Amid controversy, Louis Farrakhan gives speech at UC Berkeley

Louis Farrakhan
Louis Farrakhan

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Religious leader Louis Farrakhan spoke to a full Wheeler Auditorium at the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference Saturday, despite concerns voiced by campus groups regarding anti-Semitic, homophobic and other controversial statements they say he has made in the past.

Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, talked about black empowerment and also discussed the education system in the United States, as well as the nation’s international politics and the histories of different racial groups in his approximately two-hour speech.

“You like to sugarcoat things so you can get along with your former slave masters,” Farrakhan said, commenting on the history of African Americans in the United States and their attitudes regarding their current place in society.

Additionally, Farrakhan likened the United States to a “troublemaker, meddling in the internal affairs of other nations.”

In another part of his speech, Farrakhan addressed those concerned by his appearance, telling his predominantly black audience that some on campus opposed his speech because “they’re so fearful that you’re going to hear a word that will break the chain off your mind.”

Farrakhan also critiqued the educational system, commenting on the disjuncture between applicable knowledge and material taught in schools and universities. After citing accomplishments and notable moments from black history, Farrakhan said such facts are not well known because of bias in United States’ education regarding black history.

“This is what you call an education in white supremacy,” Farrakhan said. “So when you come out, you come out bowing to them.”

UC Berkeley junior Mariah Cochran, a participant in the conference, said she thought the controversy surrounding Farrakhan’s speech was blown out of proportion considering the topics his presentation covered.

“In my opinion, (Farrakhan’s speech) was mainly about black empowerment – focused on black students,” Cochran said.

Still, ASUC Senator Noah Ickowitz, who watched Farrakhan’s speech via webcast, said he felt the talk promoted anti-Semitism and hatred.

“Farrakhan made countless references and spent a significant amount of time, talking about the Jewish people in the most anti-Semitic of terms,”  Ickowitz said. “There was also a reference in the speech mocking Asian languages that I know one student I was passing out fliers with was offended by.”

Farrakhan told audience members that before they interact with Jews, they should read “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” a book that connects Jews to African American enslavement in the Western Hemisphere.

“Why don’t you teach them that the first wonder of this world was not something that Jewish people built when they were enslaved in Egypt. Otherwise they would know how it was done,” he said. “That’s why it’s called the first wonder, because they wonder how it was done.”

While trying to distinguish between the history of blacks in America and other ethnic groups, Farrakhan also crudely mimicked an Asian accent, and proceeded to ask the audience, “Can you imagine Ching Lee Joong with a picket sign?”

In a statement released Saturday, UC President Mark Yudof called Farrakhan a “provocative, divisive figure with a long history of racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic speech.”

“It was distressing in the extreme that a student organization invited him to speak on the UC Berkeley campus,” Yudof said in the statement. “But, as I have said before, we cannot, as a society or as a university community, be provoked by hurtful speech to retreat from the cherished value of free speech.”

Several UCPD officers were present, which UCPD Lt. Alex Yao said was “no different than at any other special event of this scale.”

The conference – which started Friday and will run through Sunday  – features workshops, keynote speakers and social activities with the aim of unifying black students across the UC system, according to the event’s website. Farrakhan’s inclusion as one of six featured speakers led to outcry from numerous campus community members, with a petition opposing Farrakhan’s speech circulating in the week leading up to his appearance.

Ickowitz said representatives of both the black and Jewish student communities – including himself, Black Student Union Chair Salih Muhammad and ASUC External Affairs Vice President Joey Freeman – met with Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard on Tuesday and addressed “the impact that this has had on each of our communities.”

Following Farrakhan’s speech, about seven students passed out copies of the petition — which gathered over 350 signatures — outside of Wheeler Hall to demonstrate their opposition to Farrakhan’s speech, Ickowitz said.

The petition – begun by Ickowitz, Student Action Senator Aviv Gilboa and other Jewish student leaders – opposes Farrakhan’s speech and character, not the Black Student Union’s right to bring him to campus.

“He has every right to come, all I’m doing is shedding light on the negative impact he has had on the community,” Ickowitz said. “We wanted to do so respectfully, so we had no signs and a large number of people who were exiting the conference were very receptive and very understanding.”

A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Farrakhan said “they’re so fearful that you’re going to hear a word that will break the chain off your mouth.” In fact, he said, “they’re so fearful that you’re going to hear a word that will break the chain off your mind.”

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  • IndependentMind

    The white liberal is a joke,it’s ok for black folk to be racist,invite a man that promoted murdering white people,then attack a group of people pointing out affrimative action is promoting racism with a bake sell,lol.From a bi-racial black/white man I have to tell you most of my black family members think white liberals are idiots.Let the white guilt go my caucazoid brothers,racist black folk are just using it to get over.

  • martial

    The religion of Minister Farakhan is ignorance.  Society requires physical laborers, janitors, kitchen help, gardeners, trash men, and all other manner of workers, who do not need a college education or even a full high school education.  The problem is that these JOBS, for they are JOBS, are often seen as labor beneath one’s dignity.  That’s horrendous. I have dug ditches, worked in kitchens, served as a janitor, and so on and so forth. Were that to have been my fate, I would have had the dignity of a JOB, of supporting myself to some degree.  Yes, I would have had to live in a studio apartment, but I would be living & eating, not becoming a bum or a criminal.  We should definitely assess our high school students at the ninth grade, or even earlier to see if they would be best suited to the kind of jobs I did at first. There is no dishonor in honest labor.  Were the supporters of Minister Farakhan & the White supporters of Representative Duke properly advised on the choice of a job, we would be a much happier society.  The jobs that illegal immigrants now do would be done by these persons, who would then be contributing to our Medicare, our Social Security, & our economy.  As it stands, with the philosophy of Minister Farakhan & Representative Duke, ancestry eo ipso grants privileges without work; both stand squarely against representative government as it now exists in the United States, the finest government in history (provided we get health insurance for all).  Having spoken to others from around the world, we are their envy, for we are the least corrupt on the planet. With those words, I shall leave you all. Remember, anytime that Minister Farakhan requests the right to speak, he also requests the right to speak against him, as has been done here without refutation. Let’s do this for his next speech.

  • Mustapha

    YWp10 makes a good point, as long as Jews are permitted to serve in positions of power and influence in the U.S.,  looking out solely for their own interests,  there will never be any improvement.   

    • martial

      Why would you say that? What will not be improved?

    • martial

      Of course, the lack of Jews in actual positions of power is insufficient. The mere presence of Jews is the problem to people like you, the solution to which is usually expulsion or murder.  Why not think of something a bit more constructive. Currently, ILLEGAL ALIENS do such things as farm  labor, janitorial duties, etc. Would it not be much better for our society to have persons like MonaLisa15 do that work from age 14?  Then she would be earning a living & earning social security credits, as well as helping to make medicare more affordable.  Instead, the employer rips off society by not paying the social security tax he or she must pay.  What do you think?

    • Guess

      The more people in support/followers of Farrakhan comment in here the more I realize how ignorant they are and how much hate/racism they cary in themselves. Just stop commenting because its only making the rest of the world realize how brainwash followers of NOI are. Before this event I had very knowledge of NOI but know listing to Farrakhan speeches and reading the comments of those defending him, I have come to realize that NOI is no different that white supremacy groups and should receive the same treatment the other racist groups get. 

  • guest

    Please read the following op-ed on Farrakhan which suppports his right to come, the BSU’s right to bring him,  but the right to stand against his ideology:

    • martial

      That’s exactly right.  As long as no bar is placed against identifying Minister Farakhan’s religion as stupid, people should feel happy to invite him to speak.  No one has answered my indictments of his religion, which, being founded upon stupidity, can but beget stupidity, at least for the first century.  To claim this man speaks “truth” is to exhibit below average intelligence; why such should waste productive years at institutions of higher learning is a good question.  Were these persons identified at seventh grade, they could be prepared  in one year for careers as factory laborers, farm laborers, kitchen help, gardeners,  janitors, trash personnel, security guards, coin collection staff at highway facilities, golf course attendants, & the like. The benefits to society & to them would be large were these persons, who cannot benefit from education beyond a minimal level, to begin honest labor at age 14.      

  • ywp10

    One should remember Yodof and his wife July belong to the ultra conservative national Jewish organization.  She was international president of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, representing 760 synagogues(  Since he became UC President, there has been increasing retaliation and campus disciplinary actions against any perceived anti-sematic speeches and protests.  

    • martial

      “Ultra-conservative” is generally taken to mean “Orthodox”.  Given that Ms. Yudof was past president of  the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, she is not an Orthodox Jew. There exists no retaliation for this repulsive Minister’s speaking here, so you are wrong. 

  • Grnlight71

    Here’s a tip. Go and actually WATCH the video for yourselves… THEN you come back and give comments and constructive thoughts and criticisms. got it?

    • martial

      How about answering the criticisms put against his stupid religion?  No one else has.

  • MrPerfect

    Another leader telling us who we should hate.  And the cycle continues. 

    • martial

      It’s the result of one of the least rational religions ever to plague the planet.  The fools cannot be expected to think properly until they abandon this monstrous idiocy.

  • student

    Farrakhan’s book about Blacks and Jews is nonsense. Any objective historian will tell you it’s totally inaccurate. Of course, Farrakhan would probably just reply that those historians are biased and “don’t want you to know the truth.” There’s no reasoning with demagogues like him. I’m devastated that so many people applauded his book and are going to think it’s true when they read it. It’s nothing but lies, a modern-day Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    • student

      …And I’m disappointed that this article didn’t point out that the book has been widely discredited. Henry Louis Gates Jr., head of the Department of African-American Studies at Harvard, thinks it’s nonsense. The American Historical Association condemned it. Of course, Farrakhan would probably accuse them of being in the pockets of Jews…

      Come on, Daily Cal. It’s significant that this book is crap. Don’t treat it like valid scholarship.

      • It’s becoming clear that the hard left is no longer interested in even maintaining the thin veneer of “scholarship”. The administration and ASUCK have been co-opted and are merely pawns for the haters and militants.

        • Plantsmantx

          “Hard left”? The interesting thing is that most of what he said in the short clip I watched sounded like classic black…conservatism:).

      • martial

        That’s what is occurring here.  Most of all, this nonsensical religion can & should be put to rest. Note that the two simple challenges: 1) to prove the divinity of Elijah Mohammed, 2) to prove Minister Farakhan was speaking correctly about the earth’s rotation about its axis.  These simple tasks have not yet been completed.  

    • Guest

       Minister Farrakhan in June 2010 challenged anyone to refute any part of Volume Two of  ‘The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews’.  To date no one has.
      The opening page of Volume Two states ‘The information contained in this volume has been compiled primarily from Jewish sources. Every effort has been made to present evidence from the most respected of the Jewish authorities, whose works appear in established historical journals or are published by authoritative Jewish publishing houses.  A substantial body of evidence that supports the findings herein was excluded by the editors and deemed to be from sources that may be considered anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish.  Every effort has been made to be fair and balanced in the presentation of this body of data.”

      “Drawing almost entirely from Jewish documents, the first volume of this
      series (1991) revealed the Jewish role in the trans-Atlantic slave
      trade. Jews came to the Americas and became slave traders, auctioneers,
      plantation owners, and slave shippers. They became important merchants
      and financiers in the American South and helped to grease the wheels of
      the plantation economy, making slavery more profitable than ever.
      Volume Two of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (2010) reveals
      that as merchants and businessmen, Jews gained much in a repressive Jim
      Crow society. In fact, this new book answers the provocative question,
      If Blacks did not receive the 40 acres and a mule, then who did?
      Jews openly spoke of the benefits of scapegoating Blacks in the South,
      and Jewish politicians helped create and enforce the Jim Crow laws that
      kept Blacks from developing an economic foundation. Jews even altered
      the practice of their religion to accommodate the racist Southern
      traditions. Jewish merchants in the post-Civil War South were leaders in
      the financial exploitation of the newly freed slaves, targeting the
      Black cotton sharecroppers and growing extremely wealthy in the process.
      Many notable Jewish families and institutions, including the Lehman
      Brothers, Neiman Marcus, and even the infamous Rothschild family of
      international bankers, can trace their wealth to the cotton fields of
      the American South. Under Jewish leadership, AFL unions became the
      instrument of white working-class racism and began systematically
      forcing Black workers out of a variety of occupations they once
      dominated. Many Jewish labor officials fought for government policies
      that sought the total removal of Asians from American soil.
      Shockingly, Jews were found collaborating with and even financing such
      racial terrorists as the Ku Klux Klan. Jews became Klan members and some
      even supplied the Klan with guns, sheets, and hoods. When lynchings and
      massacres occurred in America, Jewish leaders often praised these
      outrages, and some in the Jewish press cheered them on. Volume 2
      contains thousands of quotations and footnotes, cites Jewish scholars,
      rabbis, court records, shipping records, slave bill of sales, auction notices, and Jewish newspapers, and includes maps, diagrams, charts,
      photographs, an index, and a bibliography.”

      • martial

        That ball of mule dung has been repeatedly refuted. Here’s a nice set of essays doing exactly what you request.
        The reason you cannot see that is likely because you are blinded by the stupidity of the religion his High Holiness, the Right Honorable Minister & Plenipotentiary of God, Minister Farakahn purports to believe. Anyone who can believe such mouse droppings will belive anything else.  How can you believe Elijah Mohammed anything but a simple man, no different than myself ?  Yes, I am White & he was Black, but both he & I exist within the dominion called humanity. Neither of us ever heard God speak.  To hold that human being to be divine is stupidity. 

      • Guest

         The book, one of the most sophisticated instances of hate
        literature yet compiled, was prepared by the historical research department of
        the Nation of Islam. It charges that the Jews were “key operatives” in the
        historic crime of slavery, playing an “inordinate” and
        ‘disproportionate” role and “carv[ing] out for themselves a monumental
        culpability in slavery — and the black holocaust.” Among significant sectors
        of the black community, this brief has become a credo of a new philosophy of
        black self-affirmation.
        To be sure, the book massively mis-represents
        the historical record, largely through a process of cunningly selective
        quotation of often reputable sources. But its authors could be confident that
        few of Its readers would go to the trouble of actually hunting down the works
        cited. For if readers actually did so, they might discover a rather different

        They might find out — from the book’s own
        vaunted authorities — that, for example, of all the African slaves imported
        into the New World, American Jewish merchants accounted for less than 2 percent,
        a finding sharply at odds with the Nation of Islam’s claim of Jewish
        “predominance” in this traffic.

  • Bogs Bien

    why is this man’s racist remarks more tolerable than others? Where is the outcry from liberals? This confirms that objective liberals have been neutered by the taliban wing liberals.

  • So Louis Farakhan,  hate monger and racist,  is allowed on the Berkeley campus. Then I guess  if this is free speech come on with the Black Panthers and the K.K.K. right?  Well I guess maybe the Black Panthers but I can tell you they would never let the K.K.K. on their campus much less give a speech.  But still they can learn that certain types of racism are perfectly acceptable.  Power corrupts and I suppose fair is fair.  It’s time for minorities to get the power and lord it over others.  Farakhan makes his living over inciting racism and social inequality.  I love to see where he lives and how much he is worth.  I think his mission is power and money and he is no better than the people on the far right.  I thought this guy was a Reverend but so is Reverand Wright who also teaches Black Liberation Theology which also espouses hate and division.

  • Calipenguin

    Why do Blacks have a license to offend others in the name of self empowerment?  What is the point of diversity if Blacks who benefit from it feel entitled to use racist caricatures of Asians to reassure themselves that they even belong in the same academic institutions as the target of their ridicule?  The Black students who packed Wheeler Auditorium and laughed along with Farrakhan’s imitation of “Ching Lee Joong” are proof that diversity, far from reversing racism, merely produces college-educated racists.

    • Truthbtold

      What Blacks are you referring to ? 

    • martial

      Everyone has the right to offend everyone else for any reason by the words from their mouth.  The key is that they in turn can be shown to be fools. 

  • Maria Blanco

    I can’t wait for the aliens to come and say to the human race bend down and worship your masters. We are that which you have been waiting for. Then the human race will know what the meaning of superior race really means. LOL

  • Chest Rockwell

     snap shot of farrakahn at berkeley in his true satanic image:

  • amplitude jones

    how many murders there this weekend? Did louis bring a big following?

  • monalisa15

    I don’t give a damn what people say. What the minister says is the truth. Why do jewish people get so offended. All you can do is accuse him of being anti-semetic but you can never point to anything he says is false. He gives documented facts.   What he says about Israel and the middle east is the truth. Americans need to stop lying to themselves.

    • martial

      At about minute 6:00 in this video, the Right Honorable Reverend Minister
      Farakhan provisions, on the authority of the Left Honorable Reverend Minister Elijah
      Mohammed, various facts about our planet. 
      Right Honorable Reverend Minister Farakhan then says “you see the earth
      but you don’t see the power that moves it.”

      Planets form as a result of gravitational collapse of
      accreting material. Any net translational motion of that initial material is
      accelerated as its radius of rotation decreases. This is due to conservation of
      angular momentum. by which skaters spin more rapidly as their arms approach
      their bodies. Having established an initial spin, the Earth can continue to spin
      indefinitely without any further prodding, provided other interfering factors do not exist, such as significant frictional force or disastrous impact with a huge celestial object. Prove the previous four sentences false, that all may see the 
      Right Honorable Reverend Minister Farakhan  spoke the truth.  It would appear the
      Right Honorable Reverend Minister Farakhan  uttered falsehood.

    • martial

      Still waiting on a reply from you.  Minister Farakhan preaches falsehood. He likely cannot understand what he says, so it is impossible to say if he lies or simply spouts falsehood concocted from ignorance.  Surely you can see that. His religion is ignorance.  Nothing emanating from his mouth can be said to be true unless someone else said it,

      • monalisa15

        You are an example of the failed education system in America.  You incorrectly  interpreted what the minister said.  I can see  you don’t have the mind to grasp the knowledge and wisdom of his teachings. I don’t have all day to school you white man.  Read and enlighten yourself.

        • martial

          This is a matter not of schooling, but of argument. I assert Mr. Farakhan did say there exists a force propelling the earth to to rotate about its axis; from this he went on to say there were by analogy forces behind political agents.  Prove by Minister Farakhan’s words that he did not mean that he actually meant to say there exists no force propelling the earth to rotate about its axis, that the rotation results from the conservation of angular motion.  Then determine if one might also state that, for that reason, one can often see politicians acting in ways they do without external cause. 

          Absent such proof you lose the argument.  The religion of  Minister Farakhan is arrant nonsense.  

        • reztips

          monalisa, do you have so much as a GED? If you are at Cal, you clearly are an affirmative action admission majoring in ethnic studies…

    • reztips

      Monalisa, you are an ignorant Neanderthal. I hope that you are not one of those affirmative action admissions fools stealing a seat from a student with more brains as you are clearly unqualified to attend Cal. ‘Course, if you are an ethnic studies major that would explain everything…

      • monalisa15

        People like you are the reason why I love the minister. He has enlightened me and taught me how to deal with white supremacist such as yourself.  Crackers like you always try to taunt minorities with the affirmative action cracks. But the truth is as time goes on, many us are finding that whites are really the ones who are unqualified for the  jobs and are not fit  to lead any organization.  Most white conservatives are uneducated, insecure, buffoons who know deep down inside they are inferior to people of color. Whites only are in their positions because of their white skin. But God it taking care of all that. The white population is dying all over the world.  I don’t even waste my time on you people. 

        • reztips

          That’s because, Monalisa,  your capacity for rationale thought is clearly limited. In fact, there is utterly no evidence of it…

  • His stuff about the Jews is just his rhetoric.  I wonder if the Black Student Union has read Manning Marable’s recent biography of Malcolm X, which makes clear using historical documents and evidence that Farrakhan encouraged the assassination of Malcolm X, saying that someone who has gone against Elijah Muhammad deserves to die.  He was actually complicit in Malcolm X’s death; while he has spoken eloquently and ministered to many black people, he fell on the wrong side of history with Malcolm, ultimately making himself ineligible as a figure for contemporary black empowerment.

    • Apparently you didn’t hear him talk about the jewish man who also said that ” he fell on the wrong side of history”. Who’s HIS STORY?

      • martial

        Consider this two hour address. After two minutes, Minister Farakhan says Almighty God “interfered in our affairs” when Master Fard Mohammed “raised
        from among us a divine leader, teacher, and guide in person of the most honorable
        Minister Elijah Mohammed”.  Please
        prove Mr. Elijah Mohammed divine. 

      • martial

        Your name says “The TRUTH.”  Simply prove Minister Elijah Mohammed was divine. Generally, this requires demonstration of miracles. The Roman emperor Decius provisioned tickets to demonstrate animal sacrifice & burning of incense to idols,  requiring Christians produce certificates showing renunciation of the faith. The head of St. Denys, Bishop of Paris, was lopped ~ 250 AD for non-compliance. The Bishop picked up his head & walked six miles, preaching a sermon along the way. Is there any reason to think Minister Elijah Mohammed even picked up a hand that had been chopped off, walked even one mile while it delivered a sermon in sign languange, & then reattached the thing?

      • martial

        Still waiting.

      • martial

        Still waiting.

    • reztips

      “JUST his rhetoric?” If you have read the on-line comments by the Neanderthal NOI members about Jews, you would know that this simpleton’s rhetoric has produced some pretty nasty anti-Semites.

      Yes, Fart-His-Can was at least complicit in the murder of Malcom X, but try to get any of his NOI drones to admit it…

  • bgal4

    Tolerate free speech except if it is a republican bake sale about the failures of affirmative action.

    from a Liberal against quotas.

    • Eduardo Lopez

      what the hell are you talking about, they had their bake sale? why are you bitching about it. 

      •  Yes, they had their bake sale – and the goody-goody liberals went apesh!t, demanding their free speech rights be denied and participants punished. Yet here comes someone far more hateful, far more divisive, and likely complicit in someone’s murder, and what do we get but preachy platitudes about being “tolerant” and “open-minded” to “diverse points of view”? The hypocrisy is quite apparent to those who have been paying the least bit of attention. Where the hell have you been?

      • Brian


    • guest

      please read this op-ed acknowledging the right to bring Farrakhan, but also acknowledging the right to protest his ideology and show the impact he has made on campuses:

  • reztips

    On Channel 5 News last night, UC Executive Director of Finance and Administration Loraine Binion was interviewed after the Fart-His-Can Speech. She actually said that students should take the “good” of what he said and ignore the rest. So in essence, she’s opining that students should ignore Fart-His-Can’s anti-Semitic and anti-Asian comments. 

    How the hell did this simpering bitch who justifies bigotry get to her high position in one of the world’s top schools of education? Well, I guess this is a bit of a rhetorical question as she doubtless garnered her position via an affirmative action appointment. Someone of Binion’s mindset has no business being a high administrator at UC Berkeley. Her willingness to tolerate bigotry extended toward those who aren’t African American underscores that she cannot do justice in her administrative position to most students at Cal. She should be fired post haste.

    Do you think an administrator who voiced such an opinion of a speaker who expressed such hatred toward blacks would keep her job at Cal? Does the sun rise in the East?

    • Are you afraid of the truth?

      • martial

        No. I’m waiting for The TRUTH to prove that the Honorable Minister Farakhan’s statements are valid.  Thus far, there is no more reason to believe that the Honorable Minister Elijah Mohammed is divine than there is to think Vice President Biden traveled to Saturn.  Here’s another miracle for you: 
        St Gerard, intending to spend some days at Oliveto, received hospitality at the house of an archpriest named Don Salvadore. The miracle took place on the very morning of his arrival at Oliveto. Gerard had withdrawn to his room to pray. At the dinner hour, the archpriest went himself to invite him to dinner. But to his astonishment he found the brother ravished in ecstasy and raised about three feet from the ground. Filled with amazement, he withdrew, but returning shortly after, he found him in the same state. The whole household, all witnesses to the extraordinary event, unable to sit down to dinner, awaited the guest with tears of emotion. At last he appeared, his face all inflamed. “Please do not wait for me,” he said to the archpriest. “I do not wish to inconvenience you.” To preserve the memory of this rapture, the archpriest marked on the wall of the room the height to which he had seen the Saint elevated.

        Is there any proof the Honorable Elijah Mohammed levitated even 15 inches off the earth for even one half hour?  Come, come now.

        • libsrclowns

          Look, all Calypso Louie is doing is pimping his Plantation flock just like Obama does with his Lib sheeple.

          • martial

            Ah but this is actually much more fun. His supporters cannot prove what the Right Honorable Reverend Farrakhan, his Excellency, the Plenipotentiary of Almighty God, asserts.  He pronounces as truth assertions without evidence.  One may as well claim pink elephants live in Lake Michigan. Besides, they might well prove in part the Right Honorable Reverend  Elijah Mohammed’s divinity.  For one thing, all my words might suddenly disappear into thin air.  Imagine that! And for what?  Why for insulting their religion! Some freedom of speech that would demonstrate, n’est-ce pas?

          • [Ah but this is actually much more fun. His supporters cannot prove what the Right Honorable Reverend Farrakhan, his Excellency, the Plenipotentiary of Almighty God, asserts.]

            True, but it is a classic example of how personality cults are populated with the dumbest of the dumb.

      • Brian

        Um, no.

    • Guest

      Good catch.  I saw that last night and was deeply disturbed to hear such an official embrace hate speech, effectively telling everyone to ignore the racism. 

      It’s deeply troubling that such individuals work at Cal.

      • libsrclowns

        This is the result of majoring in Ed with an ethnic studies minor. It’s like septic tanks, the big chunks float to the top.


    • Nunya Beeswax

       I agree with you that Farrakhan is a clown, and that his recently-acquired veneer of respectability doesn’t quite cloak the nastiness of his bigoted rhetoric.  That said, though, I wish you’d lay off the Mad-Magazine parody names.  Calling him “Fart-His-Can” doesn’t help your arguments–it just gives your opponents a reason to dismiss you as childish and inane.

  • 74commando

    Anyone have the link to the webcast? I’d like to see it.

  • Jerry234

    black racism is on rise, and as East Oakland resident for many yers I can say that it’s dangerous to be white in compact black communities today I advise you to hear what black leaders,
    speak at meetings with local black people,come and hear city commissioner Brooks for example.
    why,because local blacks want to hear that.FARRAHAN exists because millions his supporters  need him,come to his meeting and if 700 black students make stand ovation to this bigots(700    this is the limit of hall,really there are much more militant anti-semites among Cal black students) it say
    black Nazi have  a huge influence in UC system at least

    • Stan De San Diego

       Militant black “leaders” such as Farrakhan, Sharpton, and Maxine “The Mouth” Waters push their racist and bigoted (anti-white/Jew/Asian) agenda as a diversion from their own abject failure to do anything to materially improve the situation of people in the African-American community. Their savior Obama has failed to bring along the “hope and change” they invested with him, and in fact by all economic indicators (unemployment, food stamp usage) blacks are suffering through the worst economy since the Great Depression. Just like in Germany in the 1920’s, the leadership is looking for scapegoats…

      • martial

        The first part of the 20th C saw scientific racism peak as an interest in Europe & the Western Hemisphere.  Jews, not WWI, were said to have caused the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.  After WWI, the Allies invaded the USSR, but failed to eliminate the Bolsheviks. Mass murders of Jews in the Ukraine were denied, overlooked, or even celebrated;  Adolf Hitler in 1921 said to Joseph Hell that Jews were the best target to enable his vastly improving society by a revolution. Communists & fascists, the two competing entities in Germany, said representative government did not further the best interests of the country.  The US today does not bear much resemblance to Germany after WWI.   

    • martial

      All that needs to be done is to go through the Honorable Minister Farakhan”s addresses & these people tend to disappear.  The TRUTH cannot even show that the Honorable Minister Elijah Mohammed was divine. Should be quite simple. Even gave him an example.  I’ll bet you anything The TRUTH lacks even evidence that the Honorable Minister Elijah Mohammed  lopped his male member off, showed the Qur’an or bible to it, had it stand up for itself, & then reattached it. No way. No how.

  • All praise due to Allah for raising up Farrakhan. ALLAH U AKBAR – GOD IS GREAT

    • reztips

      The above comment by someone who misnames himself TheTRUTH reflects the recognition that those who adopt Islam are not the sharpest nails in the shed…

      • libsrclowns

        That explains all that head banging 5x per day.

        Akbar MoFo

    • martial

      Do you believe the Farrakhan speaks for God? If so, the Almighty is incredibly long-winded.  This man can speak for four hours.  Try to do that sometime. Just try it.

      • What ever man can do God can do it infinitely better. The Almighty is the creator of wind.

        • reztips

          You mean when Fart-His-Can speaks he breaks wind…

        • martial

          The real miracle then is how the audience withstood the wind for four hours.  It’s a wonder no one shot him after 180 minutes of discursive nonsense. 

  • [While trying to distinguish between the history of blacks in America and other ethnic groups, Farrakhan also crudely mimicked an Asian accent, and proceeded to ask the audience, “Can you imagine Ching Lee Joong with a picket sign?”]

    Ching Lee Joong is probably too busy with his EECS courses to notice the losers picketing on the other end of campus…

    • Plantsmantx

      Ching Lee Joong is probably too busy with his EECS courses to notice the losers picketing on the other end of campus..

      That’s pretty much paraphrasing what Farrakhan said, isn’t it?:)

  • reztips

    The reporter of this piece is a moron. She said noted that there were  “concerns voiced by campus groups regarding anti-Semitic, homophobic and other controversial statements they say he has made in the past.” 

    “SAY” Fart-His-Can has made in the past? This simpering pathetic pretend “journalist” was too lazy to have taken five minutes consulting Goggle to find Fart-His-Can’s overtly anti-Semitic, homophobic comments? There are a plethora of them and easy as pie to find.

    If the Daily Cal had even the lowest of journalistic standards, it would have told the incompetent Ms. Najmabadi to find a hobby other than misleading readers about this Afro American bigot.

    At least she did acknowledge his disgusting insult to Asians. Imagine if a speaker should belittle blacks for speaking like illiterates with a vernacular peppered with the idiocies of ebonics? 

    What a bunch of fucking ignorant losers the leaders of BSU are. Although most are afraid to say it, most of us know it…

    • wow, you reveal your own racism in your rant. She does point out his anti-Jewish statements, through the book he recommended, and through the 1st wonder of the world comment.  However, your insulting language brings you at least down to the level of Farrakhan.  This piece was far better than other accounts in the mainstream press– it clearly just bothers you that they didn’t totally trash Farrakhan. My personal antipathy towards him stems from his complicity in the killing of Malcolm X.  No one cares what he says about the Jews. Let’s be honest.  Jewish people are a major hub of wealth and political power in the U.S. and are not threatened by Louis Farrakhan.  However, your “idiocies of ebonics” comment shows your own shallow thinking about race. This is not a zero sum game.

      • student

        So because Jews, as an aggregate, are rather well-off, it’s OK to preach hatred of them?

      • reztips

        Jake, you miss my point. Farrakhan used “gibbrish” to denigrate his offensive stereotype of Asian protestors. I was saying that his audience won’t like it if blacks were similarly castigated for using simplistic and bad English ebonics, which no one reasonable would deny that they often do, even on campus.

        As for  “no one cares what he says about the Jews,” well I and many others do, including President Yudof. It demonstrates your own bigotry to say this, you ignorant asswipe…

  • TROY

    The gratuitous Asian slur was unexpected… but I guess Farrakhan just couldnt resist.

    • Guest1

      It’s OK to mock Asians if you’re black, in fact it’s OK to make racist rants of Whites, Gays, and whatever because if others don’t like it, they’re the ones who are racist.

      Judging from the huge ovation given to his speech, which was filled with racist attacks on Asians, whites and Jews, it’s frightening to know that the Black Student Union embraces this hatred.  What’s even more frightening is that this will be fully defended by those on campus such as Birgeneau and most of the ASUC senate.

      • student

        Does anyone have a transcript of what he said about Asians and Jews? (I wasn’t there)

      • Nowaynohow

         It’s not okay to mock Asians or any other group.  As an African American I refused to attend the event.  Yet it is a wonder why I don’t participate in their events.

        • I_h8_disqus

          It isn’t a wonder.  You have been blessed with a mind and heart to not respond to the hate of others with hate.  The only way blacks around the world will ever become empowered is by hard work and effort.  You don’t become empowered by hating and belittling others or by letting the hate of others slow you down.  Focus on your classes, friends, and family.  Love is the only thing that really matters, and it is the only thing that will give you worth while purpose.

        • reztips

          My hat is off to you, Nowaynohow. I have no doubt there are numerous other African Americans with integrity who feel as you do. It’s good that you have the courage to express yourself…

        • HaleBruin

              You are a quiet hero.  The entire UCB faculty/staff/students should be proud of you.  But I’m sure they won’t. 

  • [“This is what you call an education in white supremacy,” Farrakhan said. “So when you come out, you come out bowing to them.”]

    Another manipulative dirtbag. Not that we expected better.

    • Guest

       And the basis for your argument is…? I’m not saying I’m siding with Farrakhan, but you can’t just dismiss someone’s argument summarily…that’s ig’nant!

      •  My basis is he’s a demagogue and a bigot, and has indoctrinated his flock with complete nonsensical bullcrap, designed to keep them paranoid and dependent. What more do you need?

        • libsrclowns

          Calypso Louie continues to mau mau his plantation sheeple just like the likes of Jackson, Sharpton and Obama’s mentor GDA Wright.

          Until blacks publicly speak out against this racist, homophobic, anti Semitic con, they will continued to be pimped.

          Wise up blacks.

          • Look, you just feel guilty, and it is apparent in your uneducated and unproven claim that he is racist, biggot, homophobic, etc. but where is the proof? Jesus was the first to cal (white) jews of being ‘devils” not the NOI or Min. Farrakhan (john 8:44). You can defend your own sense of “guilty” by using the straw man argument to prove your point, but what you have not mentioned is not PROOOF. Call him everything you want, but YOU CAN’T CALL HIM A LIER…if so then provide evidence of it…TRUTH HURTS


          • I_h8_disqus

            Where is the proof?  How about just using your own words where you add “white” to your description of the Jews referred to in John 8:44.  There is nothing in John that says Jesus is talking to whites.  The New Testament has Jesus and his apostles traveling all over the place.  So they were blind to race.  If you are a student, then it shouldn’t be hard for you to find that the Nation is all about racism.

          • reztips

            fjeentrieses, you are a blithering idiot. Jesus was himself a Jew, something neither you nor any of your bros realize because you are so steeped in the ignorance of your ethnic studies majors. That Jesus would call Jews “devils” is a figment of the ignorant NOI imagination. You “ignorant” is surely a synonym for Nation of Islam…