Occupy Cal protesters move to Doe Library steps

Members of Occupy Cal have moved their tents to the steps of Doe Library.
Benny Grush/Staff
Members of Occupy Cal have moved their tents to the steps of Doe Library.

Occupy Cal protesters moved their tents from the steps outside of Sproul Hall to the steps of Doe Memorial Library Tuesday morning, continuing an encampment that began Thursday.

Protesters decided shortly before midnight Monday to temporarily move to the steps in front of UC Berkeley’s largest library in an effort to draw students’ attention toward library cuts, according to Katy Ryan, a UC Berkeley senior and member of Occupy Cal’s encampment committee.

Ryan said that while there “was no necessary shift” in intent of the Occupy Cal movement — which focuses on protesting against tuition increases and state funding cuts — protesters believe that restricted library hours have significantly affected students.

The centerpiece of the encampment is a round-the-clock silent study space because “there is no 24-hour study space on campus, except during finals,” she said.

However, University Librarian Tom Leonard said in an email that library staff have been working to provide access for students to study space for a number of years.

“In fact, the main campus library has been open more late night hours this year than ever before in our entire history,” he said in the email. “As the protest on the steps of the Doe Library was underway, our library was open until 2 a.m.”

The move away from Sproul comes as national support for the Occupy movement has decreased, and the Occupy Cal encampment faces pressure from the campus administration and police. The tents still violate campus policy in the new location, Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Claire Holmes said in an email.

The campus administration is currently trying communicate with the protesters “to make sure they are fully aware that they are in violation of the no encampment rule,” Holmes said in the email.“We continue to monitor and assess the situation and will continue to reach out to the group to encourage them to leave on their own accord.”

UCPD spokesperson Lt. Eric Tejada said in an email that the new encampment is not sanctioned by the campus police.

The campus police plan to “monitor the situation, and stay in contact with the group so they will continue to be aware that they are in violation of campus policy and state law,” he said in the email.

Still, the encampment stands for now, decked out with guitars, impromptu art pieces and a mushroom sculpture.

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  • Steven

    On campus I am a friend, a student, a number, and to an angry few I am a “very vocal asshole”. I’m looking at you Mr. Saturday Night. Your words are laced with frustration and rage, and yet…

    “Many of us came here to work very hard to better ourselves and the world”

    This line made me smile.  The comment reminds me that regardless of how angry the original poster may be at the occupants on campus, they have more in common with us than they know.  Mr. Saturday Night, instead of complaining about how you feel we’re not helping, stop by the camp and have a conversation. you obviously have a different view of how things can change. I welcome the opportunity to discuss ideas with you.

    I’ll hold a cardboard sign invitation just for you. :P

    • Guest

      We have NOTHING in common.  All you’re doing is harassing students.  You don’t deserve a conversation.  

      • Steven

        again with the capslock shouting {{shudders}} its adorable to me when people yell on the internet, your adorable.

        • Guest

          Steven, it’s “YOU’RE adorable”, not “your adorable”.  Thanks for the affection.  Listen, seriously, can you guys just do something else proactive?  Did you see that article on CALPIRG trying to get signatures to oppose student loan interest rate hikes?  Now THAT’S doing something.  This is more like a fruitless 1960’s reenactment, and it’s doing more harm than good.    -Mr. Saturday Night

          • Steven Clay

            As a matter of fact Mr. S,  I did see that article and I was pleased so see others taking up a stance against the interest rate hikes.  

            Do not mistake my occupation on campus as some desire to be a spectacle. Every individual in that camp is there for unique reasons. we share common passions, but they stem from different places and backgrounds.  I sit on those steps every day, looking tired, a bit mangy, and by normal social standards, unapproachable. I say good morning to those that pass by in the hope that people will step out of their comfort zone for 5 seconds and return the courtesy. I do this so that people will not forget about the world around them in all its beauty and complexity. “Is that young man waving good morning to me homeless, or successfully about to receive his Ph.D? How will I ever know if i do not interact?”
            We also attempt to reach the public through art. You may have noticed the enormous mushroom. An art piece created to symbolize our resilience, persistence, and desire to find life in what some see as a decaying system.

            There are big problems in this world of ours and its going to take more than “peace and love” to fix them all, i know this, as do most involved in occupy. Its going to require practical minds rooted in logic and structure. You Mr. S, I hope are one of them and you are willing to have a conversation with someone that operates with an irrational amount of love in their heart.  I would relish the opportunity to see where you’re passions lay and how you wish to “better the world”. 

            Mr. Saturday Night, you and I are alike. we both share a desire to make this world better.  Come have a chat with us, our coffee may not be fancy, but our smiles are genuine and we’re willing to share both.

            Enjoy the typos, i left both of them for you. ;)

          • Guest


  • UFLuo

    I was really disgusted by what I saw when I was sitting in Memorial Glade today. It’s one thing to protest in front of the administration building, it’s another to just lounge around in front of the library where real Cal students go to study. Take your street bullshit further down Telegraph because now you’re just harassing the rest of us. 

  • Occupant

    You know, it’s really funny how many people feel liberated to say whatever they want while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, but would never actually say any of this to the people they’re trash-talking in person.

    • Guest

      And who, exactly, are you?

      • Occupant

        I’m one of the occupants at Cal.  I didn’t put my name because to most people who are so unwilling to have a simple conversation with someone they don’t agree with, names don’t seem to matter all that much.  One occupier is the exact same as the next.  Stop by our camp.  I’ll be there this weekend.  We can talk.

        • Guest

          To have a conversation with you would mean legitimizing your action.  I refuse to acknowledge it as anything meaningful.  You’re just some asshole setting up a tent in front of the library.  Nothing special about you, nothing meaningful in what you’re doing.  You are deluded.  

          • Occupant

            The way I see it, the reason you don’t want to have a conversation with any of us is because you’re afraid that if you step out of your comfort zone, you’ll find out that what we believe in actually makes sense–regardless of if you agree with our protest methods or not.  And, just so you know, commenting on an article about us still legitimizes our activities.  We still got you talking.

            And to loop back to my initial post, it’s a shame the loudest voices on here are the anonymous ones.  Own your opinions.  We’re owning ours.

          • Guest

            Yeah, I kinda knew you’d say I was legitimizing what you’re doing by typing this.  I’ll give you that: you got me!    Look, it may not seem like it to you, but when you set up tents in front of the library it just comes off as a big “fuck you” to students.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you guys occasionally get a fair number of students coming up to you and expressing support, but by and large it’s not gaining traction.  It’s actually quite a turn off.   

            What’s really ironic is that a shitload of people, myself included, are actually on board with getting student loans totally revamped, getting banks to stop predatory lending, preventing foreclosures with some sort of forgiveness policy, etc.   This thing you’re doing, though, doesn’t make me think of any of those things, though.   It just makes me think:  there go the attention-seekers staging their big “look-at-me!” moment.

            How about you try seeing things from someone else’s perspective?

  • 10:00 PM on Saturday

    That’s enough.  GET THE FUCK OUT AND RESPECT STUDENTS’ HARD EFFORTS HERE AT CAL.  Many of us came here to work very hard to better ourselves and the world.  YOU ARE NOT HELPING US OR THE WORLD.    

    I call on every student who is sick and tired of this to show up at 10:00 PM on SATURDAY NIGHT right there on campus and shout at these assholes to get the fuck out.  

    And Mr. Chancellor, I have tons of respect for you, but you are FAILING 99% of the students who aren’t on board with this shit.  Act on this.  A small percent of very vocal assholes will call you all sorts of things, but the rest of us will respect and appreciate you for it.  

    • Idiot Man Child

      aw, poor baby.
      you don’t realize how much of our economy is based on graft and outright thievery.

      Commissioned by Phil Ting, the San Francisco assessor-recorder, the report
      examined files of properties subject to foreclosure sales in the county
      from January 2009 to November 2011. About 84 percent of the files
      contained what appear to be clear violations of law, it said, and fully
      two-thirds had at least four violations or irregularities.

      you respect Birgeneau? you must be as dumb as a sack full of doorknobs.

  • MrPerfect

    I look at them sitting on the steps and I see street people. A lot of us are used to ignoring transients. Maybe they aren’t the best people to represent the cause. 

    A lot of those occupy guys have cardboard and spare change in their future. 

  • Bob

    How am I supposed to study at Occupy Cal with all the damn hippies playing crappy hippy music on their guitars?

    • Sweetsound

      the 411- there isn’t any music, that noise must be coming from inside your head

      • Guest

        You must be deaf.

         @ Guest…when will yhou do a reality check? The Occupy Cal protesters are part of a movement that is taking place all over the world.                                                                                                   
        @ Rog…the most you try to squash them, the more money will be taken out of your tax dollars to settle their civil rights lawsuits. If you are against Free Speech, then what are you doing at Cal? In fact, what are you doing in this country?


    • LAWLS

      Some of us are at Cal in order to get degrees in fields that make a tangible difference as opposed to bickering over opinion all the time. We need to /actually/ study

    • AngieO

      Arwen says “what are you doing at Cal?” 

      I’d like to know the same from Arwen.  His account identifies (him) as “Journalist, retired attorney, political activist, educator & writer concerned with civil rights, animal welfare and human condition.”

      Like many of occupy, it sounds like you’re only a member of the Cal community because you’ve come here to join the protest and force Cal to change.  Why should we listen to you?

    • Rog

      So you say I shouldn’t be in America because of what I say.  Interesting defense of free speech, man.

      • Rog

         Cuz you see, fool, part of free speech is being able to announce I’m against it.

        Seriously, you are so stupid.

    • John Decker

       Yeah, right. Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Madison WI aren’t exactly the “world”.  You need to get a real job and grow up.

  • Rog

    As long as they are harmless, let them hang out.  If it gets bigger, squash them.

  • Guest

    When will these hippies grow up?

    • John Decker

       Given that many of their professors have never grown out of their own 1960’s protest mindset, I wouldn’t expect any time soon…

  • anon

    Occupy cal keeps hope alive for those of us feeling anxious about the growing debt and diminishing opportunities that we students are facing. Don’t succumb to despair or cynicism. Talk to the folks on those steps, and you will be inspired. A better way is not only possible, it’s being created and realized by dedicated and generous souls. Embrace compassion rather than fear, community over isolation, and don’t be afraid of critical resistance to authoritarianism in all it’s creeping forms. 

    • John Decker

       What exactly are you babbling about?


    meme time!