open University activities on Sproul Plaza are long established, have priority, and so they’ll ask the Chancellor and Senator de Leon to take their place in line to speak in turn.

    That’ll work.

    • Guest

      It actually worked out just fine. The Open University and Occupy Cal are not for sale to the highest bidder. The rules have changed: Birgenau didn’t come, and DeLeon waited his turn, giving a truncated talk that was open to discussion, by the terms of the Open University format.

  • Anonymous

    Governor de Leon. Has a good ring to it. Exercising leadership in face to face colloquy is what’s needed in government to hold highly paid bonus-grabbing public employees accountable.

    • guest2

      de Leon “exercising leadership”…you mean the kind of “leadership” that helped get CA into the financial mess (approx. $13 Billion deficit) that we’re in now?

      • Stan De San Diego

        Good point, but unfortunately pandering to the envy and resentment of the non-producers of society IS the liberal idea of “leadership”.

  • Pinkycanela