Occupy Cal members watch as Sproul steps cleaned

Cleaning crews pressure washed the steps and facade of Sproul Hall on Sunday.
Chloe Hunt/Staff
Cleaning crews pressure washed the steps and facade of Sproul Hall on Sunday.

About 10 Occupy Cal demonstrators watched as clean-up crews tore down the teepee on the lawn in front of Sproul Hall and power washed the chalk off the hall’s steps early Sunday morning.

For some participants, this signaled the end of Occupy Cal for the semester, while others planned on returning later Sunday once the cleaning ended.

“It needs to be cleaned, but we’ll be back,” said Lauren Henry, a Berkeley resident who was sleeping in the teepee when the clean-up crew started to tear it down.

Police officers came to Sproul several times Saturday to announce the cleaning, triggering an emergency tweet alert from CalOccupation stating that “Individuals sleeping on Sproul are requesting immediate help in response to police threat: ‘the university has decided this event is over.’”

After a flurry of retweets, an emergency general assembly was called Saturday evening with around 20 participants, according to Michael Smith, a Seattle resident involved in the movement.

“(The police) always say it’s the university, it’s the higher ups, or it’s the chancellor (giving orders),” said UC Berkeley sophomore Elana Eden.

A UCPD spokesperson was not available for comment.

After the general assembly, members of Occupy Cal began moving supplies and items, according to senior Adam Braman.

Around 4 a.m., police officers returned and began to reinforce the no-sleeping rule, Braman said. Protesters are not allowed to sleep on the steps of Sproul, but the rule has not been regularly enforced, according to Eden.

At about 7:20 a.m., cleaning crews began taking down signs, posters and artwork and using a power hose to spray the chalk and paint, Braman said.

Cleaning crews pressure washed the steps and facade of Sproul Hall on Sunday morning.

A sign across Sproul Hall pillars stating “Welcome to the Open University” was the only physical reminder of Occupy Cal left around 9:00 a.m.

By 11 a.m., the word “love” had been written in chalk on Sproul Hall pillars and a cardboard heart, two chairs, a few flowers and a sign were left on the steps.

Another general assembly is planned for Monday to discuss the immediate future of Occupy Cal, according to Eden.

“It might be smart to just shut down tonight, especially since there will be even less support now because it’s finals week, but I can still see a bunch of people not wanting to give up this yet,” Braman said. “I can see a lot of people wanting us to end Occupy on our own terms.”

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  • Georgefreeman

    thank god, no more dirty hippies on sproul

  • guess

    I had forgotten how nice Sproul Hall look! It looked so clean when I pass by there earlier. Can we please keep it that way. 

  • Dylan

    “It might be smart to just shut down tonight, especially since there will be even less support now because it’s finals week”
    Wow, that’s some hardcore commitment right there…

    • Guest123

      Probably the same amount of commitment you have to your wife.

    • GoCalstudents

      Having the ability to know when to take a step back and group is not only hardcore, but smart.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, a military tactician.

  • Lauren

    stanly you dont know what you are talking about. The police did beat up the students. I was here from the start of the occupation to the end. Ive witnessed it first hand with my own eyes. You should get your story straight before you speak..

  • Emma Watson

    I hope they used chlorine.

  • What’s new

    Stick the fork in Occupy — it’s done.

    Over in Oakland, people are abandoning Occupy and calling them 99%ers instead cuz Occupy is into violent confrontations.   They say they support the 99%, but the union members who drive trucks and  need money are about to be fuked by Occupy when they shut down the port tomorrow.  Unions are asking Occupy not to do this, but they got SCREW YOU in response.

    Yeah, good guys those Occupiers.

  • GOD FORBID the word “Love” should ever deface any public university’s property!

    • So every time some idiot scribbles some magical word on public property it should be sacrosanct and immune from removal? JFC, your Occupy group sounds like a freaking cult…

  • Stan De San Diego

    Once again, responsible adults are called in to clean up after the children.

    • Joshua

      Actually, Stanley, the occupiers worked hard last night to clean up ahead of time and prepare for the workers, so that they could do their job.  But thanks for caring!

      • Stan De San Diego

        Why would anyone believe you?

        • Guest

          Why would anyone believe you?

        • Jenna

          Hey, didn’t Birgeneau, a supposed “responsible adult” call in riot cops, other “responsible adults” to beat up “the children?”
          Hmmm….something doesn’t seem right here. 

          • Stan De San Diego

            No children got beat up. You’re losing it…

          • Anon

            You call the protesters children in your first post, but then deny them being children in your last post? How convenient of you

          • Stan De San Diego

            None of the children were beat up. Get over it.

        • K

          Life must be really easy when you’re content to ignore anything that doesn’t fit in with your pre-determined viewpoint.

          • Anonymous

            Are you speaking about the Occutards?