Woman found dead in UC Berkeley faculty club

A woman was found dead in a UC Berkeley faculty club on Sunday morning.
Marcus Gedai/Staff
A woman was found dead in a UC Berkeley faculty club on Sunday morning.

A woman was found dead Sunday morning in the UC Berkeley Women’s Faculty Club, according to police.

Cecilia Rasmussen, who was a visitor at the faculty club and not affiliated with UC Berkeley, was discovered by UCPD officers in a room on the third floor of the faculty club just after 9 a.m. Sunday.

Rasmussen was approximately 26 years old, according to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Coroner’s Bureau.

UCPD spokesperson Lt. Eric Tejada said there were no signs of foul play and no signs of forced entry into the room. The cause of death is still being investigated, according to the coroner’s bureau.

Soumya Karlamangla is the city news editor.

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  • Sounds like a job for Hercule Poirot

  • ABC

    ’twas the butler with the candlestick.

  • joe

    Anyone can book a room.

  • Guest

    Find peace in your eternal sleep, friend.  We will all see you soon … 

  • ChairmanMeow

    everyone be dying this year

  • guest

    Don’t you need to be affiliated in some way with the university in order to stay at the faculty club?

    • Guest

      is being friends with a professor really affiliated with the university though?

    • Guest

      one must be affiliated with the university to book the room, but he/she can book a room on behalf of another (non-affiliated) guest