This Week in Sound: Relationships and Gypsys


British pop-rock group The Ting Tings will release Sounds from Nowheresville — their 2nd studio album — this week. Their first album in four years, it’ll be interesting to see if the group can overcome the sophomore slump.


Weezer guitarist Brian Bell, along with Nate Shaw from The Hunns, will be playing a free concert as the prog-country rock duo The Relationship at Amoeba Music in San Francisco this Thursday, previewing their show that same night at Café Du Nord. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a slightly more melodic or acoustic Weezer, The Relationship should be right up your alley.


Berkeley’s KALX will be hosting an electronica concert this Tuesday at the Rickshaw Stop. Memoryhouse, Sister Crayon and Oakland’s James & Evander will all be there to showcase three different takes on the digital genre.

Local Limelight:

Beau Hause Photography/Courtesy

Ever heard of gypsy-rock? It’s not exactly what you’d call a well-known genre (unless you’re familiar with Gogol Bordello). However, it can be one of the most entertaining, energetic and danceable styles of music to listen to, and is perfect for an outdoor venue. Where could you find a band like this, you ask? Diego’s Umbrella is once such band hailing from San Francisco. Check out their track “Richardson” below:

What do you think? Can you feel yourself grooving to gypsy-rock?