UC Berkeley to unveil new financial aid program for middle class

Top UC Berkeley administrators will unveil a new financial aid program Wednesday aimed at making the campus more affordable for middle-class families.

Campus officials say the program is the first of its kind in the nation at a public university, according to a statement released by the campus Tuesday. The program will be announced at a media briefing Wednesday at 10:15 a.m. in the Haas Clubhouse, with Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer slated to appear, among others.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Claire Holmes said she could not provide any more information before the briefing.

“Middle-income families are being increasingly squeezed by a poor economy and high jobless rate,” the statement reads. “In response, UC Berkeley is establishing a unique program that expands upon prior efforts to make UC Berkeley more affordable for middle-class families and increases access for students across the socioeconomic spectrum.”

J.D. Morris is the university news editor.

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  • seletie

    and you can just forget about any class below middle

  • Anonymous

    I applaud the extra help for middle class students.  The only weakness I see in the plan is that an upper limit of 15% of family income is a disincentive to frugality.  This is a price ceiling and may invite some students to splurge once the ceiling has been met.  For example, some students may choose to rent a nice apartment with no roommates because Cal is picking up the extra costs.

  • Guest

    Berkeley MCAP(Middle Class Access Plan) Press Release:

  • Meh

    ‘first of its kind in the nation at a public university’
    kidney or first-born child?