Congressman Barney Frank to speak at UC Berkeley

barney frank

Congressman Barney Frank will visit UC Berkeley Feb. 23 to speak on the relationship between the United States and Israel.

The prominent Massachusetts Democrat has a long history of supporting civil rights causes and came out as openly gay in 1987. He is the former chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services, and announced in November that he will retire from Congress at the conclusion of his term in 2013.

The event will take place at 7:30 p.m. in 155 Dwinelle and will be sponsored by the ASUC, Jewish Student Union and the Tikvah campus student group.

“Because he is a prominent progressive, Congressman Frank’s insight on the importance of the US-Israel relationship is especially relevant,” said Arielle Gabai, president of the Jewish Student Union, in an email. “We look forward to the opportunity to engage with a Congressman who shares our commitment to liberal values and Israel.”


A previous version of this post stated that Barney Frank was the first openly gay member of Congress. In fact, Gerry Studds was the first openly gay member of Congress.

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  • libertyfreedom

    Twelve million Americans facing
    foreclosure want to know when Barney Frank and Dodd are going to be convicted.


    The economic result of Dodd-Frank is an
    obstructed economy where small amounts of capital cannot be obtained from
    venture capitalists for small start-ups, which means no new jobs in the private

    Frank planned this strategy.  The
    Gay/Marxist agenda Barney Frank represents IS cultural warfare and supports
    socialist state capitalism.

    Frank’s only regret is that he didn’t  rip off enough from middle-class taxpayers to
    completely cripple the American economy.


    Frank is a chiseling, Marxist
    crook from Jersey City who learned his dirty politics from Frank Hague’s
    people, one of the most corrupt machines in American political history.


    Now Frank wants to redefine
    marriage so his “spouse” Ready would be protected from testifying against him.


    Anything put forward by Barney
    Frank will only lead our country further down the path of ruin.


    The only thing that Frank
    understands about capital formation is how he wants it to further his


    State capitalism stinks
    almost as much as Frank.


    Stop giving Frank a platform
    for his arrogance and corruption!


  • calgal

    This is cool

  • Berkleykat420

    You just wish you were blown hard.

  • libsrclowns

    Frankie is nothing more than a blowhard FAIL.

    Perfect fit for the Lib Cal Kiddies.