UC Berkeley student wows American Idol judges


In 2004, then-UC Berkeley engineering student William Hung achieved internet infamy with his eardrum-rending rendition of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” on American Idol.

And on Sunday night’s episode of the show’s current season, second-year student and Kappa Alpha fraternity brother Kyle Crews brought a decidedly more sweet-sounding voice to the show’s viewers.

Crews’ dedication of Monica’s “Angel of Mine” to judge Jennifer Lopez’s “voluptuous lips” proved successful, as he received a golden ticket to move on to the next round after Steven Tyler announced he had the “best male voice we’ve heard so far.”

The camera followed Crews around the campus and his fraternity house, where he played pool and foosball with his brothers and tried to win over some visiting ladies with his voice.

“I have a tendency to serenade every pretty girl I see,” he said before his audition.

Alisha Azevedo is the assistant university news editor.

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  • One2
  • Marketing

    Kappa Alpha is my idol. @BerkeleyVibe

  • guest

    J lo is gorgeous

  • Dummydude00

    wow, what a guy Kyle is? full of positive energy and fun.