UC Berkeley professor denies link between HIV and AIDS

Professor Peter Duesberg in his lab in Donner Hall at UC Berkeley.
Brenna Alexander/Staff
Professor Peter Duesberg in his lab in Donner Hall at UC Berkeley.

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For over 20 years, UC Berkeley professor Peter Duesberg has believed that HIV does not cause AIDS, an opinion that he says has limited his academic career and alienated him from the scientific community.

“You cannot find the (HIV) virus, only antibodies, and it doesn’t spread via sex as it should,” Duesberg said. “HIV is a harmless virus. I have said that before, and I continue to say it.”

The tenured professor of molecular and cell biology — who said he has been called “homophobic” and a “mass murderer” in the past for his beliefs — elicited further controversy after the publication of his most recent article in a scientific journal sparked the resignation of a member of the journal’s editorial board.

Near the end of January, Klaudia Brix of Jacobs University in Germany resigned from the board of the Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology in protest of the December publication of Duesberg’s article, entitled “AIDS since 1984: No evidence for a new, viral epidemic — not even in Africa.”

“It’s just propaganda that they’re dying from AIDS,” Duesberg said.

The article compares statistical evidence of AIDS deaths in Uganda and South Africa to the overall population growth of those countries and sub-Saharan Africa as a whole. The article then concludes that AIDS has not caused a large number of deaths in Africa.

“We deduce from this demographic evidence that HIV is not a new killer virus,” the article states.

However, Arthur Reingold, professor of epidemiology and associate dean for research at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, said that HIV is the cause of AIDS.

“It is a well-established scientific fact going back 30 years,” Reingold said. “Every credible scientist in the world believes that to be a scientific fact.”

Three years after the announcement of the discovery of the AIDS virus in 1984, Duesberg published an article denying that HIV is the cause of AIDS.

He has since argued that AIDS results from recreational drug use and has advised those with the disease not to take antiretroviral drugs.

“I tell people, by all means, stop taking these drugs — they haven’t cured anybody yet,” Duesberg said.

In 2000, Duesberg sat on a panel which advised then-President of South Africa Thabo Mbeki about the cause of the AIDS virus. Mbeki later denied that AIDS was caused by a virus and limited the treatments in the country, leading to about 330,000 deaths, according to a study published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.

Other AIDS researchers rebuke Duesberg’s arguments as the spread of misinformation.

“People who deny the causality of AIDS are denying reality,” said Jeff Sheehy, director for communications at the UC San Francisco AIDS Research Institute, in an email. “I know individuals infected with HIV who are dead because they believed denialists and … initiated treatment too late to save their lives.”

Although Duesberg’s research has largely been restricted to small journals, he has published over 20 articles, three of those in Science, and a book on the virus, according to his website.

However, an article he authored was retracted from the Medical Hypothesis Journal in 2009 due to its inclusion of “opinions that could potentially be damaging to global public health,” a statement from the journal said. The article led to a campus investigation of Duesberg that was dropped a year later.

Despite this exposure, Duesberg said his beliefs have limited his academic career on campus. He has been teaching a laboratory course since 1987 and claims he was restricted by other faculty from giving a lecture for more than 20 years.

“I never got to teach a course in my field until recently,” Duesberg said, referring to the lecturing position he was given in the fall semester of 2009.  “My colleagues didn’t trust me.”

G. Steven Martin, chair of the campus department of molecular and cell biology, declined to comment on Duesberg’s role in the department.

Despite overwhelming opposition, Duesberg — who first won acclaim as co-discoverer of the first viral cancer gene and for mapping the genetic structure of retroviruses — does claim to have had some success in his research on AIDS.

“I get tons of letters saying ‘thank you, your research has changed my life,’” he said.

Going forward, Duesberg plans to pursue cancer research, lessening his focus on AIDS.

“You try to make your case as good you can, and I think I’ve done that,” he said. “I have said what I can say — I don’t think I can do too much more.”

Franklin Krbechek covers research and ideas.

A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Arthur Reingold, professor and associate dean on campus, said that Professor Peter Duesberg’s beliefs run counter to a core tenet held by the medical community. In fact, he only commented on the connection between HIV and AIDS and did not mention Duesberg specifically.

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  • Christina Ventura-Dipersia

    I’m not going to comment on his intelligence. I just think he is an irresponsible, sad little man. He may be smart, but his stubbornness and his lack of passion to actually find the “truth” (as he calls it), using weak observational, correlation data as his claim, has cost hundreds of thousands of people their lives. He should be further alienated, until he realizes that he is not the most important mind in the world, and that Hill’s causal criteria overwhelmingly support that HIV is the cause of AIDS. Get a grip!

  • Ashok T Jaisinghani

    The AIDS 2014 Conference that ended on 25 July in Melbourne was a massive flop. There was no announcement of any effective cure or any effective vaccine for AIDS.

    Even by using celebrities like US ex-President Bill Clinton as publicity stunts, the organisers were not able to attract more people. The number of delegates were only 12,000, which was a drastic decline from the 22,000 delegates in Vienna four years back. There has been a rapid decline in the number of supporters for the HIV causes AIDS theory.

    By acknowledging the deaths of 36 million people due to AIDS in 30 years, the medical scientists have admitted their massive failure in saving all those people who had died young. They have now declared that they MUST get 16 years MORE to find a definite cure. Only by 2030, they HOPE to eradicate the AIDS pandemic from the world.

    Actually, the HIV believers do not even know all the real causes of AIDS. So how could they have found any cure for AIDS even in 30 years?

    Millions of people have been mentally tortured with the bogus HIV tests and also chemically tortured with the administration of extremely toxic ARV drugs by ignorant pretenders.

    The AIDS dissidents have a golden chance to expose the false propaganda and empty promises of the HIV theorists. The AIDS dissidents can unitedly launch massive counter-attacks against all those who have been propagating the theory that HIV causes AIDS.

    Ashok T Jaisinghani.

  • Philip Nolan

    This reminds me of the “debate” over anthropogenic climate change. The proponents claim that all scientists agree that there is man-made climate change, the science is settled, and the debate is over, but when anyone asks for hard evidence they are called “deniers” and said to be on they payroll of “big oil”. The same script is being used in this case. Don’t offer up hard evidence, don’t answer the questions raised, just call names and refuse to debate. I don’t know who is right in this argument, but I give no credibility to the side that refuses to honestly debate the issues and tries to deny the other side a forum to express contrary views.

  • Kasparovstone Theriver

    look that there are many more ties and literature between the long term use of toxic drugs as antiretrovirals and aids and cancers than any ipothetical tie between a virus and aids and cancers.In fact azt has killed thousands of people and medical doctors made believe it was the virus that killed them to admit it was the drug and beeing sued.There is a ton of literature about “chemical aids” (infacts in the leaflet of arvs it is stated that side effects mimic immunodeficiency to not admit they cause it).Peter Duisberg it was a reknown scientist before questioning hiv-aids dogma,it seems you are not deep into science.

    • Equal

      Duesburg is right. I have followed his research since 93 and nobody can proof his research wrong. Nobody can realy prove why people labeled to die of aids wouldn’t have died of it anyway without HIV or the label of Aids. Allot of people die daily on diseases because they have a week immune system from their junk diet and life style, so they aquire diseas. I have friends who never take a drug for HIV, and had the virus since 23 years and are still well, working and have no diseases other than your normal person. My friend started to take Atripla 2 years ago just for kicks of the argument, and went crazy rampant ill and tried to commit suicide 3 times, sniff gas and was admired to Psych ward. All that changed, when he got of meds again. All the meds for HIV actualy kill people and the biggest killer is the stigma of HIV. Magic Johnson, Actor Lundegreen, have HIV since 20 years and happy and healthy as larks. Actor Michael Glaser, who had been with his infected wife and children but doesn’t have HIV is another prove of random stigmas and lies that HIV even gets contracted through sex , but realy is just a random, harmless virus that is used to control certain people and churn the wealth of Pharmaceuticals. Duesburg has proven that if you have anti- bodies for HIV your body works. I don’t know why anyone has such a hard time comprehending that the government doesn’t always have your best interest in mind. For all the naive or ignorant out there, read Robin Davis Floyd’s Book American Right of Passage, about other controversial Medicine and mega Billion Medical corruption in the name of Medecine. Or the subject Immunisation! Over 3 million Parents boycott immunizing their kids cause of controversy. For all of you out there trying to debate a subject, but you only read about one side, try to read, educate and comprehend, before being part of the debate. Understanding the body would help, Doctor Christopher the Hebalist, is a great educational library on how the body realy works. Love and peace, K

  • UC Berkeley Professor Peter Duesberg must read: Cancer, ALS, AIDS, Religious Beliefs of Patients and Medicine-2013. Scientists can’t beat cancer, ALS and AIDS. Cancer has a reputation as a deadly disease. ALS is a devastating and fatal neurological disorder. Since the beginning of the epidemic, nearly 30 million people have died from AIDS-related causes. Scientists ignore iron-cancer, iron-ALS and iron-AIDS scientific data. In the past, scientists ignored scientific ‘antibiotic data’. In 1871-1872 V. Manassein and A. Polotebnov used antibiotic properties of fungi (green or blue molds on decaying food). In 1928 Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. It became widely used during World War II. Howard Florey and Ernst Chain took up Fleming’s research and found a way to purify penicillin. Chemotherapy of virus diseases is an extremely interesting but, at the same time, a very difficult problem. At present, there are no effective therapeutic agents for the treatment of many virus infections. Chemotherapy of malignant tumors, like that of virus diseases, presents considerable difficulties because the difference between the metabolism of tumor cells and that of normal cells is negligible. All types of tissues and cells of the macro-organism may undergo malignant degeneration, which makes difficult the search for drugs that would have a selective effect on the tumor tissues and would not affect the healthy ones. Scientists ignore information: a human organism can survive ‘accurate anti-iron aggression’; cancer, ALS and HIV/AIDS can’t survive ‘accurate anti-iron aggression’. All forms of cancer are caused by intracellular superpara-ferri-ferromagnetic ‘infection’. All forms of ALS are caused by intraneuronal superpara-ferri-ferromagnetic ‘infection’. Any somatic cell / any neuron should be interpreted as a society of dia-, para-, superpara-, ferri- and ferromagnetic nanoparticles. Enzyme systems of any virus contain heme iron and non-heme iron. Deficiency of iron destabilizes enzyme systems of any virus. Slow blood loss (even 75%) [hemoglobin control], goat’s milk diet and drinking water containing hydrogen sulfide can gradually neutralize intracellular / intraneuronal superpara-ferri-ferromagnetic nanoparticles and enzyme systems of HIV. Any micrometastases and isolated tumor cells will weaken. Moreover, according to the Ferromagnetic Cancer Theory (Theory from The Old Testament; Iron Conception), ceramic needles can enter solution [sulfur (2%) + olive oil (98%); 36.6C – 39.0C] to tumors and large metastases, ‘individuals with mutilated DNA’, who live within religious and non-religious cancer patients. Medicine-2013 will beat cancer, ALS and HIV/AIDS by non-complicated anti-iron methods of The Old Testament. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/opinions/103745/ ; http://www.dailycal.org/2012/02/22/uc-berkeley-professor-denies-link-between-hiv-and-aids/ ; The Daily Californian & Vadim Shapoval

  • lemonfoundation

    I am not misdiagnosed with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).” I am MINDFULLY diagnosed with CFS. It is where Allied NATO Government hides millions of infectious NON HIV AIDS cases (like mine).

    How can HIV be the cause of AIDS when there are millions of patients who have AIDS without it?

    The answer is: IT CAN’T.

    Perfectly healthy HIV+ people do not progress to AIDS until a CFIDS-defining hijacker enters their system.

    HIV is an innocent passenger in a hijacked car. You cannot deny HIV’s presence (something triggered those tests to be “positive,” arguably a genetic marker), but regardless of what “HIV” is, it did not commit the crime. HIV is just a witness.

    HIV sitting in a car is not a good proxy for whether or not a car will get hijacked. My car got hijacked –> HIV was not present at the scene –> the result was still AIDS.

    AIDS patients are simply the undiagnosed CFIDS patients of the otherwise perfectly healthy HIV+ population.

    My life with NON HIV AIDS: http://www.cfsstraighttalk.blogspot.com

  • It is the job of scientists to report their findings to the best of their abilities. If those happen to contradict what some policy donk has been telling others is the gospel truth … well that is a problem for the policy donk not the scientist. Where we get problems is “scientists” who start advocating particular public policies … which just happens to progress their career & fit their politics … usually at the expense of much better people who are the ones who really progress the subject.

  • lemonfoundation

    “…ICL, is an immunodeficiency syndrome in which…HIV, cannot be detected…ICL can be referred to as Non-HIV AIDS…many Non-HIV AIDS patients have developed the opportunistic infections or otherwise rare cancers associated with AIDS…Non-HIV AIDS may also be transmissible.”
    My 5min federal testimony about NON HIV AIDS from the recent CFS/ME advisory committee meeting (Washington, DC) posted: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubjGm5dILpY&list=PL600CB038194B4593&index=11&feature=plpp_video
    My life with NON HIV AIDS: http://www.cfsstraighttalk.blogspot.com

  • Vadim Shapoval

    Shapoval, Africa and AIDS. UC Berkeley Professor Peter Duesberg denies link
    between HIV and AIDS. Duesberg’s article: “AIDS since 1984: No evidence for a
    new, viral epidemic – not even in Africa. It’s just propaganda that they’re
    dying from AIDS. AIDS has not caused a large number of deaths in Africa”. Iron
    deficiency is one of the most common of the nutritional deficiencies. Iron is
    present in all cells in the human body. Iron-deficiency anemia is a common
    anemia caused by insufficient dietary intake and absorption of iron, and/or
    iron loss from intestinal bleeding. HIV/AIDS is a disease of the human immune
    system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Any viruses need iron
    to replicate. African people (inhabitants of Africa) can spontaneously beat
    HIV/AIDS by iron-deficiency anemia caused by insufficient dietary intake and
    absorption of iron. Biblical researcher Vadim Shapoval: HIV/AIDS-researchers
    will beat HIV/AIDS by iron-deficiency anemia caused by anti-iron goat’s milk
    diet and anti-iron drinking water containing hydrogen sulfide (before and after
    venesection/phlebotomy) http://www.science20.com/curious_cub/are_cancers_new_species-81237 ; The Daily Californian & Vadim Shapoval

  • Iron
    Deficiency Anemia, HIV/AIDS and Ferromagnetic Theory of Cancer. Iron
    Deficiency Anemia is a condition where a person has inadequate
    amounts of iron to meet body demands. It is a decrease in the amount
    of red cells in the blood caused by having too little iron. Iron
    deficiency anemia is usually caused by a diet
    in iron or from blood loss. Blood loss can be acute as in hemorrhage
    or trauma or long term as in heavy menstruation. Individuals with
    iron deficiency anemia may also experience pica. Any viruses need
    iron to replicate, and by reducing the body iron HIV/AIDS-patients
    prevent them from replicating. Iron Deficiency Anemia can
    spontaneously beat HIV/AIDS (money of HIV/AIDS-researchers). UC
    Berkeley proFessor Peter Duesberg! Start to think! Start to read the
    Ferromagnetic Theory-2006 of Cancer (Iron Conception)  http://www.dailycal.org/2012/02/22/uc-berkeley-professor-denies-link-between-hiv-and-aids/  ;  http://www.dailycal.org/2011/07/31/study-chaallenges-theory-of-cancer-formation/  ;  http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/opinions/44497/
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    ; http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/opinions/38197/
    ; http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/opinions/45448/
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  • Vadim Shapoval

    Thermonuclear Sun-2018,
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    Californian & Vadim Shapoval

  • Vadim Shapoval

    Dear Ebony Natural, HIV/AIDS (slow virus infection) is
    MONEY of virus-researchers. Cancer is MONEY of cancer-researchers.
    Virus-researchers and cancer-researchers invent scientific-financial plans-2012-2025.
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    Daily Californian & Vadim Shapoval 

  • Vadim Shapoval

    Non-complicated anti-iron methods will beat AIDS/HIV (slow virus infection).  UC Berkeley Professor Peter Duesberg must understand: human organism can overcome iron-deficiency anemia (low iron level / iron loss); AIDS/HIV can’t overcome iron-deficiency anemia. AIDS/HIV will die (see: Vanga’s iron-AIDS and iron-cancer forecasts-1994). Peter Duesberg invented erroneous cancer theory (chromosomal cancer theory). Ferromagnetic
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    • Ebony Natural

       If Peter Duesberg was a lunatic that others Doctors are making him to be or if He’s theory was false
      By now He (peter duesberg) would be in jail right?
      If anyone tries to say Diabetes is no cause by excessive sugar level, we would see the DATA defending that.
      So, why can’t they bring out DATA for our famous HIV/AIDS isolation by Robert Galo?
      That would make Peter Duesberg to shut up! Why after 20 something years He keep saying exact same thing
      but on the other side no reaction, all they can do is call him denialist!!!  

      • keenplanner

        Deusberg is a walking argument against tenure

  • Valendar


    For a fresh look at this vexed question.

    Cheers from Australia

  • I wouldn’t say be denies or believes. I would say he refutes, rather than proves that HIV causes AIDS.

  • Guest
  • 415raechill

    1. I don’t know the exact conversation that took place, but the dispatcher should have been able to take the liberty to forward the call to a 9-11 operator to further assess the situation.

    2. I understand why the BPD would want to limit their priorities when a major protest is about to begin, but their strategy was off. They should’ve been prepared to take all emergency calls and any non-emergency call that had ANY potential of harming the individual if action didn’t take place.

    3. It’s heartbreaking when a murder occurs, and no matter what the situation, there’s always questions if something else could have been done. Would BPD have responded with due diligence to a call of that nature placed on a non-emergency line had the protest not been going on? We’ll never know. That being said, blaming Occupy for exercising their 1st Amendment rights to peaceably congregate and protest is diverting accountability. Shame on you BPD, for even allowing anyone else to take the blame but you.

  • PeterCao

    Truly admire the name of Berkeley.
    No intention of offend people of Berkeley, but what I am going to tell is tough to hear but real
    happenings.  We need attention from the whole society to concur such anti-humanity crimes:
    Eric Schmidt had threatened my life with the death of Stanford student May Zhou during his fight with
    Stanford. Eric Schmidt is part of this plot in May Zhou’s death. He had also conspired my life at a
    later time, and which had cost his Google CEO position.
    It started from a 2004 Stanford campus assault case, in which a lady named Gabriele Scheler bitterly
    assaulted me; Police concluded that I am a victim while Scheler is a criminal suspect after serious
    investigation; However Sebastian Thrun later joined Scheler to false accuse me at Stanford, and Eric
    Schmidt had joined them to support Sebastian Thrun and Gabriele Scheler against ruling from Stanford and police. During their tough fight with Stanford in the early 2007, Eric Schmidt and Sebasitan Thrun’s side had murderred May Zhou to threaten me, by telling me: “You see May Zhou, she’s an Asian (me too an Asian), … Police might not even find out who did it, what if it happened to you?” , and to terrorize Stanford (because May Zhou is Stanford student), and they did plot a murder on me as well last year when they found I would not compromise but insist on clarifying their crimes —————————————————————
    Eric, we know your name has a huge impact on human society, but how could you stand your fame without completely clarifiying those accusations listed above? Can you deny any one of them?

    • PeterCao

      I brought the case to the public because as a human being, anyone has the responsibility to crack down such a murder case which includes killing the innocent; Anyway, Eric Schmidt and Sebastian Thrun are not clear in Stanford Student May Zhou’s death, as well as their unsucessful conspiracies on my life at later time, and neither Eric Schmidt nor Sebastian Thrun dare publicly deny his involvment into such crimes. But without clarification of this case, the criminal suspect side had committed more and more retaliatory crimes on victims, and they could resolve problems by killing again. Can anyone deny this fact? What’s their problem? I bet that’s because they are afraid of facing lawful responsibilities once they deny such accusations

    • PeterCao

      Google’s era under Eric Schmidt had involved into multiple crimes in Stanford which is fascism by nature.

      Google’s Eric Schmidt had abused google resources to financially and politicially support a criminal suspect named Gabriele Scheler, along with a Stanford Computer Science faculty Sebastian Thrun, against ruling from Stanford and police authorities. During their fight with Stanford, Eric Schmidt’s side had murdered an innocent Stanford student May Zhou in 2007 to threaten me and to terrorize Stanford. When they found I would not compromise a bit but actively tried to clarify the case, Eric Schmidt’s side did plot a murder on me as well. The only reason they didn’t make it a reality is becaue they were closely watched by police and they are afraid of leaving evidence (not becasuse they have any mercy on me as a human being, fascism by nature.) Eric Schmidt lost his CEO position because of his involvment into these crimes. These accusations stand still which Eric Schmidt and Sebastian Thrun dare not deny to the public so far. Eric Schmidt and Sebastian Thrun had not paid for their crimes.

    • PeterCao

      Here is my reply to you in September, 2011; Remember, the more you seem busted, the more grounds you are losing. calm down===========================
      Eric Schmidt on Sep 2, 4:02 AM said: @Peter Cao: Peter. It’s me, Eric. I thought we already talked about this. I am going to squash you like a bug if you keep posting on this comment board. What you don’t know (but surely suspected) is that the video cameras I installed in your house are allowing me to track everything you do. In fact, I am live streaming your pathetic life, including all the insane searches you do about my home address and love interests, to all my friends on the Stanford faculty. Next I will bring in my mafia-like dark killing power to bear. ===========================Eric, be you real or not Schmidt, so finally, your psychological defense was broken, now that your mind became insane.Didn’t I defeat you globally wherever you go? You still don’t understand, that’s because your deeds, killing the innocent and threatening the victim, would not be tolerated anywhere on this planet. Anyone would be alerted of this case when you assisted a Stanford Computer Science faculty Sebastian Thrun to counter Stanford ruling against him and to threatening me from fighting against your crimes, by threatening me with the real murder case of Stanford student May Zhou; in fact, police investigation had confirmed it is people on you (Schmidt) and Thrun’s side who murdered May Zhou, before I would post the case on the web. Quite a scandal unheard of in history of college education. I clearly aware your side is closely watching me though I am a powerless victim on the other side of the earth, because you fear me of my speech to the public about your crimes, crimes you dare not deny, but would drive you insane as you are now. I never search your address or personal issues, other than posting your deeds on the web, this time you are really irritated and finally displayed the evil you to the public.Have some manners please. That’s not going to save you of your fate as a loser … You still have to explain to the public of your crimes behind May Zhou’s case and plotted murder on me, which got you removed from your CEO position, and so You still have to face the legal conseqences.