YouTube pickup artists coming to UC Berkeley generate controversy

The announcement that a group of self-proclaimed pickup artists will be performing live at UC Berkeley has generated controversy among concerned students and staff, who have expressed anger and disgust at what they perceive as the group’s message.

The group “Simple Pickup” intends to hold its first live performance on campus March 8 in Wheeler Auditorium. The group initially gained acclaim from YouTube videos it posted that show shy men how to be confident, as well as the members’ ability to “pick up” and talk to women, according campus graduate Jimmy Chen, an organizer with VentureChimp, the group putting on the event.

According to Chen, the purpose of the videos is to teach men to be confident and to be considered attractive by women and the social world.

“You always see there are people who are afraid to raise their hands in class because they are scared they will be wrong or  be judged,” Chen said. “I am sure a lot of guys feel the same way about approaching beautiful women.”

The videos — which went viral — show the three pickup artists approaching women on the street and asking for their phone numbers in what Chen describes as “a humorous and outlandish fashion.”

However, Billy Curtis, the director of the campus Gender Equity Resource Center, said that the content of the group’s videos is offensive. He added that he is encouraged that students are planning on speaking out against the content of the videos.

“In one of the videos, one of the men kissed a woman without her permission,” Curtis said. “It was sexual battery, and I will say it to their faces. In another clip, one of the men says to a Latina or Chicana woman, ‘You must make a mean pink taco,’ and that is disgusting and it pissed me off.”

According to Antmen Mendoza, an intern at the center, the message being portrayed by the videos is “problematic” and “perpetuates street violence (and) harassment.” Mendoza added that the center and other campus groups are working together to respond to the event.

“We realize that education about sexual violence and rape culture is the response that is needed to create a space for dialogue for people who are not okay with what is being advocated in these videos,” Mendoza said.

While the videos have generated considerable controversy, Chen maintains that the purpose of the videos is not to offend.

“People see the videos and think that it is vulgar, but it is meant to attract college students — the purpose is not to insult or offend but to inspire guys and change how they view the world and people in general,” Chen said.

Ian Norris, a campus electrical engineering and computer sciences major, said he understands having an introverted personality but added that there is a difference between being confident and ignoring other people’s boundaries.

“That’s when you get into sexual harassment and violence,” he said.

Despite the contention surrounding the videos, according to UC Berkeley School of Law professor Jesse Choper, the content is protected by the First Amendment.

According to Choper, it would be an “uphill battle” to prove that using pickup lines in public constitutes harassment .

“If you see a murder in a movie, there is a long distance between someone who would watch it for entertainment and someone who would act out on it,” he said when asked if he thought the videos might lead to an increase in harassment.

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  • Guest

    Fuck society in the face, keep going hard boyz!

  • Commentor

    According to my friend, it was actually Simple Pickup who pitched the article to the Daily Cal…

  • Doug Dannger

    As a gay man and a gay journalist I find these videos to be really disturbing. THey instill a culture where women are treated as sex objects and demeans them. As a gay man and a gay journalist I am appalled at how many men here are actually defending such filth.  

    • Adsahjh

      Being ‘gay’ and a ‘journalist’ doesn’t give you any special credibility. Nobody gives a shit.

      • Doug Dannger

        As a gay man and a gay journalist, I feel my perspective on issues such as this is greater than that of any meat-headed straight man. Being a gay man and a gay journalist gives me the gay edge so I am able to see the truth. 

        • SwaggyMcSwags

          stfu, you dont know what its like sensitive pussy

          edit: I hope you’re trolling

          • Stan De San Diego

             Some of us figured that out already. 

          • skydrifter

             its obvious sarcasm.

    •  Yeah, right. Like gays would NEVER cruise for sex partners and treat their objects of interest as merely object for their sexual pleasure vs. treating them as human beings. Certainly gays wouldn’t do stuff like cruise around public toilets looking for hookups, go to sex clubs, or the like, right?

      Get over it. Yeah, these “pickup artists” are a bunch of attention-starved narcissistic children (as are most so-called “performance artists”) but to strike some sanctimonious pose is plain silly.

      • Kyozera_x

        Cool story bro…like anybody would give a fuck about you being gay or a journalist,this doesn’t gives you any advantage on your argument.

        BTW: I hope you’re trolling.

  • Lucy Johnson

    Hitting on women isn’t what’s offensive, what was offensive was the video where one of the guys walked up, put his hands on a woman, started kissing her out of nowhere and then when she tried to run he ran after her, picked her up, and bodily carried her off.  Meanwhile his buddy is blocking her friend that’s trying to help her disengage.  This second girl is only referred to as “it” and “the cockblock”.

    If you can’t see why that’s really screwed up I don’t know what to tell you.

    • Easily Offended

       link to this video?

      • Guest

    • SwaggyMcSwags

       Yeah that girl wasnt kissing back or anything…

      If it wasnt consensual she would have pulled her head away, it was mutual.

      Dumb feminist bitch, go back into the kitchen.

  • Gentleman

    What is girl’s most favorite movie ever? The Notebook. What did the dude there did to gain attention of the girl? He followed her everywhere when she said no,  even climbed a fortune wheel just to get her to say yes, that is fucking bananas and creepy!!!! And y’all complain for some dudes telling guys not to be afraid and be more assertive?? They’re not hurting them or holding them against their will. This story for me is an example of  the “first-world problems” meme. 

  • Whoever wrote this, you’re completely idiotic. Like another comment said, please go visit Saudi Arabia, then go fuck yourself. 

  • At one point one of the gentlemen (why am I saying that?)  attempts to pick one of the girls up against her and her friend’s wishes and take her away. Whatever the joke was that they think approaching a woman and acting like a predator, why does she deserve that? Why does she deserve to be scared? Because he thinks she’s pretty enough and he has gauged the situation (no cops, not a lot of her friends around) the same way a rapist or killer would. Do you want someone doing this to your sister, your girlfriend? Your niece? What if she was drinking safely with friends in a club, does she deserve it then? When do women deserve to be left alone and not have hard sell negging pua bullshit wearing them down until they do something they regret bececause he knows how to get past that “last minute resistence” desgined to work on women that have low self esteem, who have been hurt in the past, who are alone and scared that if they don’t do what the guy wants he might hurt them?

    • Jeremiah

       your a fagot and seriously socially inept go seek proffessional help

    • Really?

      Why do you have the right to decide what she wants. Weather she did or didn’t want that, you have ZERO right to decide for her.

  • ABC

    Billy Curtis sounds like a thin-skinned asshat who probably gets no tail himself.

  • Anon

    As SimplePickup tweeted, a healthy debate could be beneficial for all parties involved.   Instead of simplifying it to “these guys are barbaric cavemen who don’t respect women” or “people who are complaining are only doing it because they’re prudes who aren’t getting laid”,  both sides need to hear each other out and have a real discussion without all of the insults and name-calling.

    I enjoy their videos as much as the next guy but there are a couple of questions that come to mind:

    1. in their “drunk times” videos, they are sometimes seen making out with the girls they interview.  do they only do this with sober girls or is every girl fair game, even those under the influence of alcohol?  

    2. what about the girls who’ve gone “all the way” with these pickup artists (like in the “how to win a girl’s heart” video)?  What do they think of their encounters the day after?  Do they regret it and feel like they were manipulated or did they fully know what they were getting into?  We may never know as I doubt there are many would openly come forward and admit they were “seduced”

    • Jeremiah


    • Commentor

      According to my friend, it was actually Simple Pickup who pitched the article to the Daily Cal so that they could get a healthy debate going… and NOT the Gender Equity Center

      • Guest

         Good to get a debate going, but that’s like trying to argue with a brick wall.

  • BrianharveyfromEast17

    Stop harassing women you cavemen. You don’t need to act this way to get a woman.

    • Jeremiah

       so talking to girls and having fun is harrassing them now?

      • zZz

        in the manner that these men do it, yes. 

        • Jeremiah

           you obviously dont get out of the house that much

    • DisQ

      If talking to girls on the street is harassment, then the GreenPeace and Girl Scouts are just as guilty. Who’d knew?

      • Kalos Castalawavo

        Too bad these videos go way beyond that, including picking up a woman and carrying her off “for fun.” These guys are about two steps away from literally being rapists.

        • Smayzoni


        • Jeremiah


        • SwaggyMcSwags

           right…kill yourself

  • Daniel

    As far as I’m aware Sexual Battery has nothing to do with kissing, so it looks like this Billy Curtis is spouting in-correct information. So, Billy Curtis you just need to chill out, there’s nothing wrong with what Simple Pickup is doing, none of the women they kiss seem to be complaining do they? No, they actually return the kiss.

  • Joe

    That’s disgusting. I always get a 2 page waiver signed before I even shake their hand.

    • Noname20010

      why do you need a 2 page waiver signed before shaking somneone’s hand?

      • Joe

        • skydrifter

           too funny

      • Foo

        Joe needs to start a “Sarcasm” DeCal just for you Noname20010

    • SwaggyMcSwags

       wtf. i hope youre joking

  • Guest

    Billy Curtis is absolutely insane and disconnected with reality and I will say it to his face.

  • Atlas Sobbed

    BREAKING NEWS: Something in Berkeley Offends Someone, Life Continues

  • white knight

    so does the guy in this article have to ask his wife for permission every time he kisses her? also, everyday in every night club in every city in the world, random strangers who just met are kissing, making out and more… is that sexual battery too? i guess if it was up to this guy, every club, bar, and party in the world would be shut down

    • Jeremiah

      amen to this

  • Jozé Noguira

    There are two kinds of men in this world:
    Alphas & Betas. 

    Billy Curtis is clearly the latter.

  • KG

    Well it’s pretty obvious most of the commenters here don’t need SPU.  They already know how to disrespect women and treat them as objects you can ‘pick up’ instead of people you should get to know  before you get can physical with them.

    This is why people say chivalry is dead and there are no more gentlemen left in this world.

    • WakeUp

       Wow….so many assumptions and implications in your comment. Are you really going to make an argument about gender equality and then start talking about chivalry and gentlemanliness. lmao. Wake up. loooool

    • Jeremiah

       wow get real man.  you obviously are still a virgin. i bet your one of those nice guys that always get passed over for the other dude and that just pisses you off doesnt it?

    • Bro

      white knight detected. perhaps if you buy her enough meals and flowers one day she’ll let you listen to her boy problems.

    • gentledude

      Chivalry is dead since “Gender equity” started. Gender equity just means everything the man does will be disgusting. Women want to earn more money, but still want dudes to open doors for her and pay dinner. But nonetheless, girls stay there talking with the guys, some girls walk away, and they let them go, they don’t chase them. If they’re staying and being friendly, they’re enjoying themselves, white knight. I mean girl’s most favorite movie ever The Notebook, the dude there essentially did more reckless stuff than this guy (followed her, climbed a fortune wheel just to get her say yes) why do you think most girls thought that story was cute??

    • Guce

       so your saying when im in a club i have no right to talk to any chick and ask for dance and go where it will lead?

    • KG

      I understand where SPU is coming from.  They try to instill confidence in young men who would normally feel uncomfortable speaking up other wise.

      I just wish the guys of SPU could do it in a matter that gave more credibility toward women.  I think what the folks at GenEq are talking about (and correct me if I’m wrong) is how our society frames the dating game in which men are expected to dominate the playing field with attempts to score with as many women as possible, effectively treating women as objects of achievement instead of individuals or human beings.

      The guys at SPU cater to the culture which is most socially accepted.  I would just hope they could still encourage young men to be more confident without having to “physically pick up” young women and give women some more respect.

      SPU is able to keep giving these seminars, because there is a (loud and vocal) majority who are willing to defend the dominant culture.  Their mentality is when a girl says “no” she means “keep trying” and a slap across the face, ACTUALLY means “no.”

      • Probably overt hinking…

        I think you’re not giving enough credibility toward men.  Of course there are men who think of women as “objects of achievements” , and of course there are men who don’t. Just consider that not all men that are confident and approach women casually fall into one just one of those groups. 

        Also, think of things the other way around; you think that cultural inequalities are gender exclusive? Because there are people who think that genders, aren’t equal, genders will never be equal. 

        There is nothing wrong with a man, approaching a woman, and being interesting, thoughtful, and entertaining to make her feel more comfortable. If a woman is having fun, she has the right to enjoy herself and not have the rest of the world decide for her, that she is being harassed. 

        The guys and Simple Pick Up, are not teaching men to brutishly harass women, they are teaching men how to read body language, follow emotional, and verbal ques from the woman. In no video, or message have they ever promoted sexual violence or harassment in a way to be taken seriously.

        I’ve personally seen every one of their YouTube videos, and a few others by them; In ALL of the videos where they “pick up” women, they have been rejected, and they have never chased after these girls for extended periods of time after they walk away. 

        “I think what the folks at GenEq are talking about (and correct me if I’m wrong) is how our society frames the dating game in which men are expected to dominate the playing field with attempts to score with as many women as possible, effectively treating women as objects of achievement instead of individuals or human beings.” – KG 

        You, as a member of this society have the right, and responsibility to decide for yourself what is morally acceptable, in any given context. If you honestly want to agree with the bias, and unequal stand point of GenderEq, that’s your choice. I just hope you can make your own decisions based on your own experiences, and knowledge soon.

  • Adam Caith

    This is against the teachings of the Bible ! Don’t do it ! (Sarcasm intended…)

  • Rev. Svend la Rose

    1. Billy Curtis is a shameful mockery of gender advocacy who does not represent all feminists.
    2. Simple Pickup is a shameful mockery of pickup art who does not represent all pickup artists.
    3. These things are clearer when separated.

  • Im surrounded by idiots

    Its idiots like GenEq and the ones getting offended that make me hope that 2012 happens and only the people that aren’t complete retards survive. 

  • WohThere

    The girls getting hit on are giggling and having a blast. It’s the girls who AREN’T getting hit on that are mad. lol. they so mad. 

  • Brian

    the people at the 
    Gender Equity Resource Center need to GROW UP. nobody cares if you’re offended. deal with it like an adult. and “rape culture”? are you joking? lol

  • Jeremiah

    to the person who wrote this trashy article, your a sad little virgin who hasnt seen a vagina in your entire life.i bet your one of those dudes who’s gotten so hurt and rejected by girls or hasnt gotten a date in years that you feel the need to bash other guys just for being men and happy with themselves, i hope your happy writing this trash. these guys have done nothing but help guys gain confidence to actually get out of  there shells and take control of there lives. Here is my tip for you, stop playing world of warcraft, get a new outfit and lift some wieghts and go out and have a few drinks and maybe actually get a life.   and to the rest of the socially awkward people who dont know anything about talking to people or even socializing or having sex for that matter and plan on protesting this like sad virgins go fuck yourselves and dont ever plan on reproducing for that matter.  

  • DisQ

    “People like the ones speaking out at UCB are usually VERY ill-informed. Looking forward to having a healthy debate.” via SimplePickup — look at how classy these guys are

    • Findermason32

      Wait.. are you actually OFFENDED by that? Holy crap you guys are incorrigible. This victim mentality is sad. Why are you guys ALWAYS offended by things? Just live life in the moment. Stop worrying about petty shit. There are so many horrible things going on in this world and yet you focus on this. The fact that you quoted that from SP and tried to make a point of them not being “classy” is so incredibly odd to me. Grasping for straws here? 

  • Slayers_mma

    Ask the girls that are actually being flirted on if they feel sexually harassed. Seeing as they are giving them their phone numbers, the answer is NO.

  • Jace

    Billy curtis is having a hard time picking up girls, that is all.

  • Easily Offended

    So hitting on girls on the streets is “offensive”? Anybody who’s bitching about this is either
    1. an ugly ass bitch who’s jealous that she never gets hit on, or
    2. a lonely sexually frustrated “nice guy” who doesn’t have the balls to be assertive with women, and who’s only sexual experience was with that fat chick who asked him out to prom.

    This isn’t fucking Saudi Arabia. There is nothing wrong (legally or morally) with hitting on the opposite sex. If you get “hit on” and don’t like it, then walk away. Nobody’s forcing you to stop and talk to these people.

    SimplePickup has inspired tons of men all around the globe to be more confident, extroverted, and assertive. If this offends you, then you can go fuck yourself.

    Anybody who’s “offended” by some guy joking about a “pink taco” can choke on my hairy balls. Oh my gosh did I offend you!!??? Lighten the fuck up. The world would be a much better place if more people had the capability to handle jokes.

    FYI: This article should’ve mentioned that these guys never actually call the #’s that they get from these videos.

    • Doughnuts

      Why are you so angry about this?

      • Easily Offended

        Because I find it pretty ridiculous that so many people are actually complaining about this. You have to be really out of sync with reality to find this so offensive. These guys have helped thousands of men out there be more confident and sociable. If anything they should be revered as heroes.

        • Brouhaha

           They’re basically rapists, screw them and screw you too.

          • Fuck you, you little fucker. These guys are great at what they do. Rapist? That would explain why every girl they approach gives them there numbers you dumb piece of shit. Get the fuck out of here. If your a chick, your obviously a fat one whos never been hit on, or if your a guy your probably ugly as fuck and never approached a girl, either way, your a hater and dumb mother fucker for what youve just said. theres nothing wrong with trying to show the world what you could do and if it was rape, im almost positive they wouldnt put it online. 

          • JoshDilo21

             basically rapist? wow how sad must your life be bro.
            I’m absolutely dumbfounded and appalled by your ignorance.

          • Dante4474

            I for one agree these guys are great the people that are judgeing this are either way to old to realise that times are changing what wasnt acceptable then is now (in some cases) or there there just jealous of how many girls these guys are getting while your just getting hairy palms lol

          • Wesley

            These guys are heroes and anyone who has a problem with the way these videos are made; turn of the fucking pc.

          • floatingfish31

            Sooooo hitting on people is being creepy??? Sounds about right…

          • Coldman

            lol rapists. I’ve never seen any girl get angry at these guys except for the people that are observing and aren’t involved in the interaction.

            The only boundary that can be crossed is the one from the woman in question, and to be honest, the women never get mad at these guys after they kiss or whatever.

            And besides, how else are you gonna know if she wants to kiss? Ask her: “uuhhh i want to kiss you now, would that be okay? durrr”, go back to the 80’s if that’s how you do it. I doubt you’re getting any pussy with that timid approach.

            Obviously if she pushes you away or gives you the cheek or whatever, then fine, don’t force it. Now you know. But you can hardly consider that rape. If you compare rape victims to woman that these guys interact with then you can definitely see a clear difference in mental health.

            Also if you think that talking/flirting with random people on the streets is considered rape, then I don’t even know where to start…

          • skydrifter

            So if I walk down the street and talk/flirt to a girl and get her phone number, am I considered to be a rapist too? Who are they hurting? Out of the many girls they pick up have anyone of them ever said they were basically raped.
            Simple pickup have done nothing wrong, Just because your offended it doesn’t mean your right. 

          • tristan

            Are you retarded? When you’re on a date, you don’t /ask/ to kiss the girl at the end. You just do it. 

            These girls /choose/ to talk to them. Sexual harassment and rape is /unwanted/ contact. They also /choose/ to kiss them back. 

            Just because you’re not confident enough to try that yourself, doesn’t make it wrong. If they wanted nothing to do with the guys, they would walk away, as proven in the videos where sometimes, talking to them doesn’t work and they get ignored. 

            Or, maybe you should have watched the videos, and learned about them as people before judging them for such outlandish things, such as rape.

          • kat00nip

             Wow that just left me speechless to how little logic you just used. I guess that means every time a guy hits on me I’m getting raped thanks! XD

          • Jjsan26

            this brouhaha is a dumbass loser.

          • Camino1ca

             Go learn what rape is before making ignorant comments.

          • BrouhahaIsARapist

            You’re a rapist.

          • Aaron

             Calm Your shit people, apparently it’s not very clear, so let me explain it to y’all. This dude is TROLLING!! This is one the best examples of trolling I’ve seen in a while. i.e. He says something absurd and generates a string of anger messages among the community. Evidence that he is trolling can be inferred from his comment that just had a provocative message without any explanation for it and his lack of comebacks (the one that he did have repeated the same idea). Currently he is succeeding in his trolling duties. The more you hate the more he wins. True Story Bro

          • Easily Offended

            your comment isn’t even worth a serious response

          • Expplain

            explain how they are “rapists”?
            if they are why would they exploit themselves to youtube?

          • archie k.

            Yeah bro, because they’re assulting or unlawfully having sexual intercourse with them. (sarcasm)

            You’re claiming that guys shouldn’t pick up girls. So… Girls should pick up guys? that’s one in a thousand. So by your logic, anyone in a relationship is a rapist.

            gtfo this planet and go to hell

          • Alexromanov

   about retarded..

          • Alexei

            holy shit. i didnt know women laughed, giggled chatted with rapists, and said stuff like “hey, if you’re not going to be around while my shift ends today I can get off a bit earlier” Seriously dude, get out of your basement. these guys are AWESOME. and have helped TONS of guys, in so many ways. so fuck anyone who disses them.

          • Eric Liu

            A rapist rapes women and forcibly commits sexual acts with her. Plus your definition of a rapist is laughably vague in your argument. So until you can find explicit evidence of that, I dare you to say that again.

    • kt

      “FYI: This article should’ve mentioned that these guys never actually call the #’s that they get from these videos.”

      So they never find out how many were fake. Good point.

      • Easily Offended

         They don’t need to. They get enough bitches

      • Af

        The actual point isn’t getting numbers but to be able to go talk and be confident about it so that both feel comfortable talking

    • Student

      There’s something wrong, legally and morally, with kissing a woman against her will and making ethnic jokes about her vagina.

      Wake up, it’s not 1950 anymore.

      • Smayzoni

         against her will ? yea it is .. but they don’t kiss them against they will !!!

        they/she would slap them/him right away !

      • No

        LOL, nobody was kissed against their will.  And furthermore she kissed him back! And then told him later in the video that he was a good kisser.  Oh yeah, it was totally against her will.

        • Yes

          Yeah, somebody was. She was trying to placate him because he was brazen enough to sexually assault her in public, while she was with a friend–what else might he do? I guess you forgot how she literally ran away from her assaulter, rejected him, and was also literally kidnapped by him at the end of the video.

          You’re defending a video that was essentially an explanation of how to commit sexual assault. Good work.

          • Jakewil1990

            Lol you are kidding me dude, you say that talking to a girl in public like that is sexual assault. She did not run away from him, she actually got dragged away by the friend. That is different from rejection, the term for that is “cockblocked”, She was kissing him back at the end of the video and complimented him and engage in a conversation that is between the two of them. I don’t think she was being kidnapped here, you’re over exaggerating. If she was being kidnapped she should have yelled “Rape!” But no she was giggling and was having fun. I don’t know how you even analyzed that video as sexual assault. 

          • Tristan

            Kidnapped? She was giggling the whole time! She also gave him her number! ‘Cause yeah, you totally give your number to someone you think is kidnapping you, LOL! 

            Seriously, get a life. I mean that. Go out, and get one. 

      • Easily Offended

         1. Believe it or not, most people don’t ask “hey can I kiss you?” before they kiss, nor is this a requirement (legally or morally). Have you ever gone out in your life? Hell have you ever kissed anyone? Obviously you haven’t got much action.

        2. I bet you make a mean pink taco.

      • Tristan

        Against her will? Dude! You don’t ask permission to kiss a girl when you’re feeling the chemistry, and its in the right moment. That ruins the moment! 

        They don’t run up to these girls, and kiss them out of nowhere, dragging them off to an alley, lol. Like seriously, there is nothing wrong with what they are doing. They are talking to them. And if something else comes up, that’s up to the girl to say no. In fact, there have been vids where they /have/ and the guy Jesse, as I recall, respected that.

        They are only trying to prove that you can say anything, and as long as you’re confident about it, you’ll have their interest. What happens after that is the /girls/ choice. If they choose to go home with them or whatever they may do, it’s /their/ choice. 

        However, these guys have made note on numerous occasions that they don’t call these numbers anyway. So why people are complaining about some guys teaching you how to talk to a girl and saying its offensive, is beyond me.

        If I see a cute girl and want to talk to her, I won’t always know how to go about it. These guys have shown that it doesn’t matter, and what matters is your confidence. 

      • Guest

        Then you might as well extend that argument to everything else that’s funny because in one way or another it offends something in this world. I take it to mean that your definition of “against her will” means she didn’t explicitly state whether he could kiss her or not. But as we know (all of us, or rather all women and some men), most women never explicitly state their opinions on anything anyhow! I’m sure most guys will agree with me when i say women almost never clearly state whether they are interested in a guy or not. That’s because women use subtext and implied language to communicate stuff. So it’s complete bullshit to look for a giant billboard saying “yes! I will allow you the permission to kiss me!”. And as Easily Offended said, you never see people asking “May i please kiss you??”. And the reference to 1950 is completely invalid as everything you argue for has happened throughout all of history.

    • Student

      Women’s basic rights to contraception are being threatened in this country, and these men only encourage further regression to the dark ages.

      • Roallin

        Sexual intercourse for pleasure is a want, not a need.  As for health care coverage, it should be in
        the same category as cosmetic procedures. 
        If this woman cannot afford birth control, then she should not have
        sexual intercourse.  Why should I be on
        the hook to pay for something that is not a basic need?

      • Legendary

        What about a man’s basic right to contraception? Where’s the male pill? Where’s the male plan B? Where’s the male abortion? Where’s the male option to give the child up for adoption? etc.. Currently, the only “male” choice for contraception is condoms, and that’s actually a joint decision.

        • alumnae

          There’s actually a male ‘pill’ in development; the only thing stopping it from hitting the market is funders/marketing that think men wouldn’t buy it because they have some pathetic notion that it would lessen their masculinity.  

      • Easily Offended

         cool story bro. what the fuck does this have to do with the contraception bill that was just rejected?

      • go get laid mofo

        NO, you do. Go get laid and stfu. and don’t bother replying ‘cos I’m sick of the comments on this page. 

      • EQUALITY

          that’s woman’s problem. it has nothing to do with this. More feminist bullshit. Women seem to want everything handed to them. How about you pay for your own birth control instead of the tax payers!

      • Eric Liu

        Could you elaborate on that without making a hollow, vague argument?

    • Guest

      Way to make your point by being offensive.  Hope the “cause” realizes it’s people like you sticking up for them that adds the offensiveness to their supposed goals of making men more confident.  Good work!

      • Easily Offended

         I was exaggerating my language. I’m actually a nice guy in real life ^_^

    • Camino1ca

       They say they don’t call them but I’m calling bullshit. Also, that doesn’t change the nature of what they are doing so it’ sort of an off comment. Just a note.

      I approach women in the street and encouraged a friend to come out with me. I was shocked when he said it was “border line harassment.” I told him that was nonsense and talking to people in the street is never harassment until you start harassing them, in other words being offensive, not taking physical ques that they don’t like you, and doing any kind of stalker-ish behavior. In the end it broke down into basically “I don’t know how to do it.”

      Another note – Saying that anyone who doesn’t like it is “an ugly ass bitch” just feeds into what these people who are “offended” are trying to say, that this sort of thing is part of something misogynistic, which that comment was. I don’t agree at all that they should be offended, they should go cry by themselves, but it makes sense to be more tactful without the misogynistic language.

      • Easily Offended

         Exactly. Being a stalker is one thing, but approaching and talking to random people is something entirely else. I’m not actually misogynistic so sorry if I gave off that impression.

  • Exhumer19


  • Ian

    Soooooo many dumb people. Looks are barely the tip of the iceberg! you have to have a personality or else you ain’t got shit to act on. If you want to show off your looks then go be an idiotic model.

  • Danny_boy123

    Simple Pickup has made me into a less introverted person and with that I can say thanks to them because they have done the male population some good. The haters are just the people who have never even got into this type of mental state with girls where they can do this and they do not have the will nor the patience to pursue it.

  • Lolita

    Taking advantage of a drunk girl? Chasing girls who are trying to run away from you? Is this the message we want to spread?

    The sheer amount of the word “bitch” in the comments of this video is staggering. What a fanbase.

    • Findermason32

      I don’t see that as RUNNING AWAY. They were LAUGHING as they did it. Like giggly school girls. Do you people have BLINDERS ON?!?!?! You’re obvious bias is sickening. It’s really strange how people see what they want to see. The facts are literally on the screen – yet you are interpreting them in a negative way. This is some psychology 101 shit. So sad. 

  • Yourtypicalcaldouche

    The article is entirely based off statements made by GenEq. Such a terrible premise for conflict. What else would you expect them to say?

    • Reunited

      They have nothing else to say… all they do is talk, and ‘defend’ as if the entire world is against them.

  • Andrew J H

    Simple Pickup is there to inform if you don’t like it don’t go. They are there to teach shy men to get out there and not give a damn. This is a crucial part of our society and if I lived in that region I would go and show my support. They are amazing guys just trying to help. Don’t hate.

  • SexyMan

    Those Guys are Fucking HEROS , they teach me personaly how to overcome my fears and insecurities , their vedios ment to be inspirational ,motivational  and most of all its all about HAVING FUN and shining your personality & humour to the world . poeple live their BORING  life  do the same shit over and over .. , but we know diffrent now due SIMPLE PICKUP (Kong,jesse and Jason) thx u guys …. GO CRAAAAAAZY For SP peace out ;)

  • ryanclark

    The people who talk this way about simple pickup clearly do not unestand what these guys are doing in the slightest. Try and look at it from both sides before you start to critisize them. I gurantee you will see differently after you have heard what they have to say.

  • Toc27

    This should not be a problem if the haters made a video or a live demonstration of how to approah women you don’t know  in a “proper” way, getting their numbers and establishing a healthy sexual relationship. Don’t complain if you are not giving solutions.

  • The Voice of Reason

    PUA is the biggest fucking scam of all time. These men are shit. They’re selling lies to men. Its all about looks, your success with women is directly proportional to your looks/money/status, the men who are against this aren’t “losers,” they’re simply smart enough to see past this PUA BULLSHIT

    • Guest

      u mad?

    • ninja

       you virgin!!! ahah, Only by not having sex you would have to say that.
      your success is directly proportional to your looks money and status??? really you think women are that shallow? Your success comes from being the coolest dude they have ever met. And you look at the videos and you see right then and there why they have success. They are fun to be with, they are not trying to impress them with money, or status, or looks, they actually respect women more than most guys, they understand women better then most guys, because they have met more women in one year then anyone else in a lifetime. it´s not a concept so hard to grasp. And what they are doing is actually clearing all the bullshit some other puas are trying to sell. So…. Either  people are afraid to lose a loved one to a pua, or I don´t get why all the crap talk is happening.

    • ThisGuy

      Anybody who says it’s all about looks has no idea what they’re talking about. 

    • Ghasan Alesayi

      Judging by your comment, I can tell you masturbate 12 times a day.

    • Brah

      Strong username to comment inverse correlation 

    • Jeremiah

       you are one sad little virgin and i think you suffer from cronic masturbation

    • Barca4dawin

      Your name should read more like The Voice of Treason… I’d like to see you do better than any of these guys. Nice guys won’t finish last if they get a word of advice from those who have had better experiences. Don’t hate on those who are doing a good thing. Women can walk away if they don’t like what these guys are saying/doing. 

    • Daniel

      Ummm those guys in the simple Pickup aren’t exactly Brad Pitt are they? No, they aren’t, I laugh at guys like you because you’ve most likely brought a PUA course and then tried to hit on a girl, got rejected and thought the whole thing is a scam.

    • Kyozera_x

      Calling yourself  “the voice of reason” doesn’t makes your argument intelligent. The guys from Simple Pickup are heroes for teaching other people how to approach beautiful women,it doesn’t have any relation with money,cars or status,it’s about being confident enough to approach that girl you like,have courage to tell the girl your feelings without fear of retaliations. 

      In this world you have to be smart,not only with these  case,but,with everything! Society doesn’t forgives shy people,saying what you think can change things and this is what the guys from simple pickup do,they teach people how to not have fear to talk.

      Judging by the shit you say…you don’t have too much contact with the opposite sex.

  • Benjamin Bonjobe

    i think the only person concerned is the one who is writing this article.. FAIL  

  • Farter_darter

     Omg he hooked up on the spot with a girl. that is rape and sexual battery! Someone send ‘the situation’ to jail and make hm a sexual predator !!!


    • Reunited

      You get it wrong Mr. Fater_darter, it’s not ‘the situation’ — it’s the ‘SituAsian’ 

  • Fakesites

    it’s hilarious seeing socially inept people that avoid human contact as much as possible speak about “sexual harassment”  and “rape” (ROFL) when the guys of SP are about as socially calibrated as one can get.

  • El Cogno

    If girls would’ve complain, i would understand it a bit more.  But its GUYS complaining… wtf… L for losers.

    • kt

      I am a woman and I am complaining.  The comments on this article make me sick.

      • Findermason32

        They “make you sick”? Wow. People REALLY like to overreact these days huh? Their channel inspires men around the world in an entertaining way. You guys are throwing around words like “rape” and “harassment” like it’s nothing. Exact reasons special interests groups get such a bad name. 

        • Ericbordax

          Uh, they’re calling it harassment because it is. Take a look at this video (which is probably what ignited most the controversy):
          It’s definitely not an overreaction considering how they behaved in that video.

          • brody

            lol? that girl in the video was clearly into him and returned the kiss. she even did it again later. are you so socially inept that you can’t see that?

          • Smayzoni


      • Jeremiah

        i bet your one of those girls who dont get hit on dont you?

        • kt

          ^^ the attitude displayed on the above responses, that’s what is so upsetting. It’s flippant and dismissive of women’s feelings/experiences.  You make assumptions (that I must be ugly or never get hit on) to justify your attitudes. But the reason I DON’T believe these girls are playing along because it’s all in good fun is because I”VE DONE THE SAME THING when I was harassed or asked for my number by a stranger.  I’ve since learned how to just tell someone “no” and not waste my time trying to appease desperate creeps, but it’s actually difficult for many women to just ignore or brush off the persistent guys who demand attention and phone numbers. I’m also curious how many of those numbers were even real. 

          • Bdevey54

            Wait a minute… because of your experiences and what you learned you in
            your life you are taking a stance for another person? Hopefully you do
            realize your view on this are most likely different than the girl actual
            involved in the video you posted. Please stop being so radical in your views and opinions.

          • Easily Offended

            So if I hit on someone that I don’t know, that makes me a “desperate creep”? Get the fuck over youself. You’re not as hot as you probably think you are. Approaching a women on the street is not harrassment. Harrassment would be, for example, stalking someone.

            I don’t know who you are, but you seem to be very simple-minded. These SimplePickup guys are actually pretty funny and entertaining, definitely way out of your league. Have fun marrying the dull nice guy who would never even consider hitting on the pretty girl who just walked by!

      • Daniel

        LMAO, I bet you’re one on those girls who get their panties in a twist over anything men do but when a woman does the same you don’t say shit, I’ve bet you’ve pinched a mans butt or two.

      • SeanEire793

        I’d bet my life that you and all the other women complaining gave your numbers to ether Jesse, Jason or Kong and you’re just doing this because of the fact that you never got a call and you feel played.. As for the fella’s complaining them complete douches!!! JJK obviously made out with their girlfriends and this is the only way pussies can retaliate.. Get a life, go out and drink and have sex!!! Have respect for yourself and you will receive respect because these 3 guys are being very respectful to woman and helpful to men.. Stop HATING

  • Saf

    Billy Curtis en Antman Mendoza are fags who don’t get laid

  • Dirtdart5

    Billy Curtis is just jealous he doesn’t have a pink taco at home. Probably to busy with his burnt hotdogs. These guys changed my life and help me meet and keep beautiful attractive women. We live in the 22nd century a little dirty words hear and there to break the ice is not a big deal.   

  • Smayzoni


  • Kaas

    Why in the hell would guys complain about this, have you lost your real sense of self. I mean come’ on guys we as men should know this is all fun and games, deep down every man loves what these boys are doing and if you don’t kinda creepy….  Whining about this is creepy 

  • Iago

    They simply teach other guys about being confident and taking action. They are helping people.

  • Legendary

    ““In one of the videos, one of the men kissed a woman without her permission,”” When was the last time you saw someone ask “May I kiss you?”. That’s something that I’ve only seen pickup artists and people with no sexual experience do.

    “‘You must make a mean pink taco,’ and that is disgusting and it pissed me off.”” Well, that’s too bad, because the first amendment gives people the freedom of speech, and that IS protected speech.

    “rape culture” Did you just refer to talking to someone in the street as “rape”?

    • Reunited

      I totally agree with you. If talking to someone on the street is rape, then those GreenPeace people trying to save the earth is. And so are the Girl Scouts. Who knew?

    • Nunya Beeswax

       Get with it, man.  Rape culture is everywhere!  For example, if a girl walks down the street with her braless boobs stuffed into an X-small t-shirt so that her cleavage is bursting out of the (cut) neck, and her nipples are poking out the front, by looking at her YOU ARE TOTALLY RAPING HER.  FOR REALS.

    • alumnae

      Rape culture is the system of social attitudes and behaviors that lead to men thinking that if they see something they want, they can take it (her) regardless of the  fact she’s a human being with the right to say no.  The original quote is a bit of a stretch I agree, but as it relates to harassment the link is crossing the boundary of respectable communication and sexually confronting someone because you think you’re clever and you felt like saying it because you have a ‘right’ to. 

      The Constitution and legal system lay out the limit of what is punishable by law; ethics is a code of conduct that should guide your actions to treat people with fucking respect.  Obviously people have the right to say whatever they want (I passed 4th grade thank you) but people also have the right to say you are perpetuating some unethical bullshit.

      If you’re going to deride feminist scholarship in a fucking comment thread at least research the concept first so you understand what you’re talking about. Dipshit.

  • Guest

    Voice of reason, Professor Choper.

  • MisterCal

    Jeremy Lin is a fan of Simple Pickup. People not enjoying their videos? Linconceivable when Lin’s giving his Lindorsement.

    • Fawser

      Ashton Kutcher and “the Rock” Dwayne Johnson loves their videos too.

  • Kelly K.

    Why are the people against this (quoted), guys? Watching the videos on the show site, I see no mention of a struggle from the girls they ‘hit on.’ It’s all fun, no harassment here.  

    • CJ

      If you watch carefully, on multiple occasions the girls protest against the men’s advances. They even go to the extent of running away. If that’s a struggle from the girls they “hit on”, then I don’t know how much more obvious they can be. 

      • Kelly K.

        What video are you talking of? Watching them on the Berkeley show site (, where it’s advertised, there is no mention of this? In fact, one of them tells us their intentions (the Chinese one).

        And, it seems the girls they are kissing are okay with it. The people who don’t like it are probably the ones not getting kissed? I mean they get rejected all the time as well? Am I missing something? 

      • WakeUp

         It’s their choice to run away. They made the choice to end the contact. Are you denying the individual human agency of the women who choose to stay and talk or even go further? Because you, CJ, believe one thing then all women and men have to? Please.

        • Bdevey54

          Actually ‘Wake Up’ he comes back up to her and she immediately
          introduces herself as well as gives her number to him. How do you know
          that they did not create space from the guys because they wanted to do
          some, excuse the term, ‘girl talk’? It is almost like you goto a bar
          with a group of friends, you meet someone there, you get a bit of a
          flirt in, kiss them, go back and tell you friends you met someone cool.
          Just because you went 50 feet away and are no longer in their presence
          does not indicate the back-and-forth has come to an end.

          If you saw the running away as their way of ending the conversation why
          did they continue the interaction so long when the guys re-engaged them? Why didn’t
          either one of the girls just turn to the other girl, give the ‘distress’
          signal (both men and females have them to call their friends over as an
          easy out in a conversation) and go into the club they were right in
          front of? Please acknowledge the ease of any person, male or female, being able to
          say “I’m taken” “Go away” “Stop” “No! Stop being a creep” or any of the
          thousand lines that any human being can say to someone else to indicate
          lack of interest.

          If you want to get into social dynamics she validates herself to him
          over and over in that second engagement because she is trying to defend
          the image of herself in his mind, as well as her own. She is a good girl
          by heart, obvious by her defensive arm across the chest posture at the
          start of the re-engaging, but she also reachs out and touches his arm in
          the conversation multiple times, a subtle sign of interest. Her body
          language is open and turned towards him for most of the conversation. In
          what way does this show disinterest? If she was not in any way
          interested in his approach why did she kiss him for so long?

          Honestly there is no way you can say ‘She was just being polite’. Not
          only did she let her friend go somewhere else, without hesitation, while
          talking with him but she also holds her hands around his neck after
          kissing him. Also notice the well as a BIG SMILE at 4:50 in the video
          (notice the slight dimples).

          Calling this harassment is ludacris.