Occupy Cal joins Occupy Oakland to shut down port

Members of Occupy Cal joined Occupy Oakland and others in their march to shut down the Port of Oakland.
Anna Vignet/Senior Staff
Members of Occupy Cal joined Occupy Oakland and others in their march to shut down the Port of Oakland.

About 15 protesters from Occupy Cal joined Occupy Oakland to march to shut down the Port of Oakland Monday night.

The Occupy Cal group met at Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue near the UC Berkeley campus at 2 p.m. before departing to Oakland.

Once there, the protesters joined the larger Occupy rally in Frank Ogawa Plaza until joining in the 4 p.m. march to the port that lasted nearly two hours.The Occupy Cal group split up before meeting at the plaza, with several members taking BART and others riding bicycles or the bus.

At the rally before the march, several speakers spoke to the crowd, including activist Angela Davis and Scott Olsen, the Iraq War veteran who suffered a fractured skull after a police confrontation at Occupy Oakland Oct. 25.

Once the protesters arrived at the Port of Oakland, a general assembly was called for 7 p.m. At around 6:30, several Occupy Cal protesters were waiting for the meeting to begin.

Members of Occupy Cal joined Occupy Oakland and others in their march to shut down the Port of Oakland.

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  • Stan De San Diego

    Here’s what the Occupy types do to push their agenda:

    “Occupy Portland Mom Places 4-Year-Old Daughter On Train Tracks During Protest To Shut Down Port of Portland”

    And you wonder why you’re losing support, even among other liberals?

  • So how does this help reduce the cost of student tuition? Or do these students think doing the dirty work of a certain militant ILWU faction is more important?

    • anonymous

      ur dumb

      • Wow, that’s a reasoned response. It’s quite clear that the Occupy Whatever crowd is heavily populated with individuals who don’t understand what they are doing, and why they are doing it. Clearly not the cream of the crop from an intellectual standpoint…

        • Anonymous

          Same is said about the Tea Party, the Nazi Party, and the lamaze class attended by Tony M’s mother. 

          • So you couldn’t actually address the issue of whether participation in some labor action unrelated to Cal Berkeley or higher education in general is of any actual benefit to the students. This only suggests that some of you left-wingers aren’t very bright, while others have been so indoctrinated into the 1960’s mindset of the geriatric hippie holdovers that your entire concept of protest has been warped in the process. While normal people may choose to protest in support of a particular cause, some of you people seek out a cause merely to have an excuse to protest. Proof positive of the attention-starved rampant narcissism of the typical militant progressive…

          • OccupyAJob

            K but this is an article about the Occupy Movement, not a forum where we name-drop every radical group.

        • Anonymous

          How many hours a day do would you say you  occupy the daily cal website Ton?

          • Not many. Maybe an hour on and off in the AM between having coffee and checking my e-mail, then occasionally in the evening. Some days while working at home, or on the road, I take a break from my work and post. It’s not as if it takes a lot of time or effort to post here. Most of the arguments presented by your typical foaming left-winger are so ludicrous that it’s quite easy to refute them in rather minimal time.