Where is Birgeneau’s email condemning the BSU?

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We all know how Calmail tends to act up now and again, and we also know how fond Chancellor Birgeneau is of espousing his personal political beliefs via the UC Berkeley campus email list — yet I still await his passionate email condemning the decision of the Black Student Union to host the unabashedly anti-Semitic, sexist, homophobic and generally hateful Louis Farrakhan to speak at the African Black Coalition Conference this weekend. One can only assume Chancellor Birgeneau is still working out the right wording for that message to the campus community.

However, Robert Birgeneau, the Black Student Union, the ASUC Senate and several others wasted no time in unanimously denouncing the actions of the Berkeley College Republicans in hosting an “Increase Diversity Bake Sale” last September to protest the affirmative action-type policies in State Senate Bill 185. The Berkeley College Republicans were quickly written off as racists and “insensitive white kids,” and in the meanwhile, their very specific political point was being ignored entirely.

Our elected student government in the ASUC Senate moved quickly to condemn the actions of the Berkeley College Republicans on the grounds that the “Increase Diversity Bake Sale” violated campus climate codes, and that such an event would be so offensive to so many students that it would actually lead members of the campus community to feel unsafe on campus. That’s right, cupcakes with different prices being sold by a small handful of College Republicans would make an ethnic student feel unsafe going to class.

Meanwhile, there is no issue inviting Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, who has proudly preached hateful ideas such as, “White people are potential humans — they haven’t evolved yet,” or “It seems like being gay or whatever sin you wish to be a part of is okay … but I have the duty to lift that gay person up to the standard to ask if they want to live the life that God wants them to or live the lifestyle that they want to live.” If there is concern for campus climate, what effect do Chancellor Birgeneau or our ASUC Senate think Farrakhan will have on our campus community?

In an open letter to the university condemning the Berkeley College Republicans’s bake sale last September, Chancellor Birgeneau proclaimed, “Regardless what policies or practices one advocates, careful consideration is needed on how to express those opinions. The issue is not whether one thinks an action is satirical or inoffensive, the issue is whether community members will be intentionally — or unintentionally — hurt or demeaned by that action.” Is Chancellor Birgeneau outraged by the hosting of Louis Farrakhan by a UC Berkeley student group now, or is he simply without principle?

Or rather, where is the outrage from our elected ASUC senators? Instead of condemning such a hateful speaker, the Senate passed a bill to spend $1,500 in contingency funds to subsidize the event hosting Farrakhan. So in essence, following precedents set by the Chancellor and the ASUC, our student government is sanctioning hate speech with their discretionary dollars.

We have a student government that is utterly incapable of standing up to hypocrisy whenever issues like this arise. Unfortunately, even ASUC Senator Noah Ickowitz, a personal friend of mine, was unable to draw a line of conviction in the senate chambers and oppose this discretionary funding bill. He explained that while he personally opposes bringing Farrakhan to campus, he still voted to spend $1,500 on the conference. How on Earth is this leadership?

But fear not — our brave ASUC executive officers have come out in vocal opposition to the hosting of Louis Farrakhan, although they have no intentions of doing anything about the funding of the event itself. In an op-ed to The Daily Californian, they collectively wrote, “… even if Farrakhan does not echo his previous intolerant statements, his presence alone speaks volumes. By granting him an audience, we are condoning his previous actions, and in so doing, damaging the delicate campus climate we strive to protect” — although I am unsure how exactly, by giving some deranged bigot a microphone, we are “condoning his previous actions” and thus violating the mission of the university.

To be clear, I am not opposed to any speaker coming to campus to preach whatever philosophy they believe in — I believe in a free and open marketplace of ideas at Cal. And I trust the free market to sort out which ideas are compelling and which ones are nonsensical. When our campus leaders come out and try to condone any type of speech in the name of “protecting a safe campus climate,” they are literally calling you, the students, too stupid to sort between valuable discourse and meaningless hate speech.

So I am not truly calling on Chancellor Birgeneau to condemn the Black Student Union for inviting a hateful bigot to their conference, nor do I ask for the ASUC to threaten to defund their group. Rather, I ask for a student government and a campus administration that are competent enough to be consistent in their policies and treat UC Berkeley students as adults who are capable of sorting through these issues on their own.

Shawn Lewis is the president of the Berkeley College Republicans.

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  • Calipenguin

     Birgeneau’s silence should be a wake-up call to all Asian students to speak up when people make fun of them.  Only 3.4% of Cal is Black, and Birgeneau wasted no time in condemning the BCR bake sale.  45% of Cal is Asian yet not a peep from the chancellor because he thinks Asians won’t stand up for their rights.  Are the Asian ASUC senators cowards, who wait for a Jewish senator to take the lead in fighting for their dignity?  The BSU owes an apology to Asian students and faculty who were offended by its paid speaker.  Asian ASUC senators were quite vocal when protesting the BCR bake sale, but are any of them brave enough to break through the PC code of silence and demand an apology from Black students?

  • Guest



  • Amenmommy

    This is really the last tango for me.  I will no longer be gifting money to Cal.  I’m done!  As a mother of a gay son a Cal,  I will not  tolerate helping a school in ANY way that promotes this kind of racist behavior.   Shame on this Chancellor for not standing up to what’s right in the world!  

  • Adsahjh

    Excellent op-ed. Shawn actually seems willing, unlike most Republicans, to hold the left to task for its hypocrisy on racial issues. He needs to sharpen his rhetoric–he gives away too many points to the libs–but I actually see a serious future for him.  Most Republicans just cower in fear whenever the issue is race. Shawn fights. Good for him.

  • Cal2012Student

    I wrote: [The white men who were the founders of the Republican Party knew that millions of riff-raff like Shawn would not have the moral strength to oppose bigotry, discrimination, and violence against Black Americans.]Tony wrote:The white men who founded the Republican Party in 1856 were opposed to slavery when the Democrats of the time had no problem with it, you ignorant twit. You need to learn something about US history before you continue to make as ass of yourself in a public forum…Ignorant twit? Tony, what did I  write? I wrote that Republicans supported black freedom and were adamantly in favor of arming them and edcating them. People like Shawn claim to be Republicans, but are opposed to the founding priciples of the party. I am well aware of the Democratic Party position, but Shawn is not the head of the campus Democrats. You seem to be incapable of reason, Tony. May I ask what year your family entered the United States “Tony”? Because you are trapped in the last 50 years and have no real connection to the political or cultural history you are trying to discuss. The Republican party used to be the only party blacks voted for. Alas, the bigots drove them out. People like Shawn and Tony made the party a vehicle for their own petty interests, and they are the types of people that create racial conflict despite the harm it does to our country.

    •  [The Republican party used to be the only party blacks voted for. Alas, the bigots drove them out.]

      Bullshit. The creation of generations of uneducated, unskilled, ignorant drones dependent on the welfare state is what has kept the Democrat Party alive, along with a left-leaning media working in concert to distort the news to push their agenda. No, they are not all black, nor do all blacks vote Democrat. But the Democrat voter base relies heavily on those dependent government largesse for survival, either in the form of sustenance or employment.

      [And for the record Ant-nee, my great-great grandfather was a Republican
      Party leader and a Civil War veteran. Now, where was your great-great
      grandfather during the war?]

      Served as a major with the 1st Colorado Regiment, breveted to Lt. Colonel during the war for his demonstrable leadership skills in battle. Your turn…

  • Elizabeth

    It’s nice to know that when you try to create discourse about some policies that you can be called a bigot, but if you outright and explicitly state that white people are un-evolved humans, being gay is sinful and have repeatedly made clear your hatred of Jews, you can get $1,500 funding towards having your speech hosted without the normally outspoken Chancellor saying “boo.”  So nice to see that hypocrisy is alive and well.

    Remember, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

    • Bigots

      HOW ABOUT THE FACT this FARRAKHAN racist made fun of the CHINESE LANGUAGE by talking in GIBBERISH? 

      Remember how RUSH LIMBAUGH did the same thing and was hailed as racist by everyone?

      Hows the double standard now? 

  • I_h8_disqus

    Birgeneau is consistent.  He picks the position that will be least likely to offend scary liberal students who he thinks will be much more likely to get violent.  He knows that Cal Republicans will be peaceful no matter what.  You are not going to see conservatives rioting or hurting people.  So Birgeneau will side with the group that is most likely to disrupt Cal just so they will not act uncivilized.  In truth he is just trying to protect the school and surrounding businesses from violence instead of trying to do the right thing.

    • Adsahjh

      This is a good point. It’s consistent in a way–minority activist groups are always right–that’s the guiding principle.

    • Guest

       “He picks the position that will be least likely to offend scary liberal
      students who he thinks will be much more likely to get violent.”

      Agreed.  This chancellor is spineless.

  • Ganesha_akbar

    Freedom’s Lighthouse has a new video of the radical Harvard Professor, Derrick Bell (the one that Obama urged everyone to open their hearts and minds to), this time praising Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan as a “great hero for the people.”

    When will a White House reporter ask Obama if he agrees that Farrakhan is a “great hero for the people?”

  • Cal2012Student

    I am an active student at Cal. Shawn and his ilk are responsible for creating this whole conflict. He just isn’t man enough to admit that he used race and anti-black sentiment to try to improve his future prospects as a wanna-be Republican leader. Shawn, get a grip! No one other than those pathetic losers that didn’t get into Cal and blame some imaginary Affirmative-Action ghost believe your con-game. It was hilarious to watch local campus Republicans greedily eating their cupcakes while staring greedily at their their black betters walking to class. 

    Shawn wrote:
    “The Berkeley College Republicans were quickly written off as racists and “insensitive white kids,” and in the meanwhile, their very specific political point was being ignored entirely.”
    I disagree, dude. Campus Republicans(you) invited Ward Connorly to campus in order to make a clear political point: to attack your fellow students, and to ruin their reputation as serious students despite their overwhelming qualifications for attending Cal. You and your fellow campus republicans are responsible for Farrakhan’s visit to Cal.  It’s called “Tit-for-Tat,” so have a cupcake and a glass of milk and suck on it.

    So Shawn and the rest of you who claim to be Republicans:
    In my opinion, your group was proving that you are not Republicans, but a hate group. You see, your views and actions are in direct opposition to the spirit of the Republican Party:

    From 1854, when the Republican Party was founded, Democrats labeled it adherents “black” Republicans to identify them as proponents of black equality. During the 1860 elections Southern Democrats used the term derisively to press their belief that Abraham Lincoln’s victory would incite slave rebellions in the South and lead to widespread miscegenation. The image the term conveyed became more hated in the South during Reconstruction as Radical Republicans forced legislation repugnant to Southerners and installed Northern Republicans or Unionists in the governments of the former Confederate states.
    -Historical Times Encyclopedia of the Civil WarThe Republican Party was a firm supporter of Black rights and equality, even until the 1970’s:President Nixon later remembered, “A good job is as basic and important a civil right as a good education . . . I felt that the plan Shultz devised, which would require such [affirmative] action by law, was both necessary and right. We would not impose quotas, but would require federal contractors to show affirmative action’ to meet the goals of increasing minority employment.” -Richard Nixon, RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon 437 (Grosset and Dunlap: 1978)So, listen here Shawnie and the rest of you k-k-kupkakers:The Republican Party was created to end slavery, support the creation of institutions of public education for the freed slaves and their posterity, and for the arming of black males to maintain their freedom. Are you sure that Louis Farrakhan would be seen as a villian, or a hero by the founders of your party? If you are opposed to black masculinity, educational equality, and black freedom…you should change your party affiliation. The white men who were the founders of the Republican Party knew, is that millions of riff-raff like Shawn would not have the moral strength to oppose bigotry, discrimination, and violence against Black Americans. Some Radical Republicans would have argued that people like Shawn use bigotry, violence, and discrimination to advance their own petty interests, and measures should be taken to fight his type of demagoguery when ever it rears it’s ugly head.

    •  [ am an active student at Cal. Shawn and his ilk are responsible for
      creating this whole conflict. He just isn’t man enough to admit that he
      used race and anti-black sentiment to try to improve his future
      prospects as a wanna-be Republican leader.]

      Get a grip, child. You’re going off the deep end.

      [The white men who were the founders of the Republican Party knew that
      millions of riff-raff like Shawn would not have the moral strength to
      oppose bigotry, discrimination, and violence against Black Americans.]

      The white men who founded the Republican Party in 1856 were opposed to slavery when the Democrats of the time had no problem with it, you ignorant twit. You need to learn something about US history before you continue to make as ass of yourself in a public forum…

      • reztips

        Indeed, one of the founders of the Republican Party was named Abraham Lincoln and we all know where blacks would be w/o him…

    • I_h8_disqus

      I am going to give Shawn the benefit of the doubt, and assume that he sees the failure of efforts over the last 50 years to help blacks and some other minorities succeed in the US.  So he is trying to change things to try and help minorities succeed.  He thinks affimative action is part of that failure, and that treating everyone exactly the same may help.  I don’t think he is trying to be a hurtful racist.  He is trying to help.  Though I think it would help minorities a lot more if we could figure out a better way to get them integrated into the successful side of society instead of remaining in that xenophobic barely getting by world they have built their US cultures around.

      • Cal2012Student

        You should not be so arrogant and blinded by hate and jealousy. Why are you so jealous of Black Americans? 

        Where were your people 50 years ago? Where were Condi Rice’s? Who is the intellectual, physical, and moral failure here? 

        The leader of the free world is an African American, who the hell are you?The entire world is capable of recognizing the rapid advance and incredible acomplishments of African Americans. Tragically, bigots like yourself hate this country so much that you fail to see the truth in front of your twisted, ugly face.

        Affirmative Action will be unnecessary when whites are no longer the majority population in 49 of 50 states. When one race dominates in numbers, they use those numbers to their own advantage, “Affirmative” measures must be put in place (Or at least President Nixon though so). 
        In the case of whites, their monopoly on state authority has been used to undermine the economic interests of other groups and, consequentially, the country as a whole.

        • I_h8_disqus

          I wish you were right about the advancement of African Americans, but it isn’t true.  African American culture needs to change so that there are true gains.  Cal is mostly made up of minorities, but the percentage of African Americans/blacks is way below the percentage in the population.  White people are not the power that is holding down blacks, and that should be obvious when they make up only about 30% of the Cal student body.  The only thing holding back African Americans is the culture of African Americans.  It is time to stop looking for scapegoats and to take charge.  Asians are the largest population at Cal.  Learn from them and how they succeeded.

          • Guest

             African Americans will never match the intellectual achievements of any other race in this country or of recent African immigrants.  There was no written language in Africa at the time of the slave trade. Cultural traditions were kept orally by the most intelligent members of the tribe. The slaves were not gathered as depicted in “Roots.”  Hunt down some random members of a tribe to sell as slaves. There were established markets and means of supply. A dominant tribe exacted tribute from another in the form of  members of the tribe to be sold as slaves. The slave traders could not speak the language and were not looking for the most intelligent slaves or the most upstanding members of the tribe. They were looking for reasonably strong,  healthy,  Africans.   The  weaker tribes  were not handing over their brightest members who served as medicine men, politicians, teachers, clergy  and oral keepers of tradition, not without a written record of the tribes knowledge base. Rather, they gave the slave traders what they wanted and in the process emptied their equivalent of jails and mental hospitals. The genetic root stock of African Americans had a very low proportion of high IQ individuals due to the way the slave stock was selected. This type of selection is not overcome in fifty years or one hundred years and it is what it is.
            In any event, by a 5-3 vote Fisher V Texas will end affirmative action in college admissions in all of its iterations including   the back door variety practiced in UC Comprehensive Review admissions and the latest attempt based on top ten percent of every high school being eligible regardless of the competitive level of the school and standardized test scores, which others are held to.

        •  Funny how at the same time you’re crowing about the achievements of African-Americans while complaining at the same time that they are somehow being held back by racist white folks. Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.

  • Aa

    Hear hear, totally agree, Shawn.

  • Adam

    Freedom of Speech Order of Importance at UC Berkeley:
    1 Blacks
    2 Females
    3 Gays and Lesbians
    4 Asian
    5 Hispanic
    6 Non-Christian (Excluding Jewish)
    7 Jewish
    8 Christian
    8 White
    9 Male
    10 Republican

    Before you speak, please check your order.  Don’t speak out of turn.

    • I_h8_disqus

      In this day and age, gays and lesbians are at the top, Hispanics come before Asians, and females  fall to just above Jewish.

  • Joyce Washington

    Black people support Louis Farrakhan.  They actually listen to his speeches in it’s entirety and they don’t view him the way most white and jewish Americans do.  If we, white people, would do the same, listen in it’s entirety and not just snipets, then we would find he’s not racist or antisemtic.  He makes complete sense and is not crazy, and is very sincere.  Why don’t you skeptics go to the event and hear for yourselves.  He has many white and jewish supporters as well, which should let everyone know that he is not a racist or antisemite.  He typically explains during his speeches, why his critics are indeed critics.  Once you do your own research and validate his words, you will understand.  I encourage you to go and listen, I think you will be completed shocked as I was on my first couple of Farrakhan ventures.

    • Joyce Washington

      Also, Farrakhan is against Zionism, the establishment of the State of Israel.  He is not against the Jewish Religion – yes religion.  That does not make him antisemetic.  There are several jewish people that are against the State of Israel as well.  Check it out for yourselves… http://www.jewsagainstzionism.com.  Can Jews be antisemetic too?????

      • guest

        Duh.  Can a woman be a misogynist?   Can an American be anti-American?  Just as you, a self-proclaimed white person can support an anti-white bigot, so can Jews be anti-semites.  Arguably, insiders are the most adept at hating their own.

      • Joyce is a joke

        Also, David Duke is against the annihilation of his own race, the interbreeding that goes on between blacks and whites. He is not against blacks – yes the race. That does not make him a racist to want to preserve his own race. There are thousands of blacks who have joined the KKK before. Check it out for yourselves… http://www.kkklan.com/negroklan.htm. Can blacks be for white power too?????

      • guest

        A black can also be a KKK member http://www.kkklan.com/negroklan.htm

      • I_h8_disqus

        Joyce, Farrakhan has spoken plainly that he is against the Jewish religion.  He has called it a dirty religion.  Now did you listen to him in Wheeler today?  He spent quite a bit of time talking about how Jews control the media.  That was not talk about Zionism.  That was conspiracy talk about how Jews control things in the US.  His speeches are hold all kinds of hidden gems about his hate of Jews.  Can you imagine how much more graphic he is when he is not in front of a public group, but around people who agree with him?  He probably has to stop from goose stepping.

    • Hypocrite Joyce Washington

      White people support David Duke. They actually listen to his speeches in their (using it’s is grammatically incorrect here) entirety and they don’t view him the way most blacks and jewish Americans do. If we, black people, listen in its (not it’s) entirety and not just snippets, then we would find he’s not racist or anti-semitic. He makes complete sense and is not crazy, and is very sincere. Why don’t you skeptics go to the events held by former grandwizard of the KKK and hear for yourselves. He has many black and jewish supporters as well, which should let everyone know that he is not a racist or antisemite. He typically explains during his speeches that he is not racist but a racial realist, that he doesn’t hate any race, but that he is just trying to preserve the purity of his own race, this is why his critics are indeed critics. Once you do your own research and validate his words, you will understand. I encourage you to go and listen, I think you will be completely (again not completed, how did you get into berkeley??) shocked as I was listening to him on youtube. ALSO, on top of that, you will find that he seems to nicer and much more sane. 

      • Joyce Washington

        Farrakhan’s messages and mission are not rooted in same spirit as David Duke and the KKK.  Study up before you comment on that which you are not familiar with.  Your post makes that quite clear. 

        Make sure what you are watching on youtube is unedited and not snipets.  A better resource is http://www.finalcall.com or http://www.noi.org.  Unedited Louis Farrakhan messages.

        • Joyce is IGNORANT

          “David Duke’s messages and mission are not rooted in the same spirit as Louis Farrakhan’s and his Nation of Islam. Study up before you comment on that which you are not familiar with. Your post makes that QUITE clear.”

          Do you realize that david duke and farrakhan are quite interchangeable within your messages? You know what that means? That you actually dont have a case. 

          You tell me to study up on what I am not familiar with. That is very very concrete and ends any conversation. NOT. Why dont you go into detail? I doubt you have studied Farrakhan AND Duke like I have. In fact, I doubt you have ever done ANY research on DUKE. Why dont YOU do it like I HAVE before posting stereotypical ignorant comments like these that continue to cast you in the uneducated light that you seek so much of? 

          I give you a challenge, since you claim Farrakhan’s messages are actually taken out of context, why dont you write right here EXACTLY how he is not a racist when he mocked the Asian race by talking gibberish during the Berkeley speech he just gave 2 days ago? Let me say first off that many of my friends were there and one even recorded the whole episode for me to hear. 

          Let’s see how you can explain away him mocking the asian language and how THAT was taken out of context. If you can do that, I’d like to then see how you can explain how his other racist, black-shaming quotes were “taken out of context”. Instead of just saying “they were taken out of context”, please do us all a favor and critique each one. 

          Your level of education and devotion to this Farrakhan racist makes me understand why perfect warm-hearted people in the past have supported bigots no one know would even consider talking to. 

    • I_h8_disqus

      I think you need to listen to more of his speeches.  The ones where he didn’t expect to have young white students in the audience.  You can find his speeches online, and it is very easy to find that he holds many racists and anti-Semitic beliefs.  Or maybe you should pick up his books The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews volume one and two.  Volume one does a nice job of saying that Jews initiated slavery in the US and that Jews brought upon themselves all the suffering they have faced.  Joyce, if you want to support a black person, then support Obama.  

      • Joyce Washington

        Your hearts appear to be sealed.  To each is own.  I support Louis Farrakhan!!!  My research finds that there are other white Americans, Europeans, and Jews that do as well. The mainstream media will never show him for who he really is.  Oh, and thanks for taking the time to edit my original post and correct my grammatical errors….  Perhaps if you give farrakhan’s message as much attentiveness as you do to my posts, then you would be pleasing to Him who matters most.  Not saying that you are not, I am not The Judge.

        May your eyes and hearts be opened to the Truth. 

        • Joyce is a Bigot

          YOU SUPPORT THIS RACIST FARRAKHAN? Do you SUPPORT the fact he mocked the asian language by talking about the Chinese picketing and then talking gibberish? 

          Rush Limbaugh also talked gibberish in making fun of the Chinese, do you support what Rush Limbaugh said?

          May YOUR EYES AND HEART be open to the truth that if ANY other person mocked the Chinese language or mocked how African American speak (like so many racists have by speaking in faux ebonics laced in profanities), you would be thinking differently. 

          But seriously give us a response Joyce, do you condemn Rush Limbaugh in the fact that he mocked the Asian Language? Your answer will expose how much of a BIGOT you are. 

      • Joyce Washington

        The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews Volumes I and II are compilations of Jewish Rabbis and Jewish Scholars.  To denounce those books are to denounce the Jewish bibliographies in which these volumes are built upon.

    • Nunya Beeswax

       Sincere-schmincere.  Hitler was sincere too. 

  • Calipenguin

    The ASUC senators are not trying to exhibit leadership skills.  They want to pad their résumés or law school applications.  Here are their names, and I hope in the near future their prospective employers will find their names on this Daily Cal article after a web search and realize what hypocrites and cowards they were in 2012.

    Shahryar Abbasi
    Andrew Albright
    Tiffany Yih Chia
    Brisa Diaz
    Sydney Hai Fang
    Anthony G. Cajial Galace
    Aviv Gilboa
    Elliot Goldstein
    Ju Young Hong
    Noah Ickowitz
    Sheldon Joey Lam
    Connor Landgraf
    Safeena Leila Mecklai
    Sharanjit Sandhu
    Justin Sayarath
    Annie Shin
    Nairi Yvette Shirinian
    Daniel Ternan
    Kevin Williams
    Christine Yun


  • University Of Fail

    When it comes to diversity Bob Birgeneau is a race-baiting poseur, a cynical hack having no real convictions of his own, a man who only seeks to manipulate public opinion.

    Like I said earlier, let’s not pretend the administration actually gives a flying fuck about race, diversity, or free speech.

  • I vote for this

    As I suggested back in October:

    I would pay money to watch a bunch of Asian kids wearing bright yellow hoods and robes light some giant incense sticks on fire on Sproul at night.

    While shouting “Asian Power!” and making the shaka sign with their right arm fully extended.

    If they did it unannounced, this town would sh!t itself for a week.

    It would be the greatest prank on this campus of all time, especially if they were able to keep the cops away for long enough to transition the audience from the initial wtf shock into omg this is the greatest inside joke ever.

    They would not be attacked, because people here are cowards. When have you ever seen anyone around here take any sort of real, interventionary physical action in public when not part of a mob? The cops will be there by then. Plus they will be scared, by the awesomeness of asiankkk.

  • libsrclowns

    Like most liberal whites, Birgie is afraid to denounce anything having to do with blacks. He cowers in his office. This is the quality of leadership we get.

  • the devil

    Oh, none of you remember the racist cupcake sale. Extremes, but it shows that people will say one thing and mean something else. We all took one step forward and two steps back.

    • Stan De San Diego

       That “racist cupcake sale” was actually a parody of racist AA policies. Those that sponsored it were not advocating racism, but showing their opposition to what they viewed as a racist policy. Sorry that you’re not intuitive enough to get it.


    Wow. I strongly dislike that Farrakhan’s speaking here and I think that the BSU et all are proving themselves to be extreme.

    That being said, I wish that people from our side of the field were a little less ignorant than this. Why is it that the crazy republicans are the ones with the op-eds?

    • Guest

      There is nothing crazy about this op-ed

    • I_h8_disqus

      I guess you didn’t see the op-ed a couple days ago by Rabbi Adam Naftalin-Kelman.