Filling the assists’ column

Sex on Tuesday

Um, I don’t think I’m going to get there, but that’s OK.”

“Are you sure? I really want you to…”

“Yeah, but that’s totally fine. Just get back up here.”

I knew he was disappointed that he didn’t get to see me reach sexual nirvana — I love how my pleasure is a priority to him. But luckily, I had another trick up my sleeve. He would not be left without the pleasure of knowing that I had reached that destination during our evening homework break.

While this gorgeous guy I was getting down and dirty with had always been very talented in the bedroom and knew how to put the “Oh!” in oral, for whatever reason I wasn’t in a cooperative mood and just wanted to do it myself this time. After all, no one can do it better for you than yourself.

So, after he begrudgingly put an end to his tongue acrobatics and crawled back up to kiss me, we proceeded with the toe-curling, backarching sex we always had. But this time, there was a little extra in there for me — an orgasm I gave myself.

In case you’re still unsure: At some point, my hand made its way down to my hot button, and voilà!

Obviously, I could have let him continue the beautiful work he was doing down there, and eventually it would have paid off. The kid had a pretty high success rate in that department and knew how to suck and lick me to the finish line.

However, despite his great sexual talents, he is not a girl, and not in my body (well, at least not in a way that would allow him to know how his tongue, fingers or dick feel). I am unquestionably the record holder in quality and speed. After all, it is my clit.

Surprisingly, he didn’t mind it at all. Actually, he later confessed that he enjoyed it a lot, and I’m guessing it’s probably because I gave him the oh-so-very-important task of making sure that the rest of my body was well-stimulated while I took care of myself.

And so was born my sexual satisfaction insurance.

This was really a game-changing discovery. I had long been acquainted with the convenience and benefits of self-service when in need and with no available fuck buddy around, but this was different. I could now combine the virtually guaranteed orgasm of the self-service with the extra perks of screwing my boyfriend! G. E. N. I. U. S.

But don’t get me wrong — I still love being serviced by someone else, and he definitely knew enough to make it happen most of the time.

However, let’s not forget that orgasms are mental. Yes, physical stimulus is technically required, but it really happens in your brain. The physical part is just there to get your brain to orgasm. Therefore, it does require some cooperation and focus on the part of the lucky person. And sometimes, his Midas touch is a little off. So that’s where I come in.

So, ladies, I am strongly suggesting you try this little trick, especially if you are part of the group of women that do not often (or ever) orgasm vaginally — or if you just don’t think he’s going to get you there. And don’t feel bad, because it’s not cheating — it’s just utilizing the best resources available to you at the moment.

No, he most likely will not mind it, as long as you do peak while hooking up with him. In fact, it can be a bonus for him: He gets to pretty much watch you and have sex with you at the same time! It combines that good ol’ male fantasy of watching you play with yourself with actually getting to have sex with you.

It’s really a win-win for him — and obviously for you too.

So if I’ve convinced you to try it, here are my personal tips (not that I think you can’t manage it on your own, but just in case you are a little unsure about this or would just like to hear them):

First, I like to throw this in somewhere in the middle of the bedrocking activity. Why? Because if you do it too early, you may be lacking a bit of lubrication, or you may be “over it” once you do get your prize. If you do it too late, you may throw him off of his momentum towards the finish line, which is probably not going to make him very happy.

Next, make sure to involve him or at least make him feel involved. Ignoring him altogether while you play with yourself would just be rude — and kind of weird if you’re not into putting on a show for him while he sits and watches. Furthermore, having him help out can only make it feel even better for you, turning this into a full body experience. So ask him to kiss you all over, or in a particular area, or whatever else you would like to have during this little journey. And my last little tip is to not be shy about doing what you need to do. You deserve your O too, so feel free to take matters in your own hands if necessary.