Controversial regent appointment fails to receive Senate confirmation

David Crane lost his seat on the UC Board of Regents as a result of the California State Senate not confirming him within a year.
Brenna Alexander/Staff
David Crane lost his seat on the UC Board of Regents as a result of the California State Senate not confirming him within a year.

David Crane officially lost his seat on the UC Board of Regents Tuesday because the California State Senate did not move to confirm him to the board within a year of his appointment, as required by state law.

Crane, who worked for over two decades at a multibillion dollar investment firm, was a top economic adviser to former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who appointed Crane to the board last December during his final days in office.

For the past year, Crane’s appointment has been consumed by controversy over his position on collective bargaining for public employees, and it became clear in recent months that the senate was unlikely to confirm him.

Crane came under withering criticism from labor groups and some politicians, including state Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, after Crane wrote an op-ed that criticized collective bargaining in the public sector.

Crane argued that unions could use campaign contributions to gain control of policy makers and that Sacramento could end up being more responsive to public employees than to “citizens benefitting from public services,” including UC students.

Yee, who had vowed to “toast” Crane’s confirmation, released a statement on his website entitled “Finally Some Good News for UC Students, Faculty, and Workers,” where he expressed satisfaction that Crane had not received senate confirmation and attacked Crane’s position on collective bargaining.

“Crane promoted a very dangerous agenda against working families,” Yee wrote. “Public employees make an enormous contribution to our neighborhoods and our communities and deserve our respect and appreciation.”

Crane, who supports collective bargaining rights for UC workers, has maintained that Yee and others have distorted his positions.

Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to appoint a replacement for Crane in the near future.

Jason Willick covers higher education.

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  • Supreme Protector

    Sad to see that the far left extremist are so against diversity.

  • 3rd Party Cookie

    on your way out don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

    Don’t worry though, Moonbeam will probably appoint someone equally objectionable – they are all rotten to the sociopathic core.

  • Anonymous

    Union loving Libs continue their efforts that have put Cali in the third world sheeter category. Net out migration of taxpayers and influx of scum, illegals, criminals, welfare suckers doom Cali future. You
    Libs can read about the Vandal state here:

    • Stan De San Diego

      I read the article; Victor Davis Hanson is a great writer who definitely knows something about history. This one comment is particularly appropriate: “Even more frightening are the thousands in our society — journalists,
      politicians, academics, activists — who get up each morning more concerned about the fleeing driver who destroys power and vines than the victims who pay for the carnage.”
      Liberalism is truly a mental disorder that is destroying the State of California.

      • Trolling But Failing

        another retarded troll, and nothing more,
        say hello to your 41 year old alter ego ‘tony m’,
        try again, fail again.

        • I noted that you can’t reply to the substance of any post, but instead blather nonsense. Sorry, you’re the real troll here.

    • Trolling But Failing

      a troll, and nothing more

    • LAWLZ

      You guys would seem a lot more intelligent (maybe even worth having a debate with) if you avoided the constant negative epithets and name-calling. Doing this simply shows that you are insecure in your arguments and wish to avoid intelligent debate.

      • Greetings, asshole. I just returned from work (where I spend too much of my time) on 12/31 catching up on some end of the year stuff and going over my final  pay stub statement for 2011, which provides enough basic info so I can start on my federal taxes before I receive my W-2 at the end of January.  I work my ass off 6 days a week, and have the dubious privilege of seeing close to $4K a month of my income disappear in various state, federal, and local taxes. I come home and I see that the IRS has decided AFTER snagging all $3177.50 of my long overdue refund from 2010 that I owe yet ANOTHER $1200+, due by Jan 23rd of next year. There’s no practical redress for this, I can fight the IRS all I want but in the end, they are judge, jury, and executioner. Meanwhile, while those of us in the private sector suffer through the current economic downturn, our politicians are giving away MORE of our taxpayer for stuff like scholarships for ILLEGAL ALIENS, and kowtowing to the state employees unions who are getting pensions and bennies that are completely out of line with the private sector. You wonder why we’re pissed? We’re fed up with you parasites, all of you. The Occupy Protesters, most of who have never held real jobs in their lives, we’re fed up with you. The state workers who whine and cry when we ask them to make a token contribution to their own pensions which are way more generous than most of will ever see in the private sector. The students who demand that the taxpayers shell out more money for “education”, yet refuse to acknowledge the rampant waste, fraud, abuse in the UC system.  As far as “name calling”, I’ll consider a different approach when all you rat-bastard liberals stop smearing everyone who disagrees with them as a “racist”, “bigot”, or “hater”. Have I made myself clear, you cocksucking little worm?

        • LAWLZ

          I don’t respect the liberals that falsely call those they disagree with “racist”, “bigot”, or “hater.” For that same reason, I choose not to respect you. You’re basically using the “but he did it first!” argument. It doesn’t work in preschool and it doesn’t work in real life. Don’t sink to the level of others. 

          • If the shoe fits, wear it. Liberals are destroying this state, so they deserve all the derision that can be heaped on them.

  • Stan De San Diego

    “Crane argued that unions could use campaign contributions to gain
    control of policy makers and that Sacramento could end up being more
    responsive to public employees than to “citizens benefitting from public
    services,” including UC students.” – And of course he was right, which is why the usual suspects fought his confirmation tooth and nail.

    • Guest246

      My only complaint is with the verb “could use”.  It’s pretty obvious that this has already occurred.

    • Nunya_beeswax

      Yeah, because it’s not as if multinational corporations have lobbyists that unduly influence our elected officials. 

  • Guest

    picture of him smiling/smirking is weird with this story

  • Guest246

    Leland Yee is a ****ing idiot.  This is not “good news” for UC students.  The end result of keeping innovative thinkers like David Crane off the board of regents is that tuition will keep climbing to feed the pension beast. 

    Crane’s agenda was only “dangerous” to the unionized employees who demand medieval defined benefit retirement plans.

    • Try Again

      ‘innovative thinkers’

      Crane is just another pissant waterboy for Arnold.
      Innovation to crane is ‘break the unions’.
      Hardly innovative by any standard.

      • Crane told the truth about the unholy alliance between politicians and public sector labor unions. The liberal’s push for more Big Government has NOTHING to do with “helping the less fortunate”, “providing basic services”, “building infrastructure”, or whatever excuse du jour gets the dumb bunny lifelong Democrat voters feeling warm and fuzzy. It’s all about getting more people on the public payroll and giving them pay and benefits that are completely out of line with what people with similar skills/education would make in the private sector, in return for the public unions raising money for their re-election, with the taxpayers footing the bill. The system is unsustainable, as can be seen by not only the numerous municipalities in California that are bankrupt (Vallejo), but the fiscal condition of the state government as well.

        Of course, the solution among these people is NEVER to rein in their own spending, but to raise taxes on the rest of us. California has the second highest state income tax in the country, and despite the fact that lefties refuse to acknowledge it, jobs ARE leaving the state. The CEO and the investors of the company I work for (a solar technology start-up that is NOT receiving bailout money from the feds) has already determined that we’ll never be even close to competitive if we attempt to expand and do any manufacturing in California, so the question isn’t IF we will relocate, but whether it will be to the Phoenix metropolitan area (Tempe/Chandler) or Las Vegas. I’m certainly not complaining: both places are reasonably cosmopolitan centers with plenty of outdoor activities within a couple of hours driving time, and the combination of lower (AZ) or NO (NV) state income taxes and the lower overall cost of living will be extra money in my own pocket – about $600-700 per month for Phoenix, close to $1000/month for Las Vegas.

        Meanwhile, as California chases out the productive workers (and retirees with savings), this state welcomes illegal aliens with the Dream Act, sanctuary cities,  and entire municipalities (Bell, Maywood, Cudahy) given over to Mexican style political corruption – yet you and the rest of the political establishment see no problem here? The political thinks that raising taxes to provide more services to illegals and welfare recipients is the solution, but who’s going to foot the bill when the productive people who pay the lion’s share of the taxes leave the state for good? You counting on Pedro and Jesus and the other day laborers in the Home Depot parking lot to take up the slack and fund your undergraduate tuition shortfall? How about those pension plans that the politicians keep promising, hoping to sluff off the problem on the next guy who’s elected. When is someone with some shred of moral courage and intellectual honesty going to come along and deal with the real problem: the collusion between government workers who demand more than they are worth, and politicians who award more in compensation than the State can afford? David Crane seems to understand that there’s a problem that needs to be addressed, and if means breaking the public sector labor unions, so be it…