Release of UC Davis pepper spray investigation findings delayed

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The public release of the findings of a task force investigating the controversial Nov. 18 pepper spray incident at UC Davis was postponed due to opposition from a university police union.

The task force was originally scheduled to present findings and recommendations to the UC Davis community at 3 p.m. Tuesday, but the Federated University Police Officers Association, which represents UC campus police, and a police officer at the center of the UC Davis incident announced intent Monday afternoon to request a court order halting public disclosure of the report, according to a Monday press release from the UC Office of the President.

Cruz Reynoso — a former California Supreme Court justice, professor emeritus at the UC Davis School of Law and head of the task force — delayed the release of the report after receiving information from the president’s office regarding the union’s plans. Reynoso, along with 12 other task force members, was supposed to present the report’s findings.

The task force to investigate the pepper-spraying of students by police officers at UC Davis was commissioned by UC President Mark Yudof in November. Yudof also initiated an ongoing systemwide review of police policies and responses to campus protest activities.

“I was very frustrated to receive the news today,” Reynoso said in the press release. “However, let me assure you that I am undeterred in my commitment to release the complete and unredacted work of the task force, a view shared by President Yudof.”

The request to halt public disclosure — which will be submitted by an attorney on behalf of one of the police officers who was placed on administrative leave as a result of the investigation on Nov. 18 actions — is scheduled to be presented Tuesday morning to the Alameda County Supreme Court, according to the release.

“We were told there was going to be this legal move — to avoid complications, we are not releasing (the report) tomorrow, but we remain committed and we are going to fight in court,” said UC spokesperson Dianne Klein.

Klein said the university’s next move will depend on Tuesday’s decision.

“I can only speculate that these attorneys think (the release of the report) would harm their clients,” she said.

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  • 911 Is A Joke

    Stalling tactics, just like last time around:
    Wheeler hall report came out some 7 months after the incident, was released in the summer when students were gone, blamed everybody and then conveniently declined to punish anybody.

    UCPD is a joke – just like every other law enforcement agency in the nation.
    Here’s a nice story about SFPD falsifying calibration records for their breathalyzers,
    thereby putting up to 1,000 DUI convictions in doubt. Now the courts have to spend time (ie taxpayer money) deciding how many convictions to overturn, and how many current cases to throw out.
    At best SFPD has embarrassed themselves again – further eroding public trust – and at great cost to the public purse in these times of austerity.

    • ethanspapa

      You mean the Mall Cops that think they are real law enforcement LOL.What a bunch of jack wagons they are. I’d make the bastids sit in a court of law and make them sweat . Unfortunately, the State, you and me, have to protect the neanderthals.
      I’d rather see them get fired and have the group sue them and garnish there wages.
      The 60 somethings That saw students killed at Kent State. Stopped a war in Vietnam and got Nixon thrown out of office. Believe me we have enough testosterone left in us to take care of these peach orchid Boars. The pictures were worth a million words. Everyone was were laughing at them.
      Good cops wouldn’t pull that crap. Blocking a sidewalk on campus .Next time take the freaking thing over like we did.