Ron Paul speaks to large crowd at UC Berkeley about his plan to ‘restore America’

Congressman Ron Paul spoke on the steps of Doe Library.
Simone Anne Lang/Staff
Congressman Ron Paul spoke on the steps of Doe Library.

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More than 1,000 people gathered on Memorial Glade Thursday to see Republican presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul speak and outline his plan to “restore America.”

Paul spoke on an array of issues, including the war on drugs, foreign policy, auditing the Federal Reserve and the importance of the Constitution to supportive reactions from the crowd. Paul tailored his talk to UC Berkeley’s history of free speech and spoke about reconciling supporters of personal freedom with those who support economic freedom.

The event — which was organized by Students for Liberty and Youth for Ron Paul — was originally supposed to be held in Zellerbach Hall but was moved due to an unexpectedly high turnout.

“I’m glad to be here in the home of free speech,” Paul said. “I can say anything I want tonight, right? As long as it’s true and good news.”

Paul spoke at length on issues of personal liberty, including California’s struggle with the federal government over medical marijuana dispensaries.

“I’d like to see the day when you actually have the freedom to drink raw milk,” he said in his speech. “In fact, I’d just a soon see the day when you can put anything you want in your body.”

Economic issues were also at the forefront of Paul’s speech. He discussed the failure of socialism and that being fiscally conservative does not mean you cannot be compassionate.

Following the event, Paul told The Daily Californian that it is self-defeating to use federal funds to alleviate the financial problems faced by students seeking higher education.

“When the federal government pumps money into the schools, you don’t get better quality education,” he said. “What you really do is you push up the price of education.”

Paul said that when he went to school, it “wasn’t very expensive” and that he was able to pay for his college education by working during the summers.

After hearing Paul’s speech, Marin resident Ryan Rodriguez explained his support for Paul’s views on foreign policy. He said he supports “(Paul’s) awesome message of ending unjust fraudulent wars all over the world.”

Moreover, UC Berkeley junior Will Skinner, co-president of Students for Liberty on campus, said he felt the event displayed the strength of libertarian ideas, even on a liberal campus.

“Ron Paul is probably one of the most eloquent and definitely the most well-known advocates of freedom,” Skinner said. “Ron Paul said in his speech ‘It’s a message whose time has come,’ and I think that’s certainly true. Our club has grown every year since we’ve been here.”

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  • skudr

    these 2 don’t make sense:  ““When the federal government pumps money into the schools, you don’t get better quality education,” he said. “What you really do is you push up the price of education.”Paul said that when he went to school, it “wasn’t very expensive” and that he was able to pay for his college education by working during the summers.”  

    Here at UCB, government money has been steadily leaving, driving up the cost to students.  The opposite of Paul’s statement.  The reason Paul was able to get an inexpensive education is because the was a LOT of government money invested in education after WWII.  So he’s happy to have benefited from big government money, but he wants to deny it to you.  Isn’t this the way all rich people think?

  • Casper

    Dude, try 6,000 people. That was the UC Berkeley Campus Police estimate. And I agree. There were easily that many there. The PA was full blast, yet many of us just half way back in the crowd could hardly hear.

    So yeah, let’s get it right. We don’t need yet another newspaper – even a campus newspaper – to lie, and claim he has way less support than he really does… So sick of that crap. Terrible reporting. Idiot probably easn’t even there.

  • “more than a 1,000” 

    Nice. Can’t count past 1,000?  Try 1,000s! That’s thousands with an ‘s’; plural of thousand. Can you say ‘thousands’?  I knew you could. :)

  • mitchie124

    Learn about the PRIVATE “federal” reserve and it’s origins.   Once you do, you will demand that the “fed” is ended. 

    End the vehicle for pointless wars, destruction and debt slavery!  END THE FED!

    (Oh, and I’m a republican,  not a neo-con.)

  • MorganFreiheit

    University of Michigan students seek Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctions against Israeli apartheid, at

    • Stan De San Diego


  • Adsahjh

    Ron Paul, so popular that he didn’t win a single state. GTFO of my party, you terror-sympathizer.

    • mitchie124

       You’re brainwashed.  Watch this:

      • Adsahjh

         Not a neocon. Neocons believe in exporting democracy. I couldn’t care less if Iranians have democracy–the return of the Shah would be preferable. I care about the rest of the world accepting American imperium.

        • Adsahjh

           Also, I’m not watching stupid Paultard youtube videos made by some guy living in his mom’s basement, who thinks that he’s fucking John Galt. No, you’re still a loser who’ll live in your mom’s basement and make stupid youtube videos no matter what power system is in place.


    Wait, can one of the people holding a sign in the crowd today please tell me why they’re planning on voting for Ron Paul? Is it because he doesn’t believe in evolution? Is it because he believes global warming to be a hoax? Is it because he prefers a deflationary currency with a value more strongly tied to mining technology than sound economic policy? Or do you just hate gays, non-whites, and women?

    • Fiberal

      Global warming alarmism is nothing more than modern day Malthusian fear-mongering. Spending $500 million on a federal loan to the sham solar company Solyndra plus multiple other failed investments by the government illustrates the lunacy that is inherent in subsidizing green energy. Solutions to energy problems will evolve naturally in the free market without government picking losers.

      You hit a triple playing the homophobe, race, and anti-woman card. Last time I checked Obama is still “evolving” on his position on gay marriage. Dr. Paul is very clear in his belief that the federal government should not be involved in legislating this matter.

    • Nerak02

       JJMMC I shouldn’t make assumptions but I am going to anyway I assume that you are a US citizen.

      Can you please explain why you hate freedom? Can you tell me why you are planning to vote for ANY other candidate? Think carefully now, after accusing Ron Paul supoprters as hating gays you wouldn’t want to be seen supporting Santorum since he says ridiculous things such as “why don’t gays just stop being gay” (doesn’t sound very gay friendly does it)? Now let’s see. Depending on which day you get him it’s hard to say why you’d vote Romney but at the end of the day he might as well wear a t shirt that says Golman Sachs. Then there’s dear old ‘let’s colonize the moon” Gingrich the king of pandering (ie BS) to the voters but not so keen on pandering his wife (wives) especially if they have cancer. This doesn’t seem very “women friendly” does it? . Then last but not least the current president that introduced laws to be able to kill anybody – including you.

      Why do you believe the global warming, global cooling, climate change (what is it called this week it’s hard to keep up) kicked off by oil stock holding, zinc mine owning Mr “hockey stick” himself Al Gore’s scam? Do you like the fact that climate alarmists are calling for the arrest of so-called “deniers”? Do like the fact that you will be paying more for simply living you life whilst Al Gore makes a fortune with these oil stocks and zinc mine, facts which he inconveniently (pun intended) left out of the movie?

      Are you voting for somebody else because you like money that represents thin air? Do you hate gays, non-whites and women? because Ron Paul is the only candidate trying to protect their rights!

      Do you enjoy perpetual war? When is that War is Terror er I mean War on Terror going to end by the way? Do you like the idea of the military arresting you for having too much food in your house? Do you like the idea that a king, or should I say president who can kill whoever he wants? Reminds you of the medievil “off with his head” doesn’t it? Do you like billions and billions of taxpayer money going to dictators over the world only to spend billions and billions going to war with those dictators a decade later. All the while your neighbourhood is getting foreclosed on.

      Do you like being in trillions and trillions of dollars debt knowing (thanks to Ron Paul for a partial audit) that trillions were given to Ben Benrake’s friends?

      Do you prefer candaidates they say “why don’t gay people just stop being gay”? Do you prefer the Golden Sachs candidates?

      Don’t embarrass yourself this election by voting even more of your rights away!

    • 1USA4ALL

       Sound economic policy?????????? Wow.  A country cannot be sovereign that does not control its own money supply. You are a true fanatic, worse than any religious fanatic, if you believe that a private group of men with no supervision that control our money supply and that of other countries is altruistic.  The power of money trumps politics all the time, every time, so please before you blab on about meaningless issues complete this one regarding the amorality of global central banking. Why would you pay someone for your own money unless you are a complete and utter fool or you benefit from this policy yourself. Democracy does not believe in or subscribe to anything centrally planned, Remember all your lessons regarding the evils of communism?—-Why then central banking? The one institution that would have the greatest effect in the lives of every person on this planet? I do not care what you believe in politically if you do not understand what money is and where it comes from you should not be spouting political positions—go learn about money and get back to us.

    • libsrclowns


      ……”hate gays, non whites, and women?”

      Has MSNBC infested your small brain?

    • mitchie124


    • Stan De San Diego

       You really need to grow up. I’m not a Ron Paul supporter, but I base my criticism on where I disagree with his views on a particular subject, not some nonsensical crap about hating gays or people of color. Your type of hysteria is really getting old.

    • LAWLS

      Screw everything else, If he doesn’t believe evolution, he doesn’t get my vote

    •  liberty and freedom

  • S1ckqued

    The R3VOLUTION continues! Do not let the mainstream media take your eyes off the target. We are growing by leaps and bounds. It’s getting harder and harder for them to black this out. President Paul 2012!

    • Atruefoody

      Lol…another paulbot burps out a comment. Nothing like voting for a 76 year old racist. Go away. 

      •  he might be wasting your time,but anybody with a brain really appreciates what Ron Paul is doing to bring our USA back to health.Wait till your check doesn’t come in the mail.

  • Estimates are a minimum of 4000 to as many as 8000 or more.  Someone needs to do some real journalism…

    • Guest

       Lol it was like 4000 TOPS buddy, I was there.

      •  If you were even there, you may want to take a math class or two.

      • Jklawless

        The official estimation was over 8,000, “buddy”.

      • Casper

        Too bad your head was up your butt – maybe to try and keep warm??? 

        Campus police put it at 6K or more. They know how to estimate a crowd size better than you…

  • 1776

    It was way over 1,000. They had to move it from Zellerbach because that 2,100 room auditorium was too small

    • Anonymous

      And then everyone who was going to show up didn’t end up going because Memorial glade sucks, it was cold and etc.

      • teeb

         “Memorial Glade sucks”? I mean, being cold sucks, but otherwise what’s your problem with Memorial Glade? Don’t you own a jacket?