Letters: Feb. 7, 2012

Practice safe sex in the month of love

Valentine’s Day is stressful.  For those with partners, or a special someone in mind, planning a romantic date and buying the perfect gift can be overwhelming. For those kicking it solo, the pressure to find a Valentine or avoid all things mushy and lovey can be just as troublesome.

So instead of spending the day with sweaty palms and an accelerated heart rate, why not reject the holiday altogether for one that can be truly enjoyed by all? Feb. 14 isn’t just the day of flowers, chocolates and cherubs; this date also plays host to National Condom Day!

Created 38 years ago by Cal’s very own Sexual Health Education Program, National Condom Day is now an event celebrated throughout the United States. This magical 24 hours is dedicated to everything safe and sexy, promoting both traditional and insertive condom use by all who are sexually active. National Condom Day is a time to gather free safer sex supplies, learn about how to reduce STI and unwanted pregnancy risk and become enlightened about the vast array of condom brands, textures, materials, flavors, sizes and colors.

Feeling overwhelmed by how much this action-packed day has to offer? Don’t fear! National Condom Day is only one small part of SHEP’s National Condom Week. For three days, SHEP takes over Sproul, providing Cal students with free condoms, lubricant, and information, along with interactive games.

In addition, SHEP’s Facebook page and blog will be updated throughout the week with fun sex facts and answers to anonymous sexual health questions. Feel free to visit the SHEP table located at Upper Sproul on Monday, Feb. 13 to Wednesday, Feb. 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for free safer sex kits, fun activities and information about how to “roll it on, get it on!”

Can’t find our table among the flyering mayhem on Sproul? Look for SHEP’s signature penis, condom and lubricant costumes parading around! They can direct you to the SHEP table or provide you with free condoms and lubricant. Remember, “safe is sexy.” Come celebrate National Condom Week with SHEP and push the Valentine’s Day drama aside!

Hannah Karson
SHEP intern

Sports column rouses stern respose from Cal alumni

If Mr. Wang was trying to be ironic in his Feb. 1 column entitled “Don’t look back in anger,” he failed miserably.

Although his writing is neither funny nor true, there is a silver lining: He can do both himself and Cal a favor by using the column as an essay for his transfer application to one of the more attainable and overrated lower tier Ivy League schools. There he will be pleased to find that there are no scholarship athletes and disdain for public schools is de rigueur.

I hear they have good yoga out there, too.

Patrick Burns
UC Berkeley ’10