UC Berkeley administration’s Occupy Cal emails released

Police attempt to break through a line of students on Nov. 9 during the Occupy Cal protests.
Tony Zhou/Staff
Police attempt to break through a line of students on Nov. 9 during the Occupy Cal protests.

The Daily Californian has obtained almost 140 emails sent between UC Berkeley administrators detailing how they reacted to the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal protest.

The emails, received by the Daily Cal from the campus’ Public Records Office at noon Wednesday, paint in broad strokes how campus officials responded to the Nov. 9 protest. While nitty gritty discussions of the handling of the protest were not played out over email — the campus crisis management team held conferences calls at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Nov. 9, according to the emails — the development of the campus’ public relations response to the protest can be seen in the emails sent throughout the day.

The emails were obtained through a Public Records Act request made by the Daily Cal shortly after the Nov. 9 protest.

The emails can be viewed through DocumentCloud, an internet-based file hosting site. The title of each document contains the names of campus employees included in the email thread (oftentimes there are several emails contained in each document). The documents can be searched by those names using the interface below.

If you notice anything you consider particularly interesting or important, please email the reporter or comment on the article page below.


A previous version of this article may have implied that campus officials created the nickname “dumpster muffin” to refer to a protester. In fact, Dumpster Muffin is a self-given name by the individual.

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  • Who really cares? A bunch of dimwits and losers went looking for a fight, and like any good Hollywood script, the bad guys got their butts kicked. End of story…

  • ShadrachSmith

    Were there any e-mails suggesting that the Occupiers should obey the law?

  • guest

    Thank you for making this available to us!! Why not do an article on why Dean Carla Hesse was sent out by the UCPD to spy on students? We all noticed that she was there all afternoon.

    • Guest


    • reztips

      What’s the matter with an administrator observing Occupy thugs? After all, they had frequently violated university laws and the administration knew they were likely to do so again. The administration wisely decided it was best to know what was going on and to be prepared…

    • guest

      Was she the one handing out “I support Public Education” buttons? And then running back to her email to brief other admin on “the situation”. Nice!

  • adminwatcher

    Does Esther Gulli sign all of her (blacked out) emails “Love You”, or is that reserved for the people in her office who a few hours before requested updates on crowd numbers?


  • Guest

    Google “Dumpster Muffin”. She was one of the tree sitters and is self-named. No need to stir up controversy where there doesn’t need to be any.